Saturday, January 09, 2010

Art Clokey 1921 - 2010

I just learned that Art Clokey, creator of Gumbyand Pokey died yesterday at the age of 89.

Joan Baez turns 69 today

Only in Canada: Man charged with snow blowing while drunk

A civic-minded but drunken man has been charged with pushing a snow blower into a major intersection north of Toronto.

The unidentified 41-year-old man caused traffic mayhem on Tuesday during rush hour around 5:30 p.m. in Barrie, 50 miles north of Toronto, police Sgt. Robert Allan said.

Allan said before a passing officer was able to reach the man, he was almost struck by cars twice amid clouds of snow he was stirring up. "His capacity to make sound decisions was obviously affected," he said.

The man was arrested and charged with public intoxication and held until he was sober.

Officers said the man offered no explanation for why he wanted to clear the intersection.

Allan said if the man had been riding a snow blower instead of using a hand-push variety, he could have faced an impaired driving charge as well.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Duct tape attire week

Happy 63rd birthday to David Bowie

Toronto Maple Leafs: Is the glass half full or half empty?

When it comes to Toronto Maple Leaf fans, many view their team through blue tinted glasses. In every loss they see a silver lining - the team worked hard, they were able to comeback from a 2-goal deficit, Matt Stajan had a strong game, the referees were bad, it was a moral victory. Many fans think they have a strong core and with a few additions, a lot of those losses will turn into wins. The same fans think that you can trade Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala for Jeff Carter.

So are the Leafs on their way to being competitive or are they headed in the opposite direction? Truthfully you can't always tell. This team has shown a lot of resiliency despite falling behind at least 2-0 in 22 games this season. But in addition to being fairly resilient, they have played some pretty bad hockey. Why else have they fallen behind by 2 goals so many times? They are awful on special teams. For example they have had the 9th fewest penalties to kill off in the NHL this season but have given up the most goals killing penalties. Almost one out of three Leaf penalties leads to a goal. Their penatly killing is third worst in NHL history, only slightly better than the 79-80 Kings and the 82-83 Kings.

The goaltending is the worst in the league. Their #1 goalie (Vesa Toskala) has the worst goals against average and save percentage in the league which has forced the team to sit him on the bench. The backup goalie (Jonas Gustavsson) is a rookie who has been forced into the starting role because of the inept play of Toskala. The problem is Gustavsson is just not ready to be a #1 goalie. The result has been a disaster and part of the explanation why the Leafs keep falling behind in games. Teams with strong goaltending can get away with an off night but the Leafs can never afford to have an off night.

As was the case last season, a weak forward corpse means players are assigned roles they are not suited for. For example, Matt Stajan has neither the size or skill to be a first line centre. Stajan is this year's Dominic Moore who last season had inflated numbers and unrealistic salary demands. We know how that turned out. Fans can't understand why the Leafs aren't bringing up that terrific young talent on the Marlies roster. Well that's because no one is ready for prime time. The Marlies top scorer is 62nd in scoring in the AHL. And that player is none other than Andre Deveaux. Yes, a fighter is their leading scorer. Folks, the cupboard is bare.

As we are all well aware, Brian Burke's eagerness to acquire a top end talent led him to trade two first round draft picks for Phil Kessell so there will be no hot prospects to look forward to next spring. To compensate, Burke will be looking to trade veterans with any value in March for draft picks so that he has some reason to show up at the draft before round 3. No that doesn't mean Toskala or Blake. You would need to give away draft picks to convince another GM to take them off your hands. The players most likely to be traded are Hagman, Kaberle and Stajan. But if someone is willing to send a low draft pick for a Mayers or a Stempniak, they will be gone too.

So back to my question - is the glass half full or half empty?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

One Hit Wonder

Mountain - Mississippi Queen (1970)

Creator of Pez dispenser has passed away

This is a truly sad day. A titan of industry. A captain of candy. A Nikola Tesla-like inventor, has died. Yep, the guy that invented the miraculous PEZ dispenser is gone.

Candy genius Curtis Allina died at the age of 87.

It was in 1955 that Mr. Allina brought the Austrian candy to the USA and started a pop culture phenomenon. Who hasn't owned a Pez dispenser? What other candy is mentioned in Seinfeld?

And dead people are also lousy witnesses

Bristol Palin is a PR consultant

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, has founded her own public relations firm, according to documents filed with the state Commerce Department.

