Friday, June 19, 2009

Mug Shot of the Week - Him or Her?

Cop accused of pulling gun at McDonald's

A Denver police officer has been suspended after allegedly brandishing his gun at a McDonald's restaurant in Aurora after his order took too long to fill.

ources familiar with the case, and the fast food worker's account of what happened, say two off-duty Denver police officers placed an order from their car in the early morning hours of May 21. But once at the drive through window, the employee said the men became agitated and angry at how long their food was taking. The men thought they were being ignored, according to contacts familiar with the worker's account. The male clerk then said one of the officer's flashed his police badge and pointed a pistol through the drive through window in a threatening manner, before driving off without paying.

Call me crazy, but I think this is a bit of an abuse of power if you threaten to blow off someone's head because your Big Mac is slow coming out.

Kathleen Turner is 55 today

Iranians are not protesting election results

The protesters in Tehran are marching through the streets because the believe that last week's election was rigged. But it's not just about the election results because no one in Iran is fooled into thinking their country is a democracy. Many Iranians normally shun elections because the outcome is clear well before any ballots are cast. But this time there was a feeling that the reform candidates that were allowed to run for president could actually win. That brought out ordinary Iranians in huge numbers. A moderate president could possibly deliver some liberalization that many Iranians yearn for.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei also understands why the people have taken to the street. They are there to challenge the country's leadership. So far there has been constraint shown and the offer of dialogue in the hopes that the crowds return to their normal activities. Behind the scenes there has been some frightening intimidation tactics going on including arrests of protest leaders, disruptions in Internet service, acts of violence and of course restrictions on the foreign and domestic media. But there is only one way that this crisis will end - with violent crackdown. That is always the fallback for repressive regimes. Power-sharing is not an option.

Iran is the gold standard for theocracies and has been exporting its ideology through surrogates such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Other dictatorships are nervously watching because mass civil disobedience could possibly spread to their backyard. Meanwhile Sunni Arab neighbours are also interested in the outcome because they would likely be pleased to see a weakened Shiite regime in Iran.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Man posed as dead mother to collect benefits

Thomas Parkin was in need of immediate cash flow so he started dressing up as his dead mother in order to collect her Social Security benefits, according to Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who announced his arrest yesterday morning. The scam worked so well he did it for six years.

Sporting a wig, sunglasses, nail polish and old-fashioned garb, Parkin managed to collect more than $100,000 in Social Security benefits and rent subsidies.

But he didn't act alone. The makeup-laden schemer crafted a detailed fa├žade, using a cane, fake ID and even inventing a fake nephew, played by alleged accomplice Mhilton Rimolo, to help convince government agencies to give out the money.

Police arrested the 49-year-old and charged him with grand larceny, forgery and conspiracy, perjury and criminal impersonation in connection with the plot. Rimolo was also charged in the ruse.

Full story here.

Not everyone's cut out to work in Model Massage

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Fashion Disaster

Drew Barrymore might be ear4ing a table cloth.

Statue of the Week

There has to be a David Letterman joke associated with this statue.

The price of convenience


The Queen of Texting

For 15-year-old Kate Moore of Moines, Iowa, her 14,000 texts-per-month habit reaped its own rewards, landing her the competition prize of $50,000 at the LG U.S. National Texting Championship just eight months after she got her first cell phone. Her message for parents: "Let your kid text during dinner! Let your kid text during school! It pays off."

She finds time to send about 400 to 470 texts a day. Among her uses of the text messages? Studying for exams with friends, which she says is better done by text because she can look back at the messages to review.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is not a rally in Tehran

It's Conservatives protesting David Letterman and demanding he get fired.

Stanley Cup gets around

The Stanley Cup wound up this week in Mario Lemieux's pool. However, this isn't the Cup first dip in Mario's pool. In 1991, Stanley was found at the bottom of Lemieux's swimming pool, a feat later duplicated by Avalanche goalkeeper Patrick Roy. There have been many other unusual trips experienced by Lord Stanley's Cup.

In 1996, Colorado Avalanche defenseman Sylvain Lefebvre had his daughter baptized in the cup.

In 1980, New York Islander Clark Gillies allowed his dog to eat from it. Ranger Ed Olczyk did Stanley a little more honor when he let 1994 Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin eat from it.

In 1906, members of a Montreal club took the cup to a local photographer. Pictures were taken but the cup was forgotten. It wasn't until weeks later that hockey officials found that the photographer's mother was using the cup to plant geraniums, which were decorating the studio window.

In 1905, some Ottawa Silver Seven players, reveling in their championship, decided they could punt the cup over the Rideau Canal on the Ottawa River. The water was frozen, and at the time the cup didn't have so many rings around the bottom, so it wasn't much larger than a football. The trophy was recovered the next day on the ice.

In 1924, some Montreal Canadiens left the Cup on the side of the road. They were en route to the team owner's house for a victory party and pulled over to fix a flat tire. They didn't realize until after they arrived that they had left the cup roadside. After a frantic ride back, they found it untouched, a mile and a half from the party site.

Speaking of Megan Fox, is this kid setting the bar too high?

