Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why not destroy Canada's health system to lower U.S. drug prices

I simply love the dialogue going on in America especially when it comes to the Canadian health care system. Louisiana Sen. David Vitter thinks that price controls of drugs in Canada (and world-wide) is keeping U.S. prices high. Of course it has nothing to do with greed. If you cause Canadian prices to “implode” you can lower costs for U.S. consumers. Do all U.S. Senators smoke weed?

WTF? Priority seating for fat people?

Special chairs have been installed on Brazil's trains to cope with the country's soaring obesity race.

Woman sues US zoo over splashing dolphins

So do you think American are overly litigious?

A woman is suing a Chicago-area zoo for a 2008 fall near a dolphin exhibit, accusing zookeepers of encouraging the mammals to splash water and then failing to protect spectators from wet surfaces.

In her suit filed earlier this week, Allecyn Edwards said she was injured while walking near an exhibit at Brookfield Zoo, where a group of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins were performing.

Officials "recklessly and wilfully trained and encouraged the dolphins to throw water at the spectators in the stands, making the floor wet and slippery," but failed to post warning signs or lay down protective mats or strips, the suit said.

Edwards is demanding more than $50,000 for lost wages, medical expenses and emotional trauma from the Chicago Zoological Society and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, which operate the zoo in Chicago's southwest suburbs. The suit was filed in Illinois' Circuit Court of Cook County.

And now a word from the American Health Insurance Industry...

Whatever happened to 'can you spare me some change?'

Mug Shot of the Week

Friday, August 21, 2009

One Hit Wonder

Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (1966)

Kenny Rodgers turns 71

This is KR in his Hippie period

Was this waitress worth getting fired over?

A Texas sheriff fired one deputy and suspended three others without pay after a scantily dressed waitress holding a rifle posed for photographs on the hood of a patrol vehicle.

Police said Round Rock officers were dispatched to a restaurant after someone reported the waitress with the weapon, which had been given to her by one of the Midland County deputies who had been attending a training session near Austin.

The incident occurred last week in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant, which promotes its "fun, friendly and sometimes flirty atmosphere!"


What if Jim Balsillie got a NHL franchise

Here's how Jim Balsillie's first Board of Governors meeting might go:

Gary Bettman: Let’s get the Governors’ meeting started, we have a full agenda. I would like to welcome our newest Governor representing Hamilton, Jim Balsillie.

Jim Balsillie: Thank you Commissioner. However, I would like it noted for the record that I did not receive notification for the previous two Governors’ meeting nor this one. I happened to have found out about from a reporter.

GB: Jim that was likely a mix up with our distribution list. We will look into it and get back to you. By the way do you happen to have the name of that reporter?

JB: That’s note important. It would be better if we got on with the agenda, in particular I need to raise some issues with the league schedule.

GB: Well Bill can respond to questions regarding our schedule. I can tell you our staff had our work cut out for us with the sudden transfer of your franchise.

JB: Well I recognize the difficulty in last minute changes to the schedule but we have three double headers in our schedule. I have never heard of a hockey team being required to play two games in the same day. This is the NHL not a weekend youth hockey tournament.

Bill Daly: We were only able to schedule games on dates that arena still had clear days. Since these changes had to be made last minute we had very little flexibility. This represents the most feasible schedule.

JB: But we are playing double headers in two different cities on the same day. On December 12 we play in Dallas in the afternoon and Hamilton in the evening. On January 9 we play in Philadelphia in the afternoon and Los Angeles in the evening. On January 30 we play in Toronto in the evening and later in the evening in Vancouver. I also notice that no other team had to accommodate double headers.

BD: This schedule represents our best effort. Hamilton will just have to try their best to make these games. Did we happen to mention the $1 million penalty for missing a game?

GB: Jim is that a Blackberry on the table in front of you?

JB: Yes it is.

GB: Well you might as well put it away. The NHL has an exclusive contract with Apple to use their iPhone. As part of that agreement we have equipment in our offices that blocks radio signals to Blackberrys.

