Thursday, December 23, 2010

George Atis - I hate hockey fathers like you

Is there anything more pathetic than a hockey dad? I've met enough of them in my 10 years coaching kids hockey. Typically they helicopter parents who live vicariously through their kid's hockey and are obsessed with getting their child to "be the best they can be." I hated these parents because they ruined it for everyone - the kids, the coaches, and the other parents. On one occasion I asked one dad to stop coming to games because he was embarrassing his kid.

So when I read this latest story about a dad stalking a peewee hockey team, I was not surprised to learn that the culprit is a lawyer. I've met many lawyers who can't seem to turn off their aggressive intimidating bullshit out of the workplace.

I didn’t know that lawyers would use their powers to humiliate and embarrass little girls who weren’t playing all that well.

Kayla Watkins, 12, was fine with being the only girl on a boy's hockey team — til she saw a meeting agenda item about her "Player Ability Limitations," including handwringing over her locker room changing, written by another kid's dad.

According to The Toronto Star, George Atis, a parent who is not the coach, wrote in the agenda,

"It is now 14 games into the season and I have noticed that Kayla's play has not improved. It is at the point where many of the team members do not want to play on this team if this situation is not addressed."

Atis then details two possible options for consideration, either moving Kayla from defence to forward and keeping her off of power plays and penalty kills, or playing her every second shift on defence and again keeping her off special teams "until her skating and shooting improves."

"If Kayla is NOT amenable to the above options, the coach should find Kayla a new team to play on - commensurate to her skill level - for the balance of the season," the agenda reads.

I've seen parents in the past organize these meetings behind the coaches' backs.

By the way the coach had no problems with Kayla. He selected her for the team and has no regrets. This only an "A" team, the lowest level of competitive hockey in Toronto.

Kayla had enough of the bullshit and moved to an all-girls team.


Anonymous said...

Lawyers are the most useless piece in the society machine. Someone with a lot of money needs to go to bat for this little girl and sue his ass off for being an idiot.

Pseudonym said...

It seems Kayla was the mature and level headed one in this case. She just wanted to have fun playing hockey so she just decided to move on. Having coached there I'm very familiar with the North York Storm organization where she is now playing. She made a fine choice.

Anonymous said...

the difference between a cat fish and this George Atis?, ones a bottom sucking scum feeder and the other's a fish. Actually makes assholes look good.

Anonymous said...

Don't use this opportunity to slam all lawyers. Most of us are decent, hard-working people. Sure the over the top contractual-type language he used may have had something to do with his profession but if he wasn't a lawyer he would have found some other way to torment this poor kid. Jerks are jerks no matter what profession they happen to choose.

Pseudonym said...

I'm slamming hockey parents but this one is also a lawyer which puts him in a unique category. I deal with a lot of personal injury lawyers and the decent ones are too few.

Anonymous said...

Met many like him in my 15 years of coaching, and is primary reason I no longer coach.

IF you email something expect it to be read.

Girls are not unusual at this age, my own played on a boys team until M Bantam,there are ways to deal with dressing rooms. (I had a moron upset with this as well)

We need to have the parents leave the kids at the rink and pick em up afterwards. They will all do much better.

Anonymous said...

A quick read of Atis' webpage is quite revealing. This slimeball actually profits from taking jobs away from people. He's an outsourcing lawyer. Though he's claim he works mostly "vendor side" and therefore creates employment.

It's not hard to see how someone with such morals would lose perspective and essentially bully a young girl off a sports team. I hope he honestly has trouble sleeping at night. Perhaps this will even affect his practice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Law Society would consider that George Atis brings disrepute upon the legal profession?

Anonymous said...

This is typical behaviour by a "coach wannabe" and they are a dime a dozen in our arenas. You see, in this waldo's mind, Kayla may be interfering with his son's "NHL bid". Yeah. Right, pal. In reality, his son is not good enough to play on any AAA team, so his 'father', and I use that word lightly, makes up any excuse to put his son in the limelight, up to and including hurting not only Kayla, but everyone else on the team also. This guy is not a hockey parent, or an armchair coach. He's just a complete jerk. How else will she improve if she does not get increased ice time? You figure a lawyer may be smart enough to figure that out. Apparently not. Not this lawyer anyway. these 'types' are a cancer to the game. The whole team, parents, and coaching staff should totally ignore this guy. He deserves nothing more. Eventually, he'll just take his kid to another team. And it will happen there too. Eventually he'll figure it out. By the time he does though, his kid will be playing with his buddies in a men's rec hockey league, and NOT in the NHL! And, hopefully, Kayla will be a first round pick for the Pittsburgh Penguins!

