Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sarah Palin watch

The next leader of the sole remaining superpower will be the keynote speaker at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Convention at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 6.

Amanda Bynes' legs are now 24 years old

Signs that baseball season is upon us

Virgin Mary occupies bathroom for Holy Week

A homeowner has told how she could not believe her eyes when she noticed a holy image in the marble above her bathtub. "It startled me," said Danell Griego. "It really did it startled me. It's a gift from God."

"I kind of got a little bit scared and went running for my husband and kids and I was like, 'Do you see this?'" said Griego. She did not discover the image until a few years after moving into her home. Last year, she decided to use her bathtub for the first time

"I'm a shower person," Griego said. "I hardly take baths. I don't even know why we put the bathtub in the house." She started the water, had put the bubble bath in and was reaching for her candle that she'd put in the corner of the bathtub when she saw it.

Sign of the day

Does this mean watch out for crossing hookers or does it mean prostitutes operate in the area? Very confusing.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Stefani Germanotta before she was Lady Gaga

John Forsythe 1918-2010

One Hit Wonder

Barry McGwire - Eve of Distruction (1965)

Rodney King is happily celebrating his 45th birthday today

This week we're recognizing Bad Parents

Congratulations to Newark, New Jersey!

For the first time in more than 40 years, an entire calendar month has come and gone without a homicide in the Newark.

On April 1, it has been 32 days since a homicide took place in Newark, marking the first time there has been a slay-free calendar month in the city since 1966.

The longest previous stretch in Newark without a killing was a 57-day streak in 1961 according to the New Jersey Ledger.

There were 77 homicides in Newark in 2009 and the city is home to about 280,000 people. In contrast Toronto has about 2,480,000 people and had only 62 homicides in 2009.

Martha Stewart shows how to put a chicken to sleep

...chickens don't consume the amount of coffee that the rest of us do.

Exclusive Helena Guergis Beauty Pageant video

Here she is - Miss Huronia 1992

Sign of the day

WARNING: Snapping your fingers can damage your health

A barbershop quartet singer has been told by doctors to stop snapping his fingers - after suffering repetitive strain injury.

Stephen Amer, 32, has resorted to slapping his thigh after he was warned he risks long-term damage to his hand.

The crooner, part of quartet the Testosta Tones, said: "The rest of the group thought it was hilarious. It cramps my style, because we keep time with our clicking. But they bought me a little instrument that makes a similar sound. I have to tap it on my thigh."

The kitchen designer visited his GP when his right hand became stiff and painful, thinking it may be caused by spending most of his working days on the computer.

But the doctor dismissed this explanation and was baffled about the cause - until Stephen revealed he had been a barbershop quartet singer for the past 16 years and spends an hour a week snapping his fingers.

Britney Spears would be proud

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Want to buy that car from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

The famous Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is being auctioned off. It’s not a real Ferrari, mind you, since the movie’s producer’s couldn’t actually afford to pay for only to have it crash in Cameron’s back yard.

The car—remember, it’s a replica—is expected to fetch between $45,000 to $91,000. Because, as Cameron points out, "less than 100 were made," the film-makers couldn't exactly afford to splurge on one, only to send it careening into the woods at the end of the movie. So they made a replica.

It does actually drive, though. And you won't have to worry about taking the miles off in reverse.

It's Passover so here's how to make matzah

This week we're recognizing Bad Parents

If Lady Gaga weren't famous

I have nothing to do with this post

Shirley Jones is now 76

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This week we're recognizing Bad Parents

An open letter in support of Helena Guergis

I have know Helena Guergis for 41 years now and I have nothing but good things to say about this wonderful lady. She is kind, wise and generous.

Her best trait has to be her keen sense of style. No one can coordinate her outfits with the skill shown by Helena. Back when she won the Miss Huronia Pageant all the judges comments on how well she was put together. It was no different when she opened that bed and bath gift shop called "Final Touch" at the Rainbow Mall in Angus. People would drop in, not specifically to buy some of those yummy scented candles (I love the vanilla scent) but to see what Helena would wear to the store that day.

Even today she would never be caught dead in the House of Commons with shoes that didn't match her handbag. I happen to know for a fact that the incident in PEI was totally overblown. The poor girl was asked to take off her boots by some unreasonable security person. Well she was wearing brown outfit and purple socks. How would that have looked? For goodness sake they could have asked her to remove her boots in a private room and not in front of complete strangers.

People are saying very cruel things about Helena and that fine young man Rahim. Helena is a great MP, a fine Cabinet Minister and an outstanding Conservative. In Angus people are comparing her to Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Robert Borden, Richard Bennett, and John Diefenbaker. I think she would make a fine Prime Minister.

