Saturday, March 15, 2008

Below is Ashley Dupré (Kirsten) Filming a Music Video

Pretty boring stuff but this lady is the hottest thing on the Internet. She alledgedly earned $200,000 this week on downloads of her songs. Hustler magazine offered Dupre $1 million for a nude photo spread yesterday. Penthouse also made her an offer, though the figure has not been reported. OMG this girl is going to cash in big time.

One Hit Wonder

The Knack - My Shorona (1979)

Bring on the election already, this is just so boring

Following Parliament in the past year is the equivalent of watching paint dry. Not much has happened because the parties have been focused on posturing because governing the country is not their priority - only the next election. So let's just get it over with.

The Conservatives essentially delivered on their original platform in the first year of their mandate because they had not expected to be around any longer. Since that time they have been looking for the right time and set of circumstances to bring down their own government. The polls have not been very cooperative because the electorate has not shifted its views of the government since it was elected 2 years ago. So they are still in minority government territory. So they've done a lot of nothing in the last year. They certainly haven't tackled any of the bigger problems in the country.

The Liberals well they picked themselves a weak and ineffective leader which hasn't exactly inspired the voting public. They had been avoiding bringing down the government, well because they too are waiting for the right time and set of circumstances. To ensure that the government isn't defeated on a key issue or confidence motion by another party, they have actually not shown up for votes in Parliament. Stephane Dion has made some noise about a spring election because the Liberals think that 2 minor scandals (the Cadman bribe and the Obama leak) have weakened the government. They hope to focus on the environment during the next election while the Conservative will focus on leadership.

Oh I haven't mentioned the other parties in the Commons. They have been even less visible. The only party that have registered any growth in the polls have been the Green Party but you wonder if those numbers will hold up in an election. There seems to be a lack of cohesion within the party that may surface during an election campaign.

So I thought the following Rick Mercer piece was so appropriate.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Wow! HajibGirl has the best price for burqa and hajib on the Internet. A burqa for just $12.95. Incredible!

Oh, Oh! Dilbert Knocks Christians

Scott Adams writes about the response to a new Dilbert character named Jesus: Hay-Soos.

A Christian in California didn't like it. He wrote:

Mr. Adams I just want to tell you that I don't really appreciate you making a mockery of my faith. I used to think that your comic strip was funny, now I think it is very disgusting and not funny at all. I have found your last comics strips in reference to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ very offensive. There is a place for everything and there is a place for humor and humor has its limits, especially when it comes to those things and issues that some of us hold as sacred. I will pray for you and that some day you may come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Otherwise you will find Him some day as your judge, and He will justly judge you for your sins and whether or not you believe in Hell that day you will believe and you will repent when you see Him face to face, but then it will be too late. Repent from your wicked ways and stop making fun of my Savior.

Adams replied:

Thank you for taking time out from feeding the poor to complain about comic strips. I know Jesus would have played it the same way.

TTC Has Troubles

TTC passenger numbers are at an all-time high and the transit corporation just announced its largest service expansion in its history. Sounds like things are going well for the largest public transit system in the country. Well, not necessarily.

But it was only last summer, when fears of service cuts, a shutdown of the Sheppard subway line, and increased fares ran rampant after the organization made it clear that they had to cut costs to balance their budget.

And as far as the expansion goes, it is needed because of the cuts to the system over the past several years. Ridership is at an historic high and the expansion will not even bring service but to where it was when the TTC was last carrying this volume of passengers. There is serious overcrowding in the system. The Yonge subway line is overcapacity at rush hour and you can sense that passengers are barely hiding their anger.

The system is in serious disrepair. The Star has concluded an excellent series of articles by the Fixer on the state of the TTC. He pointed out such things: dirty, disgusting stations, grimy floors, leaky roofs, escalators and elevators that are constantly breaking down, and washrooms that are only for those with strong stomachs.

Then there is the the threat of a distant strike which is always borne by those who are totally dependent on the TTC. At times the image of transit workers isn't very good. Still there are good ones and bad ones. A recent Star letter ended with a concession that "As long as the TTC has drivers as compassionate and decisive as [a driver who watched out for the letter writer's safety], I am willing to put up with a leaking roof or two."

