Saturday, August 01, 2009

How to get back at her: A disolvable bikini

A bikini that dissolves in water has outraged women's rights campaigners. The saucy thong swimsuit - sold as the perfect present for dumped boyfriends - looks like a real bikini but disappears completely after just a few seconds in water.

Sellers in Germany bill the Get Naked costume as a chance for men to get their own back after a break-up.

The dissolvable bikinis are being sold on the German revenge website with sizes 34 and 36 in a thong version and 38, 40 and 42 with bikini bottoms.

Mug Shot of the Week

Fine too?

NHL investigating the Hossa contract

Word has been leaked that the NHL is looking at the contract Marian Hossa signed with the Chicago Blackhawks. All I can say is what took them so long? The 12-year contract runs well beyond Hossa's 40th birthday and let's face it few players are still in the NHL at that age. Now the collective agreement sets out that the cap hit over the length of a contract is the total amount divided by the number of years. In Hossa's case, his $62.8 million contract translate into a cap hit of $5.2 million. However, his salary is front-end loaded. But knock off his final 5 years in which he is only paid a total of $8.5 million and his average salary jumps to $7.9. So Chicago is getting an $8 million player with a cap hit of only $5 million. Chicago can buy out the final few years with little impact on their cap. If you sign 2 or 3 more contract like this and it turns your $56 million into over $60 million. It's just plain cheating and a huge loophole in the collective agreement. But Chicago isn't the only team exploiting this loophole. As a result, big market teams can still outspend small market teams who are unlikely to have the money for contracts like this.




Cap Hit



Avg. Salary*






























* Adjusted average salary excludes last years of contract

Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 47th Birthday Wesley Snipes

The Beatles will reunite before Jim Balsillie is an NHL owner

I’m beginning to believe that Jim Balsillie is at the end of the road in his quest for an NHL team whether he is willing to accept it or not. He met with the NHL Executive Committee this week to respond to his bid for the Coyotes and the Committee members were lining up to take shots at him. They voted unanimously to reject his offer which says it all. He hasn’t a single ally among NHL owners.

This is not surprising considering his history with the league. Although he has the resources to purchase a team, they feel his personality and character are not appropriate for the NHL. That’s quite a condemnation considering some owners and former owners are in jail. The owners feel that his actions show a total disregard for league rules and have in fact damaged the league. It has been reported that his response in the interview was he would challenge the league’s assertions.

  • Balsillie first annoyed the NHL by walking away from his bid to purchase the Penguins. Instead of working with the league to close the deal he balked at their conditions and walked. He didn’t disguise the fact that his motive was to move the team and not try to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh.
  • He has since repeatedly suggested that he was accepted as an owner back then although he chose not to buy the Penguins. This has only created more animosity.
  • The league was furious when Balsillie began marketing Predators tickets in Hamilton before he bought the team. Former owner Nashville Craig Leipold went after Balsillie this week for using his Predator trademark without permission and destabilizing the Nashville market.
  • Montreal owner George Gillett is mad at him because he leaked the fact that the Canadiens were for sale. Following the news the team began to struggle. Gillett believes that the team was distracted by the news. Gillett is not a Gary Bettman surrogate. His hostility is genuine.
  • Of course the owners of the Leafs and Sabres are upset because he wants to move a team into their territory without any offer of compensation.
  • Every owner is angry that he has dragged the league into bankruptcy court over the Coyotes. He has embarrassed the league.

Balsillie’s problem is that his approach that has been so successful in the business world does not work in sports. Hostile takeovers, lawsuits and intimidation can get you far in the corporate world but leave you out in the cold when it comes to professional sports which operate on a separate set of rules and protocols. He either has refused to accept the reality or just doesn’t get it. He has taken his crusade to the Canadian public to get their support but we aren’t the decision makers here. We have no influence over the NHL Governors. Instead of battling the league over the past 5 years he should have been nurturing allies. But Jim isn’t the nurturing type.

There may be a second team in the GTA one day but it won’t be owned by the blackberry guy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Porn star running for the Senate is arrested by beating her husband

In a setback to her nascent U.S. Senate campaign, porn star Stormy Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford) was arrested Saturday afternoon for domestic violence after she allegedly battered her husband because she was "upset because the way the laundry had been done." By the way I'm totally confused why her husband was doing the laundry. If I did the laundry my wife would have me canonized.

