Saturday, November 28, 2009

Randy Newman is 66 today

By the way the song is about bigotry.

The two versions of the Tiger Woods car crash

Version #1

Tiger leaves his home in his Escalade sometime after 2 am for some unknown reason and unknown destination. He somehow lost control of his vehicle backing out of the driveway hitting a tree on a neighour's lawn and then a fire hydrant on his property. His wife Elin hears the crash and comes out with a golf club which she uses to smash the back window to get poor Tiger out. She supposedly got him out and laid him on the ground where he was in and out of consciousness. Tiger had cuts to his upper and lower lips and blood in his mouth; officers treated him for about 10 minutes until an ambulance arrived. Alcohol was not a factor.

Version #2

Tiger and his wife Elin had a fight. The argument got violent when Elin attacked Tiger's face, scratching it up. Tiger bolted out of the house in the middle of the night and hopped into his Escalade to escape the madness. But Elin wasn't going to let Tiger get away that easy, so she chased him with a golf club and smashed his back windows. Tiger got distracted in all the chaos and crashed into the fire hydrant. The two made up the story that his SUV's windows were busted out, because Elin broke them with the golf club to save Tiger.

You decide which sound more plausible.

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Woman finds Jesus on iron

I just love these stories. People find Jesus just about anywhere - in a tree trunk, a Kit Kat bar, a piece of toast, a lava lamp, though my favourite is on a toilet seat.

Then there is Mary Jo Coady who saw a likeness of Jesus staring back from its not-quite stainless steel bottom.

Startled, Coady called in her daughters, both of them college students, and they saw what she saw. Then she took a picture and posted it on her private Facebook page, giving friends and relatives the same test. Everyone saw Jesus, she said.

Full story with news video here.

Friday, November 27, 2009

An inside look at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

Congratulations Toronto on being selected to host the
1996 Olympics
2008 Olympics

2015 Pan Am Games!

Torontonians are already all keyed up for the torch relay that will take snake its way around the GTA. There will be one small complication - the Toronto bylaw which prohibits residents from running the streets with open flames. The Game organizers have a solution. The portion of the relay in the city limits will utilize a flashlight torch instead.

Mayor Smitherman will at the airport greeting visitors to the great City of Toronto. However, they will be asked to wear masks during the stay. It's just a precaution. During the era of SARS and H1N1, you can't be too careful.

An elaborate opening ceremony has been planned at the 9,600 seat Lamport Stadium in the beautiful Parkdale area.

Some of the finest Canadian talent has been assembled to kick off the Games.

The Regent Park development is being used to house the athletes. Before the start of the Games, residents will be driven to the city limits along with prostitutes, drug addicts and petty criminals for the duration to make room for athletes.

Other city residents are chipping in by opening their homes to visitors who will be coming to watch the games.

Although many of the athletic events will be taking place at Lamport Stadium, other facilities are expected to be made available. One new demonstration event will be ball hockey and state of the art facilities will be constructed to showcase this wonderful sport.

Huge crowds are expected to watch the different events and support the athletes.

These are expected to be Canada's most successful Pan Am Games and a record number of medals will be awarded to our wonderful athletes.

Caroline Kennedy is 52 today

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Best all-time goalie fight: Hextall vs. Potvin (1996)

One Hit Wonder

Bobby Bloom - Montego Bay (1970)

You have to love these informed Sarah Palin supporters

City goes after Maple Leafs over illegal sidewalk ads

Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment recently hired an ad company to spray on sidewalks with ads. The city has now given MLSE 48 hours to remove the markings.

The ads that read “Leafs Nation, Spirit Is Everything” started appearing on sidewalks in October. This week officials at City Hall contacted MLSE to inform the company it had two days to remove the markings, or else the city would do it and send them the bill, the Toronto Sun report states.

MLSE said the ad company it hired claimed it secured the right to spray sidewalks with paint.


Ever wonder how many TTC subway delays are jumpers?

When ever the subway is delayed I inevitably wonder if it was caused by a jumper. I think my curiosity is partly fed by the secrecy around how many suicide attempts there are in the TTC system. They have refused to reveal statistics. Well until recently after it was requested under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.These are really tragic situations and can have a traumatic effect on witnesses - both passengers and TTC employees. The TTC also offers a number of counseling programs oriented around acute psychological trauma for employees. With roughly 25 attempts a year, this is no doubt a serious problem for subway drivers.