Hump Day Hottie

Megan Fox in an eye-popping gown. OK, those aren't her eyes.

click on image to enlargen

Letterman apologies a second time to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin accepts the apology but her supporters do not.

It might be unhealthy

Spam sushi

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why does Iran bother with elections?

Let's face it Iran is a theocracy not a democracy. All the power is in the hands of Supreme Leader Ali Khameni. He works with the 12 member Guardian Council which decides what bills can become law, who can run for President and probably who wins the elections. The President has as much authority as the Supreme Leader will allow. He is the face of the government but isn't really in charge.

Elections are no doubt rigged. With so much power in the hands of one person how can they not be? It has been suggested that last Fridays results were counted in several hours which is incredible considering about 40 million votes were cast. No doubt a recount could be completed in an hour or so. On the day of the election cellphones, facebook and twitter were reported to be down. Foreign journalist complained their communications were being jammed.

President Ahmadinejad was declared the winner with about 63% of the votes but the results appear to have been pulled out of a hat. However, this time the public refused to be fooled. So hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million, have taken to the street. The Supreme Leader announced that an investigation would take place but that did not quell the protesters. So the government has begun to arrest leaders of opposition factions and restrict the media's access to the protest and censor stories. One can only guess how this will end.

So why bother having elections? Iranians don't appear to be buying the fact that the process is fair or legitimate. It just smacks of arogance.

Hottie Mug Shot of the Week

Teen asks for 3 stars on her face, ends up with 56

A teenage girl is suing a tattoo artist for £8,500 after she allegedly asked him for three stars on her face - but ended up with 56. Eighteen-year-old Kimberley Vlaminck paid £55 for ‘the graffiti that has ruined my life’ in her Belgian hometown of Courtrai.She claimed the Romanian tattooist who performed the artwork misunderstood her French and English. She claims she fell asleep while he was doing his work… and awoke to ‘this nightmare’.'

Who is this girl fooling. How could you fall asleep while getting a tattoo unless you've taken enough drugs to sedate an elephant. I'm sure she went home and got into shit with her dad so she now blames the tattooist.

UPDATE: The teen has come clean. She now admits she was awake the whole time and wanted 56 stars on her face. When she got home and to face her dad she changed her story.

Koogle - a kosher search engine

A kosher version of Google called Koogle, has been developed in Israel for Hebrew-speaking Orthodox Jews. Devoutly religious Jews are restricted when surfing the web in case they should come across sexually explicit material.

However, Koogle, a new ‘kosher’ Hebrew-language search engine, could be set to change all of that. Yossi Altman developed the tool, which omits religiously objectionable material, and has gained approval from Orthodox rabbis.

Nothing can be posted on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath, as Jews are banned from all types of work and business activity. If Koogle users attempt to search for an item or post a message on the Sabbath, it crashes and won’t let you.

Who treats the disabled worse Tim Hortons or White Castle?

Tim Hortons

A man from Lower Sackville, N.S., says he will take Tim Hortons to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission because he can no longer get his coffee. Dave Matthews needs a motorized scooter to get around because of a physical disability.

He used to get his coffee at the Tim Hortons drive-thru in Lower Sackville. But at a new location, in Bedford, he ran into trouble. The attendant wouldn't serve him because of a company policy banning pedestrians, bicycles and wheelchairs, including motorized scooters, from using the drive-thru. Matthews says that means no coffee for him, because he can't manoeuvre his scooter through the front door.

White Castle

It was after midnight when Ariel Wade rolled into the drive-through at the 24-hour White Castle, one block from the State Capitol. Wade rolled away "madder than fish grease" after the staff refused to hand over any burgers.

The reason: She was riding in an electric mobility scooter. The drive-throughs are for licensed motor vehicles only. White Castle says it's a safety measure that's standard in the industry, to keep pedestrians from getting creamed by cars.

Who is the meanest? Youi choose.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Naked rugby match interrupted by fully-clothed streaker

n Dunedin, New Zealand every year two rugby teams battle each other fully naked.

The nude rugby international, which started as a celebration of New Zealand's national nude day, was held yesterday as a warm-up – although temperatures were reportedly cold enough to prove embarrassing – to the forthcoming match between the All Blacks and France.

Needless to say, there were plenty of tackles flying about with only one interruption … when a fully-clothed streaker ran on to the field.

Luis Castillo drops ball, makes Yankee fans happy

I love the reaction of the announcer.

Will we get a Penguin-Red Wing rubber match next spring?

It doesn't get much more exciting than this year's Stanley Cup finals. No over-matched sweep this year. It came down to a last second sprawling chest save by Fleury on Lindstrom to decide this series. The win by the Penguins is also a win for the NHL. A young flashy team with two of the top stars in the league. I can just see the NHL marketing department spinning this all summer.

So I'm thinking why wouldn't these two teams meet again next year in the finals? First you have to look at the salary cap situation. Both teams have their top players locked in (Crosby, Fleury, Malkin, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Franzen, Lindstrom)for the next few years. The rest of the players are all replaceable. Just look at the the players the Penguins lost last season but it didn't seemed to have mattered. The Red Wings will likely move out some older players but who has more organizational depth than Detroit?

I can't wait.