Saturday, August 25, 2007

But Jenna your dad said it's OK to drill in wetlands

1960s Drug-Use Can Get You Barred from the U.S.

Andrew Feldmar is a Canadian psychotherapist who wrote about his LSD experiences in the late 1960s who has been PERMANENTLY BARRED from entering the U.S. as a result of being an admitted drug user. Stephen Colbert has given the story a wonderful treatment on The Colbert Report.

iPhone Unlocked from AT&T

The day has come for the iPhone to break free from the shackles that bind it to AT&T. It appears as if a full software-enabled unlock has finally been done by a group that now operates, meaning that prospective iPhone buyers will be able to use the device with any GSM carrier worldwide. In the US, that means they'll be able to use it both on AT&T and T-Mobile. I understand a 17 year old hacker cracked the key.

The group has not published the details of their unlocking procedure because they plan to sell the service beginning next week.

The event comes almost two full months after the iPhone's widely-publicized release by Apple and AT&T. And, like most cell phones sold through carriers in the US, the iPhone comes from the store locked to AT&T. Given the fact that Apple has a five-year exclusive contract with AT&T in the US, such restrictions have led to much angst over the fairness of locking a phone to a carrier—especially since the iPhone's purchase price is not subsidized by AT&T.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Anti-Squeegee Law Remains

The Supreme Court has refused to review Ontario's panhandling law (Safe Streets Act) forbidding aggressive panhandling and entrepreneurial squeegeeing. The law was introduced by the Harris government while neo-con Jim Flaherty was the Attorney General in 1999. The decision means that the Court doesn't exactly reaffirm lower courts' support for the law, but doesn't strike it down either.

Both a trial judge and the provincial Appeal Court agreed the law did indeed infringe individual liberties – but they said the infringement was justified in the interests of public safety.

The Liberals had opposed the law but have not suggested an amendment or repeal since it formed the government in 2003.

Michael Vick Poll Results

So I asked what would be a fitting punishment for Michael Vicks. The results are:

0% said jail time under 1 year
9% said jail time over 1 year
50% said a lifetime NFL ban
41% said house arrest with that mad dog Britney Spears

Interesting how jail time was not popular. The last selection is interesting. Was that considered worse than jail time and an lifetime ban from football?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Honesty on the Net

I love it when she speaks French

Someone tell this guy the 60s are over

Toronto is world's 'fifth most liveable' city

Again survey rates Toronto highly. The Economist magazine selcted Vancouver as the world's most "liveable city" and Toronto came in fifth out of 132 cities surveyed.

Panda Born in Vienna zoo

A giant panda gave birth to a cub in an Austrian zoo on Thursday, Europe's first such event in 25 years (the last one was born in Madrid in 1982).

Giant pandas are notoriously loathe to breed in captivity. Females typically ovulate just once a year for a few days.

The new born cub weighs just 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and measuring 10 cm (3.9 inches).

The panda was born without artificial insemination and that is extremely rare. About 40 percent of baby pandas did not live beyond a year.

In the above picture the mother is carrying her baby in her mouth.

Something Rotten Going on in...

City of Toronto staff today are learning that some perks of their jobs are, well, a bit illegal: the auditor general is investigating charges of ticket-fixing among city employees. The office is probing a complaint that city staffers submitted tickets to be passed on to a manager to have the fines cancelled.

As if fixing parking tickets wasn't enough, a Toronto public housing official has been fired over allegations that staff accepted money from tenants for larger apartments. Tenants at 190 Woolner Ave., in the Jane St. and St. Clair Ave. W. area, say rumours about bribes and queue-jumping in their 17-storey building have been swirling for months, fuelled in part by the dismissal of a housing administrator earlier this summer.

The City of Toronto isn't the only employer with staff problems: another senior executive at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp has handed in their resignation letter.

Jenna Bush's First Engagement Gift

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dirty Chopsticks is the Latest China Scare

A Beijing factory sold up to 100,000 pairs of disposable chopsticks a day without any form of disinfection, the latest in a string of food and product safety scares. There has been tainted pet food and tooth paste, toys with lead paint and now dirty chopsticks.

Officials raided the factory and seized about half a million pairs of disposable bamboo chopsticks and a packaging machine.

China lacks the manpower to enforce food and drug safety regulations at home or for export. Imports are generally carefully scrutinized. It will take years to clean up this mess as foreign markets begin to close up on them. North American businesses complain about being over regulated but regulation also provides some confidence to their markets and protects their businesses.