Clifford, who has said she is interested in challenging Republican David Vitter next year for his Senate seat from Louisiana, was nabbed for striking her husband "Michael on his head with her hands several times," according to a Tampa Bay Police Department report. Clifford, 30, told cops that she did not intentionally hit her husband, but acknowledged tossing a potted plant in the kitchen sink, throwing the couple's wedding album on the floor, and breaking some candles.

Clifford, who decided to challenge Vitter after the incumbent admitted patronizing a prostitution ring, has formed an exploratory committee in her home state of Louisiana. Its slogan is "Stormy Daniels: Screwing People Honestly."

Shakira's new video She-Wolf

I love Shakira and although the video is pretty hot, the song is not.

The Terminator Governor is 62

David Miller is officially a lame duck mayor

They must be lining up to run against Toronto Mayor David Miller in the next municipal election. He has done many things to anger voters but it appears the municipal workers strike is the last straw. The public had to put up with a strike that stretched into a sixth week only to discover the Mayor had essentially caved in. All that pain yet no gain. Any suggestion that this is a win is all “spin.” Workers will not voluntarily give up the ability to bank sick days and cash them in upon retirement. That’s why they went on strike. So any talk that this is good for Torontonians is an illusion or doublespeak.

Miller left the impression that no deal would be made unless the union agreed to give up their banked sick days. The public supported his position. Meanwhile the public was more than just inconvenienced by the strike. Residents were cut off from critical services in some cases and threatened and intimidated by picketers. The Mayor had the ability to replace union workers with contract workers during the strike but chose not to. He could have asked the Ontario government to legislate the strikers back to work but chose not to.

I’m not a right winger but he gives the impression that he is a union’s best friend.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Young females that commit murder

Melissa Todorovic, the 17-year-old girl convicted in the murder of Stefanie Rengel is the latest shocking headline involving young girls convicted of murder in Canada. A number of years ago it was unheard of but not any more. Here are some recent cases involving girls 12 to 16.

Kelly Ellard

When 14-year-old Reena Virk was invited to go to a local a waterfront park in Saanich B.C. with a couple of acquaintances on the night of November 14, 1997, she accepted despite having earlier been in a fight with some of their friends.

Once they got to the park, Virk was swarmed and beaten by a group of teens, including 15-year old Kelly Ellard, and drowned under a bridge.

But it would be another 12 years before the case would finally come to an end. The girl had her first trial in 2000, being tried as an adult. In less than a month, Ellard was convicted of second-degree murder.

The B.C. court of appeal ordered a new trial in 2003, when she was 21. The court ruled that the Crown asking her 18 times during her testimony why witnesses would give false testimony against her resulted in an unfair trial.

But the second trial again resulted in a mistrial when jurors were deadlocked, and she went to trial a third time in 2004, found guilty, and handed a life sentence.

Her conviction was overturned in 2008, and a new trial was ordered on the grounds that the judge in her third trial judge gave erroneous instructions to the jury over testimony.

In June 2009, her conviction and life sentence were reinstated. The 8-1 decision dismissed the possibility of a fourth trial.

Bathtub Girls

Two girls aged 15 and 16 became the first sisters to ever murder their mother in Canada in 2003. The girls drowned their alcoholic mother in the bathtub of their Mississauga home after feeding her booze and Tylenol-3 pills.

The girls then made a frantic 911 call to authorities, who believed their story for more than a year – the death was an alcoholic accident.

But a friend of the girls later went to police with information that they had planned the murder.

The 16 year-old was the driving force behind the crime, holding her mother’s head under water for four minutes. She and her sister were dubbed the ‘Bathtub Girls’ while on trial in Brampton, Ont. in 2005.

Both girls were found guilty of first-degree murder and sent to Grand Valley Institution for Women. But the older sister was released after serving only three years of her 10-year sentence.


The quiet community of Medicine Hat, Alberta was shaken in April 2006 when a 48-year-old mother, 42-year-old father and 8-year-old brother were found stabbed to death in their family home.

