Saturday, August 09, 2008

Glued Flip Flops = Excellent Face Plant

Next Captain of the Maple Leafs....Kaberle

Well my blog polling tells me that Tomas Kaberle should be the next captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Fifty percent of respondents picked the Czech defenseman who also has captained the Czech national team. Kaberle will be much like Sundin - a quiet type who will speak up when he finds it necessary. Respondents found the other choices to lacking in experience or leadership skills. I really think Kubina would make an even better captain the Kaberle. Matt Stajan received a lot of support but he just is not there yet. Although he has had a few stretches of good hockey, no one can claim he has had one strong season yet. Alex Steen had the least support and for good reason. I don't see a lot of passion in that kid.

Here is the final results:

Kaberle 50%
Stajan 17%
Rotate captains 12%
Majer 6%
Antropov 6%
Kubina 4%
Steen 2%

Say goodbye to VP spot buddy

ohn Edwards, the well coiffed former Democratic Presidential nominee, has admitted an extramarital affair. Though he denies fathering his former lover's child. Pretty bad since his wife is also battling cancer.

Edwards told ABC News that he lied repeatedly about the affair with 42-year-old Rielle Hunter but said that he didn't love her. So I guess that type of adultry supposed to be fine. For the record if you are going to cheat on your wife then at least some hot cocktail waitress or nurse.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Canadian Olympic uniforms not so bad afterall

After seeing some of the other uniforms I take back my previous comments regarding the Canadian uniforms. Not that bad really.

I thought the New Zealand outfits were really sharp,

I thought the Swiss were cool looking and particularly for the humid Beijing weather. The uniforms looked both formal yet casual at the same time with the red capris and skirts.

Boy that Yao Ming sure stands out in a crowd.
The Hungarian outfits were just too busy for me.

The French women looked exceptionally sharp in the black berets and red sashes.

The Croatian dressed wisely for the high humidity and heat with short sleeves for the men and tank tops for the women.

The Romanian uniforms look real sharp with the powder blue trim and patterned skirts and pants.

This 400 lbs judo wrestler from Guam has to be the biggest athlete I've ever seen. Looks like he's wearing a tent.

Without a doubt the ugliest uniforms go to the Kazakhs with those orange skirts and pants. And take a look at those women. Borat was right.

Many countries looked quited boring dressed in all white like the Argentinians.

The Ukranian uniforms are quite garish in the yellow and blue.

Mats Sundin Update

Mats and his fiance Josephine have headed down south for a romantic weekend at a beach in Spain.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fashion Disaster

I think Juliette Lewis' face says it all.

Cops follow train of cheetos to nab burglars

St. Paul police followed a trail of Cheetos in order to nab three teenagers suspected of burglarizing a vending machine. Officers were called to the Arlington Recreation Center on July 29, where they found a vending machine's glass had been broken with a chair.

Most of the candy and chips were missing, according to a criminal complaint in Ramsey County District Court.

The officers followed the orange, dusty trail from the rec center, around the side of the building and to a nearby home. Inside, they found numerous vending-sized bags of Cheetos and other snacks.

Police arrested three males aged 17, 18 and 19 who soon arrived at the home by car. The two adults are charged with third-degree burglary, while the 17-year-old is charged with criminal damage to property.

Mats Sundin Update

Mats got up early to play golf with friends. Had dinner at the club afterward.

This Saturday is Kids Day at the liquor store

Britney Spears to play lesbian killer in Quentin Tarantino film

Hey I bet it's been over a years since I've done a Brit post. Only so many things can be said about her twice a day Starbucks runs. But I had to comment on this item.

The "singer" was apparently chosen by Quentin Tarantino to play dancer Varla in a remake of the 1965 cult film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Britney will have sex scenes with another girl before the drama ends in a blood-bath. Boy this role is quite a stretch for her.

Quentin is convinced Britney will be brilliant which explains why his career is also on a steady downturn.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One Hit Wonder

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen (1982)

Tom Cruise and ....


Beijing Olympics begin this week

I've decided which events I plan to watch based on my favourite athletes.

I was so glad when they made Beach Volleyball an Olympic event so American Misty May could compete.

Of course tennis for Russian Maria Sharapova.

High Jumping is a great event and you can see Croatian Blanca Vlasic.

Swimming for American Amanda Beard.
OK everyone likes Pole Vaulting because of Allison Stoke but she isn't at the Olympics. But Russian Yelena Isinbaeva is.

Basketball for Australian Lauren Jackson.

Cycling for Brit Victoria Pendleton.

The hurdles for Swede Susanna Kallur.

Soccer for American Heather Mitts.

Softball for American Jennie Finch.

McCain's latest ad depicting Obama as an empty celebrity.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain opened up a new line of attack on Democratic rival Barack Obama on Wednesday, labeling him a celebrity without the strength to bring change to Washington. He compares Obama to Britney Spears and Pris Hilton.

So Paris decides to jump into politics.

How many cheerleaders fit into an elevator?

It sounds like the beginning of a bar joke but it just so happens that 26 teenage cheerleaders had to be rescued from a tiny dormitory elevator in Texas this week.

The girls, who were attending a cheerleading camp in Austin, packed themselves into the elevator at 6:00 last night. They apparently exceeded its capacity, because when it reached the ground floor, the doors wouldn’t open.

