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J.P. Arencibia is a goddamn hitting machine!

Like everyone else I was eager to see the Blue Jays latest hitting phenom and the kid didn't disappoint. First pitch he saw he crushed into the left field bullpen. But he wasn't finished. He cranked out a double, a single and another homer but this time into the right field bleachers. That earned him a standing ovation.

By the way hitting a home run on your first major league pitch is rare but not unheard of (A.J. is the 26th player to do so). Boston's Daniel Nava did it earlier this season.

Arencibia is the 6th player in the last 30 seasons to have 4+ hits in his MLB debut, and the second this season joining Wilson Ramos, then of the Twins. He is also the first player with 2+ HR in his MLB debut since the Royals' Mark Quinn in 1999. Arencibia is the first player in the modern era (since 1900) with four hits AND two HR in his major-league debut.

The other Jays to hit a home run at their first ML AB were Junior Felix in 1989 and Al Woods in 1977.

Arencibia's incredible debut overshadowed an impressive day at the plate for the Blue Jays who cranked out 17 runs and 20 hits including 8 home runs. Not only did Arencibia hit 2 homers but so did Aaron Hill and Jose Bautista threw in his ML leading 34th homer.

The Jays have now hit 175 home runs in 110 games. They are now on pace to hit 257 home runs which would be a team record and just 7 less than hit by the 1997 Seattle Mariners. However, if Arencibia stays in the lineup then anything is possible. Yes it is only one game but the kid looks like he could be a game-changer.

Happy 55th...NEWMAN!

Wayne Knight as Newman on Seinfeld

Wayne Knight today after losing over 120 lbs

Sign of the day

Giant beaver vagina upsets town in Minnesota

People in Bemidjii, Minnesota got a little more exciting recently. Locals are up in arms over a piece of public art: Gaea, a human-sized beaver with a vagina painted on her belly. Gaea is just one of 10 beavers made by artist Deborah A. Davis, who says the pink folds and round nub are the hands of a praying woman and points out that the word “gaea” (or “gaia”) is ancient Greek for the goddess of Earth.

No matter. Residents became agog at the big beaver vagina, because somebody has to remember to think of the children! So, in July, the city manager removed Gaea from public view.

Bemidji has long cherished the beaver as its mascot, but for one of the nine artists chosen to paint four-foot-tall beaver statues, the obvious sexual double entendre may have proven too juicy to resist.

Supporters complained of artistic censorship, including a special “Bring Back Gaea!” Facebook page. After an impassioned city council vote, Gaea jubilantly returned to the street.


Woman faked cancer to raise money

Meet your new devious cancer-scammer: 23-year-old Toronto resident Ashley Kirilow. She shaved her head, waxed her eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and allegedly scammed more than $20,000 through her charity, "Change" for the Cure.

Kirilow—whose parents say "you couldn't trust anything she was saying" growing up—started her scam after having a benign lump removed from her breast in 2008, according to the Toronto Star. This minor operation was the seed from which Kirilow grew her elaborate cancer lie.

Pretending to have every cancer from brain to breast, she became the cause celebre of Toronto's music and skateboarding scene, tricking hundreds of people into helping her raise money for her treatment and her fake charity (really just a Facebook page), "Change for the Cure," through benefit concerts and change buckets. One event alone raised $9,000, and a skateboarding-related cancer charity gave her a free trip to Disney World.

One woman posted on her "charity's" Facebook wall: "I stand amazed that such a young soul could inspire so many with fresh drive to fight against a disease that has affected every one of us in some way. "

This all ended when her father discovered her scam, according to the Star. He gave her an ultimatum: confess or he'd reveal the truth. She apparently didn't confess, and on August 1st, 17-year-old Jamie Counsell posted this on his blog.

Police received a complaint about Kirilow on June 28, but had not opened a fraud investigation until the story hit the news. She has since been arrested and charged with three counts of fraud under $5,000.

She says she did it to get back at her parents for a miserable childhood.

Thief breaks into home, then holds garage sale

Getting a bargain at a garage sale can sometimes feel like a steal, and recently in Sarnia, Ont., that's exactly what customers got.

