Saturday, November 03, 2007

John Ferguson Poll

So the poll question was: When will Maple Leaf GM John Ferguson get fired?

9 (39%) chose Gone by Christmas
11 (48%) chose End of season if they don't make the playoffs
2 (9%) chose His contract will be extended
1 (4%) chose He will be promoted to VP position

In the wacky world of MLSE any one of these scenarios is possible. If the team goes into an extended losing streak then the Christmas pink slip is possible. However, relative to other NHL teams, the Leafs have enough talent to prevent a long losing streak. In fact, they are hovering around .500 missing key players,. Wellwood, Tucker and Bell make up a decent 2nd line on most teams. McCabe and Colaiacovo are top 4 defensemen. But the main reason I don't see an early exit for JFJ is that there is no successor in the wings. There is no strong managerial candidate in the organization. The only people outside with the organization that is unemployed and qualified is Neil Smith and Craig Patrick. There may be more but the pickings are slim. If you search during the off season you can always get permission to talk to employed GMs who might be interested in a change of scenery. Brian Burke has been mentioned as possibly moving to Toronto though I'm not sure if there is any truth to this rumour.

Yes, it is possible that Ferguson's contract gets extended though not many blog readers believe that will happen. Obviously the Leafs would have to qualify for the playoffs for the scenario to play out. For that to happen, they would have to figure out how to win at home. On paper this team may not be as bad as they look, yet they are playing some awful hockey. Should Ferguson dump Maurice and the Leafs improve their play then again he could be extended. Finally, there was one person (who may not have been serious) that predicted he would be bounced upstairs to a VP job. Not likely to happen because he obviously doesn't have too much support on the board. If he did he wouldn't be playing under a series of one year contracts and their wouldn't have been a search for a mentor over the summer.

By now you've heard Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty publicly pleading with Canadian businesses to lower their prices in order to keep shoppers like you from flocking across the border.

So why is the federal government continuing to charge drivers coming accross the border a higher rate for Canadian currency? Haven't they heard the loonie is worth almost $1.07 US?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Chupacabra Was Just a Coyote

The results are in: The ugly, big-eared animal found this summer in southern Texas is not the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra. It's just a plain old coyote.

KENS-TV of San Antonio provided a tissue sample from the animal for testing and the DNA sequence is a virtually identical match to DNA from the coyote.

Phylis Canion and some of her neighbours discovered the bodies of three of the animals over four days in July outside her ranch in Cuero, southeast of San Antonio. She saved the head of the one she found so she could get to the bottom of its ancestry through DNA testing and then mount it for posterity.

Now if we can only get some DNA of Bigfoot (who now showed up recently in Pennsylvania) and put that one to rest as well.

Photos of the Red Sox on their flight home from Colorado

No hard partying going on here!

Richmond Hill Trying to Save The Dunlop Observatory

Why is the University of Toronto putting the historic David Dunlap Observatory, and the 75 hectares of parkland surrounding it, up for sale to the highest bidder? Well for one thing, despite support by the town through restrictions on lighting and emissions that might cloud its view of the night sky, urban growth around the observatory has reduced its scientific value. But the property is worth up to $100 million on the open market.

The town would love to purchase the property and keep it as a park but it doesn't have that kind of cash. The provincial and federal governments have shown no interest in assisting financially. So the town may be looking at other means to frustrate the university or potential buyer.

This week, council voted to designate the observatory and nearby administrative and residential buildings – including a 147-year-old farmhouse – as national historic sites. Its forest protection bylaw, in theory, would prevent development on tree-covered sections of the property. Council could also refuse to change the zoning on the land.

But those restrictions can be appealed: The tree bylaw is, in fact, under review by the Ontario Municipal Board. And the board would likely overrule any attempt to block a zoning change because the land, surrounded by housing, fits with the province's plan for intensification – putting new projects into areas that are already built up.

This post will make my wife even more germ phobic

AnObiter lists the Ten Common Breeding Grounds for Disease:

1. doorknobs
2. elevator buttons
3. handrails
4. automated teller machines
5. computer keyboard and mouse
6. change-machine bins
7. light switches
8. water-faucet handles
9. telephone receivers
10. the pen you're sucking on

My wife won't touch washroom door handles, disinfects work telephones, keyboards and mouses and carries around a bottle of Purell. When she sees this list she likely will stop using handrails and ATMs. Of course she can always apply some Purell after touching anything on the list.

