Friday, August 13, 2010

Tastes like chicken

Guy gropes nurse in Delivery Room as girlfriend in labour

It's six months in jail for the 31-year-old who made national news by groping the nurse wheeling his pregnant girlfriend to McKay-Dee Hospital's delivery room.

Adam Manning was arrested Oct. 9 at the hospital after twice fondling the nurse's breasts.

Manning was initially charged with second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse. He pleaded guilty June 15 to the charge reduced to a third-degree felony.

He missed the birth of his child while in jail before raising his $11,000 bail.

Manning first fondled the woman "and the victim expressed shock and alarm," Miles said. "Then he did it again."

Manning first offered to massage the nurse's neck, commenting, "Look at you, you little hottie nurse," before groping the woman, according to charging documents, which said the incident was captured on hospital surveillance video.


Danny Bonaduce is 51 today

Danny Partridge in 1973

A recent photo of Danny

Pick your favourite Ashley

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Greene

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Let's end this Kaberle drama already

Mercifully the Kaberle trade watch will end in just over 48 hours. The endless, mind-numbing speculation couldn't be more annoying. Kaberle is going to San Jose. He's going to Columbus. No it's the Kings. The Leafs will take Marc Savard. Burke will get Dustin Brown. No he's not trading Kaberle. Burke will take prospects. There is no market for Kaberle. Over 10 teams are interested in Kaberle. The Leafs won't be able to trade Kaberle until the Kovalchuk contract is settled.

Even though absolutely nothing has happened in the 50 days since the trade window opened for Kaberle, that hasn't stopped reporters. They just keep writing about nothing. Absolutely nothing. Reminds me about the Sienfeld episode about nothing.

It's dress down Friday (the 13th)

Sign of the day

Ladies show us your melons Week

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ontario auto insurance premiums are going up up up!

Another article about rising auto insurance rates in the Toronto Star today. I always laugh at the comments left by readers. They are so out to lunch. The public loves to bash insurance companies for high rates. They are raking in billions, They never pay claims.

They refuse to accept the truth. Auto insurance costs are out of control and companies are making money in Ontario despite rising premiums.

The Star did an excellent article last fall that clearly laid out the problem. Lawyers and health care providers are milking the system and lining their pockets. Meanwhile we are paying for their million dollar cottages and lavish lifestyles.

Accident victims in minor fender benders are being steered to crooked health care providers by lawyers. The health care providers bill insurance companies for thousands and thousands of dollars in assessments. Accident victims are being sent for psychological assessments, orthopedic assessments, sleep dysfunction assessments, driving phobia assessments, financial assessments, and the list goes on and on. This is in response to a sore neck.

Want to know how much assessments are costing you? At least 10% of the premium you pay is going to these blood suckers. So if your premium is $1500 then you can count on $150 of it being paid to providers to conduct assessments. Assessments that are no benefit to the accident victim. So why do they go to these assessments? Because their lawyer and health care provider tell them they need the assessments. I was listening to a radio call-in show where one after another auto insurance claimants called in to tell how they tried to quit treatment but their health care provider kept pressuring them to continue.

How did we get into this situation? Years ago the government and insurance industry naively believed that these people always do the right thing. That providing early access to rehabilitation would pay off. So while the public health care system is squeezing dollars out of providers, they look to payers like auto insurers to make it up. Go ahead and try to get physiotherapy or nursing care at home through our public system. Good luck. It won't matter how seriously ill you are. But if you were hurt in a car accident, no matter how small the injury, they will be lining outside your door to help you. And charging you insurer 3 , 4 or even 5 times what OHIP would pay.

So why do the insurance companies pay? Well because no one trusts insurers. Remember how everyone believes they are ripping off the public. So the insurance laws have been written to protect accident victims which are exploited by lawyers and health care providers. So how do the lawyers fit in? Well they have ways of shaving off a portion of the payments. They are well looked after too.

That was sooo sweet!

The only thing sweeter than a four-run comeback in the bottom of the 9th is when it comes at the expense of that asshole Jonathan Papelbon. He has to be one of the most classless athlete, wait, one of the most classless human beings in America, wait, on the planet.

Papelbon has been fined seven times for a total of more than $10,000 for taking his sweet fucking time starting an inning. You're allowed 2 minutes and 25 seconds to toe the slab and fire a pitch, but apparently that's just not enough time for the delicate genius to get ready.

Yeah there was no fist pumping today.

Did this woman really have an orgasm on a roller coaster or she faking it?

EMBED-Woman Has "Big O" On Slingshot - Watch more free videos

Guy faked seizures to skip out of restaurant bills

He ate buffalo wings and drank nine Blue Moon drafts at Burke's Cafe. At Shucker's, he washed down a pound of steamed shrimp with three glasses of Tanqueray Gin, two Coronas, a Heineken and a Johnny Walker Black Label scotch.