Police have arrested a man they say held an impromptu garage sale in June. But everything he sold didn't belong to him.

Police said a 26-year-old man broke into a home on London Road in Sarnia on June 17, opened up the garage, and held a garage sale over several hours.

Police said the man sold approximately $40,000 worth of property as neighbours on the city street looked on.

Police said the man sold the items, mostly expensive tools and woodworking equipment, for pennies on the dollar.

Witnesses told police the thief set up a wooden sign offering "tools for sale" and stayed in front of the home from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ladies show us your melons Week

Health official shut down little girl's lemonade stand

Oregon's Multnomah County officials have had it with rogue children operating sketchy side businesses while skimping on taxes. So they shut down a 7-year-old girl's lemonade stand because she failed to get a $120 temporary business license.

The girl put up her stand at a Portland art fair. The article says Oregon state law requires lemonade stands -- even the ones in front of houses -- to get the licenses.

The Oregonian quotes a government official who explains it's a health issue:

"I understand the reason behind what they're doing and it's a neighborhood event, and they're trying to generate revenue," he said. "But we still need to put the public's health first."

Two county officials enforced the law with vigor and thoroughness, causing the girl to cry.

Realizing the error of their ways, county officials later issued an apology, meaning the little girl's horribly unsafe lemonade can be unleashed upon the world once more.


Friday, August 06, 2010

Will Jose Bautista get MVP votes?

Every time I watch Jose Bautista step to the plate I get the impression more and more that he has become a feared man. Thirty-three home runs will do that. In fact if you throw in the 10 dingers hit in September of last season, Jose has hit 43 home runs in less than one complete season. You don't want to hang one over the middle of the plate. You would not want to see him come up with men on base.

He was Player of the Month for July and twice selected as the AL Player of the Week. Not since Carlos Delgado in 2000 have the Jays had a player that actually was feared by pitchers. It's taking a bit of getting used to. So if this continues to the end of the season, will the ex-journeyman actually get votes for MVP? How would that look when it comes time to negotiate a new deal?

This is why I love politics

I would vote for Basil Marceaux in a heartbeat. Basil is a man of the people, although he can't put together a sentence and is barely literate. But he is a former Marine and a great listener - so why not? He sold me the second I saw his website.

Blue Jay's future shortstop phenom is damn fast

Here's a video of Adeiny Hechavarria beating out an infield single with New Hampshire. How the hell can you beat out a throw on a routine grounder? Either this kid could take on Usain Bolt is a foot race or the unseen fielder has no arms.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have new requirements for Blackberry users

New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone a miniature burqa and face veil.

‘The Blackberry burqa means that people can still use their phones,’ said a Saudi government official, ‘but the tiny niqab that covers the screen will stop them from reading emails or accessing the Internet.’

The introduction of the burqa is intended to conceal the Blackberry from unwanted attention. With the veil in place only a tiny slit remains revealing just the time and date, thus preserving its modesty.

‘This is not about censorship or oppression,’ said UAE telecommunications regulator Mohammed al-Ghanem, ‘this is about preserving the essential purity of the Blackberry and protecting it from being corrupted.’

Some businessmen believe that making their phone wear a burqa can be very liberating. ‘It’s great,’ said one, ‘with the veil in place I am free to walk about with my Blackberry in public without the feeling that people are staring lustily at my multi-media application. It also covers my shame for not owning an iPhone.’

Some religious groups have welcomed the policy. ‘If Allah had meant us to freely access the Internet He would have given us web browsers in our heads,’ said a local imam, adding ‘There is absolutely no mention of instant messaging in the Koran and at no point did Muhammad, or any of his eleven wives, ever say LOL, ROFL or PMSL.’

If the Blackberry burqa is successful it may spread to other countries. However, experts say that dressing your phone in a burqa could result in poor reception, especially in France and Belgium.

The British government has yet to declare an official line on phone burqas although Immigration Minister Damian Green said that to ban them would be ‘very unBritish’. He went on to explain that, ‘the British thing to do, as always, is to grumble and tut.’

The Saudi government have promised that anyone who refuses to dress their Blackberry in a burqa will face harsh punishment. ‘I am not saying exactly what we will do,’ said their Minister for Justice, ‘but suffice to say that it isn’t so easy to text with your toes.’