The company, based in Anchorage, will be known as BSMP LLC. Bristol Palin signed the documents as the organizer. Her full name is Bristol Sharon Marie Palin.

So either this is a way to funnel PAC money into the Palin family or there is a big demand for teenage unwed mothers promoting abstinence.

Yes there are those who are questioning Bristol Palin’s credentials and knowledge base for this undertaking, however I recall that the same was said about other family members lacking credentials and knowledge base... umm never mind.

Hey Donna Rice of 'Monkey Business' fame is 52 today

Ground ball hit down the 3rd baseline..oops wrong sport

Duct tape attire week

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Revolutionary x-ray technology coming to an airport near you

A low cost x-ray innovation is about to be distributed to airports around North America. The technology is not only affordable but very portable. They can be folded up and carried in a case inside your pocket. Not only can they be used to enhance airport security but also places like shopping malls (see below) and schools.

Canadian Junior loss has a silver lining

I don't mind when you get beat by a better team and last night's loss by Canada's Junior men's hockey team was just that. The Americans had more speed, more discipline, and more grit. But more important, the Americans had better goaltending.

In the four games played against opponents other than the U.S., Canada outscored the opposition 36-3. It appeared they had superb goaltending but as it turned out the results were skewed by weak opponents. A fairer test was the U.S. who managed 10 goals in the 2 games played. Clearly not good enough to win gold. In fact, had they not pulled out the win on New Years Eve, they may not have made it to the gold medal game. This is no knock on Jake Allen who is an excellent player but his glove hand failed him throughout the tournament.

Losing to a team like Team USA is no shame. Those were incredibly exciting and entertaining games. As well. winning 5 golds and 2 silvers over 7 World tournaments speaks volumes to Canada's outstanding Junior hockey program. I would doubt Canada's professional players could match that record.

I said I was looking for a secretary with flexibility not a one that was flexible

Skinny dipping can be hazardous

stolen from here

How would you like to be on a 5-hour flight next to this crazy lady?

Duct tape attire week

Hump Day Hottie

Eva Amurri

Monday, January 04, 2010

Mug Shot of the Week

Best summary of the past decade

click on chart to enlarge

New candidates for Parents of the Year

Georgia couple are charged with child cruelty for tattooing six of their children.

The 2010 Ultimate Coach Potato Champion is...

Jorge Cruz of New York. Jorge takes home a grand prize package worth over $4000 including a new HD-TV, a recliner, free cable or satellite service for a year, and, of course the trophy. He would take a bow but he's a coach potato.


Dead man throws himself a birthday party

Jack Greenberg threw himself an 84th birthday bash and invited three dozen of his closest pals.

He, however, was underground.

Greenberg died Feb. 9, 2008. But that didn't stop him from getting his friends together for yet another party - at his grav

A successful Cincinnati businessman who gave generously to Jewish causes, Greenberg set aside $1.5 million in his will to keep his birthday parties going for at least another 20 years.

So on Saturday, which was Greenberg's birthday, stretch limousines were dispatched to pick up the party-goers and ferry them to the Love Brothers Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery in the suburb of Price Hill.

Once there, Katzman read a letter from the absent guest of honor. The invitees placed stones on Greenberg's grave - a Jewish tradition - and posed for a group picture. Then it was off to a local hotel for a nice nosh.

Before splitting, each guest got $1,500 as a gift.source

Large kid + Frozen lake = ???

At least she didn't call 911

A Toledo woman, who allegedly put her fist through a McDonald's drive-thru window after being told her order couldn't be filled, appeared in court Saturday on a felony vandalism charge.

Melodi Dushane, 24, of 1332 Felt St., became “upset that chicken nuggets weren't available” Friday and “punched out the drive-thru window” at the restaurant on Front Street at Main Street, according to Toledo police.

Before she was booked into the Lucas County jail, she was treated at Mercy St. Charles Hospital for injuries she suffered during the incident.

At least she didn't call 911 like this Florida woman.


Duct tape attire week

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Drawf Punks, Daft Bodies Strippers and Groovy Dancing Girl

“Dwarfed Punk”, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk remixed with the 1937 Disney animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Then there was Daft Bodies Strippers.

But you just can't beat the Groovy Dancing Girl (over 4,5 million hits on YouTube).

I'm thinking airline security is getting too strict should at least be allowed to wear underwear onto a plane.

Did you know that God hates Lady Gaga?

