Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Political Careers Shattered in Ontario Cabinet Shuffle

Former Ontario Premier William Davis was quoted as saying that shuffling his cabinet was the most painful aspect of governing.

It requires the premier to tell someone, often a friend who’s laboured in the trenches with you that their political career was either over, or seriously derailed for awhile.

Dalton McGuinty did that today to four members of his former cabinet. Monte Kwinter and David Ramsay were both elected in 1985. When the Liberals were in power, both during the David Peterson years and in McGuinty’s first term, they were both in cabinet.

The new Liberal Cabinet has 10 newcomers which could be a formula for trouble. Rookie ministers are more prone to make mistakes that can embarrass the Premier.

You wonder what horrific acts these folks must have done to warrant being dropped from Cabinet when the likes of Harinder Takhar who received censure from the Integrity Commissioner held onto his Cabinet seat.

Continuity, clearly, is not the theme Ontario's Premier is going for. Instead, he's trying to send a signal that his government won't be complacent in his second term - and that he's not going to sit idly by while ambitious ministers carve away at his leadership. Which is why Bryant was "promoted" to aboriginal affairs. A portfolio from which it will be hard to find the spotlight. Meanwhile, he's avoided the phenomenon that helped bring down Jean Chretien - the sense among backbenchers that they have no hope of ever making cabinet as long as he's leader.

The complete list of cabinet appointments include:
. Rick Bartolucci, minister of community safety and correctional services;
. Chris Bentley, attorney general;
. Margarett Best, minister of health promotion;
. Jim Bradley, minister of transportation;
. Michael Bryant, minister of aboriginal affairs;
. Donna Cansfield, minister of natural resources;
. David Caplan, minister of public infrastructure renewal;
. Aileen Carroll, minister of culture'
. Michael Chan, minister of citizenship and immigration;
. Leona Dombrowsky, minister of agriculture;
. Brad Duguid, minister of labour;
. Dwight Duncan, minister of finance;
. Peter Fonseca, minister of tourism;
. John Gerretsen, minister of the environment;
. Michael Gravelle, minister of northern development and mines;
. Deb Matthews, minister of children and youth services;
. Dalton McGuinty, premier and minister of intergovernmental affairs;
. Ted McMeekin, minister of government and consumer services;
. Madeleine Meilleur, minister of community and social services;
. John Milloy, minister of training, colleges and universities;
. Gerry Phillips, minister of energy;
. Sandra Pupatello, minister of economic development and trade;
. Monique Smith, minister of revenue;
. George Smitherman', minister of health and long-term care;
. Harinder Takhar, minister of small business and entrepreneurship;
. Jim Watson, minister of municipal affairs and housing;
. John Wilkinson, minister of research and innovation, and;
. Kathleen Wynne, minister of education

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Anonymous said...

You failed to mention Laurel Broten, who by all accounts has been a very competent and prominent environment minister. In fact, she seemed to be tied to McGuinty's hip on a number of occasions. I can think of no reason why she would have been shuffled out of cabinet...