Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dave Keon Returns least for one night.

Did you know evolution is a Jewish Conspiracy?

Anti-Semitism and the "earth is flat" crowd joins up with the United States Congress. Congressman Ben Bridges from Georgia says evolution is a Jewish conspiracy. He has proof.

I wish I were joking.

Next up....the Jews created global warming to take over the world.

New Orleans Getting Back to Normal

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — With tourists streaming into town for Mardi Gras celebrations, a spasm of gun violence left two people dead and seven wounded _ more bad news for a city struggling to rebuild itself and its tourism industry.

Officials noted the bloodshed did not occur near any of the parades Thursday night to celebrate Carnival, which culminates Tuesday in Mardi Gras.

The two unrelated shootings were not random or part of a robbery, and the victims were all targeted, Sgt. Joe Narcisse said.

In the first shooting Thursday evening, three people were shot, two fatally, in a car parked in the Ninth Ward, far from the heart of the party. The survivor _ the car’s driver _ told police he knew and had given a ride to the man who shot them, Narcisse said.

Another shooting wounded six people, one critically, early Friday at a Mid-City nightclub. The gunman escaped in a stampede that followed.

Two Can Play at this Game

The Iranian news agency Fars reports that explosive devices and arsenals used in a terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan on Wednesday came from the United States. t

Not only that but relevant documents, photographs and film footage, which show that the explosives and arsenals used in the attack were American, will soon be made public.

The Iranian certainly know how to generate propaganda. Somehow I would have thought they could have worked in the Israelis in the bombing.

Proof College and Alcohol Don't Mix Well

Talk Show Hosts

Italian TV host

American TV host


Britney Spears lasted one day at the Crossroads Centre in Antigua before checking herself out. Then she headed to California and shaved her head. Wow! Talk about spinning out of control.

Very Creepy

Friday, February 16, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 2

While Moto is living comfortable for Survivor standards, Ravu is in rather bad shape. They have no water, and have been rubbing sticks until they are worn out, with no success. They are drinking coconut water, and Yau Man says that with a bad knife it is taking a long time to do that.

Ravu awakes on day five to see Sylvia arrive by boat. This is the first she has seen her new tribe and their camp Sylvia is shocked to learn that they did not have fire in the camp. She feels extraneous and out of the loop with the group having missed the last day wit them. M

Earl says that he is beyond starving and he finds mangos that are not ripe yet. The tribe climbs and continues to look but doesn't find other fruit. Erica locates some pineapples and Ravu is in heaven having the fruit to sustain them.

For today's challenge each tribe will paddle out and around their flag. They must gather four crates and when they have them back on shore on their mat. Then they can assemble a puzzle and raise their flag. The winners will receive fishing gear, and Ravu will also be playing for flint. Ravu plays hard and has a bit of a lead untying their crate. The tribe working best together will win this. Erica has the idea right and her Ravu tribemates aren't listening. With her tribe in disagreement on how to put it together Moto pulls into the lead. Moto gets theirs together and runs to put the flag up. Moto has won and is safe from tribal council. Moto sends Earl to Exile Island. The good news for Earl is that he will be safe from tribal council while on the Island. Ravu is informed that they will be going to tribal council tonight and one of them will be going home.

At Ravu, the guys talk about how Erica freaked out at the challenge. Mookie thinks that Erica is the threat and Sylvia will be next. The tribe continues to talk and think that it might be best to send Sylvia home since they felt more comfortable before she came to join them.

The votes:
Erica, Sylvia, Erica, Sylvia, Erica, Erica, Erica. Erica is the second person voted out of Survivor Fiji.

Do the KKK have their own Amusement Park?

Must have been Kids' Night at this Strip Club

Britney may be in rehab

There are Internet sources that suggest Britney Spears, who has been notably absent from the paparazzi scene in recent days, is seeking professional help at an undisclosed location. Her recent girls gone wilds antics, which include stripping down to her underwear to dance with go-go dancers in New York have certainly indicated she was spinning out of control. Evidently, family and friends have been trying to get her to seek help for sometime now.

Sigh, I guess that means no wild pictures of Britney for the next month.

Must be the Australian version of Deer Crossings

Rising Number of Women and Children as Murder Victims

Behind the sensational details surrounding the murders of Julie Crocker and Paula Menendez is a disturbing trend. More women and children were murdered in Ontario last year than ever before; 24 women and 11 children.

While speculation swirls around what police called the "complicated relationships" in the case and the possibility Ms Menendez was abducted from her Etobicoke home and killed elsewhere, the story of a husband charged with killing his wife is a familiar one. Just in York Region, Wendy LaFleche of Aurora and her two children Victoria and Jesse, Thayalini Subramaniam of Markham, Rose Boroja of Markham are among those slain. In each case, the male partner of the victim was charged.

