Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Mel Gibson favourite

Mug Shot of the Week

Mel Gibson clears the record straight

Mel Gibson has released a brief statement apologizing for his use of racial slurs. In the statement, Gibson acknowledged that he should have used a more appropriate term when describing African Americans gang raping his girlfriend.

“What I should have said to my girlfriend was “You look like a f**king pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of N-words, it will be your fault,” Gibson’s statement read. “If any N-words were offended, I sincerely apologize.”

“The fact of the matter is, some of my best friends are N-words. Danny Glover is an N-word, and I’ve made four movies with him. I’m actually an N-word lover, when you think about it.”

It's only the Jews that Mel hates.

Best of Craigslist

Once again ESPN rates the Maple Leafs as the NHL's worst value for fans

Each year ESPN The Magazine releases its Ultimate Standings; and once again the Toronto Maple Leafs are ranked 121st out 122 professional sports teams. Only the LA Clippers finished below the Leafs. The Ultimate Standings, driven by research and fan feedback, looks at MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL franchises’ affordability, bang for the buck, coaching, fan relations, ownership, players, stadium experience and title track to establish a ranking of all 122. The Toronto Raptors were ranked 113th which should come as no surprise considering MLSE owns both the Leafs and Raptors.

The Leafs were ranked 122nd in the Affordability category (price of tickets, parking and concessions) and Bang for the Buck category (wins over the past two seasons per dollar contributed directed by fans). Again this would not come as a surprise to fans in Toronto. Despite what MLSE tells us, we know we aren't getting value for our money.

They don't make ads like this anymore Week

Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy 30th birthday Olivia Munn

Sign of the day

Dutch may use 'decoy Jews' to fight racism

A hidden-camera video showing Jews being harassed on the street in a Moroccan neighborhood of Amsterdam has led Dutch authorities to consider combating hate crimes with "decoy Jews" — undercover police officers wearing yarmulkes.

The idea of using "decoy Jews" to detect and arrest bigots has been embraced by both a prominent Moroccan politician and by Amsterdam's acting mayor, who is Jewish. Law enforcement officials say the idea is feasible but would only be of limited practical use due to entrapment concerns.

"It's important that it not provoke any intent to commit a criminal act that wasn't there in the first place," Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin told parliament in a debate Thursday night on how to combat discrimination.

Of course "it would be wrong to consider wearing a yarmulke itself a provocation," he said.

The idea of using police disguised as Jews was first mooted by member of parliament Ahmed Marcouch in a speech earlier this month.

"We've done similar things with other kinds of crime," he said. "I'll act as a decoy Jew myself if necessary."

I love the Dutch. During WWII they did their best to protect Jews and hide them from the Nazis. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are still standing up for the Jews. Heck I would love to watch one of these skin heads go after a decoy Jew who turns out to be a cop who busts them. In fact the whole Jewish conspiracy thing could be put in question. Maybe it's decoy Jews that run the media and the banks. Maybe Hollywood is controlled by decoy Jews. Maybe my dentist is really just a decoy.


Creepy beachwear week

Maybe the worst parking job since the Model T was invented

You are in a vast, empty car park. You can park anywhere. There is one pay-and-display meter in sight. Can you manage to park without crashing into it?

In the case of 42-year-old Lutz Buergi, who was trying to park at about 7 in the morning at a station in Bern, Switzerland, the answer was a resounding 'no.'

Buergi somehow he managed to avoid the massive amounts of empty space in the car park, and drive his white Mitsubishi Galant straight into the only obstacle in sight.

Railway worker Sascha Aebischer, who was working in a nearby office, said: 'I had to laugh because he was the first there and could have parked anywhere.'

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sign of the day

So what would 13 riders cost?

Jaycee Dugard cashes in big time

California lawmakers approved a $20 million settlement for Jaycee Dugard and her family as compensation for the psychological, physical and emotional damage that she suffered during her 18-years as a captive of convicted rapist Phillip Garrido.

The family filed legal claims in February, alleging that California corrections officials failed to do their job while supervising sex offender Garrido. A probation officer visited the home

throughout Dugard’s captivity and never ventured into the backyard. Police officers who were tipped off that children were living in tents on the property also failed to follow up on multiple reports.

The 30-year-old abuse survivor and her 13 and 16-year-old daughters have been living in seclusion and will need many years of therapy, education and health care.

