Saturday, October 28, 2006

Family Affiar

I have this thing about family members franchising political office. A good example is Thornhill M.P.P. Mario Racco and City of Vaughan councillor Sandra Yeung Racco. Mario was councillor for Ward 4 in Vaughan until 2003 when he was successful in getting elected to the provincial Legislature. His wife Sandra succeeded in taking his seat on town council. Now I have no way of knowing how much theRacco name helped get the wife elected. And she may be an excellent representative. But I would be more comfortable if the representatives at the two levels of government were more arms length than the two sides of the same bed. After all, its not like owning a couple of Second Cup franchises.

Can campaign ads get any worse than this?

The Tennessee Senate race between Democrat Harold Ford and Republican Bob Corker has gotten as nasty as you can get. Ford is a single black who supposedly likes white women. The ad for Corker goes much further and suggests Ford enjoys the company of strippers.

Not only is this ad racist but happens to also take a shot at Canada for some reason. "Canada can take care of North Korea. They're not busy." It suggests that Canada has a free ride when it comes to global security. Although Canada wisely sat out Iraq, it has a large portion of its army in Afghanistan.

Hey it's a dog eat dog world

Hey Peter wake up it's just a dream. Listen it's time to get over it. You're the External Affairs Minister. She's hanging with a retired hockey goon.