Might be Tough Buying Bootleg DVDs in Toronto

Police are targeting suppliers of bootleg DVDs after the weekend arrests of 18 people for selling pirated movies throughout Greater Toronto.

More than 40,000 DVDs and DVD-copying equipment were seized Sunday when police conducted 22 search warrants at flea markets, homes and businesses. Many of those arrested were working booths at two flea markets, one on Mavis Rd. in Mississauga, and the other at Dundas St. W. and Hwy 427.

With these businesses now shut down, I recommend that their clients try to the Pacific Mall in Scarborough. Or maybe catch The Simpson's Movie in the theatre.

DUI in a Golf Cart?

Shades of "Caddyshack"! Bill Murray could face a drunken driving charge in Sweden after cruising through downtown Stockholm in a golf cart and refusing a breath test.

Police officers spotted Murray in the cart and noticed he smelled of alcohol when they pulled him over. He refused to blow in the (breathalyzer) instrument, citing American legislation, so they applied the old method: a blood test.

Murray, who had been at a golf tournament in Sweden, signed a document admitting that he was driving under the influence, and agreed to let a police officer plead guilty for him if the case goes to court. Murray apparently "borrowed" the to go to the trendy Cafe Opera nightclub, about 1 kilometer away from his hotel, and was pulled over on his way back to the hotel.
HERE IS THE STORY IN SWEDISH: Hollywoodstjärnan Bill Murray, 56, känd från filmer som ”Lost in translation” och ”Ghostbusters”, har varit i Sverige i drygt en vecka för att spela och titta på golf med vännen Jeff Sluman.Han har också passat på att festa och har i flera dagar synts till runt Stureplan i centrala Stockholm med bland annat Peter Stormare, Stefan Sauk, Tomas Brolin, Peter Forsberg och Lill-Babs.

Eagles Releasing 1st Album in 28 Years

The Eagles will release Long Road Out of Eden their first full studio album for 28 years, in October 29.

Wow, I can't wait!

You can pre-order on the band's Web site

Server error

Google was misbehaving this morning in the event you were trying to access the blog. You would think they could provide a more reliable free service.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Britney Spears has Hair Again!

Here is the train wreck behind the wheel (eek) without extensions, wigs or hats six months after shaving it all off.

So who threw the bouquet at Scot Brison's wedding? know what we do with fellas like that in Texas?

Don't Mess with Boston Rob

Reality show pro "Boston" Rob Mariano punched a reality show wannabe at tryouts for a new show he is hosting. "Boston" Rob has been promoted from contestant to host. Rob has appeared twice on both Survivor and Amazing Race and made a few bucks along the way.

In the video below you can see how he has an exchange of words with another man who throws water at Rob who returns fire with a couple of punches to the head. Security quickly takes the guy away. Rob is no pushover.

Ontario Liberals still have shot at majority

A majority government is still a possibility for Ontario's ruling Liberals, who don't appear to be hurt by a recent spending scandal, according to a Ipsos Reid poll conducted for CanWest News Service and Global Television. Instead, the Dalton Mc-Guinty-led government appears to be gaining support in vote-rich Toronto while John Tory's opposition Conservatives gain elsewhere in the province.

Overall, the province's two major parties remains in a dead heat. Each has gained one per cent support since the last Ipsos Reid poll in June. Liberal support is at 40%, while the opposition Conservatives garner 37% support. New Democrat support is stagnant at 17%.

The current numbers put the Liberals in minority territory. However, the Liberal strength in the Greater Toronto Area may make the difference in the fall election. The GTA is home to 44 out of the 103 seats in the Legislature. Since June, support for the Liberals in the GTA moved up six points, to 44% from 38%.

Kim Cattrall is 51 Today and Going Strong

Oh, and boys Hayden Panettiere's legal today.

Mary-Kate Olsen Does Weeds

MK plays a religious yet materialistic bohemian who smokes large quantities of weed.

84 years old and still driving his first car

An 84-year-old Shelton, N.Y., man said he is still driving the first car he ever owned - a 1929 Ford Model A with more than 200,000 miles on it.

Clarence Cleveland Curtiss said he was 15 in 1938 when he bought the car, which sold for $400 when new, from a Derby man for $10. It was during the Depression.

Curtiss said the only change he ever made to the car was installing a Hudson Terraplane engine in 1940. The engine raised his top speed from 55 mph to 80 mph.

Hurricane Dean from Space

Catch of the Day

My name is @?

