Saturday, January 19, 2008

Heidi Montag Would Like to Warm Up Winter for You

Memorial for John O'Keefe

In the week after John O'Keefe was shot as he walked back from the Duke of Gloucester past the Brass Rail, flowers and cards have slowly accumulated beside its entrance. Sad to see a memorial in front of a strip club.

Stupidest Robber So Far This Year

Cops say they quickly arrested a man who foolishly tried to rob a liquor store across the street from their west-end station.

A man dressed in black and wearing a balaclava marched into the liquor store, near 167 Street and 100 Avenue in Calgary, Alberta about 5:30 p.m. yesterday. The shop is just across the street from city police's west-end station.

The man demanded money from a clerk, who refused, according to police. He fled on foot and the clerk called cops.

Several officers were in the station's parking lot, preparing for their shift, when they were dispatched to the call.

They walked about 100 metres to the liquor store parking lot and arrested the man as he tried to make good his escape.

UPDATE: My mistake, took place in Edmonton not Calgary.


Toronto Maple Leaf Team Photo - 2007/08

Three Philosophies


Bobby Fischer Dead at 64

Bobby Fischer was a genius who became a celebrity by capturing the world chess title from Soviet Boris Spassky in 1972. It was incredible how he captured the attention of the American media since chess did not have a big US audience. Maybe it's because Fischer treated chess like it was an athletic competition.

He was U.S. junior champion at 13, U.S. Open champion at 14, and became an international grandmaster at 15. He once defeated 21 grandmasters in succession.

But it appears that he was a mad genius. For the past 35 years he was largely in seclusion only occasionally coming out. Quite sad actually. He was offered huge sums of money to participate in chess matches but declined.

In 1999, in a series of telephone interviews he gave to a radio station in the Philippines, he rambled angrily and profanely about an international Jewish conspiracy, which he said was bent on destroying him personally and the world generally.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Knows What Killed You

Just when you thought that "I see dead people!" joke would finally die...Lindsay Lohan has to go and get herself a gig at a morgue. What a girl has to do these days to dig up a decent date!

Actually, Lohan has been sentenced to work at a morgue by the judge who was assigned to her latest drunk driving case. Lohan must spend a grand total of eight hours in a morgue to learn about the perils and pitfalls of drunk driving.

From the AP: "Her two four-hour days at the morgue are part of a court-ordered program to show drivers the real-life consequences of drinking and driving. She must also spend two days working in a hospital emergency room." She also spent two months in rehab (where she alledgedly developed a healthy sex addiction, and has done "some" community service.

Well she hasn't been looking as good of late. So hanging around cadavers may be appropriate. And I also noticed that cable is pushing her movie bomb I Know Who Killed Me. I think it might kill you if you watched it.

SF Zoo Attack Victim Admitted Tiger Taunted

One of the three victims told the father of the teenager killed in the Christmas Day attack that the trio had been drinking and were standing atop a railing of the big cat enclosure while yelling and waving at the animal that would later maul them, according to a search warrant affidavit. However, Paul Dhaliwal, 19, insisted the three never threw anything into the tiger's pen to provoke the cat, the court papers said.

Dhaliwal and his brother Kulbir, 24, were severely injured when the tiger crawled up the wall of its enclosure and mauled them. Their friend, 17-year-old Carlos Sousa, Jr., was killed.


Zoo officials have acknowledged the 12 ½ feet tall wall surrounding the tiger pen was four feet lower than recommended by the national zoo accrediting organization. Police found a partial shoe print that matched Paul Dhaliwal's on top of the railing.

Toxicology results for Paul Dhaliwal showed that his blood alcohol level was 0.16 —twice the legal threshold for drunkenness— according to the affidavit. Kulbir Dhaliwal's blood alcohol level was 0.04 percent and Sousa's was 0.02 percent. All three also had marijuana in their systems. Kulbir Dhaliwal told police the three had smoked pot and each had "a couple shots of vodka" before leaving San Jose for the zoo Dec. 25, the affidavit said.