New Jersey couple loses custody of Adolf Hitler

Well it finally all came together for that lovely New Jersey couple who gave their children Nazi-inspired names. They lost custody following a state appeals court ruling that a history of domestic violence puts the children at risk of abuse and neglect.

Heath and Deborah Campbell have three children – Adolf Hitler Campbell, 4, and his two younger sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 3, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, 2, – who will remain in the care of the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).

Court documents claim that Adolph frequently threatens to kill people and the mother once slipped a note to a neighbor saying she was terrified he would kill her or harm the children and that he taught his son “how to kill someone at the age of 3.”

When asked about the letter during a hearing, Deborah Campbell admitted she wrote it but testified it was all a lie. She described her husband as “a perfect guy.”

This court ruling really screws up Heath Campbell's plans for his family. I'm sure this was all planned as a reality TV show on growing up with Adolph Hitler that he was going to try to sell to cable. Sort of a combination of Jersey Shore and Mein Kampf. What will poor Adolph do now other than tryout for a revival of The Producer.


Sign of the day

Poll indicates Canadians swear more than Americans and Brits

Canadians drop more "f-bombs" and other curse words than people in both the US and Britain, a new study suggests. While Canada prides itself on being a polite, reserved society, 56 per cent of Canadians admit they use foul language regularly while talking with friends. In Britain, a country known for its proper manners, 51 per cent of those surveyed said they frequently or occasionally used swear words.

Meanwhile, though Americans are often stereotyped as being loud and outspoken, only 46 per cent surveyed said they regularly curse during informal conversations. According to the study, nasty language is more prevalent at Canadian offices, too, as only 32 per cent of those surveyed in this country said they avoided swearing while on the job. That is compared with 46 per cent of Americans and 33 per cent of Britons who reported that they never swear at work.

Even at home, the numbers show a similar trend. 33 per cent of Britons and 32 per cent of Americans said they don't swear in front of family members. Only 27 per cent Canadians reported that they abstain from cursing around family

What the fuck? Who would bother doing a poll about swearing? Besides how many people lied about their swearing? Like who gives a shit.

Did you know dogs can suffer from post traumatic stress disorder?

A military dog named Gina is recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder after a six-month tour in Iraq, where she conducted door-to-door searches. A veterinarian diagnosed the dog with PTSD, which some experts say can affect animals in a similar way to humans.

The two-year-old dog returned home to Peterson Air Force base in the US state of Colorado one year ago terrified, skittish and fearful. But Gina is close to a full recovery, kennel master Sgt Eric Haynes says.

Sgt Haynes takes care of about 18 dogs on the military base but says he has never seen "any dogs with issues this extreme". "She was terrified all the time. She wouldn't go in and out of buildings," he said.

PTSD, which the military characterises as a condition that develops after a life-threatening trauma, has not been researched in animals as thoroughly as in humans. But some experts say animals can experience a form of it. "There is a condition in dogs which is almost precisely the same, if not precisely the same, as PTSD in humans," Tufts University animal behaviour specialist Nicholas Dodman said.

And Gina was displaying symptoms of PTSD until just a few months ago. Upon arriving home from Iraq, Sgt Haynes says the dog frequently crouched low to the ground and would lock her legs. She was also afraid of loud noises and would regularly turn her head to check if anyone or anything was lurking behind her. But Sgt Haynes says Gina is turning around with the help of proper recovery exercises.

"She isn't fully recovered, but she's doing really well now. She's been re-certified and is performing operational duties again." Several bags of treats, walks around the base, interacting with strangers and a slow reintroduction of loud noises have helped to rebuild the dog's confidence, says Sgt Haynes.

Male or female Week?

Dead man ticketed for parking violation

A parking enforcement officer apparently lacked the ability to distinguish between the sleeping and the dead after she gave a ticket to a man who had shuffled off this mortal coil hours earlier.

Yesterday morning, the officer was making her rounds when she spotted a car that had gone over the 2-hour limit for the spot in which it was parked. When she approached to ticket the vehicle, she noticed the driver inside and thought he was asleep.

