Friday, November 02, 2007

This post will make my wife even more germ phobic

AnObiter lists the Ten Common Breeding Grounds for Disease:

1. doorknobs
2. elevator buttons
3. handrails
4. automated teller machines
5. computer keyboard and mouse
6. change-machine bins
7. light switches
8. water-faucet handles
9. telephone receivers
10. the pen you're sucking on

My wife won't touch washroom door handles, disinfects work telephones, keyboards and mouses and carries around a bottle of Purell. When she sees this list she likely will stop using handrails and ATMs. Of course she can always apply some Purell after touching anything on the list.

1 comment:

Firestarter5 said...

I have to go with your wife on this one. I have those little bottles of hand sanitizer with me wherever I go. I wouldn't touch the door handle on the inside of a public restroom to save my life.