Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mug Shot of the Week

Women soccer can get nasty

Walmart Shoppers Pride Week

Wanted burglar sends in photo of himself because he didn't like official police mugshot

An on-the-run burglary suspect has taunted the authorities with a home-made mugshot showing him standing next to a police van.

Matthew Maynard, 23, is wanted in connection with a burglary in the Mount Pleasant area of Swansea, south Wales, in September.

His mugshot appeared in a South Wales newspaper at the weekend, together with seven others, as part of a police appeal to track down wanted suspects.

Staff at the newspaper were then bemused to get a phone call from Maynard claiming he was unhappy with the photograph they used.

“He telephoned on Monday saying he was not happy with the picture and that he would send in another,” a spokesman for the newspaper said. “We just didn’t believe that he would do it.”

Maynard did send in a photo of himself via his mobile phone, taunting the authorities by standing in front of a police van.

Man blames explosive diarrhea for indecent exposure charge

A Florida man was arrested on charges of Indecent Exposure in Public after he allegedly exposed himself to two women in a Walmart parking lot.

The incident occurred at 5420 Juliet Blvd. in Naples.

David Todd Napodano, 42, told investigators he was found naked in his van because he had “explosive diarrhea” and was using his underwear to clean himself.

The victims told investigators they were looking for their vehicle in the parking lot when they saw Napodano naked in his van and exposing himself to them.

The underwear in question was located with stains, but the responding deputy determined the stains weren’t consistent with explosive diarrhea.

So do police detectives have a lot of experience with exploding diarrhea since they seem to be familiar with the types of stains it leaves. As a lay person I would be easily fooled.

Kangaroo infestation

I've had all kinds of pest problems over the years - mice, wasps, skunks, raccoons but never kangaroos.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kate Winslet is not irritating

British tabloid, The Daily Mail, lost a lawsuit for $40,000, for publishing a story that ripped Kate Winslet for allegedly lying about her fitness routine.

Interesting, when you consider that half of the population lies about excercising. The article in question was titled, “Should Kate Winslet Win an Oscar for the World’s Most Irritating Actress?” Winslet took offense, citing the fact that it damaged her personal and professional reputation.

The court sided with the actress and ruled that The Daily Mail must print a public apologize to the actress AND pay her $40,000.

Which is more gross?

Toronto's bald raccoon.

Germany's bald bear.

America's bald Britney.

Art Garfunkel turned 68 today

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Steinbrenner buys another championship

Let's face it. Everyone knows how the Yankees win. Few key players in their championship team were developed by the Yankees. Most were bought in the open market. Some would suggest that the fans are owned a championship after taxpayers but up a king's ransom to build a new stadium during a devastating recession.

The Yankees aren't alone when it comes to buying championships, the Red Sox do it too. But these players make it sound like they went through hell to win the World Series. All they did was leave their previous team and play for the highest bidder. This can't be good for baseball.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's just those Canadians

One Hit Wonder

Swing Out Sister – Breakout (1986)

Buns too small for ads

Posters promoting a play starring actress Kelly Brook have had to be changed because buns covering her breasts were deemed to be too small.

The posters for Calendar Girls featured a nude photograph of the star holding iced buns up to her chest. Transport for London (TfL) demanded the buns be enlarged before allowing the poster to be used in Tube stations.

The play's producer David Pugh said: "We've found ourselves in the world of censorship, we're in 1960s Russia."

Brook plays the role of Celia in the West End play, which tells the story of Women's Institute members who decide to bare all for a charity calendar.

Mr Pugh said he found TfL's decision "incredible" and said similar shots of cast members Jerry Hall and Gaynor Faye were used in previous posters. "Someone is sitting in a dark room somewhere peering at any sort of nudity," he said.

Mr Pugh added: "They said we were trying to titillate Tube travellers, I thought it was a joke. I don't know what the buns would be in bra sizes but we've gone four sizes up."