BD: Getting back to our agenda, there is a proposal from Craig Leipold regarding the Amateur Draft.

Craig Leipold: I would like to move that Hamilton forfeit all draft picks in 2010 and 2011 Amateur Draft.

JB: Now hold on here, that’s not fair. Why would you make such a motion?

CL: Well we just don’t like you Jim.

Jerry Jacobs: I second the motion.

GB: All in favour?

All: Aye.

GB: Carried.

JB: What a pile of crap!

Richard Peddie: I would like to make a motion under other business.

GB: Go right ahead Rich.

RP: I would like to move that the Hamilton franchise be renamed Hamilton Sucks.

Mike Illitch: I second that motion.

GB: All in favour?

All: Aye.

GB: Carried.

JB: I see what’s going on here. The NHL will be hearing from my lawyers.

GB: Well that concludes our business for today. Thank you gentlemen for coming today. Jim, enjoy your franchise.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Possible tornado touches down in Vaughan

These pictures were taken in the Hiway 7 and Hiway 400 area just north of Toronto.

Picture of downtown Toronto during the storm.

What do you think: girl or guy?

International track officials are asking South African sprinter Caster Semenya, who won gold at the women’s 800m event at the world championships in Berlin, “Are you really a girl?” Anyway, some people think she’s a guy. Go figure.

The 18-year-old, whose rapid improvement over the past year prompted the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to order a gender test.

Why stop there. What about the girls below: girl or guy?

My Husband is Annoying

My Husband is Annoying is a blog started by Tiffanie Wong of Brooklyn Heights.

Well it is humorous but after looking at the article in the Daily News along with photos, you might suspect I would have to conclude they are both annoying. If I was to try this it would likely signal the end of my marriage, but Tiffanie works for CNN (he is a reporter) so I suspect a humor book is in the works and the blog will undoubtedly promote the book.

Anyway the blog is funny.

Drunk girls dances on glass table top

I posted this only because this obnoxious girl is painful to watch for almost a minute and a half. But does the last few seconds make it all worthwhile?

Drunk Girl Versus Glass Table - Watch more Funny Videos

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How about dumpster diving - with water

Does the idea of swimming in a trash container grosses you out? Think again. They're clean. The bins are lined with thick sheets of plastic, and the water is chlorinated and filtered, just like what goes in an inground pool.

The company behind the pools is Macro Sea, a Manhattan real estate developer. Jocko Weyland, the guy in charge of the pool project, says Macro Sea got the idea from a rock musician in Georgia.

Macro Sea is thinking about putting garbage-container pools in its redeveloped strip malls and also making them available to rent for private parties.


Standing up to BO

A British amusement park is banning patrons from raising arms on roller coasters beecause of BO. he new rule will apply at the theme park in Chertsey, Surrey, from Wednesday and signs will tell visitors to keep their arms down and 'Say no to BO'.

With temperatures expected to reach 84F (29C), managers expect an excess of perspiration as visitors queue to go on rides.

Wardens on the rides will also remind people to consider their fellow passengers and anyone ignoring the warnings will be escorted off. Those who continue to do so will be asked to leave the park.

Mike Vallis, a director at Thorpe Park, said: "We've found that when the temperature tops 77F (25C) the level of unpleasant smells can become unacceptable and we do receive complaints.

"Our rides are really scary and people tend to sweat more than normal due to the fear and anticipation they experience while queueing up so it can get really pongy. Therefore, we felt a ban in temperatures of 25C plus would be the best way to ensure our guests have the most enjoyable experience and aren't exposed to any unsavoury armpits."

Now how about the same rule for the subway.

Slick Willie is 63

My first Britney Spears post in two years

Five ugliest hockey uniforms

5. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim - designing uniforms based on a Disney movie can't be a good idea. Fortunately the new owners did away with the farce.

4. Montreal Canadiens - These retro uniforms are too confusing when the refs are on the ice. More suited for Escape from Alcatraz.

