Saturday, October 04, 2008

O.J. Simpson finally found guilty of something

O.J. Simpson was found guilty Friday of robbing two sports-memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.The Juice could spend all of his remaining life in prison. Sentencing was set for Dec. 5.

Simpson was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and 10 other charges for gathering up five men a year ago and storming into a room at a hotel-casino, where the group seized several game balls, plaques and photos. Prosecutors said two of the men with him were armed; one of them said Simpson asked him to bring a gun.

The verdict came 13 years to the day after Simpson was cleared of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in Los Angeles. Now that is irony!

Now this might have been just classified as a dispute over ownership of some "old junk" had Simpson not brought a gun along. But his brazen action provided the courts with a second opportunity to put him behind bars. Now the judge took great lengths to ensure Simpson was provided with a fair trial. An usually large pool of 500 potential jurors was called, and they were given a 26-page questionnaire. Half were almost instantly eliminated after expressing strong feelings that Simpson should have been convicted of murder. The judge instructed the jurors to put aside Simpson's earlier case.

Below is the video of the verdict.

Do you think Susan Kadis looks like Sarah Palin?

Susan Kadis is a Member of Parliament representing the Toronto suburban riding of Thornhill. I think there is quite a resemblance. Now Sarah Palin has Jewish heritage so that partly might explain the similarity. No word if Tina Fey has every impersonated Susan Kadis.

John Tavares Report

The Windsor Spitfires beat the Oshawa Generals last night 4-1 at the General Motors Centre to start the season with 6 straight win and five of those wins have come on the road. Oshawa's lone goal was scored by John Tavares who now has 6 goals to go with 5 assists in his first 5 games of the season. He has been involved in 11 of the Generals 15 goals.


Bruce Elliott, a bar owner on the North Side of Chicago, painted this nude of Sarah Palin in his bar. “I don’t see how she could be offended by this,” he says. “I turned her into a sex figure.” That’s a fine understanding of women you’ve got there, sir.

Though he has reported that business has been up considerably since the painting went up in the bar last week. He also has received a flood of calls, many threatening to burn down the establishment and/or do physical violence to the artist if the painting isn’t removed.

He says that although he despises all of her points, he finds her “bizarrely fascinating.” You know what I find bizarre? That he had his daughter pose nude for the painting. He even says he got the idea for the painting by watching his daughter impersonate her. Why do I think this is about something other than Sarah Palin? Creeeeepy.

Which outfit should I buy for my wife (Mrs. Pseudonym)

Even Toronto Home Prices are Falling

I can't say I'm shocked by the news today indicating that home prices in the Toronto area have fallen for the first time in a decade. Conditions have shifted from a seller's to a buyer's market. Bidding wars ceased and houses are sitting on the market for weeks if not months.

Some key data released today revealed:

* In the city of Toronto, average prices fell 6% to $393,647 from 2007's $420,182.
* It now takes longer to sell a home, now an average of 36 days, up from 31.
* In terms of volume of transactions, sales were down 11%.

So in the short-term the Toronto market has cooled off along with other urban centres. The long-term outlook is likely positive. Hey I just bought my current house several years ago so I can just sit pat.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Is Sarah Palin being treated fairly by the media?

Rarely have I seen a politician attract the media's attention like Sarah Palin. At times he has completed overshadowed her running mate. Following her nomination, John McCain received a significant boost in the polls which began to erode as the economy continued to erode over the past few weeks. My latest poll asked the question regarding how fairly Palin was being treated by the media. This is how you voted.

They are just doing their job. 8%

No man would be treated like this. 20%

The public has a right to know how she would perform in the job. 22%

Dan Quayle got it worse. 8%

I don't care what the media thinks. 20%

She should step down. 22%

I'm still voting for her. 14%

MILF! 42%

Possible conversation between Cliff Fletcher and Ron Wilson

I was just imagining a possible conversation between Maple Leaf Interim General Manager Cliff Fletcher and his coach Ron Wilson regarding the start of the new hockey season. Judging by the talent pool pulled together Fletcher this is how it might go down:

Cliff Fletcher: Why don’t you have a seat Coach.

Ron Wilson: Thanks Cliff. What can I do for you?