Fashion Disaster

H1N1 pandemic is a public policy disaster

You would have thought that the SARS outbreak in Toronto in early 2003 would have created the catalyst for public health official to get serious about emergency planning for pandemics and other national emergencies. Obviously that is not the case. Auditor General Sheila Fraser reported that week that the Conservative government has dropped the ball when it comes to national emergencies.

For one thing, the federal emergency response plan has not been received Cabinet approval in the six years since it was drafted. But don't put all the blame on the federal government, there is pleny of blame to go around.

Ottawa has reassured Canadians for months there will be enough H1N1 vaccine for all who need and want to be immunized – a promise it still expects to fulfil by the holidays – but hundreds of thousands are growing increasingly frustrated at delays for getting shots.

However, the public has contributed to the chaos by its eradic response to the pandemic. Just a month ago, 2 out of 3 Canadians had no plans to get vaccinated. The public was rather blase about the whole pandemic thing. So planners assumed demand for the vaccine would be low.

Then suddenly everything changed. The media decided that the death of a 13 year old boy in the Toronto area was front page news. The last time I checked, about 31 Ontarians have died as a result of the H1N1 virus but only one death made the news. Suddenly panic set in.

Demand for the vaccine exceed both supplies and health care workers available to inoculate Canadians. The clinic next to my office had line ups with 7 hour waits. However, the idea of vaccinating 2,500,000 people with only 8 clinics is laughable. However, that was last week. This week the line ups have shrunk as the media has focused attention to the line ups and away from mortality or morbidity data.

Now you can't totally blame public health officials considering the unpredictability of the public. However, doses of the vaccine sat around because there was an insufficient number of health care workers assigned to administer the shots. In addition, doctors offices and hospital emergency rooms have been swamped with people with the flu. A paramedic indicated to me that 1 out of 2 ambulance calls are for people with the flu. Yet no one has gotten to word to the public to stop filling up waiting rooms

Now production delays could have been mitigated had the government not single sourced production to GlaxoSmithKline Inc. However, no one seemed to have reduced this risk by identifying secondary production plants.

In addition, for some strange reason it was decided that the public should receive 2 flu vaccines this year. The first for H1N1 and the second for the usual strain of flu that goes around each year. However, pandemics usually dominate over seasonal strains of the flu so a second flu shot is essentially unnecessary.

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Hump Day Hottie


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lulu is 61 today

Drinking on the job is not advised

Ironically, $150,000 in vodka was lost in the accident. Bring your straw.

Walmart Shoppers Pride Week

Mullet with a silver lining.

Plastic surgeon redesigns wife

Cany, a 33-year-old waitress in the U.K., thought she had hit the jackpot when she met British plastic surgeon Dr. Reza Vossough. He wasn’t physically attracted to her, but thought she had “potential,” so asked her to be his bride. Now, I’m not talking about mental, emotional, or spiritual potential. No, I’m talking about physical potential. If Vossough couldn’t find the perfect woman, he would create her. In the five years since their wedding, Vossough has performed over eight operations on Cany, pumped more than 1,600 grams of silicone into her body, and spent a grand total of $29,736 on the work. And finally, he’s fallen in love with her. Yeah I know - what a guy!


Week 5 - Battle of the Blades, getting interesting

I predicted before this pseudo-competition began that the final 2 pairs would likely be Sale/Simpson and Bourne/Lemieux. It wasn't such a difficult prediction to make. Both Bourne and Sale are the best skaters in the competition and former world gold medalists who could make their partners look like they were actually figure skaters. And that is exactly what has happened. Both are such incredible performers that they are making the hockey-trained partners look good. I'm not trying to run down the guys. It takes a lot of courage to do what they are doing. You can tell they have worked hard and improvement is noticeable with each passing week.

This weekend these two pairs were so superior, it wasn't even an issue that they would return for week 6. Sale/Simpson did a quirky program to music from Austin Power (. Simpson was so goofy that for the first time I was following the hockey player and not the figure skater. Their program included 3 waltz jumps. I bet the last time Jamie Sale did a waltz jump in a skating program, she was 6 year old. Maybe by the last week they will do toe loops. Not quite as good, but still quite decent were Bourne/Lemieux doing a program from Dirty Dancing.