Philadelphia's Skyline is Going to Change

Atop Philadelphia City Hall stands a statue of William Penn, the city founder and original proprietor of the then-British colony of Pennsylvania. Under a gentlemen's agreement, no building in the city rose above this statue (specifically Penn's hat), up to March 1987. It gave the city an interesting look but was not very practical as real estate values soared. A modern steel-and-glass skyscraper called One Liberty Place opened three blocks away in 1987. One Liberty Place dwarfed City Hall by 397 feet, soaring 945 feet in height compared to City Hall's actual height of 547' 11-3/4" to the top of Penn's hat.

Word is that a supertall skyscraper proposal is in the works. At 1500 feet, the American Commerce Center would dwarf Philly's recently-crowned king, the Comcast Center (975 ft), and if completed today, would stand as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and fourth-tallest building in the world. All this in little-old-Philadelphia, which felt guilty about looking down on William Penn's hat just 20 years ago.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Hit Wonder

Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star (1979)

What You See Is What You Get

If Geraldine was a white man, nobody would pay any attention to her. She happens to be very lucky to be who she is.

It's Charo's 67th Birthday Today

Her real name is María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza Rasten. She married 66-year-old band leader Xavier Cugat when she was 15. She was first exposed to a national audience on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In in 1968. She did some Vegas for a while and now entertain on cruise ships. Just one of several reason why I don't do cruises. If you look closely you will discover why she is on a first name basis with West Coast plastic surgeons.

Honey, are you done yet?

We all have our comfort zones. Be it your own home, a certain impenetrable group of friends, old get the idea. And clearly after reading this story, there's a reason a trip to the ladies' room is often called a "comfort break."

Always the homebody, Pam Babcock was recently rushed to the hospital disoriented, atrophied and with a toilet seat um, stuck to her, um, butt. Yes, people, you read correctly. After two years of sitting on the potty in the bathroom of her boyfriend's trailer, Pam's skin had grown around her comfort seat, and she was unable to get up. And where was her boyfriend, you might ask? He asked her every day if she was ready to come out, and each day she replied, "maybe tomorrow."

According to an article on, Pam and Kory had conversations, meals and a normal relationship...all in the restroom. A normal relationship? On a potty? When asked about the situation, Kory said, "you kind of get used to it." Really.

County Sherriff Bryan Whipple (yes! like Mr. Whipple of "Don't Squeeze the Charmin" fame - I can't make this up) said his team had to pry the seat off the commode with a crowbar, and Ms. Babcock had to be taken to the hospital to have the ER staff remove the apparatus. Yikes.

Here is an interview with the moronic boyfriend.

$40,100 Paid for Date with Scarlett Johansson

No it wasn't Eliot Spitzer. His taste leans towards harlots not starlets.

A Brit bid $40,100 on eBay for a date with Scarlett with the money going to Oxfam. He gets to spend the evening with her at the premiere of one of her movie He’s Just Not That In To You, either in Los Angeles or New York. The prize doesn't include air fare to the premiere but I doubt that will matter to this person. There were 170 bids registered.

Well it's not really a date. More of a meet and greet at some point during the evening. The fine print said: "There is no set amount of time but it is estimated to be a brief visit due to Scarlett’s. schedule that evening". Let's be real here. $40,000 doesn't buy you much time with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood while she is working (flogging her movie).

Dude, count to twenty and Scarlett is gone. Hope you get close enough to at least get a whiff of her cologne. But hey, you just made a whopping tax-deductible donation to Oxfam.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Your Dysfunctional Maple Leafs"

...cue the music.

Let me see, at the beginning of the season, Leaf management characterized the team as one that could contend. Not for a playoff spot, but for the Stanley Cup. As for the players, well they just sucked for 4 entire months. In January management decides the team sucks. They fire the GM and bring in Cliff Fletcher who has nothing nice to say about the team. He wants to blow it up and start again. Except the players disagree and start playing inspired hockey. In fact some of the most maligned players are carrying the team.

