Monday, December 08, 2008

White House war on Hanukkah

Can still-president George W. Bush continue to wow us with asinine mistakes with a mere two months left in his presidency when he's so clearly checked out already? If his upcoming Hanukkah party is any indication, he's still got it! Attached, his invitation to the White House Hanukkah reception, sent to Jewish leaders across the nation. As you can see, the invite shows a Clydesdale delivering the traditional "Hanukkah Tree" to a White House decorated top to bottom in Hanukkah wreaths. Ha ha ha they just don't care.

The White House usually prints separate cards, but in the waning days of the presidency, there had been an oversight. As an added bonus, the wagon says "White House Christmas Tree 2008." Happy Holiday, everyone!!!

Then a week later new White House Hannukah invites went out with a menorah on them and a note saying, 'Please accept our apologies.'"

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God Of Bacon said...

What? No Budweiser being pulled behind that Clydsdale?!