Statue of the Week

Iranian regime is paranoid and insecure

The arrest and imprisonment of Maziar Bahari by Iran is an excellent example of how dangerous it would be for Iran to possess nuclear weapons. Bahari is an Iranian-Canadian journalist and a reporter for Newsweek. Bahari was imprisoned by the Iranian government in June 2009, but was released on October 20, 2009. He was arrested during the 2009 Iranian Election Protests without charge. He was coerced into a televised confession (picture above) acknowledging Western journalists as spies. Why did he raise Iranian suspicion? Well partly because of an interview he did with Jason Jones, a correspondent of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, where Jones was dressed as a spy as a joke.

Bahari was held in solitary confinement in Evin Prison in Iran. He was interrogated and beatened daily, but was blindfolded or made to face away from his interrogator. After 118 days in jail, Bahari was released on bail on October 20, 2009, soon after Hillary Rodham Clinton had expressed interest in his case.

His story reveals a regime that is gripped with paranoia, irrationality, and insecurity. The thought is quite unsettling when you consider their relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons. The Iranian people have lost faith in their theocracy which is now using intimidation and violence to remain in power. The recent presidential elections eliminated what is left of credibility for the clerics that run the country. They remain in power largely due to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards which now control every aspect of Iranian society including security, enforcing religious laws and key aspects of the economy.

I recommend that you read his story. It is chilling.

Mel Gibson the Jew hater is 54 today

Olympic hockey teams load up on NHL players

According to my count the countries entering men's hockey teams in the 2010 Olympics have selected 142 NHL players. That does not include former NHL players such as Sergei Federov who will also be playing in Vancouver. The interesting thing is that you would think that the top teams in the NHL are providing most of the players. That is not always the case. Teams at the bottom of the standings (Toronto, Anaheim, Columbus) are providing more players than some of the top teams (Buffalo, Phoenix, Calgary). San Jose who is first overall in the NHL is providing the most players with 8 on Olympic squads but right behind with 7 are Anaheim, Vancouver and Detroit.

It's quite easy to explain. Only Canada has an abundance of talent in the NHL (about 400 players). So if a NHL team has a Swiss, German or Slovak player, odds are they are good enough to make that country's Olympic team. To show how powerful of a lineup The Sharks had, not only did they have the most players selected but also the most Canadian players (4). While the struggling Islanders are only providing one player to the Swiss team.

Here is the breakdown of Olympians by NHL team:

1. San Jose (8)
2. New Jersey (6)
3. Chicago (6)
4. Buffalo (3)
5. Washington (5)
6. Phoenix (3)
7. Colorado (3)
8. Calgary (4)
9. Pittsburgh (5)
10. Nashville (4)
11. Vancouver (7)
12. Los Angeles (5)
13. Boston (5)
14. Detroit (7)
15. Dallas (4)
16. Ottawa (5)
17. Montreal (6)
18. New York Rangers (4)
19. Minnesota (5)
20. Atlanta (5)
21. Tampa Bay (5)
22. New York Islanders (1)
23. Philadelphia (5)
24. St. Louis (3)
25. Anaheim (7)
26. Florida (2)
27. Columbus (6)
28. Toronto (8)
29. Edmonton (2)
30. Carolina (3)

Creative uses of duct tape week

Philadelphia home has hundreds of dead animals

A graveyard of nearly 500 dead animals, ranging from white-tailed deer to cobra to monkeys, were found strewn inside and outside of a Philadelphia-area home in what investigators believe is evidence of religious ritual killings.

Chicken feathers covered the scene, and among the remains were satanic books, buckets of blood and approximately 100 knives.

It was not a one-time act. George Bengal, a director of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told reporters he couldn’t even identify some of the carcasses because they were so badly decomposed. Officers also found an AK-47 assault rifle at the Feltonville, Pennsylvania two-story house, though it was not clear that it had been used to kill any animals.

"There's all kinds of stuff in there," Officer Jerry Czech of the Pennsylvania Game Commission said. "Dead animals, dead critters, wax, faeces, candles. It's a nightmare."

It is not illegal to sacrifice animals for religious purposes as long as it is done humanely, Bengal said. But it’s not clear that the second condition was met at the grisly crime scene. Investigators reportedly found turtles that had been starved to death inside a tank, and other animals appeared to have been tortured.

A man and his live-in female partner, both believed to currently be in Mexico, are wanted for questioning in relationship to the carnage.

There are two news videos on this page.