Friday, April 11, 2008

Good Luck!


Society Must be on the Verge of Collapse

First the war on terrorism, then the stock market plummets, Global Warming is shown to be real, the housing market collapses, unemployment skyrockets, and yet none of that has prepared us for the tragedy that has rocked this planet to its very core. It's hard to even write these words without breaking down but...

Mariah Carey now has more number one singles (18) than Elvis Presley. Wait! She will eventually pass The Beatles who now are the only artist ahead of her with 20 number one singles.

It's not that Mariah is that bad. She's just not that good. She sounds like every other artist out there. They all sound alike because they are all using the same writers and music producers. It's assembly line music. No one writes and produces their own music. So this is what you get....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Hit Wonder

The Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life - 1970

Politics and the Olympics

I bet you thought the Olympics was about showcasing athletes. It’s really about showcasing political power and making political statements. There is a long history that precedes the current boycott threats to the Beijing Olympics and the protests along the torch relay route. In fact Hitler introduced the torch relay in 1936 to showcase his Aryan athletes.

The 1936 Summer Olympics, held in Berlin, were the first games in which politics had a major role. They were Hitler's Olympics and he took them as a chance to show off the new Germany after WWI. Hitler also wanted to put forward his view of the Aryan race as being the best in every aspect, he viewed black people to be so far below the Aryans they could not possibly stand a chance. Unfortunately for him, US athletes like Jesse Owens proved otherwise.

The Melbourne 1956 Summer Olympics were affected by numerous boycotts. Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon boycotted in protest of the Israeli invasion of Egypt. The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland boycotted in protest of the Soviet Union's invasion of Budapest, Hungary.

The Mexico City 1968 Summer Olympics had Tommie Smith and John Carlos, gold and bronze medalists, give the black power salute during the Star Spangled Banner. This led to the two athletes being expelled from the games because there action was against the principles of the Olympic Games.

The Munich 1972 Summer Olympics were probably the most negatively affected games. Eleven Israeli athletes were kidnapped and ultimately killed by Palestinian terrorists.

The Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics were marred with more boycotts as well as drug allegations against the East Germans. The boycotts were held out by 26 African countries because New Zealand's rugby team toured South Africa. Taiwan was not allowed to compete because Canada would not recognize them as the Republic of China.

Moscow's 1980 Summer Olympics was the year of the largest boycott in Olympic history. The boycott included the USA and 61 other countries in response to the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan.

Solely in retaliation of the 1980 boycott, the USSR, East Germany, Cuba and 14 other countries boycotted the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Now you see the Olympic torch...and now you don't

The Olympic torch was rerouted away from thousands of demonstrators and spectators who crowded the San Francisco’s waterfront today to witness the flame’s symbolic journey to the Beijing Games. The only problem is that the flame was somewhere else. So all those spectators who waited hours to see it were out of luck.

Later, officials said the planned closing ceremony for the torch relay at the San Francisco Bay waterfront was cancelled and another one would take place elsewhere. Likely no one will be told the location.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told The Associated Press that the well choreographed fake-out was prompted by the size of the crowds amassing outside AT&T Park, site of the relay’s opening ceremony and whether they try to mob the torch bearers.

Talk about embarrassing. Officials might as well cancel the torch relay if it will be run in empty farm fields and deserted back alleys.

Bill Buckner Finally Returns to Fenway

Back in 1986, frustrated Red Sox fans and the Boston media vilified Bill Buckner for allowing a easy ground ball hit my New York Met Mookie Wilson to dribble between his legs. That error was just one mistake out of a series of missed chanced to nail the World Series that year. Bill Buckner DID NOT lose the 1986 World Series for the Red Sox.

Yes, he let that ball get through his legs when the Red Sox were on the verge of winning the World Series. He was a huge part of a massive meltdown. But that meltdown didn't begin or end with Buckner. What about Calvin Schiraldi's blown save or Bob Stanley's wild pitch? Why was Buckner in the game in the late innings? Red Sox manager John McNamara had routinely replaced him with Dave Stapleton in the late innings. Not with the World Series on the line.

