Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Why is Pacman Jones allowed in Canada?

The recent announcement that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed Adam Pacman Jones to a one-year contract is a surprise and shock.

The issue with Jones, who turns 26 on Sept. 30, has never been physical skills; it has been off-the-field incidents.

He pleaded no contest to one count of conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct and received a one-year suspended sentence. Jones was later suspended by the NFL for the entire 2007 season, and the Titans traded him to Dallas prior to the 2008 campaign.

The 26-year-old is notorious for his multiple run-ins with the law, which led to two separate suspensions by the NFL. He has been arrested at least six times and interviewed by police on at least a dozen occasions since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans with the sixth overall pick of the 2005 NFL draft.

Jones ran into more off-the-field trouble while with the Cowboys, getting into an alcohol-related conflict with a team-appointed bodyguard at a Dallas hotel in October. The incident led to a four-game suspension from the NFL, and Jones spent part of his time off taking part in an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Several NFL general managers said in the last week that Jones has the skill set to be a productive player, but one added: "He's already got 2 1/2 strikes against him, so he's just not worth the time."

Jones is free to join the Blue Bombers because he isn't currently serving an NFL suspension and as a free agent can sign with any team. After the Toronto Argonauts' signing of Ricky Williams in 2006, the CFL changed its rules, banning suspended players from coming north.

It's incredible that Jones has never done any jail time which is exactly what he needs. I don't understand how he could get a Canadian work visa considering his history with the law. He is the last thing the CFL needs.

Hope he enjoys Winnipeg winters which begins in about a month. Yes it does snow there as early as October.

UPDATE: Looks like Pacman isn't being allowed into Canada. Best news of the week.

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thomas jones said...

Thats what happens when you act so childish over a game, yes its a career but there is a line that must be drawn.