Lawmakers approved the settlement with a 30-1 vote in the Senate and a 62-0 vote in the Assembly.

Slo-pitch player suing Dofasco for $1.5 million

An amateur baseball player in Hamilton, Ont., has won the chance to go to trial against steel giant Dofasco, in a $1.25-million negligence lawsuit over a line drive that hit him in the head during a slow-pitch game because, he says, he was blinded by the sun.

At issue is whether a sun screen was in place to shade his eyes during the recreational league game, and whether its alleged absence amounts to negligence. That will be decided at a trial, now that a judge has rejected a Dofasco motion to dismiss the case.

The defendant, one of Hamilton’s largest employers, maintains there was a sunscreen on diamond four of its sports complex on the early evening of May 19, 2004, when George Black was playing third base, facing the setting sun, and holding out his right hand to shield his eyes.

According to court records, a line drive came right at him, striking his right index finger first, breaking it, then striking his head just above his right eye. The resulting wound needed 20 stitches, he said.

The lawsuit seeks $1.25-million from Dofasco, and also names Slo-Pitch National Softball, Inc., which organized the games. The plaintiffs also include his wife and four children.

“He has suffered from traumatic, emotional and nervous upset and his manner of living has been changed,” the lawsuit alleges.

So this middle-aged, beer-belly, recreational slo-pitch player who wears glasses (but obviously not sunglasses) loses the ball in the sun and gets hit in the noggin and it's who's fault? Not the sun. Not the hitter. Not the fielder. Not the glove manufacturer. Let me see, how about Dofasco the biggest company in town. Why should it matter that the paid for the facility he is playing on? Afterall the president of Dofasco or one of his emissaries should have come to the game and warned George that it was sunny and he could get hit in the kisser if he loses the ball in the sun. Shit those incompetent bastards probably didn't tell you to put on sunscreen and stretch before you play. They should have to pony up $1.5 million.


Al Gore being investigated for sexual assault

...according to the National Enquirer. Yes that bastion of factual news and inconvenient truth.

Police investigators in Portland, Oregon are taking another looks at sexual assault allegations that were leveled against Al Gore in October 2006 by massage therapist Molly Hagerty. The alleged “unwanted sexual contact” occurred during a three-hour massage session at a luxury hotel nearly four years ago.

No charges have been filed against the former VP, but police are taking a second look at a case. The masseuse initially refused to be interviewed by detectives, canceling several 2006 police interviews, and leading Portland authorities to believe that she did not want the investigation to proceed. She has since had a change of heart.

In January 2009 she provided a statement to Portland police detectives indicating that Gore tried to have sex with her during an appointment at the upscale downtown Hotel Lucia, where he was registered as “Mr. Stone”. The alleged attack, where he pinned her to the bed, took place on October 24, 2006, while he was in the city to deliver a speech on climate change.

I'm just trying to get my head around a 3 hour massage. You know if I wanted the public to believe my story I'd pass on the New York Times, Fox News, Time magazine and head straight to the National Enquirer. That's what I would do. And if they offered me money for the story- sure why not.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dan Aykroyd born on Canada Day 58 years ago

Doing Julia Child on SNL.

Dan earlier this year promoting Crystal Head vodka.

Russian spies had IT problems

Those Russian spies they busted? Turns out they were total IT noobs, and their helpdesk was staffed by a grumpy bastard who just kept repeating, "Have you turned it off and on again?"

The spy ring had numerous technical problems, including file transfers that hung and wouldn't go through and difficulty replacing laptops when necessary. In one case, an agent was so frustrated by laptop issues that she unwittingly turned it over to an undercover FBI agent.

In another case, replacing a laptop took more than two months. A suspect bought an Asus Eee PC 1005HA-P netbook, flew with it to Rome, picked up a passport in another name, flew on to Moscow and returned with it -- a process that took from January this year to March. Presumably Moscow headquarters configured the device.

When the courier spy delivered it to another suspect, he described what to do if the laptop had problems. "...if this doesn't work we can meet again in six months," one suspect was overheard saying to another, "they don't understand what we go through over here."

Pironti says spies try to use off-the-shelf hardware and software so they don't have to rely on their spymasters for replacements, and with the possible exception of the steganography application, this ring could have done that.