The last member of the family, a 12-year-old girl, was arrested in Leader, Sask. with her 23-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Steinke.

Her trial began in June, where the young girl testified that her boyfriend broke into the family’s home and murdered her mother and father. She said her boyfriend directed her to stab her brother, and after she stabbed the boy once, the man slit his throat.

She said that at the time, she was in a “zombie” state and couldn’t stop her boyfriend or get help. She dismissed prior discussions she had with Steinke of murdering her family as a joke.

The crown argued that the girl helped plan the murder of her parents because they disapproved of her relationship with Steinke.

The girl was found guilty and is believed to be the youngest person in Canada to be convicted of multiple counts of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to four years in custody and four-and-a-half years of supervision.

Jeremy Steinke was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.


Woman stuck in toilet for a week

I bet you didn't think you would see this story again. Last year Pam Babcock was rushed to the hospital with a toilet seat stuck to her butt. After two years of sitting on the potty in the bathroom of her boyfriend's trailer, Pam's skin had grown around her comfort seat, and she was unable to get up. The boyfriend was given a probationary sentence.

Well now an Aussie lady doesn't get stuck on the toilet but in the toilet. The Queensland woman, was only found by the emergency services after a neighbour heard her cries for help.

When an ambulance arrived paramedics found her stuck on the lavatory and unable to get out. She was dehydrated but otherwise unharmed, despite having spent seven days wedged in the same position.

Reports said the woman, aged 67, was found at midday on Sunday and had become stuck the previous Sunday morning. Eventually she was freed when emergency services broke into the home through a back door and found her in the bathroom.

"The lady was manoeuvred to one side to free her. The door swings inwards and she had her feet wedged on either side of the lavatory," a Department of Community Services spokesman said. "She was very dehydrated but she was conscious."

Michael Hibberd, a neighbour, said the woman told him she had been there since 3am on Sunday. "To me that meant that morning but she meant last Sunday." He had not become concerned earlier because it was normal to not see the woman during the week, he said."I'd never even seen her collect her mail," he said.

Charles Manson and Phil Spector to collaborate in prison?

Convicted cult leader Charles Manson has reached out to convicted music producer Phil Spector, suggesting that the two jailbirds collaborate on pop songs. Both men are serving life sentences in central California's Corcoran State Prison.

Manson contacted Spector shortly after the producer arrived, dispatching a guard with a note. "[Manson] said he wanted him to come over to his [cell]," Spector's wife, Rachelle, said. "He said he considers Philip the greatest producer who ever lived."

Certainly Manson has a right to an opinion. Though his clan, the Manson Family, are known as killers, they were also conceived as a music group. Before launching the murder conspiracy that killed Sharon Tate, Manson and his followers recorded songs with the Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson. Terry Melcher, who produced the Byrds' Turn, Turn, Turn, was another acquaintance – and a target – of the group.

"I think Manson wants to glean some musical advice from Phil, who was a 60s music god with his 'Wall of Sound,'" Spector's publicist Hal Lifson said. "Phil's like, 'I used to pick up the phone and it was John Lennon or Celine Dion or Tina Turner, and now Charles Manson is trying to get a hold of me!'"

If Women's hockey uniforms were more like beach volleyball you would get bigger crowds

And you thought Toronto streets were bad

Hump Day Hottie

Natalie Portman

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mug Shot of the Week

Woman, 28, has to prove her age to buy pizza-cutter

shopper was astonished when staff at Marks and Spencer demanded that she prove her age before she bought a pizza-cutter.

Jenny Palmer, 28, was asked for her ID at the checkout after she went to the retailer's Derby store to buy the £1.50 item. "I'm only two years off my 30th birthday and hardly look like I'm going to go out and physically harm someone," she said.

"I told the checkout woman I was buying it because I was moving into a new house, but she said her screen was telling her to ask for ID. I think she could have used some common sense. I can't believe I had to go through all of that just to buy a pizza-cutter, of all things."

M&S insisted its employee was right to demand proof of age from Ms Palmer under the 'Challenge 25' policy.

Staff are required to ask for identification from any customer who tries to buy alcohol or a bladed item and appears younger than 25.