The Lifestyle of Britney Spears

Released court documents form Britney Spears custody battle reveal what most suspect about the dysfunctional celebrity. Although her monthly income is listed at $737,000, she has nothing left at the end of each month. Nothing is invested or saved.

Britney's monthly expenses include $49,267 in mortgage for two houses, $16,000 for clothes and $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation, according to her financial declaration.
Although she's often photographed eating fast food, she declares she spends about $4,758 per month dining out. Meanwhile, she spends zero on education, savings and investments and gives $500 a month in charitable contributions, the documents said.

I would love to know what she spends on security since she is always followed by a contingent of body guards. We all could live comfortably off just her clothes budget. Didn't know that trashy clothes was so expensive.

Canadian Car Showrooms are Empty

Looking for a quiet place to spend a Saturday afternoon, try the showroom of a car dealership north of the 49th parallel. No Joke.

Canadian dealers are reluctant to complain publicly for fear of retribution from manufacturers but their sales have dried up. They are caught between angry consumers and stubborn manufacturers. Consumers aren't stupid although they may not totally understand the intricacies of cross border pricing. They can see how much lower car prices are in American dealerships and would shop in the U.S., that is, except that the manufacturers are being obstructionists. Although it is perfectly legal to sell cars to Canadians, American dealers are being prohibited from doing so. This is only making Canadians more angry. They understand the concept of price elasticity so they refuse to buy and instead waiting for prices to drop.

Already Chrysler has announced incentives and more companies will likely follow, although reluctantly. Meanwhile a class action suit against the manufacturers is humming along. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, the most effective tool to bring down prices is the "empty showroom".

Leaf Trade Rumours

There are strong trade winds blowing through Leaf Nation this week. JFJ has been looking to make a blockbuster deal to shake up his under performing team. He has been talking to several western teams including Anaheim, Phoenix and Colorado. The names that pops up continually on the Leaf side are Kaberle and Steen.

Supposedly Coyotes are hot to make a deal which would suggest that they would have to be offering either Shane Doan or Ed Jovanovski. Remember in today's NHL, if you are trading big salaries in mid-season you have to take back big salaries. The only exception appears to be around the trading deadline in March. The Leafs are interested in Colorado players John-Michael Liles and Marek Svatos. But I don't see that happening because both Avalanche players have low salaries.

The trade rumours have died down involving the Leafs and Atlanta. That trade rumour involved Kaberle and Raycroft for Hossa. Waddel wants to wait until closer to the trade deadline because he believes he can get more for Hossa then.

The most intriguing trade possibility involves the Ducks. The Ducks have had an awful start and have a worse record than the Leafs. The Ducks are another Stanley Cup team that are at risk of missing the playoffs the year winning the championship (Tampa Bay, Carolina). They have only scored 29 goals in 14 games and need some offensive help. As well, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry both become restricted free agents this summer. And after losing Penner to Edmonton last summer, Brian Burke may be concerned about what it will cost to sign both. JFJ would love to land Gefzlaf since his the team doesn't possess a prospect or young player of his calibre.

The bottom line is that Kaberle is the Leafs' most tradeable commodity. McCabe won't waive the "no movement" clause in his contract, Kubina is too slow to help a team in need of offense and Sundin doesn't want to go either. If a blockbuster happens, Kaberle will likely be involved.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wildest finish I've ever seen to a football game

World's Best Bottoms

You don't need a nice smile to enter this beauty contest.

Sloggi, one of the world's leading underwear brands hosted the finale of its global model contest "Show me your sloggi" to find the world"s most beautiful bottom.

The female winner was Kristina Dimitrova, 19, Bulgaria and the male winner was Andrei Andrei, 24, Romania were awarded the title "Most Beautiful Bottom in the World" by sloggi, a modelling contract for the next international sloggi campaign, EUR10,000 ($14,400) prize money and an insurance cover for their bottom.

Holocaust Education Week

Holocaust Education Week, running from November 1 to 11, is the annual time of remembrance to honour those who suffered in humanity’s darkest chapter and an opportunity for the lessons of history to be reaffirmed with future generations. The UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Holocaust Centre of Toronto have organized over 150 programs in total. An impressive breadth and diversity of events and speakers will thoughtfully examine the genocide from a wide array of perspectives.