Leaf Nation, what are you supposed to do? Cheer the team on or sign up for Tank Nation? Welcome to the most dysfunctional team in the NHL. Where management, the coaches and the players are never on the same page.

Either we are watching the biggest comeback in NHL history. Equal to the 1989 Blue Jays who were struggling in sixth-place in a seven-team A.L. East division with a 38-45 won-lost record before going 51-28 in the final 12 weeks of the season to win the division crown by two games over the Orioles. Or our inspired Maple Leafs are chasing their favourite spot - 9th place.

Maybe this year is different. No I don't mean the Leafs will pull it off. It would take Divine Intervention for the Leafs to make the playoffs but the Big Guy appears to be too busy getting Barack Obama elected President. I think this year most members of Leaf Nation aren't fooled by the late season charge. We've seen it before. Cliff Fletcher isn't being fooled either.

What's really happening is that players and coaches are auditioning for jobs next year. Whether you have a no trade contract or not, people are being evaluated and no one wants their head on the chopping block. Maybe some late season heroics might change some minds about your value to the team.

Barack Obama Will Be the Next President

I think Geraldine Ferraro was wrong about Barack Obama. There is no evidence to support her suggestion that he has some sort of advantage because of his race. Two years ago who would have conceived that a black man with Hussein as a middle name would get any support in America. In fact, throughout this campaign critics have questioned his loyalty and accused him of being a closet Islamist supporter.

Obama has run a flawless campaign and has captured the imagination of the Democratic party and beyond. He has attracted large numbers of young voters and independent voters to the Democratic primaries. He has at times played the race card but not the way that an Al Sharpton does. He lets others raise the issue and then steps back and watches the sparks fly. The Clinton camp has tried over and over again to trip him up and failed. The latest suggestion that he run as Hillary Clinton's running mate is just a trap to get him to acknowledge he hasn't got enough experience for the top job. The offer going to the front runner truly is absurd on face value.

I'm not convinced that Obama will be an effective President. It's hard to say if he will be the next John Kennedy or Jimmy Carter. His legislative experience is razor thin. Certainly Clinton and John McCain have much more experience. Clinton was unable to exploit that weakness and I predict that McCain will also fail. Obama's strength is as an orator with a powerful message. He has tapped into the political psyche of Americans who currently are cynical and disillusioned. The American public is looking for someone to take the country in a different direction and they see Obama as the person who can do that. This is an election where years of public service might be a disadvantage.

In the next election, the winner will be the person who can reach out to Democrats, Republicans and Independents, to men and women, to whites, blacks and Hispanics, to Blue and Red states. You can't build that type of broad support through a policy platform. I think Obama has it figured out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kristen is Ashley Alexandra Dupré

So if you want to know what Eliot Spitzer's $4,000 a hour whore looks like, here she is. Dupre has a MySpace page.

Red Light Cameras Create Accidents

There are a number of intersections that I regularly travel through that have red light cameras. From time to time you hear talk that they may be expanded. Advocates claim they reduce accidents and opponents claim they are just a revenue grab.

Well they may be both wrong.

Researchers at the University of South Florida College of Public Health have released a report claiming "Rather than improving motorist safety, red-light cameras significantly increase crashes and are a ticket to higher auto insurance premiums." In fact, they increase crashes and injuries as drivers attempt to abruptly stop at camera intersections." The study even goes so far as to say that cameras might not even increase city revenue, since increased crashes lead to increased insurance rates ... and that money travels out of the city's economy.

They conclude that if you're looking to really improve driving conditions and reduce accidents, you should be researching engineering solutions to improve intersection safety.

Vatican Announces 7 New Sins


Clent 9 Souvenirs Available

Just what every New Yorkers needs, a t-shirt to remember their disgraced governor. Well they are already available online at and

Hey it's America. You gotta cash in while you can.

How Eliot Spitzer Got Caught

It was not the Emperors Club that was the target of investigators but Eliot Spitzer himself. It appears that he had been having numerous liaisons with prostitutes and it was the financial transactions that caught the attention of authorities. The Associated Press cited a source that said the total could be as high as $80,000.