Around 40 minutes after the $42 ticket had been placed on the car, the driver's girlfriend located the vehicle using GPS and calling for help.

Police officials defend the parking enforcement officer, pointing out that it's not uncommon to see someone asleep in a parked car.

No wonder there are so many uncollected parking fines. Dead men don't pay fines. An estate lawyer should be letting the police know that the bank accounts of deceased are frozen so it would be like trying to squeeze blood from a stone. Hey I got an idea. Why don't you target live violators?


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rudy Giuliani's daughter arrested for shoplifting

The rebellious daughter of former law-and-order Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was busted today for allegedly stealing makeup from an upscale beauty and skin care shop near her Upper East Side home, officals said.

Cops said Caroline Giuliani, 20, a student at Harvard University, was arrested after security cameras caugh her stuffing makeup into her jacket pocket at a Sephora store at E. 86th Street and Lexinton Avenue shortly before 2 p.m.

Giuliani, who was in the store by herself, was confronted by a sales clerk and a store security guard, who called police.

The rebellious daughter of former law-and-order Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was busted today for allegedly stealing makeup from an upscale beauty and skin care shop near her Upper East Side home, officals said.

Cops said Caroline Giuliani, 20, a student at Harvard University, was arrested after security cameras caugh her stuffing makeup into her jacket pocket at a Sephora store at E. 86th Street and Lexinton Avenue shortly before 2 p.m.

Giuliani, who was in the store by herself, was confronted by a sales clerk and a store security guard, who called police.

Sources said she allegedly stole five items, worth about $100.

During the wait for cops to arrive, store officials established the suspect’s identity, and apparently had a change of heart and declined to press charges. But by then it was too late, and the daughter of the man who built a reputation for being tough on crime was carted out in handcuffs.

I just love it when rich people screw up. Caroline is one screwed up girl. During the Presidential Campaign she joined a Facebook group supporting Obama although she quickly dropped out when she suddenly began attracting media attention. Okay she was only 17 then but she obviously hasn't grown up yet.


Take it like a man!

A Brooklyn girl who claims her high-school softball coach told her to "take it like a man" when she injured a finger during practice now wants to hit the city where it hurts -- in the wallet.

Lincoln HS junior Rebecca Sacerio, 16, of Coney Island, is suing the Department of Education for $5 million.

She claims to have suffered permanent damage while taking part in the five-hour session with a right index finger broken in three places.

"I told her it looked swollen and had a funny color," Re becca recalled of the May 2, 2009, incident. "[Coach Sari Schoenfeld] told me her hand always looked like that when she played."

Rebecca, who plays third base, said that the coach had been hitting line drives to her and her teammates and that one smashed into the finger on her throwing hand.

But when she told Schoenfeld, the coach allegedly told her to "take it like a man!"

And when another liner hit the same finger, she again was told to tough it out.

"She's a tough coach, and I just followed her orders," said Rebecca, recalling that when she returned home that night, the finger had ballooned and she was in a lot of pain.

Her mother, Paula, applied ice and gave her Tylenol, but two days passed with no improvement. Finally, a specialist told her she needed surgery.

Rebecca underwent three hand operations, and vertical and horizontal rods were implanted in the finger and kept there for five weeks. They have since been removed.

But she contracted a postsurgery infection, now has arthritis in that finger, and has had to learn to write using her middle finger because her index finger is "useless."

All of which could have been avoided, the suit says, if her coach had applied first aid instead of tough love.

I coached girls hockey for about 10 years and seen it all. I used to frequently announce to the team that there was no 'crying in hockey'. But to be honest some of those girls were tougher than the guys. I had a hard time pulling girls out of the lineup when they got injured. But I did it to protect myself from a lawsuit. Didn't matter if the parent said it was okay to play. Unless the parent was a physician (some were). Can't see how the coach has much liability, if at all. Even if she had iced it, the parents waited 2 days before seeking medical attention. The infection is also not the coach's fault.

What we have here is a classic ambulance-chasing lawyer. He sees a school board with deep pockets. Come on, $5 million for a screwed up finger? Was she going to be the next Alex Rodriguez? I know she wasn't going to be a famous concert pianist, not if she was playing softball for Lincoln HS.