The most memorable parts of the week are the personal stories. Survivors flesh out the academic, political and historical framework with personal testimonies. And with each year their numbers dwindle.

Most events are free of charge or by donation. The comprehensive schedule and full details of individual events can be found here.

No Wonder Free Agents Avoid Montreal

Quebec City lawyer Guy Bertrand branded Saku Koivu as a criminal for failing "to respect the right of Quebecers to be served in French. So what did he do wrong? He didn't address Montreal hockey fans in French. Sacre bleu!

There's a real ugliness when it comes to language issues in Quebec, as a few zealots seek out platforms to attack people like Koivu for not conforming to their standards.

This entire story is an embarrassment given the lengths Koivu has gone to be a big part of the Canadiens organization. He's the team's captain, it's longest-serving player, and his battle with cancer turned into a crusade to help others, as the Saku Koivu Foundation fundraised millions to provide cancer-treating equipment to a local hospital.

I'm sure every potential hockey free agent has picked up on this story. Good luck to Bob Gainey when he tries to sign some of them next summer.

Finally, the scariest Halloween outfit goes to...

Britney for the hot pink animal print leotard with a cut out centre exposing her cleavage and out-of-shape midriff.

Harper's Election Spin

It's interesting how the Conservatives are using by-elections to paint a rosier picture on how popular they are. During the summer there were 7 vacant seats in the House of Commons as result of resignations throughout the year. A number of seats had to be filled because seats can only remain vacant for 180 days.

The Conservative government held by-elections on September 17 but only in 3 Quebec ridings. That is because the other 4 ridings are pretty safe Liberal seats. The Liberals lost their Montreal stronghold in Outremont to Thomas Mulcair, the NDP's star recruit. The loss was not unexpected. In the Saguenay, Conservative candidate Denis Lebel sailed to victory in the sovereigntist-rich riding of Roberval-Lac-Saint-Jean. Signifying that the Conservatives were the first choice federalist party in Quebec. And in Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot, east of Montreal, Bloc Québécois candidate Ève-Mary Thai Thi Lac beat Conservative Bernard Barré.

The Conservatives have used the by-election results to demonstrate that the Liberals are a mess and the media and public have partly bought in. That's not to say that the Liberals don't have problems.

The Conservatives want to avoid holding by-elections in the remaining 4 vacant ridings and are hoping that their government loses a confidence motion before the by-elections must be held at the end of the year. The four ridings are:
- Toronto Centre where Bill Graham has resigned and Bob Rae is the Liberal nominee
- Willowdale where Jim Peterson has resigned and Martha Hall Findlay is the Liberal nominee
- Vancouver Quadra where Steven Owens has resigned
- Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River where Gary Merasty has resigned

In fact, Graham and Peterson intentionally resigned in the summer in anticipation of the September by-elections. The Liberals didn't expect that the Conservative would out-maneuver them by only holding the 3 by-elections. Obviously, the Conservatives don't want to see the two failed Liberal leadership candidates in the Commons before the next general election. Also the 4 potential Liberal wins will remove some of the lustre from the results on September 17 where the Conservative in fact only gained one seat.

Number of Inhabitants Per Doctor

An interesting visual on a macro level but useless on a micro level. The ditribution of doctors within a country are almost never even. In Canada it varies from province to province. And variance is even more dramatic when comparing urban and rural regions. Considering the size of Canada and the relatively small population 470 Canadians per doctor can be misleading.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drag Racing Still a Problem in Toronto

...I thought the police were going to clean up the streets.

Yes that is my dog on the left

Political Parties Have Reversed Positions on GST

When the GST was introduced in 1991 by Brian Mulroney's Conservative government, the tax was strongly opposed by the Liberals. During the 1993 election campaign, Chretian's Liberals promised to scrap the tax if elected. However, once elected he backed away from that commitment because Finance Minister Paul Martin was determined to reduce the deficit.

Liberal MP John Nunziata voted against his government’s first budget in protest of their flipflop on the GST and was later expelled from the Liberal caucus for doing so. Liberal MP Sheila Copps, then Deputy Minister and Minister of the Environment, had vowed to give up her seat if the Liberals did not eliminate the GST. In 1996, she honoured her pledge and resigned from Parliament, only to be re-elected in a subsequent by-election for her riding.