The Red Sox had wanted to honor him for years, but Buckner simply wasn't ready. There were scars that wouldn't heal, insults that couldn't be forgotten. Until this week when he was invited to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox home opener.

Buckner began to cry the moment he stepped back on the field, as the applause washed over him and the fans welcomed him back. This was such a splendid moment, so long in coming, so necessary. Perhaps it took 2 World Series wins for everyone to move on. It took way too long to happen but at least it finally did happen.

Is Brian Burke Coming to Toronto?

It is almost universally accepted that Brian Burke is at the top of the Maple Leaf's list of prospective General Managers. And why would he be with his track record. There also is a constant buzz that he is headed here once the season ends for Anaheim. But is he really interested in the Maple Leaf job?

According to Burke, the Leafs haven't asked Anaheim for permission to discuss the job with him and he emphatically states there has been no contact. The mere suggestion of which hints towards tampering, which aside from a seven-figure fine for the teams involved and the forfeiture of draft picks, would also force Burke to the sidelines for a year. So expect everyone to be above board. With Fletcher filling in as interim GM, the Leafs can wait until their preferred candidate is available. As well, since Burke's contract expires at the end of the season, I don't think the Leafs would even need to ask permission to approach him at that point.

An important factor is Burke's wife Jennifer who is a a successful television host in Vancouver. Burke told the Regina Leader-Post that the chances of his leaving Anaheim for Toronto are remote. Again, that message may be more to ease concerns of his team as they begin another run at the Cup.

Clearly he is happy in Anaheim. He is working for a terrific owner and has constructed a first class organization. But in southern California people care about UCLA football, the Dodgers, the Lakers, etc. But no one really cares about the Ducks. So there may be a desire to move to a better hockey market. That might not be Toronto since someone like Burke would be a welcome addition to most NHL teams. As I see it, there are 3 possible scenarios.

  1. Burke will use the Leaf vacancy to leverage a mega-contract from the Anaheim owner.
  2. Burke is trying to create a bidding war for his services and will go to the highest bidder.
  3. Burke is intrigued by the Leaf offer and will bolt from the Ducks once his contract expires.
Only time will tell which scenario plays itself out.

I'm getting bored with Facebook...amen!

Toronto's Smallest Brooklyn?

I get an awful lot of hits on this blog searching for Toronto's smallest house at 128 Day Avenue in the Dufferin and Rogers area. God the place has only 300 square feet.

The house has received so much press yet a number of people in Brooklyn were taken in by a gag real estate posting listing the property for sale on Avenue T in Gravesend, Brooklyn for $179,000.

The New York Daily News reports that the listing attracted dozens of people to Avenue T, clearly desperate for affordable digs in the pricey Brooklyn real estate market, despite its less-than-generous proportions. The Daily News story notes that the house was advertised as "Brooklyn's smallest," in the listing, which was sent via email to unsuspecting home buyers.

I love runway mishaps - Watch more free videos

Museum Station Official Opening

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Offensive Absolut Vodka Ad

If you thought this vodka ad is offensive....

Then what do you think about these two ads?


Improv Everywhere: Best Game Ever

The people from Improv Everywhere decided to take in a Little League game and give those kids an experience they will never forget. They turned the game in Hermosa Beach, California into a major league event with NBC announcers, the Goodyear blimp and a jumbotron.

David Miller Starting a Handgun Petition

Mayor David Miller unveiled a YouTube video asking Canadians to sign an online petition urging Ottawa to ban all handguns in Canada. While most handguns are already illegal, the gesture would be more symbolic by trying to push the blame for Toronto gun violence onto the federal government.

At the same time CBC News says that a highly publicized series of raids in 2005, which police claimed to have taken a major gang out of commission, has resulted in almost no convictions in spite of the fact that drugs and guns were seized and 1,350 charges laid. Maybe an online petition might have helped?

I think people living in the GTA need three levels of government working together. In fact they deserve nothing less than that.