One of the technical issues the ring faced was described by one suspect in a message to Moscow reporting on a meeting between two spies "A" and "M": "Meeting with M went as planned ... A passed to M laptop, two flash drives, and $9K in cash. From what M described, the problem with his equipment is due to his laptop "hanging"/"freezing" before completion of the normal program run."

lifted from Boing Boing

Donald Duck busted for drugs

A man named Donald Duck was arrested on drug charges after an accident in a drive-through line over the weekend.

Officers said Duck, 51, was arrested at about 5:25 p.m. Saturday after he repeatedly struck the car in front of him while at a drive-through pizza line on Lincoln Way East in Massillon, Ohio.

Police said Duck was charged with drug paraphernalia offences and possession of marijuana.

According to Massillon police, Duck has been arrested numerous times on DUI charges dating back to 1991.

This is a case for Batman!

A serial robber who apparently loves dressing up as a cat is running rampant across the city hitting only high-end shoe and beauty shops, according to New York City police.

The frisky feline has already struck three times and was captured on surveillance video during her heist at the high-end Arche store on Astor Place in the East Village on Thursday.

During the robbery at Arche, the 5-foot-6, 115 pound thief, apparently asked the a salesperson if she likes cats and then began moving like cat woman - even making cat sounds.

Before she pounced, police say the suspect shopped for nearly 40 minutes, before turning over a note to an employee reading, "Give me the money! I have a gun!" Police say she then fled the store with $86 in cash.

The mayor better get the bat signal out and enlist the help of Batman because this case looks way too tough for the police to handle. Let me get this straight. A woman is walking around wearing the same cat mask all the time robbing people and nobody notices. Oh yeah, this is NYC. They are too busy looking out for Islamic terrorist to notice a chick who purrs.

Creepy beachwear week

Happy Canada Day!

Canada is 143 years old today. It all started back on July 1, 1867 when the British North America Act created the Dominion of Canada as a federation of four provinces. This event is known as the confederation of Canada. The four original provinces were created from the former British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada, which was divided into the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Canada's boundaries have extended since 1867 and the country now consists of 10 provinces and three territories.

On June 20, 1868 Canada's Governor General proclaimed that Canadians should celebrate the anniversary of the confederation. July 1 became a statutory holiday, known as Dominion day in 1879. After the centenary of the confederation in 1967, Dominion Day became popularly known as Canada Day. The date was officially known as Canada Day from 1983 onwards.

Want to know some interesting facts about Canada?

  • The country of Canada takes up most of North America and is the second largest country in the world!
  • We don’t have “states”, we have 10 provinces and three territories. I live in the province of Ontario, which is the most populated province.
  • Canada is a constitutional monarchy, and technically, the Queen (yes, the Queen of England) is the highest head of state in Canada.
  • We don’t have a President, we have a Prime Minister.
  • We don’t have Democrats and Republicans. We have Liberals and Conservatives (the two main parties but there are more).
  • We have a publicly-funded health care system.
  • Our population density is among the lowest in the world.
  • Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world and most of the worlds fresh-water is in Canada.
  • Our money is colourful.
  • We spell things with a “u” - colourful, favourite, neighbour (it's the British spelling).
  • Canada’s culture is greatly influenced by immigration from all over the world - we’re a very multicultural country.
  • No, we don’t ALL speak French (I don’t) but our official languages are French AND English

Happy Canada!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Most accurate headline of the week

Russian spies have improved considerably over the years

Now if you are going to use women as spies they might as well be hot. So I have to compliment the Russians in recruiting Ana Chapman. When I was growing up there was a famous Russian spy, Gerda Munsinger, who was the centre of the Munsinger Affair political scandal in Canada.

Born in East Germany and married for a short period to American soldier Michael Munsinger, she emigrated to Canada in 1955. Gerda Munsinger lived in Montreal where she worked as a maid, a waitress and as a hostess at the "Chez Paree" nightclub. While in Canada, she became involved in relationships with a number of high government officials, most notably cabinet ministers George Hees and Pierre Sévigny.

She was deported to East Germany in 1961 as the matter was dealt with privately. Sévigny resigned quietly from the cabinet of John Diefenbaker in 1963.

Ana Chapman's Russian sounds good enough to qualify as a spy.