Move forward to 2006. The GST again became an important political issue in the last federal election. The Conservative Party, led by Stephen Harper, promised to reduce taxes by lowering the GST from 7 to 6 percent. The incumbent Liberals, in contrast, supported keeping the GST at seven percent, and lowering income taxes instead. Following the election, the new Conservative government included the GST cut in its first budget; the reduction came into effect in July 2006.

And the debate is being repeated this year as the Conservatives plan to reduce the GST once again to 5 percent. Liberal leader Stephane Dion has even stated that he would consider reversing the tax cut if elected. Where have we heard that type of promise from the Liberals before?

So the tax introduced by the Conservatives and opposed by the Liberals is now supported by the Liberals and opposed by the Conservatives.

And politicians wonder why voters are so cynical.

Looks like Supergirl has let herself go

Richard Wills is Guilty

A former Toronto police officer was found guilty today of first-degree murder in the February 2002 death of Linda Mariani, his mistress.

Ontario Superior Court Judge Michelle Fuerst said Wills is facing a life sentence with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

Wills was accused of hitting Mariani in the head with a baseball bat and strangling her with a skipping rope, then stuffing her body in a garbage bin and hiding it behind a wall in the basement of his home in Richmond Hill. A bat and skipping rope – the latter wrapped three times around Mariani's neck – were found with the body when Wills led police to it four months after she vanished.

The defence maintained Mariani, 40, died after falling down stairs at Wills' home, while the Crown alleged he killed her because she wouldn't leave her husband. Wills, 50, said he hid

Mariani's body because he wanted to bury her later near his family cottage in Wasaga Beach, as they had agreed in a secret lovers' pact.

It was revealed this week that taxpayers were on the hook for an estimated $1.3 million in defence costs. Wills applied for legal aid after handing over his estate to his family, but refused to agree to terms of repayment offered. After unsuccessfully seeking that the attorney general either pay his legal bill or have the charge stayed, Wills took over his own defence. His outrageous behaviour at the 2004 preliminary hearing forced Justice Bryan Shaughnessy's hand in granting the order for legal aid.

Wills hired and fired about 7 lawyers during this period.

This had to have been one of Ontario's most bizarre trials. The accused challenged the justice system with threats to prosecutors, verbal abuse of court officials, meandering monologues and behaviour so bizarre that he was exiled to the 'rubber room' for three months. Richard Wills admitted to stuffing the body of his lover in a trash bin, but swore he didn't kill her The judges responded by taking every step to ensure a fair trial. In doing so, they tolerated extremes of behaviour and assented to orders that led to defence lawyers being paid at least $800,000 of public money to defend him. It was, in a strange way, a triumph of the system because his antics did not succeed in letting him walk away from justice.

Indigo Cuts Prices

With the Canadian dollar at levels not seen in 47 years and online American retailers shipping truckloads to Canada, another major Canadian retailer announced price cuts aimed at luring customers into its stores. Prices at Indigo and Chapters stores will be cut 10% with a 20% savings for their irewards customers.

The discount does not completely close the gap between the printed prices of Canadian and U.S. books. But in a notice to customers handed out in its stores, Indigo says books in Canada will always cost up to 10 per cent more due to differences in the scale of the business here.

Several major retailers have responded by publicizing their efforts to lower prices for consumers, including discount retailers Zeller's and Wal-mart.

Favourite Pumpkin Carvings

Best Halloween Costume - YouTube Costume

Clear Channel vs. Bruce Springsteen

The Crooks and Lairs blog is reporting that Clear Channel is attempting to silence Bruce Springsteen much the same way they tried to silence the Dixie Chicks. You see Clear Channel is a Republican owned corporate media giant. Bruce has the #1 record in all the land called ” Magic,” but Clear Channel has sent out a memo saying:

Alas, there’s a hitch: Radio will not play “Magic.” In fact, sources tell me that Clear Channel has sent an edict to its classic rock stations not to play tracks from “Magic.” But it’s OK to play old Springsteen tracks such as “Dancing in the Dark,” “Born to Run” and “Born in the USA.”

It was Clear Channel that battle Howard Stern until he was so fed up that he jumped over to satellite radio.

In fact, sources tell me that Clear Channel has sent an edict to its classic rock stations not to play tracks from “Magic.” But it’s OK to play old Springsteen tracks such as “Dancing in the Dark,” “Born to Run” and “Born in the USA.”

Just no new songs by Springsteen, even though it’s likely many radio listeners already own the album and would like to hear it mixed in with the junk offered on radio.