3. Vancouver Canucks - the team paid big bucks for this design. Hope they got their money back.

2. Milwaukee Admirals - your table for four is now ready.

1. Some team in Finland - owwww! my eyes hurt!

Hump Day Hottie

Christina Hendricks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You think China is overcrowded?

Erin Andrews is a serious jounalist

Of course Erin is a serious journalist. Just check out the spread in GQ. Except you'll be disappointed since those shots weren't done through a peephole.

Martin Mull is 66

Five ugliest football uniforms

5. Buffalo Bills - Looks like uniforms handed out at some industrial league.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - There look like red uniforms that have been out in the sun too long and colour has faded to a sickly orange.

3. Oregon Ducks - The neon yellow makes you want to adjust your TV's colour.

2. Syracuse Orangemen - Should be worn only once a year- on Halloween.

1. Philadelphia Eagles - These throwback uniforms could empty a stadium on Super Sunday. Ouch they hurt the eyes.

New York City: Home of mobile pole dancers?

I guess this is what makes NYC so unique. Where else in the world would you find a stripper be driven around town on a bike contraption? What a city!

Patricia Heaton hasn't the skills to be a cashier at a dollar store

Statue of the Week

Monday, August 17, 2009

Is Usain Bolt a cheater?

I'm not trying to rain on his parade but you have to wonder about how Usain Bolt can so easily topples world records. When McGwire and Sosa were obliterating home run records, the baseball looked the other way. Roger Clemens began piling up Cy Young awards late in his career when other pitchers were breaking down and who cared?

Could Bolt be the real thing when Olympic champions, world champions and record holders have been stripped of their sprint medals, records and reputations, including Ben Johnson, Marian Jones, Justin Gatlin, Tim Montgomery and Kelli White.

Given the guy's unusual physical qualities -- 6 feet 5 inches with the ability to turn over his stride of a sprinter a foot shorter -- I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. But the doubt sadly will remain because so many doped athletes have beaten drug tests, it is impossible for clean athletes to prove their rectitude.

But the amount being shaved off world records is just to incredible to be believed. This is exactly what Ben Johnson was doing 21 years ago. It took Bolt exactly 1 year to knock .11 seconds off his world record set at the Beijing Olympics. It took 10 years to shave .10 seconds off the previous fastest times. Before that it took 8 years to shave .11 seconds off the fastest previous times. And before that it took 23 years to shave off another .12 seconds.

Bolt's times are just to fantastic to be accept.

Rabbis fly over Israel in hopes of eliminating swine flu

On Monday morning an Arkia airlines plane took off from Ben Gurion Airport carrying rabbis and kabbalists and flew over the country in a flight aimed at preventing the swine flu virus from spreading in Israel through prayers.

During the flight the passengers blew the shofar seven times and said prayers intended for abolishing illnesses.

"The purpose of the flight was to stop the epidemic, thus preventing further deaths," explained Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri whose father, Rabbi David Batzri had initiated the flight. "We are certain that because of our prayers danger is already behind us," he added.

Television footage showed rabbis in black hats rocking backwards and forwards as they read prayers from Kabbala, a form of Jewish mysticism which counts the singer Madonna among its devotees.

Swine flu is often referred to as H1N1 in Israel, where pigs are seen as unclean.

How desperate is Playboy?

Well desperate enough to do a spread on Heidi Montag. Heidi and her husband Spencer Pratt must be two of the most annoying celebrities around. I use the term "celebrities" quite loosely here. Their celebrity status is largely based on limited acting talent and a shameless pursuit of publicity. That's where Playboy comes in.

In short, Playboy is slowly losing its identity, and these pictures--PG-13 rated pictures of a reality show famewhore who sees being in Playboy as a pop culture status symbol but won't actually pose for real Playboy photos--represent another step on Playboy's slow, inexorable slide into another flavorless Maxim clone. The Playboy I knew published pictures of nude girls!