Violence against women and children is still a serious societal problem.

Lindsay Lohan and Lonelygirl15

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that Jessica Rose (star of the Lonelygirl15 video on YouTube) had been cast for a role in a Chris Sivertson thriller called I Know Who Killed Me which stars Lindsay Lohan. Filming has begun and Lohan and Rose can be seen together in the photo below. Looks like the Lonelygirl gig might actually spin into a career.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Twists in Markham Double Murder

Despite the fact that Chris Little has been charged by police in the murder of his estranged wife, Julie Crocker, the Crocker family is standing by Little. They have publicly stated that Little is innocent of any wrongdoing. That explains why the death notice placed in The Globe and Mail, Ms. Crocker is described as the "Beloved wife of Christopher Little." I guess the families are buying his story that Paula Menendez murdered Julie Crocker (I guess because she was seeing Menendez's ex-husband) and then hung herself.

Not the best students...

Stephen Harper: The Jolly Green Giant?

The recent flip flop by Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada is hard to swallow. Overnight they have become environmentalists. But what I see is Harper throwing around token dollars at projects but not really addressing the problem. The reality is that the the Conservative right still adamantly reject “climate change” science, scathingly dismiss the harmful impacts of a carbon-based economy and antagonistically deride those who advocate conservation and sustainable development.

So, how do Conservative supporters square the circle between their own deep-seated antipathy towards the environment and the various initiatives currently being taken or under consideration by the Harper government? I think many Conservatives don’t feel that Harper is sincere in his commitment to the environment but is simply responding to public opinion. And I'm with them on this one.

This week Harper announced $1.5 billion in funding to help the provinces facilitate their efforts to go green. The money will be set aside in the next federal budget and will therefore only be distributed if the budget passes. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Then there was another announcement at the Toronto International Auto Show, of a green initiative to make environmentally friendly cars more affordable. Now, if you’re like me, I bet you probably figured that meant tax incentives, didn’t you? Nope. Instead, the money is going to provide fuel consumption stickers, guides and websites encouraging consumers to buy currently available fuel-efficient vehicles. Holy shit! What a terrific investment.

Accused May Have Staged Murder-Suicide

It's becoming a little clearer now. It seems when Chris Little called 911 this week he indicated that he had stumbled on a murder-suicide. However, when police arrived at the scene they soon began to doubt it. The police stated that when they arrived at the house, they found the Julie Crocker lying beside her bed, her throat cut, and Paula Menendez on the floor of the garage. The two women did not know each other -- the principal link between the two women -- were their romantic ties to sportscaster Rick Ralph.

The picture painted by the Chris Little when he called 911 was that a jealous Ms. Menendez first killed Ms. Crocker and then took her own life by hanging herself from the rafters of the garage. In fruitless efforts to revive Ms. Menendez, the caller explained, he had cut her body down, which was why she was on the garage floor when police arrived.

However, the police have no confession and they won't get one with John Rosen representing Mr Little.

Canadian astronauts are not nut cases

Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar (on the left) who flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1992 has never worn a diaper (except in space), worn disguises, stalked other astronauts, contemplated using a steel mallet or BB gun as a weapon, or pepper-sprayed anyone. I think American astronaut Lisa Nowak (on the right) has. Case closed.

Holocaust Denier Jailed in Germany

Ernst Zundel was convicted of 14 counts of incitement Thursday for Holocaust denial and sentenced to the maximum five years in prison. Zundel who was deported from Canada in 2005 to his native Germany, was accused of years of anti-Semitic activities, including denying the Holocaust — a crime in Germany — in documents and on the Internet.

Zundel has been a prominent white supremacist and Holocaust denier since the 1970s. Among other ventures, he ran Samisdat Publishers, a leading distributor of Nazi propaganda based in Canada. He also provided content to The Zundelsite website, which has followers around the world, hundreds of whom have protested his detention.

His lawyer quoted from Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and from Nazi race laws in his closing statements last week as argued for Zundel’s acquittal. It's incredible the level of hatred in this man. He would prefer to go to jail then stop his anti-Semitic activities. Clearly a badly needed moral victory following the continuous outpouring of anti-Semitism coming from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Maple Leafs Recognize 40 Years of Futility

This Saturday the Toronto Maple Leafs will be honouring the Stanley Cup Championship 1966-67 Maple Leaf team. I was barely in my teens back then. I had no idea back then that this powerhouse organization would not be able to repeat that accomplishment again even after 40 years. So sad!