World Cup soccer injuries

Sign of the day

Way to keep your eye on the ball

Yankee Stadium crowds is much like the Air Canada Centre crowds, guys in suits on their blackberry and ignoring the game. So this particular incident is a tad gratifying.

Creepy beachwear week

Parents suing hockey league and coaches for cutting sons

If you've played sports then you likely have been cut from a team at some point. Sometimes it's a numbers game. Sometimes we're just not good enough. Sometimes its just politics.

In the end, we just suck it up, come to the realization that it wasn't meant to be and either move on to something else or work harder to make the team next time.

Well the Toronto Star reports that in the Greater Tornoto Hockey League (GTHL), two parents found it very difficult to swallow when there kids were cut from the local hockey team.

Parents of two GTHL players are each suing the league, one of its clubs and four coaches for $25,000 because their sons were cut from a midget junior A team in April. They claim the conduct of all defendants destroyed the dignity of their sons, whom in good conscience gave the team nothing but their best efforts. The league's defense is the obvious one in regards to a tryout: Over 70 players attempted to make the 17-man roster.Not everyone can make the team. I've been there. It's no fun.

By the way both boys will be playing on another team this fall. Something they either forgot to tell the newspaper or perhaps the reporter didn't think was important enough to go into the article.

Yes these parents are idiots and hockey is full of these types of parents. They scream at players, officials and coaches. And there loads of awful coaches. Two of these coaches had been serving suspensions for tampering (recruiting players before tryouts begin). Tryouts are often a farce because all the spots on the team have been promised to players already. Many coaches are abusive to kids and officials and get away with it. And then there is the GTHL which condones much of this. I've seen it all. Adults are destroying kids hockey.

Hump Day Hottie

Selma Hayek

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inside the G20 Eastern Avenue Detention Centre


You were a bad bad teacher

UPDATE: A judge sentenced former Tampa middle school teacher Stephanie Ragusa to 10 years in prison, to be followed by 15 years probation, after she pleaded guilty to having sex with two underage students. This woman is bat shit crazy. She literally smiled her way through court. The judge even pointed out her odd behavior.

Sign of the day

Man loses it because Eaton Centre closed during G20

This is an outrage. This man wanted to shop. Why wouldn't they let him shop. I'm going to boycott Eaton Centre for life. My decedents will never shop there either.

Good luck finding useful info on Ontario's auto insurance reforms

So many Ontario drivers have been receiving a notice from the insurer that Ontario's auto insurance system is changing on September 1st. The one I received from my insurer tells me nothing about the changes but directs me to their website for more information. So I'm thinking let's see what I can find out.

I got the Meloche Monnex website but all I find is 5 FAQs. The information provided duplicates what I was sent by mail with a minimal amount of additional details. But I am left clueless to what changes are happening and what decisions I will need to make. The web page does direct me to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) websites for more details.

First stop is the FSCO website. More FAQs - 16 to be precise. Not that helpful. The questions provide some information about how consumers will be informed of changes by their companies, some details about changes and a lot of spin around why changes had to be made. There is also an electronic version of the notice I received from my insurer. There is also a chart that describes current coverages, new standard coverages and optional coverages available. Here is some details on what is available. So what do I need to buy? Well there is no help here on what to buy. I spent about a half hour looking through all the other material available on site. I found an electronic brochure titled "Understanding Automobile Insurance." Buried in this material is a section called Increasing Your Liability and Accident Benefits Coverage. Finally some useful information including what the different coverages will pay for and what you should consider when deciding on the level of coverage.

Next stop is the IBC website to see if they have some additional information and whether it is easier to find. Well they have a easy to find section on reforms with so interesting audio and graphics. The information of interest is the smae chart on the FSCO website describing current coverage and new standard coverage. But there is no info to help decide on what to buy.

Well my insurer's site really sucked. How about other insurers? So I looked at the 10 largest insurers in the province. Aviva, Economical, Co-operators, Wawanesa, Intact, State Farm and Royal & SunAlliance had no information at all. Or least I couldn't find it.

Allstate had 3 FAQs which almost amounts to no info but at least their website directs you to the FSCO and IBC websites.

RBC Insurance had a more comprehensive list of FAQ but no details on what the changes are. In fact they have hyperlinks labeled current and new benefit amounts but the links take you to a glossary.

