Saturday, May 12, 2007

How does the jury view Daniel Sylvester?

Much of the first week of the trial of Daniel Sylvester who is being tried for the 2005 murder of neighbour Alicia Ross, was taken up by testimony by Sean Hine, Ross' boyfriend at the time and the taped confession of Sylvester.

A little ironic since Hine was the first suspect and still shows bitterness - not for the loss of his girlfriend but because of the strain he was put under by the police and media. Although Sylvester has not taken the stand, the police videotape certainly will have a powerful impact on the jury. He appears cooperative with police and remorseful.

Still it is shocking to realize that he was capable of viciously attacking Ross because she called him a "lose". And was she to know that she had hit a raw nerve in this obviously disturbed mind. Sylvester said he had been dubbed a loser "many times throughout high school" and even in grade school. He portrayed himself as a reclusive and nervous social misfit. He said he had attention deficit disorder and was prone to depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. He hadn't worked in 12 years and watch TV all day at home.

Much will depend on the instruction given to the jury but will they actually convict this pathetic man of murder? Nothing so far points to a planned killing. Based on his description, he lost it and attacked Ross that night. As she struggled and fought back, he became more violent until she was dead. He panicked and quickly came up with a plan to hide the body. Finally guilt and the fact that police were perhaps beginning to focus on him caused him to confess.

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