Saturday, March 10, 2007

There are some disgusting people out there

I've done a couple posts on a vile incident in Mississauga, just outside Toronto, involving the sexual assault of an unconscious 16 year old girl allegedly by 4 teens. But thankfully these morons who committed this horrible crime will likely, though unwittingly, supply police with the evidence they will need for a conviction. The idiots photographed the assault using a camera on a cell phone. Likely so they could show them off to their friends.

I can only imagine the kind of humiliation this poor girl felt upon seeing these images, circulating around the school as if they were hockey cards. Philip Perry, 18, and Barton Reeder, 18, and two 17-year-old boys, all from Mississauga, have been charged with gang sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault, uttering death threats and manufacturing child pornography.

Well, I've noticed I've had quite a few hits on my blog from people searching for these pictures. I message for you people. You are as vile as those who committed the assault!

Guess Who Turns 50 Today?

Hey, Osama! President Bush would like to send you a birthday gift. Can you let him know where to send it.

President Bush Can't Dribble

Friday, March 09, 2007

Eddie Van Halen has entered rehab

....or as he likes to call it, home.

Family Tradition

Back in 2002 there was a crazed shirtless man who along with his son jumped on the field and attacked a Royals coach Tom Gamboa at Chicago's Comiskey Park. With one out in the top of the ninth, the two idiots emerged from the stands behind first base, knocked Gamboa to the ground, and started battering the 54-year-old coach.

Now the younger son, who was at the game that night watching his dad and brother, but not involved in the fracas was arrested for organizing a drive by shooting.

Michael Ligue, now 18, and four others are accused of pulling up to an apartment building while a in the car girl opened fire, using a gun she stole from her father's bedroom. They were avenging the beating of 17-year-old co-defendant Jacob Johnson's girlfriend, who was attacked by the intended victim's sister.

Ligue's father, William Ligue Jr., 39, remains in state prison on a 57-month sentence for violating his original probationary sentence. He is slated for release in June.

So the family tradition lives on- being a bonehead and doing time.

What I wear when my wife has errands for me

So Much For My American Idol Prediction

So much for my prediction which was really only a wish - that producers of American Idol get stuck with more of Antonella Barba. Well moving to the next "American Idol" round isn't an option for Antonella, whose run ended with some kind words from judge Simon Cowell. He also lamented: "I just wish you could sing better." Ain't that the truth.

Because of the photos and subsequent notoriety, Barba received several offers from adult entertainment outlets.

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis invited Barba to join his company, offering her $250,000 to host an upcoming video release from the franchise.

Also, adult film purveyor SugarDVD offered Barba $500,000 to become the company's celebrity person.

As of Thursday, Barba hasn't commented on the offers. She has suggested she is more interested in modelling and singing careers. I'm not sure that she has enough talent but she should give them a try. But I'm sure the bidding will go up from the purveyors of smut.

Markham double-murder suspect appears in court

The suspect in the murders of two women in Markham last month made a brief court appearance in Newmarket Friday. Chris Little appeared in court in person for about five minutes Friday morning. His case has been adjourned until April 4th.

Little is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of his estranged wife, 33-year-old Julie Crocker and 34-year-old Paula Menendez. The bodies of both women were found in Crocker's Markham house on February 19th after police recieved a 911 call. It's believed Menendez was abducted from her home in Etobicoke and taken to Markham.

Too Many NHL Hockey Players are Idiots



Krispy Kreme: Nutritional Info

I did an earlier post on the new whole wheat Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Well now I've located some nutritional information on their "healthier" doughnuts.

This supposed to be an alternative snack for health conscious consumers with the benefits of 100 per cent whole wheat and only 180 calories. So here is what I found.

Doughnut ingredients: Whole wheat flour, dextrose, vegetable shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil), water, corn syrup solids.

Nutritional breakdown: 1 doughnut (48 g.), 180 calories; 19 g. carb (10 g. sugar, 2 g. fibre); 11 g. fat (3g saturated, 3.5 g. trans); 2 g. protein.

The new doughnut has only 20 calories fewer than the original version. Both the original and the new version provide 3 g. of saturated fat, but that's not the worst of it: both contain a good dose of the heart-disease and diabetes promoting trans fat. This is because the doughnut is made with partially hydrogenated oils, and while there is healthy range for saturated fat intake (about 20-25 g./day) there is no acceptable level of trans fats.

The goal is to consume as little as possible, but don't be fooled by a small number. In the world of trans fat, 3.5 g. is a lot. This is hardly an improvement on the original and any benefit from the whole grains is negated by the use of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Nice Try Krispy Kreme!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Didn't know mohels worked out of Nurseries.

I just don't know

...I don't remember wrestling be this weird.