CF: Well you’re getting near the end of training camp and you're probably thinking about what your opening roster will look like.

RW: As a matter of fact I am. There was a few personnel moves I wanted to talk to you about.

CF: Go ahead.

RW: Well I’ve been really pleased with the progress Luke Schenn has made the last few weeks and I’d like to keep him around. I’m thinking with the surplus of defensemen we could make a few deals to punch up the offense. I really think we can grab a playoff spot with a bit more scoring. You have lots of cap space too.

CF: Look Ron this can’t go beyond you and me. We’re tanking the season. The fans are expecting crap this year and that’s what they’re going to get. I want you to have this kid John Tavares next season. He’ll give you the offensive umph you’re missing.

RW: OK so what do you want me to do?

CF: Well you’re going with the players you got. Let’s just say, we aren’t upgrading talent at the moment.

RW: Well I was thinking about keeping this kid Schenn. He has been improving steadily and I think he can help. That means we can send down that mule Jonas Frogren to the minors. He’s a physical guy but can’t play at this level.

CF: Sorry I’m sending the kid back Kelowna. You’ll have to play the Swede.

RW: Well I can I keep him while Fingers is out with his bruised foot?

CF: No you'll have to play White or Kronwall. What else?

RW: So I was thinking the Russian, Kulemin, just isn’t ready for prime time. I think he should go play some games for the Marlies. We got veterans that can fill that spot.

CF: Sorry coach but the Russian stays.

RW: OK. I’m not sure how this is going to fly then but if you are big on rookies how about keeping Pogge up as the backup? Cujo has just sucked.

CF: Coach I want you to give Cujo lots of game time. The old coot deserves it. And the fans love him.

RW: So I’m guessing you want me to give Hollweg lots of ice too so our penalty killers see lots of game time.

CF: I think we're on the same wavelength Coach. So what were you thinking about as far as a captain?

RW: Kaberle or Kubina.

CF: I don’t think so. You may need to pick a new captain again in a few months.

RW: Antropov?

CF: Only if he uses velcro to stick the “C” on his jersey.

RW: Well how about Mayers?

CF: Hey the fans like that kid Stajan. Give them someone to cheer for. And he’s from Mississauga.

RW: Well I think that covers everything Cliff.

CF: It’s going to be a great year Ronnie. And get that number 91 jersey ready for that Tavares kid. Talk to you later.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Incredible stick save by Carey Price

U.S. Election Projections

According numbers crunched out by DemocraticSPACE, if the U.S. Presidential election was held today, Barack Obama would win with 353 electoral college votes to John McCain’s 185. But the race is extremely close — there are many states were the margin of victory is 3% or less. These numbers are based on a rolling average of state polls. Below is the breakdown (sorted from most to least electoral college votes). Note: the number in parenthesis is the percentage lead the candidate is ahead and EV means electoral college votes. Top battleground states (where margin-of-victory is 5% or less) are highlighted in red.

Obama beats in McCain in:

California (+13.3) — 55 EV
New York (+12.4) — 31 EV
Florida (+3.0) — 27 EV
Illinois (+17.3) — 21 EV
Pennsylvania (+7.9) — 21 EV
Ohio (+2.0) — 20 EV
Michigan (+7.0) — 17 EV
New Jersey (+8.6) — 15 EV
North Carolina (+0.5) — 15 EV
Virginia (+2.4) — 13 EV
Massachusetts (+13.7) — 12 EV
Washington (+6.0) — 11 EV
Minnesota (+4.6) — 10 EV
Wisconsin (+3.8) — 10 EV
Maryland (+11.4) — 10 EV
Colorado (+5.0) — 9 EV
Connecticut (+17.7) — 7 EV
Oregon (+9.0) — 7 EV
Iowa (+9.2) — 7 EV
New Mexico (+7.8) — 5 EV
Nevada (+0.5) — 5 EV
New Hampshire (+1.3) — 4 EV
Maine (+7.6) — 4 EV
Rhode Island (+22.7) — 4 EV
Hawaii (+35.5) — 4 EV
Vermont (+24.5) — 3 EV
Delaware (+13.7) — 3 EV
D.C. (-) — 3 EV