Ladies, Show Us Your Tats

In addition to snapping mug shots of arrestees, police departments are increasingly photographing the tattoos of those being booked (images of distinctive ink, of course, can be used to confirm someone's identity).

Nicest Goal in the NHL This Season

Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video on Scientology

You have to watch this video. It shows Tom Cruise, with all the wide-eyed fervor that he brings to the promotion of a movie, making the argument for Scientology. Really creepy.

Who knows how long it will be available on Youtube because lawyers for the Church of Scientology have been chasing after them to get it off the net.

Canada Puts Guantanamo on Torture Watch List

Ooops I bet this wasn't supposed to get out. A Foreign Affairs Department training manual titled "Torture Awareness Workshop Reference Materials," gives the legal definitions of torture and instructs consular officials how to detect signs of abuse of Canadians detained abroad.

Under the heading, "Possible Torture/Abuse Cases," the manual lists Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Guantanamo Bay, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United States. The manual was inadvertently released to lawyers working on a lawsuit involving abuse of Afghanistan detainees by Canadians.

The manual appears to contradict the public stance of Canada’s Conservative government, which accepts assurances from the United States that it does not mistreat prisoners, including those at Guantanamo Bay. I doubt this will make Prime Minister Haper's friends in the White House happy.

The spin doctors got into gear almost immediately. A spokesperson for the minister of foreign affairs, Maxime Bernier, said the manual was “not a policy document or any kind of a statement of policy” and did not “convey the government’s views or positions.” Meanwhile a spokesperson for the United States Embassy here was quoted as saying, “The United States does not permit, tolerate or condone torture under any circumstances.”

Toronto 3rd Murder Victim in Another Bystander

For the second time in less than a week, another innocent bystander is shot and killed on a busy Toronto street. It happened just after 6pm when two men confronted each other in a Wild West-style gunfight at Gerrard and Broadview.

Bullets flew everywhere as the two men exchanged fire without any thought about the consequences. Some passersby dove for cover as the wild melee took place.

At least six shots were exchanged overall but neither of the triggermen was hit. But a man believed to be in his 40s wasn't as lucky. Both shooters took off and no one even has an idea why there were shooting at each other.

I am old enough to have owned a Hula Hoop

The passing of Richard Knerr, co-founder of Wham-O Inc brings back childhood memories, In our home we had Hula Hoops, Superballs and of course Frisbees. It was the Superballs that I loved. We used to spend hours in the schoolyard playing handball with Superballs against the schoool wall. I'm guessing most kids' games are played on a computer today.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Don't Think Huckabee is into Bestiality

"Well, I don’t think that’s a radical view to say we’re going to affirm marriage. I think the radical view is to say that we’re going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean two men, two women, a man and three women, a man and a child, a man and animal. Again, once we change the definition, the door is open to change it again. I think the radical position is to make a change in what’s been historic."

You Never See This at a Maple Leaf Game

...a pole dancer on a puck!

Idiot Fan Forces Son to Wear Packer Jersey

Yup, another Father of the Year. A Green Bay Packer fan who tried to get his 7-year-old to wear a Packers jersey on Saturday ended up taping the child down and taping the jersey on him after spending 3 days in jail. How disgusting using sport as an excuse for child abuse.

Mathew Kowald pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge. Kowald paid a fine of almost $200 and was released while all that was going on.

Kowald, said the incident started as a joke. His son challenged him by saying he wouldn't root for the Packers. When he tied the boy up, the youngster was laughing while his wife took pictures (so he says). He claimed it lasted all of one minute.

Kowald's wife placed a restraining order against him. She showed police pictures she took of the incident on her cell phone camera. This may come as a shocker but she also indicated that he was drunk at the time.

It sounds sort of funny but it's not. Police say this is not the family's first domestic issue.

Drunkest Driver Ever?

