Thursday, November 23, 2006

Harper and Quebec

I'm not a Stephen Harper supporter but I think the if he didn't showed some brilliance then he displayed some real political acuity when he introduced his motion in Parliament yesterday regarding Quebec. The motion was to recognize Quebec as a nation inside a united Quebec. With the exception of the Bloc, the other federalist parties had to join to support the motion. Gilles Duceppe was left red faced and livid. Now there are Conservative commentators like Andrew Coyne who are quite upset as well. I personally believe that he gave up nothing and bought himself some political capital.
  • He undermined the Bloc plans to introduce their own motion that would have put the Conservative and Liberal MPs from Quebec in a difficult position
  • He did not suggest opening up constitution negotiations which would only fail and create more animosity
  • He took away attention from the Liberals on the eve of a leadership convention who themselves are split on Quebec
  • Now most people would think why would Harper help the Liberals? Well I think it really helps Ignatieff much more than Rae and the Conservatives would rather face Ignatieff as Liberal leader in the next election

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What leaders need to do

I'm tired of leaders who aren't real. For once I'd like to see one speak his mind without the benefit of handlers, communication consultants, pollsters, policy advisors, focus groups, spin doctors, stump speeches, consultations, executive assistants, public affairs specialists, policy wonks, press releases, photo ops, and staged events. Is there anyone who isn't afraid to step up to the mike and speak from the heart. Say what you think is right and not what you think we want to here. Do you think we are that stupid!

Communications 101

Photo op gone bad

Not sure if this is a pajama party or Harry Potter theme party.

When adults behave worse the kids

People have totally lost their minds again over the release by Sony of the new Playstation 3 console. People have been peppered sprayed and robbed on their consoles. Of course I'm not sure who was trying to rob who since the victim was trying to sell the $500 for $5,000. People have waited outside stores for several days to buy a toy that will soon be sold at ever store in North America. Just for the bragging rights of being one of the first to own one. What idiots!

Two armed thugs tried to rob a line of people waiting for the new PlayStation 3 game system to go on sale last Friday and shot one man who refused to give up his money in Hartford, Conn. In Sullivan, Ind., a man was in critical condition after emergency surgery for a stab wound after he and a friend tried to rob two men of consoles they waited 36 hours in line to buy, police said.

Nearly a dozen Boston police cruisers rushed to Copley Place mall last Friday morning when a crowd of 400 people clamoring for the new Sony PlayStation 3 overwhelmed mall security. No one was hurt, and the crowd dispersed when ordered by police.

People have put consoles up for auction on Ebay for thousands of dollars though the going price seems to have fallen to about $1,000 which is still double what they are worth. Sony has been clever to release only 400,000 units although they plan to sell millions in the next few months. They have gotten the expected reaction from these idiots who are treating the release like it was a cure for cancer. Get a life!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Canada's natural ruling party

The Liberal party considers itself Canada's natural ruling party. Now that they have been thrown out of power the Conservatives have suggested that they should become Canada's natural ruling party. So does Canada need a natural ruling party? Better yet, can Canada afford to have a natural ruling party. There is a certain arrogance in that line of thinking. That Canadians will ignore leadership issues, policy positions and accomplishments and vote for a party like it was an obligation. That corruption, mismanagement, indecision and lack of direction should be ignored or forgiven so that the same gang of morons can continue on as if nothing was wrong. Let them all earn our votes with fresh ideas, transparency and accountability. There should be an independent body that hands out report cards to governments comparing commitments and accomplishments. No need to develop expensive campaign literature. Just hand out your report card.

Happy birthday RFK!

On Nov. 20, 1925, Robert F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Mass.