Why? One theory, says a longtime rock insider, “is that the audience knows those songs. Of course, they’ll never know these songs if no one plays them.”

Clear Channel's rationale is that at age 58, Springsteen simply is too old to be played on rock stations. Of course this is absurd. Your audience determines what you should be playing and Springsteen at 58 has an audience that spans the generations in the same way that the Rolling Stones are still relevant.

Banning artists is deplorable. I'm no expert on the American constitution but banning artists because of their political affiliation or beliefs attacks the pillars of the American democracy. It's McCarthyism in the 21st century.

Jessica Biel Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween

Harper Backs Dion into a Corner, Yet Again

For the third time in as many weeks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken advantage of a gun shy official opposition to aggressively advance his agenda.

First it was a throne speech that thumbed its nose at opposition demands on the environment and the Afghan mission. Then the government put an election gun to the head of the other parties to ensure passage of its law-and-order policies. Now it will be implementing a GST cut that has been criticized by most economists and all the opposition parties.

Yesterday's economic statement was designed to launch the Conservatives' campaign strategy, big tax cuts. It may have been more appropriate to wait until the Spring Budget but with the large surplus and a weak opposition, why wait. Harper would dearly love to campaign on $60 billion tax cut package.

Although their record has been only fair, wrap some significant tax cuts and it will look dramatically better to voters when they go to the polls. The only question is when will the government "fall". The Bloc and NDP quickly announced they would vote against the GST cut. So again the Liberals will be backed into a corner and will either choose to abstain or be absent for votes which prevents an election but continues to ensure that the Conservatives' agenda is advanced.

Who says minority governments don't work.

UPDATE: Liberals ended up abstaining at today's non-confidence vote on the mini-budget.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Political Careers Shattered in Ontario Cabinet Shuffle

Former Ontario Premier William Davis was quoted as saying that shuffling his cabinet was the most painful aspect of governing.

It requires the premier to tell someone, often a friend who’s laboured in the trenches with you that their political career was either over, or seriously derailed for awhile.

Dalton McGuinty did that today to four members of his former cabinet. Monte Kwinter and David Ramsay were both elected in 1985. When the Liberals were in power, both during the David Peterson years and in McGuinty’s first term, they were both in cabinet.

The new Liberal Cabinet has 10 newcomers which could be a formula for trouble. Rookie ministers are more prone to make mistakes that can embarrass the Premier.

You wonder what horrific acts these folks must have done to warrant being dropped from Cabinet when the likes of Harinder Takhar who received censure from the Integrity Commissioner held onto his Cabinet seat.

Continuity, clearly, is not the theme Ontario's Premier is going for. Instead, he's trying to send a signal that his government won't be complacent in his second term - and that he's not going to sit idly by while ambitious ministers carve away at his leadership. Which is why Bryant was "promoted" to aboriginal affairs. A portfolio from which it will be hard to find the spotlight. Meanwhile, he's avoided the phenomenon that helped bring down Jean Chretien - the sense among backbenchers that they have no hope of ever making cabinet as long as he's leader.

The complete list of cabinet appointments include:
. Rick Bartolucci, minister of community safety and correctional services;
. Chris Bentley, attorney general;
. Margarett Best, minister of health promotion;
. Jim Bradley, minister of transportation;
. Michael Bryant, minister of aboriginal affairs;
. Donna Cansfield, minister of natural resources;
. David Caplan, minister of public infrastructure renewal;
. Aileen Carroll, minister of culture'
. Michael Chan, minister of citizenship and immigration;
. Leona Dombrowsky, minister of agriculture;
. Brad Duguid, minister of labour;
. Dwight Duncan, minister of finance;
. Peter Fonseca, minister of tourism;
. John Gerretsen, minister of the environment;
. Michael Gravelle, minister of northern development and mines;
. Deb Matthews, minister of children and youth services;
. Dalton McGuinty, premier and minister of intergovernmental affairs;
. Ted McMeekin, minister of government and consumer services;
. Madeleine Meilleur, minister of community and social services;
. John Milloy, minister of training, colleges and universities;
. Gerry Phillips, minister of energy;
. Sandra Pupatello, minister of economic development and trade;
. Monique Smith, minister of revenue;
. George Smitherman', minister of health and long-term care;
. Harinder Takhar, minister of small business and entrepreneurship;
. Jim Watson, minister of municipal affairs and housing;
. John Wilkinson, minister of research and innovation, and;
. Kathleen Wynne, minister of education

Cheerleader Mishap

Dog Shoots Hunter

On the first day of pheasant season in Iowa, the pheasants and hunter James Harris wound up on the wrong end of the shotgun.

