Saturday, December 26, 2009

Matt Stajan is playing his way off the Leafs

Matt Stajan has looked very good of late. However, I'm afraid he has looked too good. He is having a career year playing centre to Phil Kessel and is the leading all Leaf forwards in scoring with 28 points. At this pace he will score 24 goals and 61 points.

Stajan is also 26 and a UFA this summer. His salary is a comfortable $1,750,000 is you are Brian Burke. The problem is that UFA with Stajan's stats are getting $4 million per season. Nik Antropov scored 59 points last season and is earning $4 million; Johan Franzen scored 34 goals and 59 points last season and is earning $5.5 million (with a cap hit of $3.955); The Sharks' Ryane Clowe is earning $3.5 million and in his best season he scored 52 points; Alex Frolov of the Kings is earning $4 million (but cap his only $2.9) and his best season was 67 points; and finally the Devils' Travis Zajac who had a career year of 62 points last year and is earning $2.75 million (the cap hit is $3.888).

But is Matt Stajan really a number 1 centre? I don't think so. Playing along side Kessel and inflating his numbers. The Leafs have signed Grabovski for 3 years to centre a 2nd line who is another small centre but with more offensive potential. Do you think Brian Burke will want to pay a centre easily knocked off the puck and who relies on linemates to pick up points $3 to $4 million?

However, as was the case with Moore and Antropov last season, the ideal time to maximize your return is to trade a player who is having a career year. Don't be surprised to see Stajan moved at the trading deadline this season. I would rather see Jeff Finger or Jason Blake but there isn't a market for these overpriced commodities. My guess is Burke will continue to search for a legitimate 1st line centre and look for a more physical centre to put on the 3rd line. Now I would rather keep Stajan over Grabovski for the 2nd line but the Leafs lack creative players with the puck so Grabovski will likely stick around.

Hero (?) from Northwest Flight 253

A supposed hero emerged from Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day and his name is Jasper Schuringa. The resident of Amsterdam jumped suspect Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who ignited an explosive device while the plane was getting ready to land in Detroit.

In an interview with CNN, the young man related that he heard a loud bang that sounded like a firecracker, followed by someone screaming: “Fire! Fire!” Schuringa leaped over several seats and saw the suspect holding a burning object between his legs. Jasper pulled it from him and ordered others to douse it with water. He then pulled Abdulmutallab out of his seat and dragged him to the front of the plane. It has yet to be determined that the material carried on by Abdulmutallab could have taken down the plane. However, these days you cannot take these threats lightly.

Schuringa pulled off the suspects clothing to search for other devices and continued to subdue the terrorist while a crew member secured him in handcuffs.

Bad Santa Week

Phil Spector turns 70!

We're expecting the rain to freeze later on

I was pretty sure Santa was a Marlboro man

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

One Hit Wonder - Christmas edition

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas (1984)

Santa robs bank to pay elves

Santa robbed the Sun Trust Bank in Nashville, Tennessee, dressed in his traditional costume of a red suit, hat and beard, along with a slightly less traditional pair of sunglasses.

According to Metropolitan Nashville Police, the man entered the bank on Tuesday morning, and demanded money from the teller at gunpoint.

Santa also told the bank employees not to put dye packs in the money, or he would come back and 'kill everyone'.

After the teller complied and handed over the cash, the robber left - explaining on his way out that 'Santa needed to pay his elves.'

The decade in photos - 2001

Rick Mercer on Liberal Party Imploder

Danish police shoot reindeer

...just days before Christmas. What an image.

Bad Santa Week

The decade in photos - 2002