A spokesman said: "Our policy is not to sell knives or bladed articles to persons under 18, and a pizza-wheel fits into to that category. We are a responsible retailer, and our customers expect us to be vigilant in providing blades if people appear to be underage."

The tragedy of Melissa Todorovic

One thing I want to make perfectly clear - I feel no empathy for Stephanie Rengel's killer, Melissa Todorovic. She is a cold, scheming monster that ended the life of an innocent child for no apparent reason. And she never showed any remorse for the pain that she caused.

So what does society do with teenage killers? Well if you ask one of the bloggers I follow, Firestarter5, he will tell you that killers should be tortured and slowly killed so that suffer as much as possible. He is not alone. Just read the comments of readers on the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail websites.

I've read a lot of comments from people about our justice system although they appear to know little about it. Here are just some of the comments:

  • The courts are soft because she gets a life sentence but can get off after 7 years. [The sentence is consistent with Canadian law. There are exceptions made for "dangerous offenders" like Paul Bernardo but she doesn't fit the criteria.]
  • Our liberal justice system will let her go after 7 years. [Department of Justice statistics indicated that convicted killers serve on average over 20 years in prison. Considering the type of crime committed and her lack of remorse, she would not be a candidate for early parole].
  • She should never get out of prison because convicts cannot be rehabilitated. [Again, Department of Justice statistics indicate that a much smaller proportion of released inmates will return to crime if provided with rehabilitation than those released without rehabilitation].
Can this girl be saved? Well there are many outraged people who believe we shouldn't even try. You can't blame them for having this view. Perhaps she can't be rehabilitated. But until we try we won't know. The U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Although the U.S. has only 5% of the world's population, it has 25% of all global prisoners. One out of every 32 Americans are locked up. The U.S. is also one of the few countries to still use capital punishment. So obviously a tough approach to punishment does not seem to be much of a deterrent. It's not as if the U.S. has now crime rates.

So how do you prevent citizens from committing violent crimes and other sociopath acts? Well look at who are committing these crimes. The prisons are filled with poor people, addicts and those with obvious mental health issues. Its those that are marginalized by society that often commit violent crimes. But not always. Melissa Todorovic is reported to be a good student from a good family yet she fell through the cracks. After we condemn her for her heinous acts lets find out what makes her tick. Perhaps that can help prevent the next Melissa Todorovic.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fake zebra is highlight of Gaza Zoo has a funny/sad story of a dilapidated zoo in Gaza. Marah, located near a refugee camp, is one of the only amusement centers for local families who live with no respite from the clashes and clampdowns that turn their neighborhood into a war zone.

Although customers regularly admire the lone, sullen zebra from the other side of its cage bars, few of them have recognized its true lineage: It's actually a painted donkey.
The zoo wanted a real zebra, but current regulations prevented a specimen from being delivered to Hamas-held Gaza for anything less than $30,000, and even then, it would have to be smuggled through a tunnel from Egypt's Sinai.

So the managers, intent on doing more with less, tried henna, which didn't stick. Then they ruled out wood paint because it might hurt the animal -- they are, after all, still zoologists. In the end, they settled on human hair dye. After buzzing the donkey's coat short, they hand-painted the pattern. The result: the world's first fake zonkey.

It doesn't fool the lion, its African nemesis, which Slate's photo depicts as emaciated and listless in its separate cage.

Sanctions and war have taken a heavy toll on the animals in Gaza's ruined zoos. Many are starving, and many more perished altogether when Israeli shelling prevented resources from reaching them last December and January. The zoo, which also has a few broken-down rides such as bumper cars, quietly acknowledges the Barnum-esque lie, but defends it for the happiness it brings to war-smashed families.

"Don't tell anyone," the zoo director told the Slate writer. "The children love him."

O.J. Simpson is scared!

Oh my! O.J. Simpson is scared to death his prison cellmate is plotting to kill him.

In a fit of panic, Simpson — who’s serving 9 to 33 years at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center — called a close friend, shouting that the inmate sharing his cell wants to strangle him.

