Monday, August 31, 2009

Catholic schools banning kilts

Everything bad is being banned so add kilts to the list. Scandalized by shrinking skirts among its female student body, a Catholic high school in Mississauga is going to great lengths to ensure the school's code of modesty is covered. Kilts, whose varying lengths frustrated policing teachers as skirts were furtively rolled up or subject to guerrilla hemming, are henceforth banned from the uniform altogether.

Of the district's 25 Catholic schools, all but six have phased out their kilts, largely for the same reason: Students were continually flouting length rules, creating headaches for teachers charged with monitoring them. Starting next month, pants are the order of the day.

They are destroying a long term practice in our schools. Bastards!

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Firestarter5 said...

This is beyond unacceptable, especially if it's the school at Tomken and Eglington, which I passed by everyday for 10 years.