Chirpractors going to the dogs

Today's Toronto Star has an article about a Whitby chiropractor who treats dogs, cats and horses. I've heard of pet psychologists but this is the first I've heard about pet chiropractors. It seems this chiropractor is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and is licensed by both the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

Now I've heard stories about chiropractors doing some strange things. Some have been known to claim that hey can cure allergies/thyroid disease/heart condition/dandruff via adjustment. I swear I knew one that treated a tree with a crooked trunk. So why not a horse.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Traffic Just Got Worse in Thornhill

The John Street bridge which runs between Bayview and Henderson Ave. in Vaughan (the City Above Toronto) has been shut down. And no one can say just when you'll be able to use it again.

What happened to shut down one of the key conduits in Vaughan? Sharp-eyed crews repairing potholes near the bridge spotted what they're calling 'severe damage' caused by the brutal winter weather and they've been forced to close the span for emergency repair for at least the next several days.

Traffic will be diverted to Steeles, Proctor, Royal Orchard Boulevard and Langstaff Road until it's all back in service. But if you live in that area or need to get somewhere near there in a hurry over the rest of the week, expect to be detoured - and delayed.

Neat Trick


Wacky Fans Return to the Jays

Baseball is back in town and the drunks are back at the Skydome Rogers Centre. Half naked fat chicks are just not that appealing. I think she has 3rd base tucked away in her navel.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Renovated Museum Station

They're not just any load bearing columns, but are based on artifacts displayed in the Royal Ontario Museum – a First Nations' house post, a figure representing the Egyptian god Osiris, replicas of imperial Chinese columns from the Forbidden City, pristine Doric columns from Ancient Greece and a column based on a Toltec figurine at the Gardiner Ceramic Museum.

The trackside walls have sleek aluminums panels instead of tiles. There's a bold new MUSEUM sign on the walls, with hieroglyphics contained in each letter that come from the tomb of an Egyptian nobleman who died around 2,300 BC.

This is the first of three station renovations planned on the University line, a cultural corridor that includes Osgoode station, beside the Opera House, and St. Patrick, a few minutes' walk from the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Blue Jays Sweep Red Sox

It's still early but the Jays seem to have a good balance of solid starters, tough relievers good defense and big bats. Over the past few years one of these elements seemed always to be missing. Either the offense was good but not enough pitching or the starter were great but the bullpen couldn't hold a lead. Last year it was the hitting that was sub par.

With a sweep of the Red Sox the Jays are 4-2 which is pretty good since they started the season with the Yankees and Red Sox. They could have easily ended up with a sweep in New York too. Today the big damage was done by Frank Thomas who hit a grand slam. Last season he had a very slow start but so far he has been hitting the ball hard and already has 8 RBIs.

Maybe they can make things interesting this season for the Red Sox and Yankees.

Moses won't be around for Passover this year

Hollywood legend Charlton Heston passed away Saturday night in his Beverly Hills home at the age of 84. He had been suffering with Alzheimer's Disease for several years.

Daddy gives you $1 million for your 18th birthday, so what do you do with it...?

Well Meagan Taylor, a student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario flew down to Panama with a $1 million from Daddy to make a music video. Not money well spent. The song and video are like a bad car wreck to watch.

Click here to visit her website. The video for "Rojo Caliente" is below.

Pequeña as Amy Winehouse

I almost lost it when I saw this. It is just so wrong.

SNL Spoofs Clintons Releasing Tax Returns

Blue Jay Rotation Looking Good

The Toronto Blue Jays have now gone once through their rotation once now and in each outing the starter has delivered as promised. This afternoon it was Jesse Litsch who came up from double-A to go 7-9 in 20 starts last season. He had problems throughout the game but battled through them just as he did last season and managed to avoid big trouble thanks to a key pitch or clutch defensive play at the right time.

The bullpen gave up no runs after Litsch left the game with Brian Tallet, Brian Wolfe, Jason Frasor and Randy Wells each pitching an inning. Meanwhile, highly-touted Red Sox rookie Clay Buchholz struggled as did the Red Sox bullpen. Well its only 5 games but so far so good.