Saturday, December 05, 2009

See not everyone is turning on Tiger


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Cute Knut is 3 today

Danish prostitutes offer free Climate Summt sex

Copenhagen Council and Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard have sent postcards out to 160 Copenhagen hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to ‘Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’.

“Dear hotel owner, we would like to urge you not to arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes,” the approach to hotels says.

Copenhagen prostitutes are up in arms at the project saying that the council has no business meddling in their affairs, and have now offered free sex to anyone who can produce one of the offending postcards and their COP15 identity card.

The move has been organized by the Sex Workers Interest Group (SIO).

“This is sheer discrimination. Ritt Bjerregaard is abusing her position as Lord Mayor in using her power to prevent us carrying out our perfectly legal job. I don’t understand how she can be allowed to contact people in this way,” SIO Spokeswoman Susanne Møller said

Møller adds that it is reprehensible and unfair that Copenhagen politicians have chosen to use the UN Climate Summit as a platform for a hetz against sex workers. “But they’ve done it and we have to defend ourselves,” Møller says.

Presenting Christmas soft porn for the week

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wheelchair bound convict escapes custody in Texas

John Whitmire, a Democrat from Houston who is chairman of the state Senate's Criminal Justice Committee called for a shake-up as authorities searched for a prisoner in a wheelchair who escaped on foot from two armed guards as he was being transferred between prisons.

The 6-foot, 200-pound Arcade Comeaux was serving a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A van containing him and two correctional officers left the Estelle prison in Huntsville about 5:45 a.m. Monday, bound for the Stiles prison in Beaumont, where Comeaux was being reassigned, said Michelle Lyons, director of public information for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville, in a written statement.

Comeaux was shackled and in a wheelchair, "which he had claimed was needed for mobility," Lyons said.

About 45 minutes into the trip, as they were driving through Conroe, 40 minutes north of Houston, the prisoner pulled out a pistol and ordered the guards to drive south to Baytown, east of Houston. There, he took one of the guards' gray uniforms, handcuffed the officers together and left them in the rear of the van, Lyon's statement said.


Check out the Tiger outruns Elin video game

You'll find it here. Enjoy!

This week is for Jews singing Christmas tunes

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The rise of the hot Jewish girl

In a recent poll on the porn blog Fleshbot, "Jewish girls" ranked second among kinks (the winner: "freckles"). Jewesses aren't just the rage in the triple-X realm, either: They're seducing goyim on Mad Men and Glee and giving movie geeks conniptions over reports of JILF-on-JILF action between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming Black Swan.

That Jewish women have become the ethnic fetish du jour is all the more remarkable given that Jews represent a truly tiny minority (2.2 percent) of the U.S. population. In recent years, God's chosen menfolk have been objects of affection, too, though they draw their appeal from cuddly schlubbiness, not sexual energy—consider Judd Apatow's all-Jewish Frat Pack (Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, et al.). But unlike their funnyman brothers, Jewish girls have had to overcome the old stinging JAP stereotype of frigidity, whininess, and big hair.

Recently, however, the Fran Drescher rep has given way to a more smoldering image. Think cultural mutts like Rachel Weisz, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Rachel Bilson—women who have little in common beyond sultriness and Star of David necklaces.


Scarlett Johansson

Rachel Bilson

Natalie Portman

Mila Kunis

Happy 31st birthday Nelly Furtado

Tiger been bad

  • Celebrities are the last people who should be having affairs. Paparazzi are everywhere digging for dirt. Tabloids will pay big money for juicy stories like this. But the famous and powerful still do it because they always think they can get away with it.
  • Speaking of tabloids, the website has done 52 posts on the Tiger Wood scandal since the crash last week. No wonder people are getting sick of the story.
  • When ever trouble strikes they always request privacy. Seems hypocritical since these people make millions off their fame. I guess they don't believe it's a two way street.
  • Sounds like the story about Tiger and Elin having a big blow up and her chasing him with a golf club appears more plausible now. reports she used a wedge (although it was unsure if it was a sand wedge or lob wedge).
  • I'm sure it was an emotional or intellectual attraction that Tiger had with Jaimee Grubbs. Afterall she was a cocktail waitress.
  • Erin isn't leaving him so fast. She likely signed a prenup so she will likely be weighing to cost of taking off over the embarrassment of staying with him.
  • Just another example of how athletes are rotten role models. The lie, cheat and make make obscene money. Only when faced with indisputable evidence do they ever come clean. Other than that life is good.
  • This doesn't hurt him one bit financially. The golf circuit desperately needs Tiger and his sponsors need him too. That's why they pay him so well.

Beauty queen died for a firmer behind

A former Miss Argentina and international model has died three days after booking herself in for a buttock lift at a Buenos Aires, in a tragedy that has thrown the growing national obsession with the body beautiful into the spotlight.