Mississauga Teens Get Bail

All four Mississauga teens accused of various roles in a sexual assault of an unconscious 16-year-old girl are at home after being granted bail.

Justice Maurice Hudson placed Barton Reeder, 18, and Philip Perry, 18, under house arrest after releasing them into the custody of their parents following a lengthy bail hearing in a Brampton courtroom.
Two other 17-year-old boys were released into the custody of their parents and placed under house arrest in connection with their role in what police alleged was a gang sexual assault of an unconscious female in the early hours of Feb. 25.

s part of the strict conditions for their bail, Justice Hudson banned Perry and Reeder from using cell phones or computers. They’re also prohibited from accessing the Internet or communicating with the victim, their co-accused or 17 other named people.

One of 17-year-old boys was placed a curfew of between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and also banned from using any cell phones or electronic devices that can transmit information. He also can’t use the Internet although he’s allowed to use a computer for educational reasons but only under supervision. He also can’t communicate with his co-accused or any of 17 other named people

Woman slips back into coma

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - A woman who went into a vegetative state more than six years ago woke up this week for three days, spoke with her family and a local television station before slipping back.
"I'm fine," Christa Lilly told her mother on Sunday - her first words in eight months. She had suffered a heart attack and stroke in November of 2000.

Ms. Lily had asked hospital staff who had won the election in December, 2000. After being informed about the election of George W. Bush, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the re-election of of Bush, and the exploits of bald Britney Spears, the poor woman slipped back into a coma.

American Idol Madness

I refuse to watch American Idol show because I find the behaviour of the producers objectionable. They put unsuspecting contestants on the show knowing very well they do not have sufficient talent to make it. Sadly, these people are lead to believe that they are legitimate contenders only to ripped by three very cruel judges in front of millions of viewers. It's disgusting.

So I find great delight in seeing one of the contestants with little talent use the show to promote herself. Antonella Barba is a 20-year-old Catholic University student and American Idol contestant who vaulted in popularity last week on news that she had posed for some revealing photos. Of the top 10 searches to 6,489 news sites in the U.S., the term, "Antonella Barba," was the most popular search term for the week ending March 3, 2007. By the way the pictures can be seen here and here and here in fact everywhere. Who knows how many are real or fakes from porn sites. Who knows if she is behind the release of the photos. But I'm sure the producers are having a fit.

And it just may be payback time for the producers because although she may help ratings right now, I doubt they want her to win and then be obliged to offer her a recording contract. But as she becomes more popular, it may be harder to get rid of her. In fact, the anti-Idol website is urging its visitors, coincidentally the same demographic as Antonella picture seekers, to join its grassroots campaign to prolong Antonella's stay by picking up the phone.
Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Mississauga Teens Record Sexual Assault

Four teens have been charged with sexually assaulting an unconscious 16-year-old girl and taking a video and photographs of the attack using their cell phones. Police allege the four youths, aged 17 and 18, staged a "gang-style" attack on the 16-year-old victim at a home in the Cawthra and Lakeshore area of Mississauga on Feb. 25.

The teens all attend Cawthra Secondary School in Mississauga. Although the Mississauga school sent out a letter around lunchtime urging students to avail themselves of counsellors at-the-ready and pledging to "continue to foster a culture of respect and nonviolence," rumours of pictures and videos of a horrifying assault had been making the rounds long before the Sunday arrest of four teens.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No Confusion Here

Movie Review - Children of Men

Children of Men envisages a world one generation from now that has fallen into anarchy on the heels of an infertility defect in the population. The world's youngest citizen has just died at 18, and humankind is facing the likelihood of its own extinction. Now I'm not big on sci fi and futuristic films but I found this movie to be captivating.

The movie pictures a world that looks a lot like our own, but darker, grimmer and more frighteningly, violently precarious. It imagines a world drained of hope and defined by terror in which bombs regularly explode in cafes crowded with men and women on their way to work.

Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) is the centre of the story and its defiantly hopeful heart because she’s pregnant, the first woman on earth to carry a child after 18 barren years. Avowedly apolitical, Theo (Clive Owen) agrees to help deliver Kee into the care of a shadowy utopian group, the Human Project.

Where they eventually land is in a hell that looks chillingly similar to the Iraqi combat areas of newspaper reportage, television news and mostly uncensored documentaries. There are several heart-gripping set pieces before then, including a hugely unsettling ambush scene shot almost entirely from inside a car crammed with passengers. The sets and scenery just blow you away.

When he Recovers...a Darwin Award Nomination

Attempts to do a movie stunt landed Jared Anderson in the hospital with burned genitals and Raandell Peterson facing criminal charges. The men were trying to do a stunt from one of the "Jackass" movies, in which a character lights his genitals on fire.