In what may be the most extreme drunk driving case ever, an Oregon woman was arrested last month with a .72 blood alcohol level--nine times the state's legal limit. Terri Comer, 42, was arrested after she was discovered unconscious in her car, which sheriff's deputies found running and in a snow bank on a highway on December 28.

After breaking a car window, rescuers removed the comatose Comer from her Toyota and transported her to a local hospital, where a blood draw revealed the .72 BAC. She was reportedly hospitalized for a day before being released. Comer's vehicle came to a stop about 50 feet in front of one of those portable traffic signs reminding motorists not to drink and drive (see below). via The Smoking Gun

A Popular Woman in Florida

The Smoking Gun has profiled the Florida woman seen in the photos below who has had her mug shot snapped five times over the past 14 months (drunk driving, pot possession, probation violation, etc.) and each picture is suitable for framing. The frequent arrestee is 20 and has alternately listed her occupation as "bartender" and "dancer" when busted. And based on police ID photos of her ink, she appears to be a tattoo enthusiast.

American Idol - Night #2

I got sucked into watching the second night of auditions last night. Dallas was much tamer than the first night in Philadelphia but then it was also more boring.

My favourite last night was Bruce Dickson. Bruce states that he has never kissed a girl before. It also seems that he and his dad have a matching key and lock set of necklaces, which will only be given to the girl of Bruce’s dreams on their wedding day. He and his dad were just so creepy. He was a decent singer but was still shot down by Simon and the gang. On his way out, Simon suggested he kiss Ryan Seacrest. This just goes to show that not all the weirdos on the show wear kabuki make-up.

In contrast to the Princess Leia freak the night before, there was Kayla Hatfield was severely injured in a bad car accident, which left half of her face badly scarred. But she quite hyper to get the audition and literally bouncing off the walls. She didn’t have a great voice (she sounded too karaoke) , and the lasting effects of the accident were quite evident but Simon, in an uncharacteristic show of kindness, actually let her through to the next round. You don't see that very often. No doubt he knows she will be weeded out at the next round but will get a free trip to Hollywood and thrill of her life.

Jessica Brown, is a stay-at-home mom with two adorable little girls, and a weakness for crystal meth, and an arrest record. Since Fox did this whole piece on the crystal meth thing, they have pulled the rug from under TheSmokingGun and And now, she wants to go to Hollywood for a music career -- because the whole single-mother-blonde-singer-in-Hollywood thing is working out for, say Britney Spears. They gave her a pass too.

Farm boy Drew Popplereiter sounded like Randy Travis and has Matthew McConaughey’s “aw shucks” good looks and charm. He could make it to the Theme Week round, but when R&B comes around, he’ll be a goner. Strictly country.

Finally there was Renaldo, who wore wings on his head with a “Simon” nameplate on them, as well as a silver, tin-foil cape (cheap Liberace imitation). He sang his own song about being “Brothers”, which caused an all-out riot in the audition room, with Randy singing with Renaldo (who’s song only had one chorus), Paula doing some old-school dancing, and even Simon cracking up hysterically.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fred Thompson Hustling on the Campaign Trail

I do believe

Britney Spears Reads this Blog

Happy Birthday Kate

American Idol 2008

I sat down with Mrs. Pseudo last night to watch the opening episode of American Idol. I couldn't stomach watching another Maple Leaf game. After watching the first show you would think that America was full of creeps and delusional pop star wanabees. Every singl one was convinced they were good enough.

There was aspiring veterinarian Alexis Cohen comes in with her face covered in glitter. She sang like a horse and looked incredibly creepy. She said she was 23 but acted 13. Her singing wasn't so bad but she sounded like she was trying to an impersonation of Grace Slick. After stomping out she said she was going to try actressing next.

There was Alaa Youakeem, an Egyptian version of Borat. He wants to find a girl "to love from here [pointing to to top of his head] to the nipple." He butchered a Bee-Gees song and Paula Abdul's comment was how she was impressed with how he phonetically learned the song.