“I’ve never known O.J. to be so scared,” according to the friend. “He’s terrified of his cellmate. O.J. says the guy is a murderer and a rapist, and he can’t believe prison officials have put such a man in with him.

“The guy in O.J.’s cell has been there for months. O.J. says he has become increasingly menacing.”

O.J. says his cellmate glares at him most of the day. He told his close friend he fears bedtime because “he’s told me he is going to strangle me in my sleep the first chance he gets.”

Really does O.J. really does such terrible treatment. First he had to endure the loss of his ex-wife and then the stress of a trial after being accused of her murder. But they just won't let poor O.J. alone. So they lock him up with a convicted murderer just because he wanted his stuff back. Is there no justice in this world?

When did Madonna get out of the concentration camp?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toronto Sports Story Generator

This a terrific chart created by mf37 on his blog Bitter Leaf Fan.

click on chart to enlarge

The Wedding Dancers video goes viral

The video (here) of the slightly non-traditional wedding ceremony went viral with at last count 4.5 million hits. So naturally the wedding party was invited to re-create their dance by the Today Show on the streets of New York City.

Only in America.

Trade J.P. Ricciardi

This is a no brainer - get rid of Ricciardi!

When Ricciardi was hired he stated he had a 5-year plan to make the Blue Jays a contender again. Well this is year 8 of that 5-year plan and he declared in the spring that the Jays would be competitive in 2010 season (year 9). Sometimes I'm a little slow but I see a pattern here.

Let's face it sports in a results-oriented business and Ricciardi hasn't produced so he has to go. The fact that his reign of mediocrity has dragged on this long reflects an owner with no real interest in winning. For Rogers Communications, the Blue Jays provide for crossover marketing for their sports cable station. However, fans also recognize the lack of commitment and have been staying away from the Rogers Centre. The team fan base has slowly disappeared. In the early 1990s the team was selling out the 50,000 seat facility. Today it's not even half filled. If the bleeding of fans continues Rogers will not have a baseball team to carry on its sports cable channel.

As I watch Ricciardi fumble his way through a potential Halladay trade it only underscores how mediocre he is. Adding to the air of uncertainty is the interim label on Paul Beeston. No one knows how long Beeston will continue as team president and when he or his successor will finally pull the plug on Ricciardi. All I know is the sooner, the better.

Another sink hole on Finch Avenue

Heavy rains and an aging sewer pipe are the likely cause of a giant sinkhole that opened up on Finch Avenue West, east of Dufferin Avenue, which will force drivers to use alternate routes for several days, possibly even several weeks. I was driving through the area Sunday afternoon and traffic was a mess. So I'll be looking at alternative routes during rush hour this week as I make my way to and from work.

Finch Avenue between Bathurst and Dufferin has been closed to drivers since late Friday night when one crater and then another opened up in the eastbound lanes.

One sinkhole is approximately five metres in diameter and 14 metres deep, but affects a much larger area underneath the roadway. A second sinkhole immediately east of the original sinkhole is about five meters in diameter and approximately three metres deep.

Miss Moral Beauty

The results are in: Saudi girl crowned Miss Moral Beauty.

Saudi beauty queen Aya Ali Al Mulla trounced 274 rivals to win a crown, jewellery, cash and a trip to Malaysia, and all without showing her face, Saudi media reported on Friday.

With her face and body completely covered by the black head-to-toe abaya mandatory in the conservative Muslim kingdom, 18-year-old Mullah was named "Queen of Beautiful Morals" late on Thursday, newspapers said.

There was none of the swimsuit and evening gown competitions and heavy media coverage of beauty pageants elsewhere when the contest was decided in the eastern city of Safwa.

Instead, the winner and the two runner-up princesses had to undergo a three-month test of their dutifulness to their parents and family, and their service to society.

The organizer of the competition summed it up nicely:

"The real winner in this competition is the society. The winners represent the culture of the society and its high Islamic morals."

Maybe some day, they'll let her drive a car.