There is about one suicide attempt every two weeks and 75% are successful. The TTC has considered barriers and other measures to reduce attempts but no perfect solution has been found.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For those that like turkey breast - Happy Thanksgiving America!

Why Brendan Burke's coming out is news

Many hockey fans have questioned why the story of Brian Burke's son Brendan revealing that he is gay is news. The story was revealed today on ESPN in an interview with Brian Burke.

This is a story because intolerance still exist in Canada. However, human rights legislation has only driven it underground. In our pluralistic society you can get away with being a raving bigot. It is heartwarming to see Brian Burke publicly express his love and support for his son. More importantly it may help other young men and women who struggle with this secret, too afraid to tell family and friends. This is quite a heavy burden to carry alone and keep hidden. The stigma and fear is greater in the world of sports because of the macho image that athletes project. Everyone seems to agree that gays are accepted in sports but where is the proof?

Glenn Burke was a Major League Baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics from 1976 to 1979. Burke was the first Major League Baseball player to be out to his teammates and team owners during his professional career.

Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager Al Campanis offered to pay for a lavish honeymoon if Burke agreed to get married. Burke refused to participate in the sham. He also angered Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda by befriending the manager's estranged gay son, Tommy Lasorda, Jr. The Dodgers eventually dealt Burke to the Oakland Athletics. Faced with mounting difficulties, Burke eventually quit baseball.

Ed Gallagher, an offensive lineman for the University of Pittsburgh from 1977-79, jumps from a dam 12 days after his first sexual encounter with another man. He survives but is left a paraplegic. Gallagher says that before his suicide attempt, he had become unable to reconcile his image of himself as an athlete with gay urges. He later admits that the incident forced him to come to grips with his sexuality: "I was more emotionally paralyzed then, than I am physically now."

Paul Priore, a former New York Yankees clubhouse assistant, files a lawsuit on July 29 against Yankee pitchers Jeff Nelson and Mariano Rivera and former Yankee pitcher Bob Wickman. Priore claims that he was humiliated with gay-bashing remarks, harassed and threatened with sexual assault. He also says he was fired because he has contracted the AIDS virus.

Brian Burke is quoted as saying "I hope the day comes – and soon – when this is not a story". Couldn't agree more.

Chris Little is guilty

Jurors spent almost 3 days deliberating before concluding that Chris Little, 38, cut the throat of his estranged wife, Julie Crocker, 33, and then staged the death of Paula Menendez, 34, to make it look like a murder-suicide.

The two women were linked by sportscaster Rick Ralph who had separated from Menendez and begun dating Crocker in mid-2006.

The staged murder-suicide was both chilling and absurd as the details came out. Little called 911 on Feb. 12, 2007 saying he stumbled across the crime scene, but later that day he was charged with murder. No one bought his story as he continued to insist on his innocence and that includes the jury.

Menendez's body was found in the garage of Little's home, while Crocker's body was found in the bedroom.

The Crown's theory was that Little killed Crocker after she made it clear their nine-year marriage was indeed over. It seems that Little was both emotionally and financially dependent on Little. She earned more than triple Little's income so it appears Crocker was also his meal ticket.

The Crown stated that he then drove Menendez's Etobicoke home, strangled her, then brought the body back to his home in Markham where he made it appear as if she had killed herself. So he essentially killed Menendez, a women he didn't even know, in an attempt to cover up his own crime.

First-degree murder carries an automatic sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

Defence lawyer John Rosen said there would be an appeal as Little continues to assert his innocence.

Happy 65th Ben Stein

13 year old is lost in NYC subway system for 11 days

Francisco Hernandez Jr., of Bensonhurst, a 13-year old that suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a relatively mild form of autism, spent 11 days riding the rails after he got in trouble at school and feared he would get in more trouble at home, according to a profile in the Times.

“I didn’t want anyone to scream at me,” he told the paper. He even removed his battery from his cellphone to ensure he wouldn’t be bothered.