Only Dominion General Insurance provides good information regarding reforms. They have created a website call which walks you through the changes and provides some help on deciding the coverage that best suits you.

Creepy beachwear week

Brent Sopel takes the Stanley Cup to Chicago's Gay Pride Parade

Brent Sopel fulfilled his obligation to bring the Stanley Cup to Chicago's Pride Parade on Sunday. Sopel said they were paying tribute to the son of Toronto Maple Leafs executive Brian Burke's son, Brendan Burke, who recently lost his life in a car accident just months after coming out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mel Brooks is 84 today

Mel in 1974 as an Indian in Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks today

Sign of the day

Fred Astaire has returned from the grave

Cops taser bedridden granny

Police have been accused of tasering an 86-year-old bed-ridden grandmother. Lonnie Tinsley called the emergency services to his home in El Reno, Oklahoma, when he became concerned that his grandma Lona Vernon had failed to take her medication. But instead of a medical technician, he claims at least a dozen armed police officers answered his call.

When Mrs Vernon ordered the police from her house, officer Thomas Duran allegedly decided she was being 'aggressive' and gave the order: 'Taser her.' Her alarmed grandson, is then said to have replied: 'Don't taze my granny!'

He was then was assaulted, removed from the room, thrown to the floor, handcuffed, and detained in a police car. At this point, the heroes in blue turned their attention to Lona. According to officer Duran’s official report, Mrs Vernon had taken an 'aggressive posture' in her hospital bed. In order to ensure 'officer safety', one of his men 'stepped on her oxygen hose until she began to suffer oxygen deprivation'.

Another of the officers then shot her with a taser, but the connection wasn’t solid.
A second fired his taser, 'striking her to the left of the midline of her upper chest, and applied high voltage, causing burns to her chest, extreme pain', and unconsciousness. Lona was then handcuffed with sufficient ruthlessness to tear the soft flesh of her forearms, causing her to bleed. After her wounds were treated at a local hospital, Lona was confined for six days in the psychiatric ward at the insistence of the El Reno Police Department.

I'm trying to figure out what aggressive posture could a 86 year old granny on oxygen could take? Maybe she was signaling for a police officer to bring her a bedpan? Maybe she was making a choking motion because she wanted her oxygen turned up? I guess she was lucky they didn't beat her with their nightsticks.

Creepy beachwear week

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sign of the day

Exclusive: Behind the scenes with the G20 protesters

I've been undercover today to get behind the battle lines to meet some of the protesters who showed up at the G20 in Toronto. I met some of the most radical people Canada has ever seen. They were huddled inside burnt shells of what used to be TTC bus shelters, inside tents in Allan Gardens, on the steps of Metro Hall, in coffee shops and in one case a strip joint. These peopple have ideas to change the world - for the better. Here is who I met.

Matthew is a gay economist from New York City who has a radical plan to end the global recession by establishing a network of gay bridal registries around the world. He is convinced that this will create a sufficient economic stimulus to get America and Europe back to work.

Chad is a Christian who is in Toronto with a group of other Christians to conduct prayer vigils for the leaders of the G20 so they may have the wisdom to save the world from non-believers.

Dallas who is an owner of an independent pharmacy in Leamington, Ontario. He has come to Toronto to protest the Ontario government plan to chop funding tied to generic prescriptions. Dallas says the decision has devastated his business and he has had to increase costs, reduce staffing hours and wages.

Reverend Jake has traveled from the Gulf Region to speak to the damaged ecosystem as a result of Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He can be seen traveling around Toronto in his personal bio-hazard suit.

This is Neytiri who is demonstrating for native rights and is fighting to save Hometree from destruction. She is trying to organize native warriors to defend their way of life.

Donna and Ned belong to a group of radicals that want to see a free market economy introduced in Canada. I saw Ned light rolls of $20 bills soaked in gasoline and toss them at government bureaucrats holed up in the Frost Building complex before being led away by police.

This was the only person I interviewed that refused to identify himself. He responded to every question with the single response "when hell freezes over." I'm pretty he is local and that his mom does not know he is an activist. Which explains the hidden identity.

Gina and Layla are from London, England and have been members of PETA for 3 years. This is their first G20 Summit and they were so concerned that they would get lost in the crowds. I am assured them that I would get the word out.