Oh Helena, we can't wait to see you over Easter.


Stop the sag!

A new billboard campaign in Brooklyn is asking young people to clean up their acts by pulling up their pants. It's a public appeal to "stop the sag."

The 22-foot tall billboards will feature the backsides of two male models with their pants so low their underwear is exposed. They will appear in six locations around Brooklyn, primarily in Crown Heights. State Sen. Eric Adams unveiled the prototype on Sunday.

"When you raise your pants you raise your character. When you raise pants your raise your grades. When you raise your pants you reaise your self-esteem. Then you raise how you feel about yourself," he said. Adams said he paid $2,000 for the billboards with campaign fund.

Yoga for dogs

A Seattle yoga studio is opening its classes to four-legged friends.

In its "doga" class, the "downward dog" pose is done with real dogs.

The goal is to bring the soothing spiritual benefits of yoga to our furry friends. Brenda Bryan just opened the studio about a month ago and says it's been a real hit with dog lovers and their pets alike.

Dogs like it because they get stretched and massaged. Owners like it because the get to spend quality time with their pets.

Brenda says "doga" is more than just rubbing bellies and scratching behind the ears. It's about connecting with your pooch on a deeper level.

She also says the classes teach the pups to relax and have their legs stretched and paws handled, which can really help when it comes to grooming.

Hump Day Hottie

Ana Ivanovic

Monday, March 29, 2010

The most pathetic thieves ever

An elderly Long Island husband and wife were busted yesterday for tampering with boxes of Jell-O pudding -- replacing the contents with sand and salt and then returning them to stores for the $1.40-a-pop refund, officials said.

Alexander Clement, 68, and his wife, Christine Clement, 64, of East Northport disposed of the evidence afterward -- by cooking up and eating the contents of the boxes they had emptied, authorities said.

Police said the couple struck four stores a total of five times. Christine would buy about 10 boxes each time. Her hubby was the driver.

When the pair got home, she allegedly would empty the boxes' contents and replace them with plastic sandwich bags filled with the sand and salt.

After resealing the boxes, her husband would drive her back to the stores, where she would return them for a refund, police said.

The scheme fell apart after a customer who bought one of the resealed boxes complained. Police traced the boxes back to the Clements.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This week we're recognizing Bad Parents

I don't get the Western Wall

Hasidic Jews praying at the Wall.

I just got back from Israel and saw the silly spectacle that takes place at the Kotel or Western Wall. For those not aware, the Wall is not one of the walls of the ancient Holy Temples of the Jews. The Temple was totally destroyed by the Romans.

The most southern section of the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount. No prayers going on here.

Rather the Western Wall is a portion of the retaining wall of the Temple Mount that still exists. The Temple Mount at one time held the Holy Temple but now has two well known mosques - the Dome on the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Dome of the Rock which sits on the Temple Mount and once the home of the Holy Temple.

The retaining wall is quite long (about 1,600 feet) and pretty much goes right across the entire Old City of Jerusalem. Orthodox Jews have taken over a 187 feet portion and treat it like it was holy. The portion of the wall is supposedly the closest section to where the Temples used to be located on the Temple Mount. They don't care about the remaining portion of the wall.

This is the 187 feet section of the wall the has been designated as holy. More like a Hasidic 3-ring circus.

By taking over the site, I mean they enforce segregation of sexes, modest attire, and other silliness. In addition, if you linger in the area you will eventually get hit on for money by a Hasidic Jew because many don't work. Instead the study Torah all day and expect the rest of the world to support them.

Women are segregated by a large barricade but as you can see they stand on chairs to watch the services on the other sides which defeats the purpose of the barricade. Women are not supposed to be visible.

Personally I was not one bit spiritually moved by the Wall. There were many other uplifting and emotional events in the trip but not the visit to the Wall. If I lived in Jerusalem I would want to set up an alternative section of the wall for Liberal Jews that would be egalitarian.

Which do you prefer: Wedding in White Castle vs. Wedding in Pro Bass Shop

It was a great Valentine’s Day in Newark as Stephanie Keil and Rich Brostowski tied the knot at the local White Castle. Instead of going with the traditional cake, the restaurant built a tower of (non-edible) hamburger boxes.

Getting married on Valentine's Day at White Castle in Newark

Jonathan and Jennifer Honeycutt exchanged vows over the weekend at the Bass Pro Shop in Sevier County, Tennessee. The bride had her white-and-camo dress specially made.

Today is Lady Gaga's 24th birthday

Statue of the Week

I'd like to see Patrick Chan or Joannie Rochette do this

This week we're recognizing Bad Parents