After his party shot a bird on Friday, Harris put his gun down and crossed a fence to retrieve it. That's when things went to the hunting dogs, who stepped on the weapon and bang!

Harris was hit in the lower left leg. He was treated at a nearby medical center and then airlifted to Iowa City.

Authorities are investigating. No word on whether the dogs have been interrogated.

Hockey Leagues Steal Halloween Treats

With ice time so scarce in the city, coaches are reluctant to cancel games and incur a loss, a suspension and a $500 fine. This is putting hockey parents on Halloween under extra pressure on an already stressful night.

In fact the parents of the North Toronto Selects minor bantam team offered to work out a deal with their opponent for a game on Halloween to reschedule at no cost to the league, proposing that their 7 p.m. game against the Vaughan Selects be moved to their own ice time on Saturday. The parents even offered to foot the bill.

But the request was denied by the North York Hockey League, which insisted they must play on Vaughan ice.

Maple Leaf Trade Rumours

JRJ has been busy talking with other GMs on a trade that would hopefully turn his team around. Teams are interested in young Toronto Maple Leafs like Alex Steen and Matt Stajan but JFJ is actively trying to move Pavel Kubina, Bryan McCabe and Hal Gill. The Leafs also investigated signing Danny Markov who is currently playing in Russia but his $3.5 million salary demands is a "little rich" for the club which has little cap space.

Interesting that JFJ is trying to move 3 of his top 6 free agent signings (the others are Tucker, Kaberle and Blake) over the past 2 summers. An admission that they were all mistakes. All three carry hefty contracts that are as good as "no-trade" clauses in today's salary cap era except around the trade deadline. McCabe has a "no movement" clause and Kubina can only be moved to certain teams. Gill is the only one without a no trade or movement clause, but again his salary makes him almost impossible to shop right now. As for Markov, his salary demands are more than "a little rich" for a team bumping up against the cap like Toronto, and really, why add another high priced veteran with an injury history to the most expensive blueline in the NHL?

Early morning shootout in downtown Toronto

Yup. Who needs gun control. More policing is the answer.

Police are looking for as many as four gunmen after a wild shootout in the entertainment district early this morning that sent a bystander to hospital.

Investigators believe the shooting was spurred by a dispute that began either inside or just outside the D.N.A. nightclub, on Adelaide St. near Peter St., at around 3 a.m.

The fight ended in the street in front of the club, where police say members of two groups fled after an exchange of gunfire that struck an innocent bystander. Polic have found 27 shell casings at the scene.

Local businesses are being canvassed to see if footage from their surveillance cameras offers any clues.

Don't you wish you were invited to Heff's Playboy Halloween Party

Toronto Maple Leafs are the NHL's Chicago Cubs

MLSE likes to promotes the Maple Leafs like they were the NHL's New York Yankees. Ridiculous ticket prices and seat license fees, tons of merchandising, their own cable station, condos, etc. Except the Yankees win championships. The Leafs are more like the Chicago Cubs who have not won the World Series since 1908. How many current Leafs fans are going to be around that long?

It's hard to believe that executives at MLSE will let this mess continue. Either John Ferguson or Paul Maurice (or both) will be axed, the only question is when? Considering the reluctance to give Ferguson a long term contract and unsuccessful search for a mentor, I would venture to guess JFJ is gone. The only question is when. Fill out my survey on the sidebar if you have a view.

Finally, here is a great example of the greed that drives MLSE. Rich guy pays BIG BUCKS for front row VIP season seats to the Raptors. Team adds a few seats in front of his front row seats since the team had one good year. What does rich guy you do? He sue for BIG BUCKS, obviously. I'd love to hear how "damages of $1.6 million, and a further $20,000 for every Raptors game the company's executives miss" are justified.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome to...........

Remember size doesn't matter

I like to relax on my bike

World Series Celebrations

While the Red Sox players celebrated indoors (above), the fans took to the street with the usual amount of enthusiasm and stupidity. When the night was over only 37 fans (below) were arrested. No stabbings or shootings were reported so I guess they were well behaved. There is talk of a dynasty (there always is after a championship). Things are only get more obnoxious coming out of Boston as the Patriots pile up wins.