By the way is there anyone out there who can name all the players in the picture above (without cheating)?

The good new is that Dave Keon will be participating in Saturday's events. Keon hasn't set foot in the Leafs' home rink in years because he still harbour bad feelings towards the organization. Dave Keon was the greatest player I have witnessed in a Maple Leaf uniform. He had incredible speed and puckhandling ability. He was a tenacious checker, a great playmaker and the best penalty killer in the league. He could do it all and was a terrific leader. I still can't believe the organization allowed him to leave. He won the Calder Trophy (1961), the Lady Byng Trophy twice (1962, 1963), the Conn Smythe Trophy (1967) and was inducted in the Hall of Fame (1986).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Julie Crocker Obituary

Printed in the Globe and Mail:


CROCKER, JULIE ALEXANDER October 15, 1973-February 12, 2007, Tragically on Tuesday February 12, at the age of 33. Beloved wife of Christopher Little. Devoted and loving mother to Madison aged 4 and MacKenzie aged 3. Beloved daughter and best friend of Judy Crocker and the late Jim Crocker. Loving sister deeply mourned by Stephanie (David Donovan) and Jill (Michael Dubrick). Very special granddaughter to Donald and the late Betty Hendry, [Montreal] Norma and the late John Crocker, [Victoria] and the late Isabelle Crocker. Julie will be lovingly remembered and sadly missed by Aileen Little [Myron], Barry Little [Kathy] and best friend Nancy Kocovski. She leaves to mourn her cousins Jessica, John, Shannon and Jennifer. With their cousins, Julie, Stephanie and Jill spent most of their summers growing up on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont, with Nana and Bud. She leaves her aunts and uncles, Wendy and Barry MacDonald, [Montreal] Penny-Sue and Ross Purcell [Port Hope], and Mary and John Crocker [Toronto], all of whom are deeply saddened by her untimely death. Julie was born in Montreal and grew up in Mississauga and Markham. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario and for the last five years she has worked as an account manager at Rogers Media in the CHFI sales department. She was loved and respected by her colleagues and was an exemplary and accomplished employee. She was an active participant in community activities and particularly through her consistent and significant involvement with the Markham Fair. Julie was a special person with an enthusiastic and ebullient spirit. She was a kind and thoughtful individual who loved life and lived it to its fullest. She will be sadly missed by many. Visitation will be held at DIXONGARLAND FUNERAL HOME 166 Main Street N. (Markham Rd) Markham on Thursday February 15 from 2 to 4 pm and from 7 to 9pm. Funeral at Central United Church 131 Main Street, Unionville, L3R 2G3, on Friday, February 16th at 2 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations to Orphan's Hope would be appreciated. [18 Parkview Hill Crescent, Toronto, M4B 1P6 ] Online condolence may be left with the family at<

Tragic Love Triangle in Sleepy Toronto Suburb

Two women were found dead this week in a home in Markham, a Toronto suburb, and the husband of one of the victims has been arrested and charged with murder. As details come out this is turning out to be a very creepy story.

Christopher Little, 35, is accused of killing both his estranged wife, Julie Crocker, and Paula Menendez in the Larkin Avenue home he once shared with his family -- while his two little girls slept. Ms. Crocker, 33, was reportedly found stabbed in her bedroom. Ms. Menendez, 34, was found hanging in the garage, her legs and hands bound. Investigators say it was Mr. Little who called 911 around 3:30 on Monday morning and reported that he had found two women dead in the home.

The two victims are connected by another man, Rick Ralph, a sportscaster for at a radio station. Mr. Ralph was separated from Ms. Menendez and was dating Ms. Crocker. It is not clear how Ms. Menendez came to be at Ms. Crocker's home. Police are speculating that she may have been kidnapped or abducted. But it is likely that she was not involved in the "love triangle" that included Mr. Little, Mr. Ralph and Ms. Crocker. In fact, I am speculating that Mr. Ralph might have possibly been a target as well but was out of town when the crimes were committed.

No doubt more will come out on this case over the next few days.

First the Snow, Now the Winds

We have to move all this snow out of the way but wait. Big winds coming tonight so it will be blown back on the roads and driveways. Tonight will be -20C (-4F) but with the winds it will feel like at least
-30C (-22F).

I still believe in global warming, but just barely.

Who are these people?

Scientists recently unearthed the 5,000 year old remains of a couple caught in an eternal embrace. Just the other day the archaeologists have determined that they can save the tableau intact. I've been wondering about why and how this couple got this way.