Solange Magnano, a 38-year-old married mother of twins who still enjoyed a successful modelling career, died of a pulmonary embolism.

“A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind,” said fashion designer and close friend, Roberto Piazza, in whose runway shows Ms Magnano frequently appeared.

Ms Magnano, who was Miss Argentina in 1994, had gone with a friend to a clinic run by Monica Portnoy, which, according to reports in the Argentinian press, performs an average of 15 such procedures daily. But after complications developed during the operation, which involves injections of the substance Polimetilmetacrilate, she was rushed to hospital with acute respiratory deficiency.

Her condition deteriorated until she suffered the embolism on Sunday, said Dr Gonzales Cortes, who attended her case.

This week is for Jews singing Christmas tunes

Hump Day Hottie

Chloe Sevigny

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Target call police on breastfeeding shopper

The AP says that police were called when Target employees tried to throw a couple out of the store because the woman was breastfeeding in the electronics aisle. The husband, a Detroit police officer, says they were told by the security guard that the act was “against the law.”

Obviously, as a police officer, he knew that wasn't true.

Target says they regret the incident, but, "This specific situation escalated to a point where we were concerned for the safety of our guests, so law enforcement was called. We regret the incident in our store and will continue to provide a shopping environment that respects the needs of all guests, including nursing mothers."

The mom told the local Fox affiliate, "Forcing me out of the store. Two security guards, the manager or team leader, two officers, they just made a spectacle and a scene. I feel like I can't go to that specific Target anymore."

The manager of the store told Fox breastfeeding is "not discouraged" in her store.


Mug Shot of the Week

Who was really driving Tiger Wood's car?

...Toonces the cat?

Woody Allen is 74 today

PETA will fry in Hell for this one

PETA has done it again with their "Be An Angel For Animals" campaign that features celebs as angels. Coming so close to Christmas, the latest ad featuring Playboy's Joanna Krupa naked but hidden behind a well-placed holy cross has sent the Catholic League into battle mode.

Keith Ballard lets it out on his own goalie

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Michaele Salahi drops in on David Letterman

Hey look, Michaele Salahi crashes Ivanka Trump's wedding

Bo Jackson is 47

Improv Everywhere does 'Where's Rob?'

A great stunt by the New York City-based comedy troupe “Improv Everywhere.”


New York's most honoured citizen

Benjamin Doctor, 53, has been convicted 134 times on misdemeanor offenses -- but he's walking the streets of upper Manhattan, free as a repeatedly released jailbird.

He's been busted on charges ranging from aggressive panhandling and drug possession to petty theft and lewd conduct over the course of a 30-year criminal career.

Doctor has been arrested seven times since March alone. He's awaiting his day in court on five separate charges, including obstructing traffic, begging and drug possession.

He spent most of September locked up at Rikers Island. On Sept. 26, three days after his release from jail, he was caught at 4:15 a.m. on West 104th Street in front of the Douglass Houses with a pipe and bag of crack. A judge released him on his own recognizance.

OUCH! Chris Bosh gets Paul Pierce's knee in the gut

This week is for Jews singing Christmas tunes

Give The Jew Girl Toys - Amazing videos are here

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Cavemen" caged in Warsaw Zoo

This is actually a new exhibit at the public zoo in Warsaw, Poland. The week-long exhibit is a publicity stunt to call attention to a new play called "Caveman" that is opening in the Polish capital. It is also intended to convey the message that modern humans are not so different from their prehistoric ancestors.

It's pretty lame. The caged caveman seems to be clean-shaven. I always pictured them as pretty hairy, almost ape-like. And that cavewomen looks like she had her hair styled for the exhibit although it's pretty ugly looking.

Pretty much a pathetic attempt, even for a publicity stunt.

Just in! Tiger Wood's caddy has been fired!

How about merging klezmer and bluegrass music?

I've discovered Margot Leverett & The Klezmer Mountain Boys.

Rick Mercer on Political Junk Mail

One year under Brian Burke

It has been exactly 365 days since MLSE announced that Brian Burke would be the Toronto Maple Leafs' 13th General Manager (excluding those who held the job on an interim basis). It seems longer because Burke's name kept coming up for about 9 months, ever since John Ferguson was fired and Cliff Fletcher brought back as an interim GM. Burke supposedly was hired for 6 years with an annual salary of $3 million so despite the complaints of some fans, Brian isn't going any place real soon. Some other strong candidates were seriously considered (eg., David Poile) but Burke was selected because of his experience, his availability and interest and the fact he could handle the pressure-cooker environment. So what have Burke accomplished in the past year. A small group of inpatient fans have already written off Burke. Not sure that is fair considering the team he inherited.