Anderson guy pulled down his pants and let Peterson spray him with lighter fluid. When the fire didn't catch, Peterson sprayed more lighter fluid on Anderson, splashing some on his clothing. He tried again to light the fire, catching Anderson's genitals, hands and clothes.

Anderson ran into the bathroom, jumped into the tub and put the flames out. Other guests took him to Luther Hospital, and eventually he was treated at the Regions Hospital Burn Unit in St. Paul, Minn., for second-degree burns.

So....was alcohol involved? Maybe just a little?

Bob Rae Announces He's Running

As expected, Bob Rae announced today that he will seek a Liberal seat in Parliament in the riding of Toronto Centre. Rae plans to file his nomination papers Wednesday morning. The Liberal nomination is up for grabs because the sitting MP, Bill Graham, said last month that he will not be running again. Rae will have some competition in the riding but is expected to be able to take the nomination. Two of the other leadership candidates, Martha Hall Findlay and Gerard Kennedy, are also without seats in the House of Commons and intend to run in the next election.

Kennedy has already announced his intention to seek the nomination in Parkdale-High Park, currently held by the NDP. Hall Findlay, who finished last in the eight-person leadership contest, is expected to be the Liberal candidate in Willowdale. The riding now is held by Jim Peterson, who is not expected to seek re-election.

Rae is no stranger to Parliament Hill, first entering federal politics in 1978 as an NDP MP. He went on to become Ontario’s premier from 1990 to 1995.

Buying Votes in Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Dalton McGuinty have effectively launched their re-election campaigns with $1.5 billion for better GTA transit and cleaner air. The new federal money announced yesterday includes $962 million for local public transit and transportation projects like Ottawa's share of the Spadina subway extension into Vaughan, and $586.2 million for provincial projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

The federal Tories have targeted a number of additional seats over and above the 40 they now hold in Ontario. Ontario voters go to the polls on October 10 and improving public transit, reducing gridlock and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions will be major planks in the McGuinty's re-election platform. So the announcement benefits both governments.

But the more cynical among might notice that Harper has had a habit of canceling programs one month because they were started by his predecessor, then a few months later launching a near identical program under the Conservative banner.

The Liberals claim the government used money set aside by the Liberal government to announce funding for transit in the GTA. Throughout January and February the government re-announced numerous Liberal climate change programs, including Energuide, renewable power incentive programs, and funding for climate change science.

Should the West Attack Iran's Nuclear Facilities?

There has been much speculation that the United States or Israel may carry out a preemptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from going nuclear. Israel is said to have conducted practice runs and has air clearance from three Arab countries who are just as worried about Iran as the West.

Now a British report suggests that military strikes to destroy Iran's nuclear ambitions could backfire, increasing Tehran's determination to obtain atomic weapons and bolstering hostility toward the West, a report said on Monday. With inadequate intelligence, it is unlikely it would be possible to identify and subsequently destroy the number of targets needed to set back Iran's nuclear program for a significant period.

Iran is likely to have built secret facilities underground as well as "false targets" designed to look like nuclear sites and act as decoys. Strikes would also interrupt oil supplies and impact the global economy and could set off nuclear contamination.

Remember to change your clocks and computers this weekend

Next month a change to the timing of Day Light Savings Time (DST) will affect North America. DST will now be implemented three weeks earlier on March 11th and will end one week later on November 4th. Most computer systems automatically adjust their internal clocks based on a built in timetable that is set to follow the old rules. These computer systems need to be fixed to follow the new rules. Failure to correct the time change can cause problems if one computer's clock is out of sync with another that itcommunicates with.Information on this DST issue is available from Microsoft:

There is an update tool for all versions of Windows that can be downloaded from:

Not Every Month is Going to Support Global Warming Theory

If you thought February was particularly cold, you were right.
Frigid conditions made the month the coldest February in 28 years, according to Environment Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips.

Not since 1979 has February dished up such bone-rattling conditions.

The average temperature was -8.4C, which was three degreescolder than normal.

That also made it the fifth coldest February since 1937 when weather records were first kept at what is now Pearson International Airport.

I Would Love One

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Thought They Were Illiterate

One of President George W. Bush’s twin daughters is writing a book about a teen mother in Central America who has the AIDS virus. Not sure which one. Either the blond bimbo or the brunette bimbo.

Anway this should be good for a laugh.

Not a Pretty Sight

Like many other celebrities, Kirsten Dunst looks awful in a bikini with no make up.

Pot-Smoking Toddlers Discovered

There appears to be no limits to shocking news out there.