Francisco said he spent the 11 days in October traveling through four boroughs on the train, completely undetected despite constant search efforts by his parents, relatives, family friends, the NYPD and the Mexican Consulate.

On October 26, however, a transit cop found him in a Coney Island station, but still no one has been able to find an explanation for how he was able to lay low for so long.

His parents, Mexican immigrants, say the police dragged their feet on the case.

“Maybe because you might not understand how to manager the situation, because you don’t speak English very well, because of your legal status, they don’t pay you a lot of attention,” his mom, Marisela Garcia, 38, a housecleaner, who has lived here since 1994, told the Times.

But cops say they did everything they could from the beginning, including interviewing school officials, classmates and passing out leaflets all over the city, according to the Times.

Francisco told the paper that he spent his time on three subway lines, the D, F and 1, and would ride the trains until the last stop then hop on the next one going back the other way. He ate whatever he could afford from subway newsstands, like potato chips and jellyrolls, then neatly folded the wrappers and saved them in his backpack, while drinking bottled water.

He says he slept most of the time and used the bathroom at the Stillwell Avenue station.

“At some point I just stopped feeling anything,” Francisco told the Times.


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Hump Day Hottie

Stacey Keibler

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I didn't know Mrs. Mike Modano has a music video

Willa Ford singing I Wanna Be Bad.

Fox News presents New Math

I'm guessing that the top 3 GOP candidates do not have 193% support of the party. Though we are talking about the Republican Party so who knows?

Mug Shot of the Week - Sister Act

Bank robber eats evidence

A bank robber in Ohio tries to catch a break by eating the note that he gave a bank teller threatening to shoot her if she didn't hand over some money. He pulls it off right in front of the police.

Bank Robber Eats Demand Note - Watch more Funny Videos

Biggest news of the day: Deer tasered in downtown Toronto

Toronto Police used a Taser to subdue a deer that was found wandering downtown this morning.

According to this CP24 report, "The deer had been sitting in a garden at 123 Edward Street (I worked there for several months) near Bay Street and University Avenue for several hours before police moved in to tranquilize and move the animal."

The deer was initially shot with a tranquilizer gun around 11:15 a.m. But the scene became rather involved after members of Toronto's animal services department were joined by police (including the Emergency Task Force) on the takedown, possibly making matters worse for the deer. Yup that is a lot of firepower for one little innocent doe.

It ended up getting tasered.

Man discovers Charles Manson is his dad

A US man has spoken of his anguish after discovering his long-lost father is apparently the notorious serial killer Charles Manson.

Matthew Roberts, 41, tracked down his biological mother after she put him up for adoption in 1968.

But he sank into depression after the woman revealed his dad is none other than the jailed cult leader.

Mr Roberts' real mother claimed he was born after Manson raped her in a drug-fuelled orgy in 1967.

The son, who bears a striking resemblance to the killer, said: "I didn't want to believe it. I was frightened and angry. It's like finding out that Adolf Hitler is your father.

"I'm a peaceful person - trapped in the face of a monster."

Badly Drawn Boy arrested for taxi murder

You know what? I reckon even I could get a job as a police artist in Bolivia.

Bolivian authorities released this crudely-drawn e-fit of the man believed to have taken part in the murder of a taxi driver in March.

The driver, named by earnest Bolivian newsreaders as Rafael Vargas, was set upon by several people in what police said could be a drugs-related murder - or a crime of passion.

His brother said that a man had come to the family house several months earlier and accused Rafael of having an affair with his wife.

'You're going to die and you don't know how,' the man allegedly told Rafael. His body was found in March. He had been stabbed eleven times and then his body had been burnt.

Update: The suspect is revealed here.

The e-fit was drawn by a woman who lived in the area where Rafael's body was found. She claimed the drawing showed the man who killed the taxi driver and then set his body on fire.

But police efforts may have paid off. They have made at least one arrest in the case, catching a suspect who was then paraded before the cameras - although he cannot be identified'.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it the curse of Frank Mahovlich?

A friend of mine insists the Maple Leafs are cursed after trading Frank Mahovlich. I'm not superstitious but it is a fact that the season after the Maple Leafs' last Stanley Cup win, the enigmatic left winger was traded to Detroit.