The creepiest was Paul Marturano who sang a love song he wrote for Paula Abdul. It went something like this:
I'm not much of a talker so I guess I'll just stalk her.
If she were a doggie I would walk her.
If she was a blackboard I'd chalk her.
If she were Columbo I'd Peter Falk-her.
If she was a bathtub I'd caulk her.
When he got too close to the judges' table they had security staff escort him out of the room.

Then there was Ben Haar who showed up in a belly dancer costume. Paula said the thick hair on his chest was too distracting so he left got himself waxed and returned. He gave the shortest performance in "Idol" history -- about two notes -- before Simon sent him packing.

James Lewis claims to have a unique voice, compares himself to Paul Robeson or Eddie Vedder and says he's good at anything low. He sounds like a recording played at slow speed as he sings "Go Down Moses." Paula and Randy lose it completely. He thinks it was just a bad song selection.

Finally there was Christina Tolisano, the oddly intriguing Princess Leia look-alike who suffered a meltdown upon rejection. She later complained that they were looking for a certain type of look and didn't want anyone original like her. Yeah and the fact she couldn't sing.

What Happened to Moderates in America?

As an outsider it's really startling to see how polarized politics has become in America. Between rich and poor, liberals and conservatives, Red States and Blue States, etc. There is no longer a middle ground and the two sides have become more and more antagonistic.

I think it's the #1 reason why Americans are tuning out politics. It's become far too partisan. And voting patterns confirm this as each election produces a lower voter turnout than the previous one. And voter turnout will continue to fall because there is no alternative to the two extremes. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans appear to want to reach out to the ideologically diverse. Voter apathy is a threat to the democratic process because a democracy is dependent on an engaged public.

Partisan politics has now spread into the media. Walter Cronkite used to present the news in a fair and balanced manner. But now cable news has taken up sides on the political divide. They short change viewers on reporting the news but provide plenty of opinion (or as broadcasters call it "analysis"). So the majority of Americans have turned off and tuned out the news as well. The blogosphere is no different. There are so few political blogs worth reading because they are so partisan. Either Nancy Pelosi is the devil reincarnated or its Dick Cheney. Or America's next saviour is Barack Obama or it's Fred Thompson. All depends on your politics.

No wonder politicians like Jesse Ventura get voters' attention.

Brad Renfro (1982-2008)

In The Client (1994)

Vintage Maple Leaf Ad (1937)

It was a disappointing point in Maple Leaf history as the Leafs did not win the Stanley Cup between 1932 and 1942 but you could get into the Gardens for less than a dollar.

Thompson and Giuliani Make a Statement in Michigan

Fred Thompson is making his move now. He went from 1% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary to 4% in Michigan for a 5th place finish. Can you feel that momentum changing? Not to be undone, Rudy Giuliani registered 3% for 6th place.

The full results with 90% Michigan precincts reporting:

Romney 39%
McCain 30%
Huckabee 16%
Paul 6%
Thompson 4%
Giuliani 3%

It's starting to become clear that this is a 3-man race. America's mayor will be packing it in soon. Too bad Thompson's DA job on Law and Order has been filled. He's going to need a day job soon.

One Hit Wonder

Meredith Brooks - Bitch (1997)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This Teenager Wants to Plan Your Next Party

Full story is here.

People Like Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist

People who responded to my poll indicating what they thought about Arlington, Oregon Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist posing on a fire truck in only a black bra and panties were quite positive. It shows how enlightened my readers are.

Only 1 person thought she should resign and another 3 felt what she did was inappropriate use of town facilities. Two people indicated that they would have preferred red lingerie to black and another 2 people were sure that Hillary Clinton would eventually copy her. That may be the case judging from the responses. However, 66% of reader thought she looked a whole lot better in a bra and panties than their own mayor. I would have to agree with them.
Come to think of it, I would love to see MP Helena Guergis in bra and panties sitting on a tank. Now that would give our boys in Afghanistan a big boost.

Do We Really Need the Gun Registry?