Kate Beckinsale is a beautiful 36 today

The hidden truth about the Canadian Health Care system

The truth is eventually going to come out on how the Canadian health care system actually operates. I like to call it the post-modern socialized health care delivery system. Here's how it works:

  • In an effort to cut back on health care costs, Canada employs shamans instead of certified medical professionals. Accordingly, most illnesses are treated by banging on drums and trances induced by peyote.
  • The average wait time for basic heath care is now down to 2-3 years. To shorten wait times, the government has abandoned the antiquated butcher shop "take-a-number" system (still frequently mentioned on Fox News). Instead Canada has adopting the flashing/vibrating paging technology utilized by Red Lobster and other fine restaurants. Patients are given a pager that lights up and vibrates when it is their turn to see the shaman. Unfortunately, the pagers only have a range of 60 feet, so it makes for a long 3-year wait.
  • In order to improve care to the elderly, Canada recently reduced that age that seniors could be left out on ice floes in Hudson Bay to 62.
  • Canada has recently legalized insulin and medical marijuana.
  • Hospital hours have been expanded to 10 am to 6 pm on weekends and 10 am to 3 pm on weekends.
  • Our current health care coverage extends to all medical issues, except the following: (i) fractures, (ii) soft tissue injuries, (iii) internal illnesses, (iv) external injuries, (v) mental breakdowns, (vi) leprosy, (vii) hiccups, (viii) genetic defects, (ix) body-related injuries or (x) vagina or scrotum-related accidents.
  • Another cost cutting measure occurred in 2006 when all Canadian nurses were fired and replaced with unemployed entertainers. Below are nurses who cared for me last year following my surgery to remove a growth on my frontal lobe (I waited only 4 years for my operation):

acknowledgement to foodcourtlunch

One Hit Wonder

Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride (1970)

Happy 66th birthday Mick

Statue of the Week

It's sad when Superheroes get old and fat

Cops mace groundhog, respond to brazen bear

That was quite the crime wave in Boonton Twp this week. A berserk groundhog who attempted to attack a resident and two police officers was maced on Thursday, just a few days after a ravenous black bear strolled into an open garage and gorged itself on meat from a freezer.

"It's been crazy," said Officer Tom Cacciabeve, who responded to the bear complaint at a Southview Drive home on Saturday afternoon and assisted two officers on Thursday's wild woodchuck call.

The bear complaint was made by homeowner James Tepper, who told police his garage door was left open within a three-hour window that afternoon while his wife and son were at home and he was downstairs.

Tepper went into the garage at 5 p.m. and found a mess of meat wrappers and garbage strewn about. His wife, Elizabeth Abercrombie, also noticed the trail of garbage extended outside the garage.

The freezer was also wide open, and Tepper quickly realized the culprit after calculating the loss of approximately 10 pounds of frozen meat and chicken and the telltale signs of fur left behind.

"I looked and I realized the inside of the freezer was dusty and dirty and I looked more closely and saw four or five, three-inch long curly black hairs and I went, 'Oh my God, it was a black bear,' " Tepper said on Thursday.

The bruin, which swiped several packages of chicken breasts, hamburgers, sausage, steaks and a loaf of whole wheat bread, took the items that were the most accessible, Tepper said.

Tepper said he plans to follow the advice of Cacciabeve and keep his garage door closed at all times. Police Sgt. Mike Danyo and Officer Paul Ryan on Thursday encountered a different type of aggressive behavior. The pair found themselves pitted against an angry groundhog at an Oak Street home.

The resident, Alex Scott, told police he had attempted to leave his house at 11:46 a.m. and entered his garage to get his truck when the groundhog began to chase him. Scott, who kicked the animal several times but was unable to evade it, ran back into his house and called police.

When Danyo and Ryan arrived and Scott attempted to show them where the groundhog was, the rodent sprang toward the officers, Cacciabeve said.

Danyo tripped and fell as the groundhog pursued him, Cacciabeve said. But Ryan, who jumped out of the way as the groundhog charged at his feet, discharged the pepper spray into the rodent's face, Cacciabeve said.

The spray disoriented the groundhog and allowed Ryan to retrieve a snare from the back of the patrol car, said Cacciabeve, who had responded to assist.

The officers snared the groundhog and held it until assistant animal control officer Sandy Burkhardt arrived to cage it. The animal was later euthanized and its remains will be shipped today to the Department of Health and Senior Services for rabies testing.