Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy Day?

Below is an actual letter to the editor published by the Toronto Star.

Family Day in Ontario

I think "Family Day" is a poor choice when naming our new holiday in Ontario. As I understand it, a new holiday was called for primarily because people need a break at this time of year, a period with the longest gap between holidays and a high rate of depression.
Although it first appears to be an inclusive name, "Family Day" invokes social conservatism and the diminishing nuclear family, and alienates many who have no close or living family. I think calling the new holiday "Happy Day" would promote individual fulfillment, as well as a sense of community.

Mike Evans, Toronto

Well I'm not too sure how much more inclusive "Happy Day" would be. As Mr. Evans points out there are a lot of people in society who suffer from depression and they may also feel alienated if they don't ever experience any happiness in their life. How about "Third Monday in February Day"? Who would be offended by that? Come to think of it people who don't follow the Julian calendar.

OK, we are accepting suggestions for the new holiday that would offend or alienate anyone in our community. Anyone got one?

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