These pictures could go easily in Cosmopolitan.

10 year old girl busted for selling lemonade

Three sourpuss New York Parks Department agents put the squeeze on a 10-year-old girl in Riverside Park yesterday, slapping the tyke with a $50 ticket for hawking lemonade without a permit.

Clementine Lee, who lives just blocks from the Upper West Side park, had dreamed of opening a lemonade stand since last year and took advantage of yesterday's beautiful weather to set up shop.

"It was such a hot day I figured people would want a cold drink," the aspiring juvenile juice mogul told The Post.

Business was booming for Clementine and her photographer dad, Richard, 49, for the first 20 minutes at the stand on West 73rd Street and Riverside Drive.

The father-daughter team was able to sell 10 glasses of the ice-cold drink for 50 cents each and the dozen chocolate chip cookies they baked.

But their day turned into the pits at 3 p.m. when the heartless pack of city sticklers iced their operation.

"They approached us nonchalantly but then surrounded us," the peeved papa recalled. "They were very hostile as soon as they approached, saying 'Where's your permit? Where's your permit?' "

When Richard admitted he didn't have the right to sell on Parks property, the agents immediately slapped the dad and daughter with a summons for selling food without a license, which carries a maximum fine of $200.


Happy 51st birthday Belinda Carlisle

Chastity Bono is turning into a guy

Chastity Bono is having a sex-change. When Chastity was outed by a news tabloid nearly 20 years ago, she called the experience "terrifying"— and mom Cher "flipped out." But homosexuality is becoming ho-hum. So even transitioning from Chastity to Chaz is receiving a collective yawn.

According to Bono, her father always wanted a boy instead of a girl. So, this way she would be able to fulfill her fathers wish.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Five ugliest NBA uniforms

5. Philadelphia Sixers jerseys looks like a box of kid's breakfast cereal.

4. This patriotic look by the Washington Bullets from the 1970s was just a little too much to take.

3. The 1980s Denver skyline on the Nugget jerseys on a rainbow is just too much. Looks like a game of tetris.

2. I think the Houston Rockets were wearing pajamas back then.

1. The first Toronto Raptor jerseys were so ugly it would have taken a long-term $40 million contract to get me to wear one.

Madonna is 51 today

NDP rebranding is a non-issue

Few things in this world could be less interesting or more incredibly trivial than the media attention to the possible re-branding of the NDP (New Democratic Party) to the Democratic Party. Although the initiative appears to be dying, the party members wasted an incredible amount of time debating the proposal. The thinking by some is that the party is no longer "New" since its been around for decades. But, NDP is more than just a name, its a brand. You don't mess with a brand - remember New Coke?

However, the name debate was the only aspect of the Halifax party convention Halifax that received any media coverage. Some feel that the debate reflects conflicting ideological and shifting generational currents within the party. It could also be a cheap and easy way of whipping up some superficial media interest in their federal convention that might otherwise have been notably absent in the dog-days of summer.

The focus of this NDP convention is on winning more seats in the next election, which could come as early as this year, while keeping a lid on the esoteric discussions that have dominated many conventions before. Some members feel that with the Liberals and Conservatives fighting for the centre-right of the political spectrum, that leaves the NDP to fill the huge void on the left. Should be interesting to see if they can even hold on to their 36 seats considering the resurging Liberals under Michael Ignatieff.

Five ugliest baseball uniforms

5. Charlie Finley's Oaland Athletics had some funny concept regarding fashion. The white shoes and mustaches worn by all the players were a great touch.

4. Even if it was the 70s or early 80s, there is no way you could think these San Diego Padre uniforms could be hot?

3. Retro never seems to look good and Pittsbrugh Pirates of the 1970s just looked so goofy in those hats.

2. Houston Astros worns these uniforms for years but I just thought they looked gay.

1. Nothing looks more macho than the Chicago White Sox with there shorts, collared shirts and white knee socks. They would blend right in down in Miami.