Day after day, year after year, Andrew Palmer dined at restaurants all over Baltimore and beyond, including Anne Arundel, Baltimore and St. Mary's counties. He even traveled as far south as Florida and sampled restaurants there.

Palmer ate modestly and drank aggressively. He didn't tip. Worse: He didn't pay. To escape his bill, which was usually under $100, police said, he frequently feigned a seizure, was rushed to the hospital and then taken to a jail cell.

The frequent diner is now serving an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to a theft scheme charge, in which prosecutors consolidated six of his latest cases in order to persuade a judge that Palmer needed to spend more time behind bars than the 90 days to which he had been accustomed.

I was thinking about this one for a while. Then I realized it's just an updated version of the "fly in my soup" racket in which you plant a bug in your food to get out of paying the bill. By the way a couple of years ago I was having lunch with a friend and a toad starting hopping around in her salad. The waiter tried to kill it and she freaked out. We don't go there anymore.


Ladies show us your melons Week

Pay nothing or we send in the collection agency

Two weeks ago I noted how Comcast was threatening to disconnect someone's service if they did not pay $0. This time it is Philadelphia Gas Works warning a customer that he was going to have his account referred to a collection agency if he didn't pay the $0 past due balance on his bill.

PGW then gives him several options for paying them $0, including credit card, pay-by-phone or in person at any of six customer service centers.

I really think they should be sent a check for $0. That might teach them a lesson.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sign of the day

Yup, we have expert transsexual mechanics.

What happened to that program I recorded?

Does Jose Bautista deserve MVP consideration?

Most baseball analysts are picking Miguel Cabrera, Josh Hamilton, Robinson Cano, Adrian Beltre, Evan Longoria and Vladimir Guerrero as the favourites and long shots. Absolutely no one is mentioning Jose Bautista. The guy isn't getting a lot of respect or recognition for the year he is having.

So since baseball is a sport enthralled with statistics, I decided to see how Jose Bautista and the other Blue Jay having a good year, Vernon Wells stacked up against the others. I ranked each player on the following stats up to August 10: Runs (R), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Batting Average (AVG), Stolen Bases (SB), On Base Percentage (OBP) and Slugging Percentage (SLP). Then added up the 7 rankings.

As you can see Josh Hamilton's total score is well below the others. There is no question he is having an incredible season. Vernon Wells clearly is not in the same class as the other names based on his stats. But Jose Bautista ranks in the middle of this group sandwiched between Robinson Cano and Valdimir Guerrero - pretty good company.

M. Cabrera 5 3 1 3 99 2 1 114
J. Hamilton 9 5 8 1 38 4 3 68
R. Cano 8 11 12 5 99 7 10 152
A. Beltre 27 14 9 4 99 20 8 181
E. Longoria 10 27 12 29 18 16 20 132
V. Guerrero 15 11 3 16 56 40 18 159
J. Bautista 7 1 3 64 56 19 4 154
V. Wells 32 9 24 49 50 61 13 238

So what's new with the neighbours

On my last update on the neighbour to the left I highlighted the amazing landscaping she going there. A backyard of red patterned concrete, red cedar chips, gargantuan weeds and many lovely dead cedar trees.

I'm happy to report that the dead cedars have been pulled out. They've been replaced with new cedars that will soon be red and dead. She has quite the green thumb.

Here is the neighbour to the right. Very odd fellow. Does all his lawn maintenance wearing rubber boots, rubber gloves and a hooded jacket. Here he is cutting his lawn (he uses a lawn trimmer) dressed in his outdoor uniform. The temperature is about 30C (86F).

Jenny "Whiteboard" is really Elyse Porterfield

The posting yesterday of a girl who quit her job using photos sent to her workplace did turn out to be fake. The only thing real was that Elyse is a HPOA (hot piece of ass).

Hump Day Hottie


Ladies show us your melons Week

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These things drive me nuts

Sign of the day

She really must love her Chicken McNuggets

Toledo police have released security camera video of a woman having a complete meltdown in a McDonald’s drive-thru on New Year’s Day after employees refused to sell her Chicken McNuggets because the restaurant was still serving breakfast. First the woman, who later was determined to be as drunk as a skunk, probably due to a little too much alcohol-induced revelry on New Year’s Eve, pries the window open and starts taking swings at the employee unlucky enough to have been assigned drive-thru duty that morning. Once the drunk customer gets her hair pulled by another employee, she goes into her car, finds a bottle and chucks it through the window, breaking it, before speeding off.

The lady was later arrested, sentenced to 60 days in jail and was also ordered to pay for replacement of the drive-thru window.

This is a prank

...but cute nonetheless.

Photos of an aspiring broker purportedly telling off her boss garnered widespread news coverage. Too bad the story was published by two guys who have pranked the media before. was first to post a series of pictures of "Jenny," a supposed office worker who held up a dry erase board with a series of messages dissing her boss "Spencer". From there the story spread basically everywhere. It now appears to be fabricated by site owners, John and Leo Resig.

But the Steven Slater story, the guy who quit JetBlue is true!