Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Don't wait, fire Ricciardi now!

After weeks of shopping Roy Halladay, the Toronto Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi was unable or unwilling to move him at the trade deadline. So now Ricciardi is trying to go back to the old storyline -- you know, the one where the Jays make a long-planned and heroic charge at a playoff spot, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays be damned.

But wait, he was claiming that he only shopped Halladay around after being told by Halladay that he was going to test free agency. However, now he is saying that wasn't the case.

It's gotten so tired, this endless Ricciardi spin, the endless Ricciardi junk. He's still slippery, still arrogant, and still a liar. He's been publicly dangling Halladay -- only the most admirable and valuable player ever to wear a Blue Jay uniform -- for weeks, and now that he failed to make the deal, dooming the Jays to a lesser return when Halladay inevitably leaves, he's trying to back down the road.

And why wouldn't Halladay leave after being humiliated by the GM. That's why fire him now. Don't bother even waiting till the end of the season. Let's end the Ricciardi era before his tarnishes the organization even more. As if being in year 8 of his 5 year plan to compete wasn't a good enough reason. The one thing that all Blue Jay fans agree on with respect to the team's future is that liar has to go.

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