Toronto's 2nd murder of 2008 ended the life of an innocent bystander John O'Keefe. Edward Paredes, 22, and Awet Zekarias, 23, have been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder charges after O'Keefe was shot outside the Brass Rail early Sunday. Police say two men who were kicked out of the club returned later and fired at bouncer, hitting O'Keefe who was just passing by.

What's unusual about this shooting was that the semi-automatic firearm used to kill O'Keefe was registered and licensed to Paredes.

In 2006, there were 168 homicide incidents involving firearms, accounting for 190 victims. Among the 61 firearms recovered by police, 18 were registered with the Canadian Firearms Registry, according to Statistics Canada. So the majority of firearms used by criminals are illegal and unregistered. That's not surprising. Only law abiding citizens are going to register their weapon and pay the fee. Why are we regulating now risk owners? For the most part they aren't the problem. Mr. Paredes is the exception and the registration process doesn't screen people like him. He has no criminal record. It was illegal for him to bring his gun to the club but clearly regulating handguns doesn't prevent abuse.

So what is the purpose of the registry? It has cost over a billion dollars to create but how does it prevent crimes? My sense is that it is a expensive and utterly useless substitute for a ban on handguns and other weapons. There is no evidence it saves lives or improves public safety.

We need to do the right thing here. Get rid of the ineffective bureaucracy and focus on getting guns off the street.

Is the Alex Ovechkin Conract Too Long?

James Mirtle who writes for the Globe has done a lot of analysis on the impact that the Ovechkin contract could have on Washington by the time it expires. Some people are calling Ovechkin O-Rod because its hockey's equivalent to the Alex Rodriguez contract.

Since he entered the NHL, he has been the league's most prolific goal scorer. Mirtle points out that only two modern players, for instance, sit ahead of his .632 career goals-per-game average (Mike Bossy and Mario Lemieux). And the fact he's notched 252 points in his first 207 NHL games. But Ovechkin's 13-year contract expires when he turns 35. It's a risky contract because the history of the NHL suggests that 50 goal scorers do not remain as elite players for that long of a period.

Only 87 players in NHL history have scored 50 goals in a season, and that's a group that includes the majority of the game's top-producing players of all time. If you eliminate the 18 that are still active the number falls to 69. Here are some interesting stats:

1. Over half had their last 30-goal season before turning 31.
2. 78% had their last 40-goal season before turning 31.
3. Eleven of the 69 played their last 60-game season before turning 30.
4. Average age they last played 60 games in a season: 33.3
5. Average age they last scored 40 goals in a season: 28.5
6. Average age they last scored 30 goals in a season: 30.5

There is no way of knowing when Ovechkin's production will drop off. Brett Hull and Marcel Dionne were productive for a long time. Mike Bossy and Cam Neely did not last nearly as long. But they were all great players.

The contract has no risk for the player and lots for the team.

My Top Candidates for Taking Over the Maple Leafs

1. Scotty Bowman
Bowman is a no brainer. He is the most knowledgeable hockey person on the planet (including myself). Some will argue that Bowman at 75 is too old and that his success has been as a coach not as a manager. The value of bringing Bowman into the organization is that he gives the Leafs instant credibility. There are many hockey people that are not interested in working here because it is so dysfunctional. That perception changes once Bowman is in charge. He will not need to be around for a long time, only to rebuild the organization from top to bottom. He is the best judge of hockey talent in the league and will be able to evaluate what assets to keep and which ones to move out. Bowman could be enticed to come to Toronto but not until the off season. He is committed to Detroit until June.

2. Ken Holland
Holland is recognized as the best manager in the NHL. The Red Wings consistently win. They know which players to draft, trade or sign. Detroit is really the only big market team that seemed to transition into the salary cap world without any bumps. That has not been the case for the other big spenders New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Colorado and St. Louis. I doubt Holland would want to leave the great Red Wing environment. I get the feeling even money might not entice him.