The initial presumption, by most people, is that they were in love. It has been speculated that they were either young lovers who died in each others arms during some sort of natural disaster or that they were an older couple who wanted to spend eternity as they had lived their lives.

Then I reported that there was a theory going around that the couple might be gay.

Scientist have several new theories about what really happened.

Theory One: The couple is comprised of a doddering billionaire and his "fresh from the sex industry" wife. She expected to quickly outlive him and enjoy his fortune. Unfortunately, local custom required that she be buried with him and the rest of his "property".

Theory Two: They were having a "staring contest" to see who would have to milk the goat. It kinda got out of hand.

Theory Three: The Olsen Twins latest diet.

Theory Four: "I wonder if I turned the gas off?"

Theory Five: In the early days, Cupid used real arrows.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore appeared on David Letterman this week and as always is a terrific guest to interview. She looked great and has lost considerable weight. It is obvious that Letterman considers her appearance on his show in 1995 to be one of his career highlights. On that night, Drew climbed onto Letterman's desk, did a dance and flashed him for his birthday. On Monday night he repeatedly reminded her his 60th birthdays was coming up. Although still a free spirit, Drew was not going there.

Below is Drew in 1995 on Letterman.

To My Fellow Bloggers

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

131st Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

In New York they are completing the 131st (917th in dog years) Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. There are some wierd looking pets out there. Here are just a few.

If Michael Scott from The Office was real

Julie Elgar is a lawyer that keeps a blog that breaks down each episode of the NBC show The Office from a corporate liability point of view. It's a brilliant blog to compliment a brilliant TV show. She determines the litigation value of every offense committed by the Michael Scott character on The Office.

For example, in one episode Michael asks a female employee to act out a lesbian love scene during its anti-harassment training. Julie Elgar suggests that this is sexual harassment and the litigation value is in excess of $700,000.

In another episode he informs the staff that their branch is being closed by yelling “we’re screwed”. Julie Elgar indicates that not only does it create turmoil among the employees, but it comes nowhere close to meeting the requirements of the WARN Act. She suggests the litigation value is $150,000.

Undisputed Proof Britney Wears Underwear

Here she is in a New York City club over the weekend dancing with another girl in her underwear. No idea what happened to her dress. Her boys must be so proud of mom.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Who’s the better driver - Housewife or doctor?

After reviewing of more than 1 million accident, speeding and moving-violation records across the country, the San Francisco-based Quality Planning Corp. (an insurance research firm), has come up with the list which ranked 40 occupations by the number of accidents per 1,000 insured drivers in the 12-month period studied:

Top 5 occupations-
1. Student
2. Medical doctor
3. Attorney
4. Architect
5.Real estate agent

Bottom 5 occupations-
36. Homemaker
37. Politician
38. Pilot
39. Firefighter
40. Farmer

This is very interesting list, to say the least.

That students are by far the most accident-prone shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Young driver lack driving experience and underestimation of their own mortality typically make them poorer-than-average drivers.

We also can understand real estate agents being on the list, given the 30,000 to 40,000 miles a year they drive on average. More miles mean more opportunities to crunch or be crunched.
But what about doctors, lawyers and architects Aren't those highly educated professionals are less likely to be risky drivers? Researcher from Quality Planning Corp. speculate that this may be becasue they are too confident (or arrogant) to take risks, or lack of attention while driving, due to workloads, or simply weak physical coordination because of fatigue.

Big Storm is Coming

5 centimeters = 2 inches
20 centimeters = 8 inches
30 centimeters = 12 inches

Optician Attacks Elderly Reporter

A Canadian optician has been charged with assaulting a 75-year old reporter - who was investigating allegations that the optician sold fake designer glasses at his store in Toronto.

The confrontation at the doorway of King West Optical, captured by CityTV television cameras, occurred during what was to be the latest installment of Peter Silverman's "Silverman Helps" segment on the store. He didn't see to care that the camera was rolling. What a maniac!

Rolling Stones' 100 Greatest Guitarists

Rolling Stone magazine released a list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time this month. When a magazine like Rolling Stone releases one of these lists its really just about creating controversy among music lovers and critics which means plenty of free publicity that's why I usually take these stunts with a grain of salt. Some I just can't agree with. Like Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits at 27. I would put him higher. Joni Mitchell at 72. How does she get on the list at all? Keith Richards and Jack White are way too high but Angus Young at only 96? And Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top is not even on the list. Have to admit that some I just don't listen to so can't really judge.

Here is the top 10:

1Jimi Hendrix
2 Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band
3 B.B. King
4 Eric Clapton
5 Robert Johnson
6 Chuck Berry
7 Stevie Ray Vaughan
8 Ry Cooder
9 Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
10 Keith Richards of the Rolling Stone

The rest of the list is here.