Woman calls 911 for a date

This is an interview with Bernadette Music, 43, of Norwood, Ohio, who is in trouble with the law for calling 911, multiple times, as part of her efforts to find a date. She's also been in court for allegedly using her apartment hallway as a restroom. But it's her calls to the emergency number as a date line that are grabbing attention.

Music says she's taking it all in stride and is committed to her boyfriend Jimbo.

Hey Bernadette you may want to cut back a little on the hard stuff. If you want to date a cop then hang out a donut shops instead of calling 911. The dispatchers get jealous. Just look what happened to the last gal that pulled that one. Or is this just a stunt to get Jimbo jealous?

Paul Rudd was my Bat Mitzvah DJ

Before Paul Rudd broke into television and movies, the “Dinner for Schmucks” star was working the bar and bat mitzvah circuit in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley.

A woman has posted how she met Paul Rudd and includes a video from her Bat Mitzvah back in 1992. I don't know what's funnier the bat mitzvah girl's pink dress or the outfit Paul Rudd was wearing.

By the way Canadian R&B great Jackie Richardson sang with the band that played at my wedding. I don't have any video (yeah I've been married that long).

Psst! Secret sandwich is NY's hottest grilled cheese

Even though his product is available at every diner, deli and corner bodega, one New Yorker has found success selling grilled cheese on the black market. The underground chef takes orders by text message, cooks his sandwiches on the stove in his brother's East Village apartment, and then meets his customers on street corners. (He does have a Facebook page.) "I feel like a drug dealer because I'm handing people a paper bag and they're handing me cash," the unlicensed cheese pusher, who, fearing reprisals from the Health Department, asked to be identified only as "Ronnie," said. The sandwiches go for between $5 to $7 depending on the type of cheese and bread or the addition of extras like bacon or jalapeƱos.

He grills in a pan with unsalted butter, then wraps the sandwiches in tin foil and pops them into a 500-degree oven for a few minutes to achieve maximum crispiness -- a trick he learned from his father. It started with just a few friends, but now Ronnie is grilling 40 sandwiches a day, he said - a volume he can barely keep up with. "I'm worried that I'm getting too busy. I'm instituting a friends and friends-of-friends policy," he said. "I kind of want to quit, it's getting too big, but I want to feed these people." Mostly he's worried that if he gets too big, he's sure to draw the attention of health inspectors.

"It's not cool with the Department of Health," he said. "I don't know how much longer I want to do it because I'm living in fear. It would be such a stupid thing to get in trouble for." His customers said they never knew they needed a cheese dealer until they took the first bite. "This is my lunch break. I couldn't finish my day without one of these sandwiches," said Lia Strassler, 26, who ordered one on wheat bread with American cheese, tomato and ground pepper. "The sound the sandwich makes when you bite into it is incredible. There's a crispy buttered top, and then the bread is soft and the cheese strings out. It's better than any grilled cheese my mom ever made."

Artist uses her breasts as paint brushes

An artist is putting her 38DD breasts to good use — by painting pictures with them. Kira Ayn Varszegi covers her breasts in paint and then presses them like brushes against her canvases.

The 34-year-old uses a mixture of colours and angles her breasts in various different directions to create her eye-catching pieces. She then sells her breast pieces online, with some fetching more than £600.

Since creating her first painting in 2001, Kira, from Connecticut, US, has created thousands of pieces which she sells from her online shop, Turtle Kiss Designs. She said: "I enjoy working with different mediums and finding new ways to get paint on to a canvas.

"My intention is to provoke emotion through my art, make living spaces more beautiful, spark conversation, and most importantly, make people smile. I think my art raises more than a few smiles. My paintings are art I would hang on my own wall. I don't think about what other artists do or galleries would want."

Male or female Week?

Hump Day Hottie

It's Alessandra Ambrosia and it looks like our judges agree with today's hottie

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Rock and Roll Roadmap for Dummies



San Jose

No one knows


Flew in from Miami Beach

Homeward Bound

Railway station






On a horse with no name

Down the river



Last train

Hotel California

Dark desert highway


Midnight train

Your Door

Long and winding road

source via here

Another viral video

My momma taught be not to play in traffic. As the video below illustrates it was one of the few smart things my mom taught me. The rest was superstitious bullshit that would have had me flunk science class had I actually listened to her. I'm surprised this Dude lived as long as he has. Maybe he was a very hard skull.