TOTAL — Barack Obama 353 EV

McCain beats in Obama in:

Texas (+10.6) — 34 EV
Georgia (+9.5) — 15 EV
Indiana (+2.4) — 11 EV
Missouri (+1.7) — 11 EV
Tennessee (+15.7) — 11 EV
Arizona (+12.4) — 10 EV
Louisiana (+15.4) — 9 EV
Alabama (+25.7) — 9 EV
Kentucky (+14.8) — 8 EV
South Carolina (+12.7) — 8 EV
Oklahoma (+31.0) — 7 EV
Mississippi (+13.0) — 6 EV
Kansas (+14.3) — 6 EV
Arkansas (+16.3) — 6 EV
Utah (+36.4) — 5 EV
Nebraska (+18.7) — 5 EV
West Virginia (+5.7) — 5 EV
Idaho (+22.8) — 4 EV
Montana (+10.7) — 3 EV
Wyoming (+25.7) — 3 EV
North Dakota (+5.6) — 3 EV
South Dakota (+10.4) — 3 EV
Alaska (+22.4) — 3 EV

TOTAL – John McCain 185 EV

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Miss Alaska Talent Competition Sarah Heath (Palin)

You've seen the bathing suit competition now here is the talent portion of the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Wall Street September Madness

click on image to enlarge

Some burning questions about the leaders' debate on Thursday

  • Will Stephen Harper have his cardigan sweater and kitten with him?
  • Forget about why Elizabeth May is there. Why is Gilles Duceppe invited to the English debate?
  • Will Elizabeth May be seen as credible on other issues besides the environment?
  • Will Harper continue to play the Grinch on arts and culture spending with poor poll results in Quebec?
  • Will the left gang up on Harper or will they go after each other?
  • Will Stephane Dion dare to raise that carbon tax gimmick?
  • Can Jack Layton lay off the rhetoric and theatrics for a couple hours?
  • Why do we keep watching to see a knock out punch that never comes?
  • Wouldn't you rather be watching Joe Biden and Sarah Palin debate?

Ryan Hollweg is a fighter...but also a dancer

Toronto Maple Leafs - half way through preseason

This is clearly a transition season for the Maple Leafs as they move ahead without many familiar names - Sundin, McCabe, Tucker, Belak, Wellwood. Likely more players will follow as the season progresses. So perhaps for the first time in several decades their is some true competition for spots on the roster. Though to be honest I still believe most spots have been pre-ordained (especially the goalies). So here is a report card on the roster that is shaping up.

Moore: A
Moore has continued where he left off last season after joining the team off the waiver wire. He has been using his speed well to create opportunities and harass defensemen. He leads the team with 3 goals with 2 being scored shorthanded. But he is destined to be playing on the 4th line.

Kaberle: A-
A potential captain, he has been solid with a +4 and averaging over 3 shots per game. No McCabe to pass to so Kaberle is shooting more.

Colaiacovo: B+
Carlos has been healthy and has been one of the best defensemen so far. He has been doing a little of everything - hitting, blocking shots, carrying the puck, etc.

Finger: B+
Only played in 1 game so far but I thought he was solid. Blocks shots and moves puck out of the Leafs end. Nothing fancy about Finger.

Blake: B+
Blake has been working his way out of the doghouse after a horrendous season last year. He is a different player with only 2 shots on net in 3 games and a +4. He has been passing more and has 3 assists so far to show for it. Wilson has even been using him to kill penalties.

Mayers: B+
Fans will love this guy. Has heart, skates hard, hits hard and will chip in with some goals. I would make him captain.

Devereaux: B+
Solid two way player with great speed who will find a place on a checking line.

Schenn: B
A pleasant surprise that gets better by the period. Wilson has been giving him a healthy workload and he has responded well. Being paired with Kaberle doesn't hurt. First game he was a C- but continues to improve. Could stick with the team.

Hagman: B
As a major free agent signing he has a roster spot. Finding his way around the team but leads team in shots with 13 and has 2 goals so far.

Ponikarovsky: B
Poni leads the team in preseason scoring with 2 goals and 2 assists and will be on the #1 line. He is not competing for a job and his play reflects it.