Chinese couple tried to name their baby "@", claiming the character used in e-mail addresses echoed their love for the child, an official trying to whip the national language into line said on Thursday.

The unusual name stands out especially in Chinese, which has no alphabet and instead uses tens of thousands of multi-stroke characters to represent words.

Earlier this year the government announced a ban on names using Arabic numerals, foreign languages and symbols that do not belong to Chinese minority languages.

They don’t seem to have thought this through. Apart from whatever other problems it could cause, how on earth is he ever going to get a personalized e-mail address, since probably isn’t going to make it?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jenna Bush Crotch Shot

Hey I was lead to believe that this title would create a lot of hits for the blog. No I don't have the photo but if you really want to see it then try over here. Personally I think she's a pig.

Cute Gag

Copied from AnObiter

What ever happened to little Amy?

Amy Winehouse at 6 (above) and today (below). What causes people to stray so far out there?

Horny Pet Camel Kills Woman

A woman was found dead at the family’s sheep and cattle ranch near the town of Mitchell in Queensland, Australia and the animal may have tried to have sex with her. It's not so bad when a dog tries to hump you but a camel!

The woman had been given the camel as a 60th birthday present earlier this year because of her love of exotic pets. The camel was just 10 months old but already weighed 152kg (336lbs) and had come close to suffocating the family’s pet goat on a number of occasions.

On Saturday, the woman may have apparently became the object of the male camel’s desire. It knocked her to the ground, lay on top of her and displayed what the police delicately described as possible mating behaviour.

Salma Hayek is about to burst

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty

The statement released by Billy Martin, Michael Vick's lead defense attorney:

"After consulting with his family over the weekend, Michael Vick asked that I announce today that he has reached an agreement with federal prosecutors regarding the charges pending against him.

"Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to those charges and to accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made. Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter."

Well what else could he do. The three co-defendants had already pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against him. They were ready to testify that Vick participated in executing at least eight underperforming dogs by various means, including drowning and hanging. Prosecutors were considering additional charges which won't happen now.

Check out the poll on the side bar on a proper punishment for Vick.

Bank Robber Leaves Resume and Photo

I thought the duct tape robber was dumbest thief in the history of ever. Well, here is a clear contender. This guy left his resume and photo at the scene of the crime!

Actually he dropped it when the bank's dye pack exploded. Police found them outside the bank in a pile of dye-stained money.

How much is this blog worth?

My blog is worth $10,161.72.
How much is your blog worth?

I'm ready to settle for $100 or best offer.

Top 40 Magazine Covers

This is a little dated but in October 2005, the 40 greatest magazine covers of the last 40 years were unveiled by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Below is my favourite. The link has the complete list.

Paparazzi are Scum

Just an example how bad these people are. This guy appears to be trying to get a shot up Paris Hilton's dress. I think if he wants a shot of her crotch he likely only has to ask.

Celebrity Apprentice

After talk about abandoning The Apprentice because of bad ratings, Donald Trump has changed his mind and has been try to sell the idea of a celebrity version of the reality show. Trump is a major league attention-seeker and wants to stay on TV.

He suggested Rosie O'Donnell would be welcome on the show. Her response was not in "this lifetime or beyond." The New York Post now reports that Trump has been talking with Britney Spears about appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, and that Paris Hilton has expressed an interest . He's also planning to call Lindsay Lohan this week to see if she'd be willing to try to salvage her plummeting career on the show. It's not beneath Trump to exploit others for rating numbers. The man is a whore.

So far he has lined up for his show: Jim Cramer, Carmen Electra, Joan Rivers, Naomi Judd, George Foreman, original "Apprentice" villain Amorosa, Kimora Lee Simmons, Pete Rose, Dana Patrick, Tony Hawk and Jeff Gordon. Not exactly "A" listers. Britney would certainly change that.

Girls Gone Fishing

Website posting pictures of women with fish. Click here.

Wife Runs Husband Over in SUV

A 60-year old-man was left fighting for his life at Sunnybrook hospital Saturday night, after being run over by his own vehicle.

The man appears to have been walking behind his SUV – which was on a slight incline and likely had been placed in neutral – when it backed over him, police said. His wife then inadvertently rolled over the man again while trying to move the vehicle off.

He was taken to hospital with severe chest injuries.
As far as I'm concerned, whenever a wife is involved in running over her husband twice - be suspicious, very suspicious.

I'm Back!

The wild weekend in the Haliburton Highlands is over. Will resume posting once I've recovered sufficiently to operate a keyboard.