Texas police discovered said on Monday a video recording of a pair of toddlers aged two and five being encouraged to smoke marijuana by their uncle and a friend of his. Police discovered the video last month as they searched a house in the Texas town of Watauga for stolen goods. Local television station aired the video during the weekend.

The two have been charged with two counts each of injury to a child with bodily injury.

Man Killed in Crash May Have Been Using Laptop

A man who authorities say appeared to be driving while using his laptop computer died when his vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a Hummer. After the crash, California Highway Patrol officers found the victim's computer still running and plugged into the cigarette lighter of his 1991 Honda Accord.

So you thought cell phone users were the only problem.

It's Not Easy Being Mickey Mouse

They might work at the happiest place on Earth, but Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Buzz Lightyear face more danger in the workplace than most of us, a new study reveals. Children who punch and kick, heavy costumes that cause neck and back strain and moving parade floats caused injuries to more than a third of the 1,900 actors who play the characters in Disney parks worldwide, according to the US Health and Safety Administration.

Actors in costume reported a range of injuries and ailments, including aches, bruises and sprains attributed to "excited guests" jumping on them or hitting them, skin rashes from prolonged exposure to the furry costumes and muscular problems.

Disney has turned to NASA to design safer and more comfortable costumes.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I feel sorry for this dog

Olsen Twins Look Creepy Now

...and they used to be so cute as little kids.

Ahh! Nothing Like Exercising in the Buff

A dozen middle-age and elderly men were game enough for a Dutch gym's invitation to work out nude. But they were vastly outnumbered by the dozens of journalists watching them lift, row and cycle in the buff on "Naked Sunday".

No women showed up for "Naked Sunday," even though eight were among the 100 people who had signed up for the event. Staffers wore aprons with a nude body painted on.

Not surprising for The Netherlands where women often go topless on beaches, nudity is common on television and prostitution is legal in designated areas. The biggest concern from club members was sanitation.

Naked Wife Still an Attraction

This is a wonderful story showing the forces of nature at work. This guy in Germany who spent 10 days in a box atop a 72-foot-tall pole to protest a looming jail term. The guy was mad, he had a lot of eyeballs watching him, and it seemed like nothing could force him from his fortress. That is, until his 25-year-old wife, a former stripper, sent a photo of herself topless up to him in his lunchbox. It seems that got him down right away.

Meanwhile, this seems to offer a whole new set of tactics for hostage negotiators

Falling Ice in Downtown Toronto

Police have closed part of the downtown Gardiner Expressway over fears of falling ice from the CN Tower.

High winds along with the sun warming up a sheet of ice on the side of the CN Tower, which built up after last week's ice storm, are resulting in slippery slabs falling hundreds of feet to the streets below. At least one sizeable piece has already fallen onto the busy expressway. The strong gusts are also carrying baseball-sized frozen chunks off the top of the Tower, and in some cases they're being carried quite a distance because of the powerful winds.
Other parts of downtown has also been seeing falling ice from office towers so keep to underground walkways where possible.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Are Fat Chicks Allowed on in Winter?

More on the Drug-Dealing Naked Principal

Principal John Acerra walked the hallways at Nitschmann Middle School joking with students or calling them by their nicknames, he appeared to be the coolest principal in the Bethlehem Area School District.

Clad in a smartly tailored suit and black turtleneck sweater, he exhibited a warm, funny demeanor and was more likely to give a lesson than a punishment to a student who had gotten into trouble.

His bosses considered him visionary, students saw him as a friend, and parents could tell he cared about their children.

Despite his $97,667 principal's salary, John Acerra lives on Chestnut Street in Allentown, along a row of mostly dilapidated homes and vacant apartments rife with boarded-up windows and doors. Acerra's own residence at 832 Chestnut has what appears to be bullet holes in the windows." (source)

Police said there was no proof that Acerra was selling drugs to students, and an informant said he sold to them from his school office on weekends and after school hours sometimes." (source)

This is what really bothered me about the story. "People who worked with him including some of his friends weren't surprised that the kind, free spirit they knew was arrested Tuesday night in his school office on charges of selling crystal methamphetamine to a police informant, said Karen Dolan, a district teacher who spent 11 years at Nitschmann.

Over the past five years, the times he arrived hours late for school, missed school altogether, kept himself hidden behind the frequently locked office door or showed up at school activities dressed like a teenager all pointed to a life in free-fall, said Dolan, who is also a Bethlehem councilwoman."

So why didn't anyone say or do anything?

Watch Out For This

Burka Girl Band

Who says things haven't loosened up in Afghanistan since the invasion in 2001. They even have Rock and Roll girl bands.

Best Billboard Ever

[click on picture to enlarge]

That's disgusting!

....a potato that looks like my genitals!

Beautiful Jessica Biel is 25