3. Brian Burke
Burke is quite the blustery individual and like Pat Quinn tough enough to deal with the Toronto media frenzy. Burke has plenty of experience as a player agent, manager and NHL executive. He showed a lot of savvy in building a Stanley Cup team in Anaheim so quickly. But Anaheim is on the west coast so Burke lured to Toronto because of its location and history.

4. Darcy Regier
I love what Regier has been doing in Buffalo. He has always kept his team stocked with young, good, cheap talent before there was a salary cap. His only misstep was the loss of Drury and Briere in the summer. It's hard to know if there was anything he could have done to retain them and trading them at the deadline was never a consideration when you have a shot at the Cup. On Buffalo players are held accountable for their performance. In Toronto that has never been the case which is why the Leafs are a great team to play for unless you want to win. You wonder if Regier would be interested in coming to Toronto. When the franchise was brankrupt and in trouble, I would have said definitely yes. But maybe not any more.

5. Lou Lamoriello
New Jersey is the only franchise that can match Detroit's success over the past 10 to 15 years. Lamoriello is a big reason they have all those Stanley Cups during that period. Now he has had some help over that period since his team owned the greatest goalie in the game (Martin Brodeur). Lou had enough sense to hang on to Brodeur unlike Mike Millbury who traded away Roberto Luongo who has taken over from Brodeur as the NHL's best goalie. The only reason Lamoriello would leave the Devils is for the challenge in turning around the Leafs.

Aliens Visit Texas?

Not even sure where Stephenville is on a map (just checked, it's southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth) but the town has made the news today. Last week residents reporting numerous sightings of UFOs. We don't get them in big cities like Toronto because I understand aliens hate the smog and congestion.

Anyway witnesses -- including a pilot -- all claim they saw what appeared to be a massive craft with strange flashing lights, traveling lower and faster than an airplane. Others say they spotted jet fighters chasing after the object.

US federal officials say there is a "logical explanation," such as light reflecting off passing planes, for the Jan. 8 incident. But residents of the town remain unconvinced. There is no truth to the rumours that US Border Patrol agents have left the Mexican border to search for extraterrestrials instead of illegal aliens.

Hard to believe that in the day of pocket digital cameras and cellphones with built in cameras, no one snapped a photo or video of this thing.
UPDATE: The search for aliens has been called off. Turns out it was only Tom Cruise looking for a local Scientology Church.

More from No Pants! Subway Ride

New York City
Washington Dc

San Francisco

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Age 1 to 100

Think the Police are Quick to Pull Out the Taser?

Britney off to Pakistan?

Is Britney Spears packing it up to move to Pakistan?

Please let it be true. The latest rumour of pop singer Britney Spears possibly converting to Islam and moving to Pakistan with her companion Adnan Ghalib has set off a debate among women in the Mulsim country.

The grapevine is abuzz with twice-divorced singer Spear's romance with little known Ghalib, a man of Pakistani origin. Spears, according to Britain's Sun newspaper, wanted to fake her death and embrace Islam and move to Pakistan and start a new life!

Ghalib, 35, who works for a photo agency, is being described as "a gold digger" whom the "lonely" and "vulnerable" Spears cannot do without.
I'm sure it's just celebrity gossip, but it would sure be a great turn of events if it happened. She would look really good wearing a burqa.

To All the Depressed Dallas Cowboy Fans


I saw Juno this past weekend and my assessment is that the movie is the Little Miss Sunshine of 2007. This movie is far superior to Knocked Up if you want to compare movies with similar themes. The film is intelligent, funny and although it is about teen pregnancy, it doesn't moralize. The humour isn't a bunch of cheap jokes and devices but reflects the sardonic wit of the screenwriter (who could be up for an Oscar). I have friends who saw it and weren't impressed because they felt it made light of teen pregnancy. My only response is that I've seen good films that make light of everything and anything - marriage, death, dating, sex, religion, drugs, politics, fat people, gays, Jewish people, black people, etc.

Juno is played by Canadian actress Ellen Page who is frighteningly talented. Page is mature beyond her years (she is actually 20 but looks 16) and plays a naive teenager perfectly. Juno wisecracks throughout the movie and Page delivers the lines with the poise of a seasoned performer.

