Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Websites of Failed Presidential Candidates

Fred Thompson – Fred's site is blank. Like Fred’s flash-in-the-pan candidacy, his site is a big white page of nada. Only 1 word loads for me “Success”. And that’s warped unless you think getting crushed is a good thing.

Rudy Guiliani –Rudy’s site seems to have been stripped of all content – much like his failed candidacy. The front page has lots of blank spaces and so do much of the category pages. You can still give money though.

Chris Dodd – Currently asking for donations to help pay his campaign debts.

Joe Biden – You can see a video thank you speech from Joe and then scroll through his other campaign ideas.

John Edwards – A thank you note.

Bill Richardson – A thank you note.

Dennis Kucinich – There’s an article on his concession speech. But no real note of thanks from him. But Kucinich is in a tough fight for his Congressional seat so that site is up and kicking.

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