Steen: B
I'm not a Steen fan at all but by default he may be the #1 centre to start the season.

Antropov: B
First liner by default just getting into shape for the season.

Kubina: B-
The big Czech has not been paired with Kaberle but that will likely change during the regular season.

White: B-
Looks better than last season but seems likely to be a victim of the numbers game. Barring injuries he will start the season on the Marlies or maybe the Florida Maple Leafs.

Stajan: B-
I think he might also be on the bubble this season if he fails to develop more. So far I haven't noticed anything different about Matt.

Hollweg: B-
Loves to hit. No surprise leads team in penalty minutes with 17 in 3 games. Fans will finally forget about Tie Domi.

Stralman: C+
Still making mistakes out there but only 22 with great puck skills. Will get better.

Grabovski: C+
Little Russian hasn't impressed me. Has some skill but is he an NHLer? Still will be given a chance because he is young, the Leafs are rebuilding and Fletcher gave up a draft pick for him.

Bell: C+
Effective as a banger. He will stick around for a checking line. I doubt his scoring touch will return but maybe he can have a fresh start this year.

Van Ryn: C
Anyone looking for a defensemen?

Frogren: C
Has only played 2 games and the most physical defensemen on team. Puck skills are Aki Berg-like. Not sure about him yet.

Kulemin: C-
He looks lost out on the ice and could use some seasoning on the Marlies. However, he may still make the team (see Grabovski).

Tlustly: D
Too undisciplined for my liking. Also could use some extended Marlie time but could make the team because of 1st round draft pick status (see Grabovski and Kulemin).

Kronwall: D
Got size but skills are just not NHL calibre.

Starbucks may be coming to Kensington Market

The National Post has now done 2 reports suggesting talks are currently underway with Starbucks to rent the former home of J&J Fruit Market— on the corner of Augusta and Nassau and right in the heart of Kensington Market. Some Market residents who the Post interviewed were unsurprisingly ready for a fight, and, as the property is partially on city land, Adam Vaughan has said that it will require neighbourhood approval anyway and will become a "very public and pitched debate."

But Starbucks wanting in is just another sign on how Kensington Market continues to evolve from the days that my dad sold chickens from cramped crates to Jewish customers following WWII. The Jewish shopowners and customers are long gone to make room for other ethnic groups. But there are signs that Kensington is going more upscale just as Yorkville did in the 70s, Little Italy in the 80s and more recently Queens Street West.

Rents have doubled from an average of $17 a square foot, to $35 to $38 a square foot. They will continue to rise if other national brands that you see in trendier neighbourhoods move in. Good Egg, a new food-related bookstore recently opened in Kensington Market. Niche businesses like the crafts-rich Blue Banana Market, the vegan café Urban Herbivore and an older furniture store specializing in vintage modular teak, Bungalow, are changing the character of the strip.

Meanwhile posters have been plastered on telephone polls and all over the storefront at 234 Augusta Ave., the former J&J Fruit Market protested the rumoured new tenant.

“We (heart symbol) our local cafés,” says one poster. “Kensington Market does not welcome multinational corporations,” says another. The third notes, “The arrival of Starbucks will undoubtedly create a chain of disproportionate rental increases, thereby making it impossible for current or future independent businesses to thrive. If you agree with us, please sign our petition in any store in Kensington.”

Why Americans aren't buying into the bailout

The incredible part of the financial crisis in the U.S. is that the American public is not supporting government intervention that they seriously need. The shortage of credit is going to affect all consumers and threaten homeowners.

It's easy to understand why members of Congress are rejecting the bailout plan. For some it has to do with politics or ideological posturing. For others it reflects a lack of guts. With the election just weeks away, many members are more worried about their political careers than the state of the nation's financial system. Even if they believe it's the right thing to do, they are too scared to support the plan.

Many politicians are reporting overwhelming opposition from constituents to the proposed bailout plan. So why are Americans to strongly opposed to something that will help them?

For one thing, the plan is being called a bailout which suggests that corrupt executives are being handed taxpayers' money to cover up for their mistakes. The plan is designed to rescue the financial system by purchasing lousy mortgages - many of them are consumer mortgages so prevent a deepening credit crunch and more foreclosures. Political leaders have done an awful job communicate the merits of the plan to the public.