Pseudonym said...

The Toronto Star reports that Atis has a hockey blog which I have been unable to locate. On it he continues to defend his actions and claims he had support from other parents. He seems to also have an issue with Kayla's mom who was the manager until her daughter left the team. The coach and current manager still defend Kayla and funny how no parent has publicly supported Kayla. When I was coaching in such instances I would have asked Kayla to stay and asked Atis to take his son elsewhere.

Financeguy said...

Here's his blog.

It's chock-full of his nonsense about this whole issue. He says "I just want everyone to know that the insults, the threats and the attacks by Internet hackers on my website, will never dissuade me from speaking out about any situation that is wrong." I got news for you sir, your interference and lack of compassion is what's wrong with so many people these days, and I hope your son grows up to become nothing like you.

Anonymous said...

I love how asshats like this guy coach from the bleachers. They don't have the balls to stand on the bench. I am appalled that the coach even let it get this far. Where the hell was he and why didn't he step up for this girl?

I love how mature she was through this whole ordeal. It shows great strength of character. The number of female hockey players is growing at astonishing numbers, not to mention college scholarships now available to these girls.

Anonymous said...

George Atis is almost as bad a human being as Shirley Phelps-Roper

Anonymous said...

Here is george atis email link:

I noticed he took down all contact tabs from his site but with a simple search on his site I found it.

Anonymous said...

this is a response from Mr. Atis to a commenter on another site.
I think it says shows the mind thought of this guy. His poor poor family ....

Hello Craig,
One can always tell a lot about a person who will judge another based on an article in a newspaper. Since you took the time to write, however, allow me to retort. (And, I will keep it simple because I don’t know you or the level of comprehension you have of the English language. Based on your e-mail to me, I am assuming a baseline education level; nevertheless, I can dumb-down the point of my response should you miss it when you read this reply.)
If you are going to judge a person on the basis of what is written in a newspaper - without any independent investigation - then, your "opinion" of that person means "squat".
Do you get point, Sparky?
I have never been one to care about the uninformed opinions of others – and your would fall into that general category. And, have you ever heard the saying about an “opinion”? Well, you have just confirmed it.
Have a great day – and a great Christmas – if you celebrate it.

Anonymous said...

He may be a lawyer, but that has nothing to do with him being a scumbag! What a total piece of shit!
I'm hoping that everyone who knows him treats him accordingly. I know what I would do with shit; treat it like shit! He deserves no better!

Anonymous said...

Somebody should tell little George that his NHL dreams flew away a long time ago.

Reprehensible scum would be a good description for him....and that's not counting his profession.

Adam said...

Wow George - I bet you didn't think a search on your name would come up with so much crap about you. Good luck with your reputation after this.

George is a complete douchebag for what he's done to this poor girl. Everyone should have the right to play and this d*ckhead has bullied her off a A-level hockey team. Not AAA by the way... not going into the NHL or anything... but a fun single-A team.


Anonymous said...

George Atis, what a name, bet he is getting back at all the people who called him asskiss as a child. oh he still is a child. Big tuough guy picking on a little girl.
Your son is on the worst team ever now. Way to go Dad. Imagine having a father like you...what a joke. See some people must should not have children, another case in point.
he tough guy

LindsayDianne said...

I was "cut" from a volleyball team in sixth grade AFTER we made the playoffs for the same kind of reason.
Not only is this man a complete asshole for taking children's hockey to a level far beyond reasonable, but he's a scab on the buttocks of society in general. You can tell a few things from the way he has conducted himself, his career choice, and his decision to decline to comment when his opinion would be voiced in a national or provincial newspaper instead of just being on his blog.
He's got his priorities all screwy and this awesome girl doesn't need it. I just feel bad for the boy that's going to have to deal with Atis's bullshit now that there is no female to get it thrown at her. He'll find some other kid to single out as his weakest link, I'm sure.

DJ said...

All of you know nothing, it's those idiotic and money hungry newsreporters and article writers who waste all of their time, taking a story and twisting it and changing it to make it seem like this person is at fault. The true story is that she did miss a lot of the practices and many of the games, she barely played on the team and was getting glory for nothing. If this was a little boy being "harrased" no of you would even care. The girl is related to the coach, therefore, favoritism. Listen to the true story before you go run your mouths, assholes. PS. this "asshole" you keep talking about is my god father.