Monday, March 03, 2008

Conservatives Not Winning the Hearts and Minds of Ontario

The federal Conservatives and Ontario Liberals continue to attack each other over equalization payments, budgets, taxation infrastructure. In other words, money!

The latest round had Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty sending Prime Minister Stephen Harper and strongly worded letter accusing the finance minister of purposely sabotaging Ontario by saying the province's tax level makes it the "last place" new businesses would want to invest.

There are no winners in this type of dispute although it certainly can't be in Harper's best interests to be continuing this feud. He would dearly love to go to the polls soon and return with a majority. Frankly the only thing that stands in his way is Ontario and more specifically Toronto. The Conservatives have struggled in Canada's largest city and taking on a popular provincial government is going to help their cause - at least not here. Lets' face it the recent provincial election has indicated that Ontarians are satisfied with the provincial government so I can't see how knocking it will be a vote winner. This is just another example how Harper does something good and then shoots himself in the foot.

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