But then who are the chief salesmen here? President Bush who currently has zero political capital remaining and no credibility. Then there is Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who happens to be a former executive with Goldman Sachs. These two guys couldn't give away Super Bowl tickets if the two teams with the Patriots and Cowboys. In addition, perhaps the public is so disgusted by the political elite that they refuse to believe the truth. Maybe they believe deep down that this is another maneuver to fill the pockets of their rich friends (as well as their own).

It's time for members of Congress to show some true leadership even if it means falling on their swords for the good of the nation.

Latest Canadian election projections

According to the latest DemocraticSPACE projections (Sept 29), the Liberal bleeding may have stopped (at least temporarily). Over the last 3 days the Liberals have recovered 1.2% of the popular vote and possibly 2 seats. The Conservatives continue to hover at about 10-15 seats short of a majority (155 seats are needed for a majority) on the left have begun to publicly discuss how to stop a Tory majority. However, vote splitting on the left guarantees a Conservative win and a likely a majority of they can reach a little closer to 40% of the popular vote. There may be some shifts after the first leaders' debate. Current projections are:

Conservatives at 142 seats (0) on 36.8% support
Liberals at 82 seats (+2) on 24.7% support
NDP at 35 seats (-1) on 19.2% support
Bloc at 47 seats (-1) on 9.2% support
Greens with no seats (0) and 9.0% support
Others with 2 seats (0) and 1.0% support

Student collapses after hearing Stephen Harper speech - Watch more free videos

It happens at the 2:00 mark. I understand the student is in stable condition and is expected to recover.

So how's Helena Guergis' campaign going?

A flurry of good press has been following the former beauty queen around Simcoe-Grey. Here is a sampler:

R. Rae of Alliston defends MP Helena Guergis against attacks in the press and anonymous bloggers (I think that's me).

It is a mark of Ms. Guergis' campaign that she has such a strong defense team: a Conservative campaigner who came to my door was equally virulent in her defense as R. Rae.

The question then arises, what has Ms. Guergis done to counter-act such attacks?

What she has done wrong is quite openly in the press. What has she done right?

Sharon Curran,

Deputy leader of the Liberal Party Michael Ignatieff is not shy about pointing out the political gaffs of Simcoe-Grey Conservative Helena Guergis during the last term of Parliament.

"She is, I think it's fair to say, an embarrassment to her own government," said Ignatieff.

Ignatieff was in Alliston to help Simcoe-Grey Liberal candidate Andrea Matrosovs open her campaign office, at 17C Young St., in the old TSC Store next to the new Snap Fitness Centre.

Two other Conservative incumbents, Immigration Minister Diane Finley (Haldimand-Norfolk), and Helena Guergis (Simcoe-Grey) raised hackles by declining invitations to all-candidates' debates. Spokespeople for both politicians said the events were declined due to scheduling problems.

Toronto Star

Regardless of your political leanings, all of us in Simcoe-Grey should be aware of the exemplary work that our Conservative incumbent, Helena Guergis, is doing in Ottawa.

In the September issue of the magazine Ottawa Life the magazine conducted its eighth-annual Top 50 People in the Capital.

The Ottawa Life editorial team and a number of freelance writers collectively sifted through a broad range of categories for all of the potential names to determine who should be on their list.

In the magazine's number-three spot is Helena Guergis.

The following is what their team had to say about her.

"The Harper government has often taken it on the chin by critics who says that they do not have strong women sitting at the cabinet table. The Hon. Helena Guergis is proof that this is not true."

The magazine goes on to say, "As Canada's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Guergis is also responsible for the $140 million annual budget for Sport Canada, the single largest contributor and supporter of sports and athletics in the nation".

The article continues, "She is also recognized for her work as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Trade where she helped guide the passage of the important Softwood Lumber Agreement through Parliament. That agreement settled a decade long and often bitter dispute between Canada and the United States over tariffs."