Dubreuil/Richer look good but have been just hanging in most weeks. They were in the Monday night skate off against Hough/Domi. It was really no contest. As the pairs improve, Tie Domi just looks totally out of place despite the kind words from the judges each week. I have no idea how they survived to the final 4. Last night, it finally came to an end. Most embarrassing was that Domi seemed to have forgotten the program in the middle of the skate. Seems at the age of 40, dementia seems to be setting in.

Monday, November 02, 2009

More auto insurance reforms for Ontario

With auto insurance rates on the rise, Ontario Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan is making proposals to change insurance policies to allow drivers to get more competitive rates. One such change would be to lower the basic medical coverage limit below the current $100,000. Would you be willing to drop down to a $10,000 basic medical coverage insurance package, to save a few bucks each month?

Sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors. The government can't control costs let alone lower them so instead it will allow drivers to buy less coverage. That's not exactly addressing the problem.

The Toronto Star has had a series of articles suggesting that lawyers and health care providers in the GTA are scamming the system resulting in escalating costs. I guess you can't ship the crooked practitioners to Buffalo though it is a nice thought. So instead you have to cut back on their access to insurance dollars. When you look closely to the government proposal you can see some movement to cut back on assessments. Assessments appear to be the cash cow for health care providers and lawyers. They don't benefit the accident victim, only the parties providing them. You like to think there is some rate relief for drivers but don't hold your breath.

The only way to wrestle this monster to the ground is a government-run system. That will cut out the over treatment and especially the excessive assessments. A single insurer will drive down overhead costs through economies of scale and eliminate the 10% to 20% after tax profit insurers like to earn. But governments don't want to touch this hot potato because it would require billions in capital to start a public insurer and eliminate thousands of private sector insurance jobs.

So instead the government continues to tinker and wow us with a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Macy*s drops the ball on World Series ad

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran this Macy*s ad in today's paper to congratulate the Phillies on back-to-back championships.

Big Oops.

In case you're not paying attention, it's the Yankees lead the series and on the verge of clinching the title.

Finnish goalie does moonwalk

Walmart Shoppers Pride Week

I like how the helpful staff will assist you out of the store.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Goalie masks from the past

Gerry Cheevers

Doug Favell

Mik Palmateer

Ken Dryfen

Bunny Laroque

Kelly Hrudy

Curtis Joseph

Andy Moog

Nikolia Khabibulin

Any Leaf goalie

The goalie mask celebrates its 50th anniversary

The media provided extensive coverage this weekend to the 50th anniversary of the date Jacques Plante got fed up with getting hit in the face. As result he revolutionized goaltending by putting on a goalie mask.

Plante was not the first to wear a mask. That distinction goes to Hall of Fame goalie Clint Benedict of the Montreal Maroons in 1930. He wore some contraption on his face that sort of looked like a mask after his nose was broken by a Howie Morenz shot.

Before the mask, goaltenders moved their bodies to get their feet in front of shots. After, it became far more common for them to drop to their knees, fan their legs to the posts and get their torsos in the way of pucks or to dive headlong into goalmouth scrambles to cover the puck. Those are movements that barefaced goalies did at great risk. I remember when I was young many goalies pinned down in their crease actually lifting their heads to block shots.

Fast forward to November 1, 1959 and Plante's face was sliced open on a backhand shot by Andy Bathgate. Goalies would just get stitched up and within 15 minutes be back in the net. But on that night Plante, who had been using a mask in practice, came back out with his mask. Montreal coach, Toe Blake, was adamant that he wouldn't allow his goalie to wear a mask in a game but that night he had no choice. Plante had refused to return to the game without it.

The rest is history.

Christopher Walken does Lady Ga Ga, Poker Face

God, I love Japanese games shows

Happy 42nd birthday to Sophie B. Hawkins

Walmart Shoppers Pride Week

Yes, gravity does take a tole.

Statue of the Week