Some of the girls made frantic cell phone calls, bringing police and firefighters to the dorm. Eventually, a repairman got there and got them out — after nearly half an hour of work.

In related news, scores of teenage boys are expected to be lining up outside an Austin, Texas dorm elevator at 5:58 tonight.

Mats Sundin Update

Mats slept late this morning and went for a swim before meeting Markus Naslund for lunch. Mats had a warm goat cheese salad and two glasses of Pinot Gris. No report on what Naslund had. Mats then headed over to the home of his fiance, Josephine Johansson for the rest of the day. No word on what he did there.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More Yankee-Red Sox silliness

A Massachusetts resident filed a lawsuit against the New York Yankees over injuries he received during a game at Yankee Stadium last year. During the August 29, 2007 game between the Bronx Bombers and Red Sox, Charles Hillios claims that two Yankees fans "harassed" him for cheering for the Red Sox. Though security warned the fans to stop bothering him, per the AP, Hillios says "the fans 'viciously attacked and physically assaulted' him when he went to a concession stand." I doubt this is the first--or last--instance of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry turning vicious. In May, a Yankees fan drove over a Red Sox fan outside a New Hampshire bar.

Ever wonder....

why the NBA, NHL and MLB are all run by Jews? Is it because their mommies never let them play?


Bell Beavers Frank and Gordon are Retiring

Bell have announced that after almost three years, Frank and Gordon the popular spokesbeavers will no longer be used for Bell's marketing campaign. No word on a new campaign but it is rumoured that these strange ads they have popped up around the city belong to Bell.

Mats Sundin Update

Today Mats took his Saab in for repair, bought a couple sport shirts, had an afternoon nap, and invited his parents and fiance over for a BBQ.

Nothing else to report.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Dominika Cibulkova loses Rogers Cup final

Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia lost to Dinara Safina this weekend in the Rogers Cup final. Dominika who is just 19 years old is ranked 31st in the world but will move up to at least #20. We hope to see more of her.

Toronto holiday weekend homicide report

Happy Simcoe Day, formerly known as the Civic Holiday until the powers-that-be decided it would be more more festive to name your off after an English man than a Japanese car.

The homicide count in Toronto continued to climb up to 40 this weekend after an apartment brawl turned into a fatal stabbing in the city's east end, and a missing 7-year-old was found assaulted and killed in a local highrise.

Also this weekend, a 15-year-old was slashed with an exacto knife following a fight in the west end, and a US visitor to Toronto for Caribana was shot in the thigh during a failed robbery attempt downtown.

Paging Macaulay Culkin

A four-year-old girl was left behind at Israel's Ben Gurion international airport on Sunday as her mother, father and four siblings rushed to catch a flight to Paris.

"I saw a little girl in tears. She was looking for her parents," a policewoman said.

"Luckily she was able to give me her name. I grabbed her and ran to the gates but it was too late," the plane had just taken off, she said.

According to police, the girl's parents only realized she was missing when the pilot of the plane informed them just as the aircraft was taking off.

"It is usual that travellers in a rush forget their luggage but not a child. This never happens," a police official said.

The forgetful parents will be interrogated by the authorities upon their return home and risk being indicted for negligence, police said

Alexander Solzhenitsyn at 89

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the great Russian dissident has passed away. I found his books to be very moving. In The Gulag Archipelago and A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, he did more than any other Russian writer to expose the crimes of communism. The books were written between 1958 and 1968, provided a combination of eyewitness testimony, primary research material, as well as the author's own experiences as a prisoner in a Gulag labour camp.

Solzhenitsyn's opposition to the communist regime was in large part a result of a term that he was forced to serve in in a Gulag slave labor camp for writing a letter critical of Joseph Stalin while serving in the Soviet Army during World War II.

Unlike some of the other dissidents during the 1970s, Solzhenitsyn was a Russian nationalist, not a liberal democrat. He was also critical of Western-style democracy and did not believe in individual rights. Solzhenitsyn made the absurd claim that the czarist-era Russian government was not anti-Semitic and that Russian Jews bear as much or more blame than Russian gentiles do for the historic conflicts between the two groups.

Overall, the good Solzhenitsyn did greatly outweighs his misguided statements on some issues. Solzhenitsyn deserves to be remembered for the strength he showed during his years in the Gulag and for his courage in resisting and exposing the crimes of a brutal totalitarian regime.

So what is Dubai doing with all that oil money?

This is Dubai around 1990 because the recent contruction boom.

The same street in 2003.

The same street in 2007.

Dubai is said to have at 15% of the world's cranes right now.

A panoramic view of the Dubai waterfront when it's completed

The waterfront includes this man made island that looks like a palm tree which will become a massive luxury resort.

This world island system has 300 man made islands which cost about $35 million per island to build.

The Bruj al-Arab Hotel is the world's tallest hotel and the only one with a 7 star rating.

Hydropolis will be the world's first underwater hotel being built in Germany and assembled in Dubai. It is expected to open in 2009.

The Burj Dubai was started in 2005 and when completed this year will be the tallest building in the world (currently the tallest is in Taipei).

Of there will be a Trump International Hotel and Tower on one of the Palm islands.