Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maple Leaf Trade Rumours

JRJ has been busy talking with other GMs on a trade that would hopefully turn his team around. Teams are interested in young Toronto Maple Leafs like Alex Steen and Matt Stajan but JFJ is actively trying to move Pavel Kubina, Bryan McCabe and Hal Gill. The Leafs also investigated signing Danny Markov who is currently playing in Russia but his $3.5 million salary demands is a "little rich" for the club which has little cap space.

Interesting that JFJ is trying to move 3 of his top 6 free agent signings (the others are Tucker, Kaberle and Blake) over the past 2 summers. An admission that they were all mistakes. All three carry hefty contracts that are as good as "no-trade" clauses in today's salary cap era except around the trade deadline. McCabe has a "no movement" clause and Kubina can only be moved to certain teams. Gill is the only one without a no trade or movement clause, but again his salary makes him almost impossible to shop right now. As for Markov, his salary demands are more than "a little rich" for a team bumping up against the cap like Toronto, and really, why add another high priced veteran with an injury history to the most expensive blueline in the NHL?

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