Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stephen Harper in full retreat

In a stunning about-face, Transportation Minister John Baird went on television yesterday afternoon to announce the Harper government would reverse its controversial proposal to strip political parties of federal subsidies. He noted it wasn't worth going to an election over.

Harper's retreat on tis issue is unlikely to halt the opposition’s joint effort to oust the minority Conservative government. And there were hints there could be further retreats in store though not necessarily any new economic stimulus.

Meanwhile, Conservative MPs are on "high alert" for a return to campaign mode even as they launch an all-out media blitz to discredit the possibility of a Liberal-NDP coalition government, attacking the idea as an "insult to democracy." Conservative MPs have been instructed to appeal directly to the public. But then over 62% of Canadians voted for a party over than the Conservatives at the last election.

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