Thursday, December 23, 2010

Romanian Parliament interrupted by balcony jumper

Last week it was the rumble in the Ukrainian Parliament, today it's a jumper in the Romanian Parliament. A public television employee jumped from the balcony of Romania's parliament to protest austerity measures. He survived.

The jumper, Adrian Sobaru, is an electrician with Romanian public television. According to Reuters, he threw himself from a balcony during a no-confidence vote tied to the government's latest austerity moves while wearing a shirt that read, "You killed our children's future, you sold us." Romania is the EU's second poorest country, and people are unhappy with their government's agreements with the International Monetary Fund to cut costs across the board. The government was facing its fourth no-confidence vote this year, all of which it has survived.

Sobaru survived the fall with fractures to the face, but none of his injuries are life threatening. He might want to consider joining the cast of the Spider-Man musical on Broadway if he's into high risk activities on public.

Wow, Canadian Parliament is down right boring compared to the Europeans. Canadian Members of Parliament struggle to stay awake.


Anonymous said...

That comment about the Spider-Man musical is a little bit over the line and you should have kept it to yourself.

Peter said...

Anonymous, who appointed you Minister of Appropriate Internet Commentary? Oh yeah, you're a self-appointed finger wagger!
I thought it was funny, so suck it, onion balls!

Pseudonym said...

My comment was really a reflection on that ridiculous Broadway play that puts its actors at risk. Hanging from a wire is much safer than jumping off a balcony. But humour is a good way of making a point.