Which Presidential candidate do you most resemble?

I did the survey below and scored on the high side with Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. On the low side was Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. I guess I'm what Americans would call a bleeding heart Liberal.

Take the survey and pass along the results.

Advisory: The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional political advice, punditry, or a panacea for electile dysfunction. Always seek the advice of your blogger or other qualified news provider with any questions you may have regarding a political question or condition. Never disregard professional political advice from Markos Moulitsas Zuniga Not responsible for lost or stolen democracies and Constitutions nor for unintentional dictatorships.

Canadian Dollar is at a 47-Year High

The Canadian dollar traded at a 47 1/2-year high Monday morning, hitting 104.54 cents US. Yes, it was 1960 when the dollar was this high relative to the U.S. dollar.

The loonie has risen more than 18 cents US this year, as several factors converged to drive it to parity with its U.S. counterpart and beyond – including record-high oil prices and a weak U.S. greenback.

All is not necessarily good for Canadians. Retail prices have not dropped much and there is not a significant differential across the border. Canadian consumers are cranky. Retails sales and exports and falling.

I just bought a pair of running shoes online from a U.S. retailer for $109.95 that sell for $199.95 in Canada.

Punk meets Nascar

...Avril Lavigne has some interesting duds.

"Canada, eh?" is one year old

Yes, I've blogging for 365 days now. And the traffic has been steadily growing each month. Here are some stats for the year:

Total Number of Entries: 2,150
Average Posts Per Day: 5.9
Total Views: 31,028
Total Visitors: 20,963

But I think I may be getting stale. No election campaign here. Tired of poking fun at celebrity brats. The Maple Leafs are donkey crud again this year. Another rich athlete gets what. George Bush mangles the English language again...stale as a week old bagel.
I think I need another coffee.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paris Hilton at the PLAYBOY MANSION Halloween Party in Beverly Hills

...but where is her costume? She dresses like that all the time.

Julia Roberst Turns 40 Today

Randy Jones hit on Patrice Bergeron

Boston Bruins centre Patrice Bergeron was taken off the ice on a stretcher Saturday after a scary hit from behind by Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Randy Jones.

Bergeron was chasing after a loose puck in the Flyers zone late in the first period when Jones closed in on him and drove his head into the boards with his forearm.

Jones was given a five-minute boarding penalty with a game misconduct.

At first glance, it looks like an ugly, dirty hit from behind. Bergeron's face was rammed face first into the ledge on the boards, and the latest reports say he has a broken nose and a concussion, but all feeling in his extremities.

Flyers defenseman Randy Jones issued the following statement"

“Words really can’t express the way that I feel right now. I am very apologetic for the hit and what I did. It was not intentional. It is something that I have never done before and it is not part of my character. I am extremely sorry. I hope he does ok and everything works out for him. I wish him nothing but the best in his recovery.”

UPDATE: The NHL has given Randy Jones a 2 game suspension. NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell says that he didn't believe Jones intended to injure Bergeron, but that he did deliver a "hard check to a player who was in a vulnerable position." I'm fine with that.

It's not always a happy world

Reebok NHL Sweaters Get Thumbs Down

The buzz around the NHL these days is that the fancy new Rebok uniforms are getting more and more thumbs down by the living models that have to wear them.

The controversial uniforms were introduced this training camp, a more form fitting fashion, supposedly designed to have water roll off and away from the players, making the uniforms lighter and less susceptible to the sweat of a hard working hockey player.

Water reportedly pools up in the cuffs of the players gloves, leaving them with that unwanted soggy feeling for far too much of a game, for those players that embark in the odd tussle on the ice, the new uniforms are proving not to be very resilient while in a fight. Tearing easily and making the work of a team enforcer more complicated than they would prefer.

The Globe and Mail featured a piece on the percolating issue, which is on the verge of flaring up into a major problem for the NHL and its main supplier.

The Boston Herald reported that the supplier is preparing to replace all NHL jersey’s with older material, a suggestion that the league was quick to try and refute by saying that Rebok was only modifying the jersey’s on a player by player basis.

Considering the backlash that the new uniforms have faced over the last few weeks, that player by player basis could very well number over 700 before the Rebok sewing team can put away their needle and thread.