CAUTION: Ladies do not hit on this girl's ex

Two women in Britain allegedly kidnapped and tortured a friend, scalding her with boiling water and kicking her, after they found out she had sex with one of their ex-boyfriends.

Lucy Viner-Mood, 22, and Lois Gibson, 18, locked Georgia Fenn in a flat in Langton Green in Kent March 28, and assaulted her for over 18 hours till she became unconcious, a court was told. The pair had discovered she had had sex with Viner-Mood's ex-boyfriend.

Lucy (torturer) on the left and Georgia (tortured) on the right

The accused stubbed out cigarettes all over her body, doused her in boiling water and stamped on her until she passed out. She was later thrown out of the flat.

Viner-Mood called Fenn a "scabby whore" and made her scream out "I'm a whore with Aids" for almost half an hour.

She and Gibson are thought to have thrown a mixture of boiling water and sugar - something they called homemade napalm - at Fenn twice during the attack.

They also hit her with high heels, sprayed her with hairspray, which they tried to set alight, and whipped her over the head with a metal necklace.

They eventually threw Ms Fenn out of the apartment at 2pm next day. She was wearing only a dressing gown.

Fenn suffered a broken nose, second-degree burns, two black eyes and was covered in blood after the assault.

Judge Martin Joy of the Maidstone Crown Court described the assault as 'evil' and sentenced Viner-Mood to five years in jail and Gibson to three years in a young offender institution.

I'm sorry but girls can get a lot nastier than guys. I recall a day when you might be risking a swift kick in the crown jewels for something like this but only if some double cross was involved. But 18 hours of torture, I don't think so. That's just wasted energy that could be used to chase after another girl.


Mug Shot of the Week

Sign of the day

I hate garbage day

A tutorial for Koreans on swearing in English

Martha Stewart is 69 today

Modelling photo of Martha Stewart from the 1960s

From on of her TV shows from 1988

Recent photo of Martha

Male or female Week?

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A.J. Burnett: $84 million arm with 50 cent brain

Is there anything more entertaining than watching the Blue Jays bang the crap out of A.J. Burnett? Although the Jays have been doing it to a lot of pitcher, it's just feels like something special when A.J. is out on the mound. He's like a walking time bomb that you are just waiting to go off.

Tonight was just something special when A.J. did a melt down in the 5th inning. Travis Snider hit two of an AL record-tying six doubles in the 7-run inning. Snider began the barrage of doubles with a leadoff hit against A.J. Burnett and finished it with a drive off Sergio Mitre. In between, Fred Lewis, Jose Bautista, Vernon Wells and Aaron Hill all doubled off Burnett. Hey but not all the damage was done with doubles. The Jays added couple more extra base hits in the form of home runs by Vernon Wells and Edwin Encarnacion. Burnett's line score is below.

Burnett (L, 9-9) 4.2 8 8 8 2 4 2 4.93

Sexy Mary-Louise Parker is 46 today

Mary-Louise in the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes

A recent photo of the Weeds star

Shark spotted off the Jersey shore

And it just so happens my daughter is off to the Jersey shore next week. Enjoy the water!!!

Happy Simcoe Day

Happy Simcoe Day, formerly known as the Civic Holiday until the powers-that-be decided it would be more more festive to name your off after an English man than a Japanese car.

It took police less than 10 minutes to nab someone for the new zero tolerance alcohol law for young drivers, which took effect Sunday at 12:01 a.m.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and G. Brandt Meat Packers Ltd. are warning the public not to consume certain Brandt ready-to-eat cooked meat products which may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria. This is Brandt's third recall. Mmm, love those prcocessed meats.

Lindsay Lohan was released from jail early this morning and sent directly to a addiction rehab facility. Her 13 days in detention beats the 90 minutes spent behind bars in 2007.

