Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jury Hears Daniel Sylvester's Confession

The jury in the Alicia Ross murder trial watched a videotape of Daniel Sylvester's confession to police today. The question must people would like answered is why did he kill her. Well, based on the statement he gave police after turning himself in - it's because she told him to fuck off and called him a loser.

It seems they encountered each other between their homes that evening and following a brief exchange of words including the "loser" comment, he totally lost it. He jumped on top of her and slammed her head on the ground until she was dead. It's really scary that there are people walking around who are literally human time bombs. Although these two people lived next door, they barely knew each other and hardly ever spoke. So it's not like there was some type of animosity that have been developing. At least not one that Alicia Ross would have been aware of.

So why did he turn himself in? Well appears Sylvester had been interviewed early on by police. But two days before he turned himself in, the police had asked if he would agree to a lie detector test. They never did receive an answer.

If Sylvester's account holds up and it's true that he snapped that night, the crown will have some difficulty proving he intended to kill her. At least nothing presented so far by the crown points to murder other than a theory that Sylvester had switched off a sensor light between the two houses that night.

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