Frank Mahovlich was a talented and classy winger, a large man with the skills and hands of a pure scorer. Known as "the Big M," Mahovlich was touted as a superstar while still a teenager. Mahovlich also struggled through most of his hockey life with the stress that comes from great expectations.

In his first full season in the NHL, 1957-58, he was solid and at times spectacular and his 20 goals and 36 points were enough to earn him the Calder Trophy as top rookie beating out Bobby Hull.

His next two seasons were erratic on the ice but consistent on the score sheet. He hovered around 20 goals, good totals for a young player, but many Toronto fans wanted a superstar performance each night, on every shift, and 20 goals wasn't good enough. In 1960-61, he began to play the way everyone had always expected. Still only 23 years old, he had an exceptional start to the season and led the league for much of the year in goals. With 14 games remaining, he had 48 goals, two less than Maurice Richard's record of 50. He seemed destined to seize the position of the game's top scorer. Those final two goals never came.

Although the Leafs won the Stanley Cup for three consecutive seasons beginning in 1962, and even though Mahovlich averaged over 30 goals a year, he was the focus of much criticism and constant boos when he played in front of the home crowd. When he failed to score a goal in the 1963 playoffs, he was booed during and after the game in which the Leafs clinched the title. Even the next day the heckling continued at a reception in downtown Toronto for the Cup winners.

Mahovlich responded to coach Punch Imlach's berating by not reacting to it. He admitted later that the two men didn't speak for five years. Though the team and the doctors didn't admit it for several years, Mahovlich was hospitalized in 1964, suffering from acute tension and depression. He returned to the team but struggled on the ice, his goal production dropping to 18 in 1966-67, the year of his final Cup victory with Toronto.

The Leafs played the Montreal Canadiens on November 1, 1967 - an important game between long-time foes. Mahovlich played a wonderful game, scoring a goal and adding two assists in Toronto's 5-0 win. He was named one of the three stars of the game. The next day, with the Leafs leaving on a trip to Detroit, Mahovlich got up from his seat on the train, told a teammate he was going home and left. He was soon under the care of the Toronto General Hospital psychiatric staff. He was in a deep depression and, according to many reports, had suffered a nervous breakdown. Mahovlich stayed away from the rink to deal with his condition for more than a month, during which he missed 11 games.

Near the end of the season, the Leafs decided to part ways with their big winger. In the biggest trade of the decade, he was sent to the Detroit Red Wings with Pete Stemkowski, Garry Unger and the rights to another Leaf enigma, Carl Brewer, for Paul Henderson, Norm Ullman and Floyd Smith.

So maybe the team and fans are cursed for the shabby treatment given to the shy Maple Leaf star of the 1960s.

Nicest goal this season and it wasn't by Ovechkin

Quebec woman loses sick benefits over Facebook photo

Quebec woman on long-term sick leave is fighting to have her benefits reinstated after her employer's insurance company cut them, she says, because of photos posted on Facebook. Nathalie Blanchard, 29, has been on leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, Que., for the last year and a half after she was diagnosed with major depression.

The Eastern Townships woman was receiving monthly sick-leave benefits from Manulife, her insurance company, but the payments dried up this fall. When Blanchard called Manulife, the company said that "I'm available to work, because of Facebook," she said.

She said her insurance agent described several pictures Blanchard posted on the popular social networking site, including ones showing her having a good time at a Chippendales bar show, at her birthday party and on a sun holiday — evidence that she is no longer depressed, Manulife said.

Blanchard said she notified Manulife that she was taking a trip, and she's shocked the company would investigate her in such a manner and interpret her photos that way. "In the moment I'm happy, but before and after I have the same problems" as before, she said.

Blanchard said that on her doctor's advice, she tried to have fun, including nights out at her local bar with friends and short getaways to sun destinations, as a way to forget her problems. She also doesn’t understand how Manulife accessed her photos because her Facebook profile is locked and only people she approves can look at what she posts.

Her lawyer Tom Lavin said Manulife's investigation was inappropriate. "I don't think for judging a mental state that Facebook is a very good tool," he said, adding that he has requested another psychiatric evaluation for Blanchard.

I understand Kelly Brook is 30 today

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