Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sam The Record Man vs, A&A Records

With the closing of Sam's, I found this photo from the 1970s in an era when two giant records stores dominated Yonge Street in Toronto. Now it's iTunes and

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Anonymous said...

I have worked at both stores! Sam's in 1980-81 and A&A in 1985. By then, Sam's had overtaken the store to its immediate left and also the Bank of Commerce building on the corner to its right.

When I was a teenager, I used to travel to Toronto specifically to hit the record stores on Yonge Street and down Queen to Spadina. Sam's was always my first stop. Boy, I dropped a lot of cash there!

By 1999 I was living in the US, and subscribed to Yahoo! Internet Life magazine. In one of their monthly pullout sections listing useful websites, Sam's was mentioned, having just gone into the online music selling business. I went to the URL and it had already been shut down - in the same month it appeared in the magazine!

I was sad to learn that they'd gone out of business. I'll never forget the laughs I had there, and some of the people I knew, and the amazing record deals I found because so many of them were misfiled for decades in the stockroom.

A&A wasn't so much fun, and it wasn't long after I stopped working there that they were absorbed into the HMV conglomerate, and moved a block down Yonge Street.

Thanks for the memories!