The magazine concluded by saying, "Guergis has also proven to be one of the more eloquent and credible spokesperson's for women's issues. During the February 26, 2008, parliamentary debate on the extension of the Afghanistan Mission, Guergis linked the troop deployment, development work and woman's issues into one powerful premise arguing that, 'Canada's engagement in Afghanistan is an example of international cooperation at its finest' ".
All of us in Simcoe-Grey have good reason to be pleased with and proud of our Member of Parliament.

Senator McCain's new bailout plan

So what's it like to date Woody Allen?

"It might be a good day for you to wake up with a woody, but, for me, it would mean I had had too much to drink the night before and had slept with a lecherous old movie director."

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canada's Do-Not-Call List crashed on the first day

Today was the first day of the National Do-Not-Call list and I tried to sign up immediately. So to add to the annoyance of telemarketing calls, it didn't work. So many annoyed Canadians tried to sign up that it crashed the system. Talk about pent up demand.

More than a million consumers had called one of two phone lines to try to register by early afternoon. At one point more than 40,000 callers were trying get through at the same instant. Just over 200,000 consumers had succeeded in getting on the list before it crashed. So try again tomorrow,

The number to call is 1-866-580-3625. The CRTC sign-up page for the do-not-call list is here. It will take up to a month for the telemarketers to comply.

Charities– along with newspapers, political parties, pollsters and companies with whom you've done business in the past 18 months – are exempt from the do-not-call list.But you should be able to ask them not to call anymore, and they're required by law to oblige. American companies can still call because they're not covered under our laws, and Canadians can't use U.S. do-not-call lists.

Mad Cow Disease (this is the Mugshot of the Year!)

Michelle Allen of Middletown, Ohio was arrested arrested and charged with chasing children, blocking traffic and yelling at police - all while wearing a cow costume.

The police were called after Michele put on a cow costume, pissed on a neighbor's porch and chased a bunch of children around the neighborhood.

A couple of hours later, the cops had to come back, because Michele was blocking traffic. Officers smelled booze on her breath and said she was slurring her words. Yeah what a shock, booze was involved.

Yesterday in court, the drunk cow pleaded guilty and a judge sentenced her to a month in the clink.

Man accused of posing as Dodger on field

A man faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing a uniform from Dodger Stadium and posing as one of the team's players.

Ronald Higgins pleaded not guilty to several charges Friday, including burglary and trespassing.

The 47-year-old Higgins was arrested Wednesday morning after a security guard found him walking on the field in a Dodgers uniform and holding a glove with two balls. Higgins allegedly identified himself as a Dodgers player, but the guard recognized him from an earlier incident and called police.

Prosecutors say Higgins' clothes were later found in the bat boys' locker room. It was not immediately clear where he got the uniform.

If convicted, Higgins could spend nearly four years in state prison.

Shona Tova!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Congratulations Ryan Reynolds

...and I hate your guts!

Man dies in emergency room after waiting 34 hours

On Friday, September 19th, a 45 year old homeless man, Brian Sinclair, showed up at the Emergency Room of Winnipeg’s Health Science Centre and patiently waited to be seen. Thirty-four hours later on Sunday, September 21st, he was found dead by hospital staff in the waiting room sitting in a wheelchair. This image is a stark contrast to what Michael Moore’s film Sicko wants people to believe about Canadian hospitals. An investigation showed that he had died from a urinary infection caused by a blocked catheter. He didn't have to die.

This is an isolated case because it happens in hospitals across the continent. An Illinois womanNew York waiting room in June where she had been for 24 hours. So these problems are not unique to Canada, However, staffing at Canadian hospitals is always tight so there is always the risk that someone could slip under the radar.
recently died in an Emergency Room waiting room. A woman collapsed in a

The Winnipeg hospital is hiring round-the-clock staff to meet incoming emergency patients and give them green wristbands so that nurses know who still needs attention. Sinclair's death has highlighted a serious flaw in all hospitals across the country. Emergency rooms rely on patients, paramedics or family members to approach triage nurses to get care.

Sinclair was never registered with a nurse and was not examined until he had been dead for several hours.

NHL may be dumping players in the KHL

A big hockey story over the summer was the creation of the Russian Continental League (KHL) and the growing fight over players. The most prominent dispute right now involves former Predator Alexander Radulov. The NHL has been hopping mad over the Radulov signing which I believe may not represent a trend. I still believe the KHL is most interested in repatriating Russian players and not necessarily competing with the NHL.

