Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Nice Jewish girl' Anna Fermanova busted for trying to smuggle night-vision scopes to Russia

Russia's newest export is sexy bad girls named Anna.

Hot on the stiletto heels of sultry spy Anna Chapman comes Anna Fermanova, busted for trying to smuggle night-vision scopes to Moscow.

And just like redheaded double agent Chapman, foxy Fermanova left a trail of very revealing photos of herself on Facebook.

Fermanova, who was born in Latvia, was arrested at her home near Dallas on July 15 after returning from a four-month trip to Moscow - where her husband lives, court papers say.

"She's a nice Jewish girl who lives with her sweet Latvian parents," said Scott Palmer, a Dallas criminal defense attorney.

But court documents make Fermanova sound like quite the femme fatale.

They say a confidential informant tipped off federal immigration agents in February that Fermanova was in the market for weapons accessories.

Agents stopped her a month later at Kennedy Airport when she checked in for a Moscow-bound flight.

They found a $7,000 Raptor 4X Night Vision Weapons Sight in the blond bombshell's suitcase, along with two other night-vision devices worth $4,000 each, records say.

Fermanova told the agents she bought the scopes online for her husband's hunting buddies in Russia.


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