Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reebok NHL Sweaters Get Thumbs Down

The buzz around the NHL these days is that the fancy new Rebok uniforms are getting more and more thumbs down by the living models that have to wear them.

The controversial uniforms were introduced this training camp, a more form fitting fashion, supposedly designed to have water roll off and away from the players, making the uniforms lighter and less susceptible to the sweat of a hard working hockey player.

Water reportedly pools up in the cuffs of the players gloves, leaving them with that unwanted soggy feeling for far too much of a game, for those players that embark in the odd tussle on the ice, the new uniforms are proving not to be very resilient while in a fight. Tearing easily and making the work of a team enforcer more complicated than they would prefer.

The Globe and Mail featured a piece on the percolating issue, which is on the verge of flaring up into a major problem for the NHL and its main supplier.

The Boston Herald reported that the supplier is preparing to replace all NHL jersey’s with older material, a suggestion that the league was quick to try and refute by saying that Rebok was only modifying the jersey’s on a player by player basis.

Considering the backlash that the new uniforms have faced over the last few weeks, that player by player basis could very well number over 700 before the Rebok sewing team can put away their needle and thread.

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