The reason I compare it to Little Miss Sunshine is that there is an emotional depth to the film that you don't ordinarily see in comedies. My favourite part of the movie (without being a spoiler) involves the couple played by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner. Your impression of them, like Juno’s, is of stereotypically smug yuppies. However, in this case first impressions are not accurate.

Golden Star Burgers

Everybody has their favourite burger joint and I've tried them all. For example, Apache Burgers has a huge following in the west end of Toronto. I have concluded that in the Toronto area Golden Star Burgers in Thornhill is the place to go.

The place was opened up in 1964 by the same family that currently runs the place and still looks the same. The outside has the same neon lights and once inside you slip onto the orange plastic bench beneath plastic plants and enjoy your burger from a little plastic basket. It’s a total ’60s experience.

The menu is not extensive--this is a burger place and it has no pretensions to being anything else. They do have a Steak-on-a-Kaiser, a quality 5-ounce ribeye from Nortown Butcher (an excellent butcher). They also have grilled breast of chicken on a bun with BBQ sauce, or you can get a pound of char-grilled chicken wings. There are Yves-brand veggie burgers.

Warning they have regular frozen meat type burgers but everyone ignores them. The burger of choice is the homemade All Star burger--a juicy and delicious 6-ounce char-grilled burger that's the pride of the house. The BBQ sauce is the secret creation of original owner Frank Doria. They dress the hamburger with your choice of topping and, of course, the special sauce. Fries are fresh cut which is a must for me.

The address is 7123 Yonge Street.

Airport Security Inspects Your Bags But Not the Baggage Handlers

While you're taking off your shoes, tossing that half-drank bottle of water in the garbage, herded like cattle, and getting groped by security staff, criminals are potentially taking advantage of gaping holes in security in restricted-access areas of Pearson airport. It seems the focus is on passengers and their belongings and not on airport personnel and general cargo. I didn't realize it but there are 100,000 employees at Pearson Airport. Many have access to airplanes but they are not subject to the scrutiny that passengers undergo.

Something to think about the next time the snarky security staff ask you to undo your belt buckle.

Is It So Important the Maple Leafs Act Right Now?

More often than not, the media circus surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs is more entertaining than the team on the ice. The media hype goes into gear during modest winning streaks, losing streaks and every Leaf playoff game. The latest hype has to do with the lame duck manager and coach and it seems the consensus is that both be fired immediately and rebuilding start right away.

I'm not sure why the urgency. The season is lost and so is next season at the very least. But opportunities are lost by not acting right now? Well, as I see it only trading Mat Sundin. He is a unrestricted free agent at the end of the season so no trade is possible during the off season. But no trade is possible now since he has a no-trade contract. Sundin has clearly stated he intends on staying but it doesn't stop the media from speculating that he would go. Other than Sundin all assets are locked in for next season and could be traded during the off season as long as they don't have a no-trade contract and there is a buyer out there.

The argument against making a move is that the list of possible candidates is larger during the off season. Some teams will allow you to approach personnel under contract during the summer but will not provide permission during the hockey season. So right now the list of candidates for manager and coach is quite small - ie., hockey people not working in hockey (mostly on radio and TV). More knee jerk reactions is not what this team needs. They need a solid plan devised by the best manager that is available out there.

It's also interesting how the Scotty Bowman story exploded over the weekend. The media search for the next Leaf GM or President (the media provides this service for free) landed on Bowman's doorstep. He was interviewed by Hockey Night in Canada and revealed his involvement in the Leafs' abandoned search for a consultant over the summer. This actually is not a new revelation. Bowman is a guest analyst every Tuesday morning on The Fan 590. He has been asked about the search on numerous occasions. He always indicated on The Fan that he wasn't very eager to leave the Red Wings and never indicated he would have taken the position of President if it had been offered. He was clear he never would have taken the consultant's position.