It appears that Spitzer ended up as the subject of an investigation into the prostitution because his bank branch in Manhattan turned him in to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as someone who might be engaged in suspicious currency transactions. He was tripped up by a money transfer of over $10,000.

Spitzer had the money broken down into several smaller amounts of less than $10,000 each, apparently to avoid federal regulations requiring the reporting of the transfer of $10,000 or more, the sources said. The regulations aim to help spot possible illegal business activities, such as fraud or drug deals. The bank, as required by law, filed an SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, with the Internal Revenue Service, reporting the transfer of the money that exceeded $10,000, but had been broken into smaller amounts.

The IRS began investigating because they suspected he might be the victim of a blackmail scheme. Their other theory was that perhaps he was involved in some sort of political corruption.

He actually realized that the bank would report the transaction so he asked the bank to remove his name for the wires but the bank refused. It's a little ironic because his heavy handed approach while New York Attorney General has likely made banks less likely to "break the rules". So give them credit because they said no the the governor of New York. And the IRS and FBI gave this file special attention no doubt because it involved a public figure.

It's 42 Years and Counting for the Maple Leafs

They really should replace the motto in the Leaf dressing with "The False Hope That Unites Us All". Although I could have made the announcement following the twin losses to the Islanders, let's make it official. THE LEAFS CANNOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. It's now 42 years with no Stanley Cup.

The standings are deceiving because over the past month it has appeared as if there are multiple teams fighting for playoff spots in the East and West. It's all a mirage in the era of single points for losses. Only Buffalo and Nashville are actually still chasing playoff spots but with Buffalo's depleted defense, they are dead as well.

So when the Leafs gave up a single point to the Flyers last night it was officially over. That is why Paul maurice pulled his goalie in a tied game. The Flyers who have earned 15 points in the last 12 games have 12 games remaining. They are on track to finish with points. The Leafs have 72 points with 11 games remaining. Did I mention the Leafs' longest winning streak this season is only 3 games. So the Leafs are on pace to lock up 9th spot in the East.

However, you have to give the team credit for not packing it in and playing some entertaining hockey this past month. It's been entertaining hockey but not good hockey. In the past 4 games they have averaged 45 shots per game but lost 2 games and needed 3 goals last night and overtime to squeak out a win. Their defense is still horrible and they still shoot themselves in the foot by giving away the puck in their own end. Their defense needs a serious makeover but with 3 no-trade mega-contracts on the blueline, Cliff Fletcher and his successor will have their hands full.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mary Ann on another 3 hour tour?

Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," is serving six months' unsupervised probation after allegedly being caught with marijuana in her car on her birthday no less. No word if Bob Denver (Gilligan) was navigating the vehicle.

She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving.

Under a plea agreement, three misdemeanor counts — driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance — were dropped.

Not bad for a 69-year-old. I love the mugshot. She looks like she is wasted without a care in the world.


....umm never mind, this is his wife Silda. But I give her a 5 Diamond rating anyway!

My Thoughts on Eliot Spitzer

  • A series of sex Republican sex scandals likely contributed to mid-term losses in 2006 and had Democrats a little too smug. They never had the right to moralize and certainly can't now.
  • The Governor, also known as Client 9 had built a reputation as a ruthless, self-righteous prosecutor who didn't wasn't satisfied with seeking justice but also in ruining lives. It is that type of power that can contribute to such arrogance and hypocrisy.
  • It wasn't his attraction to prostitutes that astonished me as much as the price he paid. One hour at $4,000 to $5,000 would cover a very nice holiday for my wife and I. So you can add decadence to arrogance and hypocrisy as descriptors for Client 9.
  • I don't know anything about his wife but she looked ashen standing next to him while he read his statement yesterday. You really have to feel sorry for the woman who probably made many sacrifices for his career. That brief statement wasn't nearly enough and really underscored his arrogance.
  • You can add stupid to my list as well. He used his own cell phone, the name of a close friend to book a hotel, and was transferring around large sums of money that the feds originally thought were bribes.
  • Hard to say how this will impact on the Democratic presidential race but Client 9 was a big Clinton supporter. She yanked Spitzer's endorsement off her website within minutes of the scandal coming out. I understand he is also a superdelegate.

