Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Alicia Ross Trial - Update

It appears the trial of Daniel Sylvester for second degree murder of Alicia Ross is about a single issue. Did he commit manslaughter or murder? Was Alicia Ross' death planned or did events that evening spiral out of control? Sylvester pleaded guilty to manslaughter before his trial began, but his plea was reject by Crown prosecutor Kelly Wright.

Yesterday, defence attorney David Hobson accused Ross' boyfriend at the time, Sean Hine of fabricating evidence to help build a murder case against her neighbour in exchange for a deal on an impaired driving charge. Hine testified that a sensor light always went on when they walked between Ross' home and the Sylvester home. However, the night that Ross died, the sensor was not on. The crown is suggesting that Sylvester had intentionally turned off the sensor light so that his confrontation that he had planned with Ross would not be visible.

Hine was charged with impaired driving three days after Ross disappeared. Hobson sparred insisting Hines tried to make a deal with police by concocting the sensor story on Oct. 27, 2005, in return for making his charge disappear.

Hine did admit that he was afraid police were going to arrest him for murder and was under intense pressure before Sylvester turned himself into police because the media had painted him as the prime suspect.

An interesting item was revealed yesterday regarding how careless Sylvester had been. A forensic investigator testified that Sylvester had dumped a bag of bloody clothing and towels at a location outside the city including his own blood-stained cut-off jeans. In the pocket of the jeans was Sylvester's wallet with his ID.

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