From our Crime Files: Amish teen led police on horse and buggy chase

Levi Detweiler, a 17-year-old Amish youth, allegedly led sheriff's deputies on a mile-long, presumably low-speed chase, after running a stop sign in his horse and buggy and refusing to pull over.

Do they train for this at the police academy?

Deputies said they spotted Detweiler ignoring the stop sign last week. According to police, the teen then led them on a chase that ended when he lost control on a sharp turn into a driveway and overturned the buggy into a ditch. He then fled on foot.

Two other Amish men later helped the deputies free the horse and pull the buggy from the ditch.

The Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office said that after a week-long investigation they have arrested and charged Detweiler with underage possession of alcohol, overdriving an animal, reckless endangerment, failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Well it's good to know that when I'm travelling through Cattaraugus County that I don't have to be concerned about crazy Amish teenagers. The Sheriff's Office is doing a great job keeping them in line. Love your zero tolerance policy!


Canada' dumbest criminal

New Westminster police made a surprise arrest early morning after a man cut ahead of them in line at Starbucks and then allegedly attempted to rob the coffee shop.

On July 24, two police officers were heading from the station to the coffee shop across the street, when they had a brief conversation with the 43-year-old New Westminster man standing outside.

According to police, a short time later the officers were inside the coffee shop ordering at the till when the man they had spoken with outside walked directly up to the till, threw a drink at the employee and demanded cash.

"[The officers] looked at each other in astonishment that someone would attempt that with two uniform officers in the room," Sgt. Bruce Carrie told

The man was quickly taken to the ground and arrested.

This is directed at robbers-in-training out there. It's not a great idea to rob a store when there are police officers already in the place. It makes life a lot easier for them to catch you. Probably an even worse idea is to cut in line in front of them. That would just piss them off. Sure you would expect to see them in a donut shop rather than a Starbucks. But these cops were in uniform so you couldn't miss them.


Do Not Vote For My Dad

Usually, people running for election parade their family and children to garner support from their voters. That’s not the case here: Jan Schill, the daughter of John Mantooth, a judicial candidate in Oklahoma, has taken out an ad telling people not to vote for her father. Jan and her husband Andrew Schill have taken out a full-page ad telling people not to vote for him. And started a blog.

Yes, is live!

Apparently, the bad blood started in 1981, following a messy divorce between Mantooth and his ex-wife, Jan's mother. Meanwhile, Andrew Schill used to be law partners with one of Mantooth's opponents, Greg Dixon.

It's pretty bad when you can't get your own kids to vote for you. Mind you if voters got to really know many of their elected officials they would throw most of them out of office.


Hey congrats!

Male or female Week?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bombs Away Jose

Jose Bautista hit his 32nd home run of the season today to maintain a 5 home run lead over Joey Votto for the Major League lead. It was his 5th homer this week and puts him on pace to hit 50 for the season.

Watch a brick destroy a washing machine

Just another purposeless time waster for your viewing pleasure.

Antoine Dodson provides the latest viral video

Mazel Tov Chelsea and Marc

It's not everyday that a Methodist and Jew form a union.

Here are the proud parents of the bride.

Some neighhbours that were not invited to the simcha hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple.

Sign of the day

Any chance that she starts this week for the Nationals?

Miss Iowa Pageant winner Katherine Connors threw out the ceremonial first toss before Friday night's game between the Phillies and the Nationals. Her catcher: Washington reliever Miguel Batista, who recently made a comment about Miss Iowa as part of a self-effacing joke.

"I love it. I think it's hilarious," Connors said with a smile shortly after arriving at Nationals Park on Friday afternoon.

Wearing a red Nationals jersey and a Miss Iowa sash, the right-handed Connors heaved a pitch high and outside to Batista, then posed with him for pictures. Earlier, she received a floral arrangement from Batista during an on-field interview broadcast on the center-field video board.

Batista created an unintentional furor on Tuesday night, when the 39-year-old journeyman was called upon to replace injured star Stephen Strasburg at the last minute. Most of the 40,000 fans in the ballpark began booing when the change was announced.

"Imagine," Batista said after the game, "if you go there to see Miss Universe, and you end up having Miss Iowa – you might get those kind of boos."