One trend being largely overlooked is that some NHL teams may use the KHL to dump players that are no longer interested in. We’ve already seen a number of players at the end of their career head overseas because no one showed interest in the NHL – John Grahame, Chris Simon, Wade Dubielewicz, Karel Pilar, Ray Emery, Jaromir Jagr. Not too many well known names. But as James Mirtle points out, the NHL is more than happy to get rid of the bad contracts that don't fit into their plans by sending them to the KHL. The New Jersey Devils sent Vitaly Vishnevski to play with Yaroslavl Lokomotiv of the KHL. He was a defenceman for the Devils who signed a three year contract in 2007 at $1.8 million per year and did not fit into Devils plans. Devils do not pay any money for the buyout. This is another loophole in the salary cap discovered by Lou Lamoreillo.

The Calgary Flames would like to do the same. They have Marcus Nilson on their roster due to make $1 million this season. Calgary would like to get rid of him. They waived him but did not buy him out in June of this year. Nilson is attempting to catch on with the CSKA Moscow Red Army Team. If he does, Calgary will be able to get rid of his salary from their books entirely. Otherwise, he would have to be placed on an AHL team and they would have to pay him instead of letting the Russians do it.

Too bad the Maple Leafs couldn’t have gotten Andrew Raycroft to head over to Russia. It would have saved them a buyout.

Was President Zardari hitting on Sarah Palin?

The prayer leader of the infamous Lal Masjid in the heart of Islamabad has issued a decree against President Asif Zardari for publicly making indecent gestures towards the American Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during their Washington meeting, saying the act was un-Islamic and Zardari has shamed the entire Pakistani nation.

He said that the manner in which Zardari shook hands with Sarah Palin and expressed his deep desire to hug her is intolerable and shameful. He added that Zardari’s indecent gestures, filthy remarks and repeated praise of a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt is not only un-Islamic but also unbecoming of a head of state of a Muslim country.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heather Locklear is having a bad year

Heather Locklear was arrested yesterday in the Santa Barbara area for suspicion of DUI. Police are reporting that alcohol is not believed to be the culprit and tests are being conducted to check for drug use.

Locklear was released on her own recognizance without needing to post bail. In March, ex-husband Richie Sambora was also arrested for driving under the influence. He was arrested with his and Locklear’s 10 year old daughter Ava and her young cousin in the car.

Heather checked herself into an Arizona treatment facility in June for anxiety and depression. It looks as though her troubles are not behind her and it may prove to be harder for her to get full custody of Ava. We will update again when more information becomes available.

Hey now, Naomi Watts is 40!

Mug Shot of the Week

Frequent flyer has different looks/ Time for another makeover though.

Fashion Disaster

OMG! Liza Manelli in see-through pants. Poke my eyes out!

One Hit Wonder

be (500 miles) - The Proclaimers (1988)

Latest Canadian election projections

According to the latest DemocraticSPACE projections (Sept 26), you can begin to see how the Liberal support is melting away. The Liberals began the campaign projected to win 97 seats. They are down to just 80. The Conservatives projections have changed little from the start of the election (155 seats are needed for a majority). The Liberal losses have gone to the NDP (up 6 seats) and Bloc Quebecois (up 10 seats).

The DemocraticSPACE popular vote shows little change from the start of the election other than the Liberals down around 3% and most of that going to the NDP. The media is suggesting a Conservative majority but they may fall short again. As for the media suggesting the NDP will pass the Liberals to become the main opposition, I just don't see it. However, if the Liberal support continues to collapse, that might change. More likely is that the Bloc becomes the second largest party on the House of Commons. Current projections are:

Conservatives at 142 seats (-2) on 37.8% support
Liberals at 80 seats (-3) on 23.5% support
NDP at 36 seats (+5) on 19.6% support
Bloc at 48 seats (0) on 9.2% support
Greens with no seats (0) and 8.9% support
Others with 2 seats (0) and 1.0% support

The Miss Alaska Swimsuit Competition Sarah Heath (Palin)

Wonder why this took so long to come out. It's the music that is hysterical.