Management Team

Shortly after his own hiring Burke offered Dave Nonis the position of Senior Vice-President and Director of Hockey Operations for the Maple Leafs. This is the third time Nonis has held this position under Burke. Ron Wilson was retained as coach. The two have been friends for decades but had never worked together until Toronto. When Joe Nieuwendyk left to become GM of the Stars, Burke replaced him with Dave Poulin. Cliff Fletcher also remained as a special advisor. There weren't many other changes. Anthony Belza was promoted from the Marlies to be the Leafs' conditioning coach. Francois Allaire left Anaheim to be a goaltending consustant with the Leafs. For those who thought there would be massive firings and hirings in the front office, that hasn't happened.

Stocking the Marlies

To compensate for the lack of young prospects in the Maple Leaf organization, Burke aggressively pursued college and European free agents. No question he came up big on this front. He signed the most pursued European free agent - Jonas Gustavsson. There is all types of speculation on what was the key to the signing - an agreement to bring over teammate Rikard Wallin, a call from Borje Salming, Toronto's reputation as a hockey mecca. The likely reason is that Toronto had no bona fide first stringer and no competition for even a back up goalie. He only needed to show up and remain healthy to make the team (that almost didn't happen). As for college grads, the Leafs grabbed Tyler Bozak and Christian Hanson - 2 of the 3 top college free agents (the other Matt Gilroy signed with the Rangers). Joey Macdonald was signed to back up James Reimer, the Marlies young goalie prospect. Other prospects sent to the farm team were Carl Gunnersson, Viktor Stalberg, Ryan Hamilton, and Jiri Tlusty. To match the direction of the Leafs, some additional muscle was brought on board including Richard Greenop and Troy Brodie.

Pugnacity, Testosterone, Truculence and Belligerence

This now famous quote set the tone for the Burke era in Toronto. Right off the bat the new GM traded Pavel Kubina to the Atlanta Thrashers for defenseman Garnet Exelby and signing free agents Mike Komisarek from the Montreal Canadiens, François Beauchemin from the Ducks and Colton Orr from the Rangers. He also picked up centre Wayne Primeau for defense prospect Anton Stralman from Calgary. These deals had an immediate impact on the team though not all positive. The number of fights shot up but the Leafs were not necessarily tougher. They spent more time killing penalties are were no more successful at it this season than the previous one. The bottom line that the top lines were still made up of small, soft players who were still easily knocked off the puck.

Restocking the Top Six Forwards

As Cliff Fletcher pointed out last season, the Leafs had only one legitimate top 6 forward and he (Nik Antropov) was traded away at last season's trading deadline. Burke made a number of wel publicized attempts to remedy that weakness with little success so far. Burke's first off-season in Toronto was sparked by public comments in April 2009, stating he was scoping the possibility of acquiring the first overall pick from the New York Islanders to select John Tavares in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Islanders GM Garth Snow caught wind of the Burke's comments and publicy critizied him for unprofessionality. Unable to trade up from seventh overall, however, Burke selected Nazem Kadri of the London Knights. Burke had hoped to take a run at potential free agents Daniel and Henrik Sedin but the Canucks signed the twins on the evening before they were to hit the market. At the Entry Draft Burke thought he had a deal to send Tomas Kaberle to Boston for unsigned Phil Kessel but that deal fell through. Burke finally landed his "franchise player" on September 18, sending theLeafs' 2010 and 2011 first-round picks with a 2010 second-round pick to the Boston Bruins for Kessel. Upon trading for Kessel, Burke signed him to a five-year, $27 million deal. He paid a huge price for the young centre who has so far actually lived up to the billing and high expectations.

So in the first year as GM, Burke had shook up the organization by challenging players to be more physical and engaged in games and brought in some muckers to show the way. His team has picked up their intensity in games with the help of Coach Ron Wilson. However, an inconsistent and often injured Vesa Toskala has been a big hole in the lineup. The rookie goalie has looked good at times but has a lot of work to do. He over plays some shots and has to rely on his athleticism to compensate. Hagman and Kessel provide some scoring up front but the top 6 remains very weak. Young players in the system may help one day but not in the near future. This remains a long term project.

Swedish woman killed by elk, police drop charges on husband

Ingemar Westlund, aged 68, found the dead body of his wife Agneta, 63, by a lake close to the village of Loftahammer in September 2008.

He was immediately arrested and held in police custody for 10 days.

Now the case has been dropped after forensic analysis found elk hair and saliva on his wife's clothes.

Mr Westlund told Expressen newspaper: "My family and I have been dragged through a nightmare."

His wife had last been seen taking the family dog out for a walk in the forest. When she failed to return her husband went out to look for her.

Although the murder investigation was dropped five months ago, details have only just emerged and the police plan to hold a news conference next week to explain what happened.


Cathy Moriarty is 49 today

Here she is in Raging Bull with Roberto DiNiro. She was 18 when she made the film.

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