More Bad News at the Pumps

With a barrel of oil trading at a record $108 a barrel, you know the price of gas is going to continue to go up. For those south of the 49th parallet, $1.09 per litre is equal to $4.15 per US gallon.

Dear Jerk

Our never-ending winter of snow leads to desperate measures at times.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Would love to hear their next conversation off air

Mr. Self-Righteous is taking a fall

I hear the water in New York is great!

Well leave it up to those Americans to figure out how to be the high cost of prescription drugs. The pharmaceutical industry and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection have joined forces to help. If you've got high blood pressure, suffer from seizures, are bi-polar or menopausal you just might be in luck.

Research studies have turned up minute amounts of more than 15 drugs or their byproducts in several pristine-looking rivers, a reservoir, and aqueducts feeding the country's biggest water system.

Though barely measurable, these pharmaceuticals are present in a variety worthy of a
medicine cabinet: drugs for aches, infections, seizures and high blood pressure; hormones for menopause; the active ingredient in a popular sedative; and caffeine….And while these waters are processed at wastewater treatment plants upstate, much of the pharmaceutical residue passes right through, studies show.

Food Court Musical by Improv Everywhere

I love Improv Everywhere and this latest stunt is their best. They do a great job planning these things. Sixteen agents staged a spontaneous musical in the food court of a Los Angeles shopping mall. The best part is a security guard who entered in saying "What the hell is going on here?" before breaking into song.

They used wireless microphones to amplify the vocal performances and mix them together with the music through the mall’s PA system. They filmed the mission with hidden cameras, mostly behind two-way mirrors. Apart from the performers, no one in the food court was aware of what was happening. Typically they do not seek cooperation from the location but in this case they worked with the mall. The mall even let them rehearse the night before in the food court.

How much snow did Toronto get?

The numbers are all over the place. Here are the GTA numbers reported by Environment Canada:

Pearson Airport, 15 (centimetres)
High Park, 30
Downtown Toronto,16
Riverdale, 24
East York, 27
Downsview, 32
Woodbridge, 40
Brampton, 33
Thornhill, 25 to 30
Oakville, 21
Hamilton, 23
Barrie, 45

As far as how close we are to the 1938-39 record of 207.4 centimetres. Environment Canada reports that 189.6 centimetres have fallen on Toronto this winter. These numbers apply to Pearson Airport. Depending on where you live in the city, numbers can be quite different from storm to storm as you can see by the weekend numbers above.

Nelly Furtado is Supporting Earth Hour

In case you still haven't heard, Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 29 at 8:00 pm. That's when people around the world are being encouraged to turn off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about global warming. It's a symbolic jesture that is meaningless unless it actually makes people more aware of the environment and changes their behaviour.

Toronto was the first Canadian city to sign up for the international event late last year, and has since been joined by Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and many others—close to 50 cities across the country at last count. Toronto's goal is to have one million participants

At Nathan Phillips Square Nelly Furtado will be giving a free concert starting at 7:30 p.m. I should warn you that the concert will be unplugged. An acoustic concert in the dark in March - oh boy! The event will be carbon-neutral, thanks to electricity purchased from green energy provider Bullfrog Power.

Of course, you don't have to go to the concert to participate. You can just sit at home in the dark for an hour.

Google Street View Violates Your Privacy

An excellent example of why privacy advocates have expressed concerns about Google Street View have popped up. The Boston Herald has published a picture of Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina in a semiprivate moment - shirtless and washing his garbage containers
If you click on LaMattina’s Montmorenci Avenue address in East Boston on Google Maps, up pops a street-view picture in which the councilor can be clearly seen, hose in hand, sans shirt and in green shorts in front of his house.

I had reported a few month ago that Google was going to be adding Canada to Street View and had begun taking pictures. However, Canada has stricter privacy laws than the U.S. In response to Canadian privacy laws, Google says that they are willing to blur recognizable faces and licence plates on their Canadian Street View service to comply with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act that states companies must get consent to use personal information (which can include our recognizable image).