Kate Winslet to Sue Magazine

Kate Winslet has always slammed Hollywood for encouraging young girls to aspire to unobtainable body sizes. The 32-year old actress claims the Hollywood image of a skinny woman is unhealthy and girls should not have to live in a culture where dieting every day is the norm. In fact she has often been congratulated for promoting her curvier figure and she believes she has become a role model for girls wishing to eat and look how they like. In December Winslet said that she would not allow certain magazines in her house to prevent images of extremely skinny celebrities from negatively influencing her young daughter Mia.

So when Grazia magazine reported that Winslet had visited the Chinese Healing Institute in Santa Monica to help her achieve a more slender figure and ease neck pain she became quite upset. She has stated that the report is completely untrue and is planning on suing the magazine. Her concern is that as "a role model" to young women, she does not want to be viewed as a hypocrite in doing something like going to a diet doctor.

Just another reason why I admire Kate Winslet.

Dorothy the Skunk is Back Home

This story has a happy ending. Dorothy the stowaway skunk named in a newspaper contest has arrived back in California. The skunk made her way back to California in an RV rented by two radio personalities.
The accidental stowaway, whom a truck driver discovered sleeping inside a pipe he had hauled into Canada, was released on Friday night into a park in Torrance, Calif., before a crowd that included wildlife workers, media and a local politician. The animal paused briefly to acknowledge the onlookers before scampering out of her cage and toward another skunk who happened to be in the area.
I guess Canada doesn't just deport celebate homosexuals.

Speaking of Grammys

.... loved Mary J. Blige's pipes but even better Shakira's hips!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Revenge: Dixie Chicks 5 - Bush 0

Negative Ads Fail Again in Canada

According to Angus Reid Strategies, the Conservative attack ads on Stephane Dion didn’t work.

Before viewing the ads, 40% of Canadians said Dion would make the best Prime Minister of Canada, while 36% selected Stephen Harper. After viewing the spots, the percentages remained almost identical, with Dion at 39% and Harper at 36%.

Wonder how much money the Conservatives wasted on these ads?

Thought This Was Interesting

Rep. Rohrabacher: Global Warming May Have Been Caused By ‘Dinosaur Flatulence’

During congressional hearings on climate change, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) — one of many members who do not believe in man-made global warming — questioned the authors of the report about a period of dramatic climate change that occured 55 million years ago. “We don’t know what those other cycles were caused by in the past. Could be dinosaur flatulence, you know, or who knows?’

I hadn't this one before. So could it be flatulence again?

At Mama's they will always serve you

Joey Vento of Philly's Geno's Steaks who posted the now infamous sign, "This is America, Please Speak English When Ordering", is once again under fire...

"The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations notified Geno's owner Joey Vento this week that it has found probable cause that his sign urging patrons to order in English is discriminatory. The next step is to schedule a hearing to settle the dispute or to escalate the charges against the owner of the South Philadelphia sandwich stand.

Vento, who argues that the sign expresses opinions protected by the First Amendment, has enlisted the support of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a conservative public interest law firm in Atlanta that last year won a settlement for an Ohio bar owner who faced similar charges.

Just another reason why I go to Mama's Pizza in Bala Cynwyd for cheesesteaks when I'm in Philly.

Hot Coffee

Seattle is a city well known for its coffee and as the world headquarters for Starbucks. So how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Hire hot chicks to dress in sexy outfits and serve coffee. Check out Cowgirls Expresso.

5000 Year Old Couple Declared Gay

Archaeologists in the northern Italian city of Mantova today declared conclusively that the 5000 year old couple recently discovered buried in an embrace was indeed homosexual.

Initially it was felt by the team that the two were almost certainly a man and woman, but closer scrutiny of pelvic measurements showed that both skeletons were more consistent with the male sex

The Hoohaa Monologues

Seems not everyone can handle The Vagina Monologues. A theatre's marquee was modified twice in one week after controversy over the title of an upcoming play.

On Tuesday, an Atlantic Beach theater and comedy club in Florida altered one of the titles on its marquee, which lists the titles of several oncoming events. The theatre replaced the word "vagina" in the play titled The Vagina Monologues to "hoohaa" after a woman called and complained about being offended.

Two days later, The Hoohaa Monologues was restored to its original title - The Vagina Monologues - after the play's organizers demanded it be changed back.

Anna Nicole Smith's Fridge

This is allegedly the contents of Anna Nicole Smith's fridge in the Bahamas. Pretty scary if this is real.