Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheryl Tiegs hits 63

1970 cover of Sports Illustrated

1983 cover of Sports Illustrated

Cheryl today

Bautista turns an amazing inning-ending double play

Helena Guergis collectors item

Maybe I should be putting this on eBay for auction?

What could be scarier than a fire in a high rise?

After raging for more than two hours, an intense six-alarm fire in a St. Jamestown highrise, at 200 Wellesley Street East, finally fizzled out—only to flare back up again, after the sun had set, almost two hours later. By the end of the night, more than a thousand residents were evacuated, and stranded, temporarily without homes.

Eye witnesses report that what started as a single-apartment blaze on the 24th floor spread to neighbouring apartments.

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bautista ain't done yet

He is on pace now to hit 55 or more home runs. Only 10 players or so have hit more that weren't playing during the steroid era.

So tell me how does he not get consideration for AL MVP?

Sign of the day

Welcome home Lindsay Lohan!

No pleading.

No judicial lecture.

No bail either.

Lohan was stripped of her designer high-heel shoes and jewelry and on her way to the county women's jail, where she will be held in an isolation unit.

Lohan is due back in court on Oct. 22, when Judge Fox will formally determine whether she violated her probation and will spell out her sentence.

How many 24 year old celebrities are on their fourth mugshot?

UPDATE: She has been sprung for jail again. Superior Court judge Patricia M. Schnegg ruled the original sentence was legally incorrect because it involved a probation violation for a misdemeanor conviction - and bail should have been an option.

One Hit Wonder

Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach (1980)

High school students forced to sign homecoming dance contract

High school students in Independence, MO and their parents were required to sign a Homecoming dance contract to prevent any inappropriate physical contact on the dance floor at Homecoming. Under the contract, students are prohibited from "freaking, grinding, moshing" and "no dancing back-to-front, side-to-back, side-to-front, or back-to-back." There are also "no bending over" and "both feet on the floor" rules.

Truman High School's principal Kristel Barr explains that sexual dancing at school functions has "been getting progressively worse. We believe all students should be comfortable at dances."

Students found in violation of the Homecoming dance contract will be told to leave without warning. Their parents will be notified, and they will not be permitted to attend three other dances this school year.

Leave it to the school system to try and regulate dancing at school. We're back in the 1950s again. Granted the grinding can be a bit much but going to far the other way makes no sense. They'll be grinding in the parking lot.

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

This is Daniel Alfredsson's infamous hit on Darcy Tucker. No penalty was called, and Alfredsson scored the winning goal seconds later.

Be Kind Please Rewind

It's been a while since any of us saw that friendly reminder on a VHS movie rental. Twenty-five years ago during the short-lived VCR era renting movies was the craze. We baby boomers weren't going to get baby sitters just to see a movie but now we could bring one home. Every neighbourhood a video rental store well until Blockbuster came around and put them out of business.

Except now Blockbuster is out of business. The giant category killer was pushed aside by Netflix which has also just arrived in Canada this week. The biggest issue for Blockbuster was late returns. They should have clued in that the problem with their model is that people are lazy. Their are barely motivated to drive to the store to rent a movie and even less motivated to return it. The late movies would get returned when customers decided they wanted to rent another one.

Cable companies should take note. More and more people are watching movies and tv shows on devices other than televisions - computers, iPod, tablets. They may go the way of Blockbuster if they don't adapt.

Sign of the day

This guy could still get a job on the TTC

An Oregon bus driver caught on video looking at a Kindle while driving in freeway traffic has been fired.

TriMet said the driver posed an immediate threat to public safety and violated transit agency policy.

It was the second time in four years the Portland transit agency has fired 40-year-old Lahcen Qouchbane of Gresham.

In September 2006, TriMet fired him for pushing a passenger off a bus. Qouchbane was reinstated by an arbitrator after an appeal by his union.

This isn't over yet. I'm sure there will be a grievance and it will come out that the employer never told the drivers that reading while driving a bus puts the public at risk. And it's not like he was reading some trashy novel. I'm sure he was reviewing the company's customer service manual.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This man is soo annoying

He claims the Holocaust is a myth.

He suggests that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the U.S.

He wants to wipe Israel off the map.

He cheated during Iran's last Presidential election campaign.

And this man was us to believe that Iran has no plan to build a bomb from enriched uranium. The man is a diabolical maniac who's like we haven't seen since Adolph Hitler. You have to be little bit scared of what this man might do.

Security barrier to be installed at Israeli zoo to counter ‘monkey intifada’

With Israeli officials long worried that serious injury, or even death, is just waiting to happen, another multimillion-shekel barrier is under construction to separate loud, unruly crowds from frequent rock-throwers. Sounds like another security hot spot? Try the chimpanzee exhibit at the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem, popularly known as the Biblical Zoo.

“It’s kind of embarrassing to be stoned by a chimp,” said zoo director Shai Doron. “Chimps know how to throw forehand, but can’t throw overhand, like a baseball. So usually the rocks they throw have a big arc and people have time to escape. The chimps throw rocks every time they’re upset when there are a lot of people,” explained Noa Danen, the head of the primate section at the zoo. “People thought it was funny, until they got a rock in the head.”

Instead of leaving the area when the primates are upset, news of chimpanzees throwing rocks usually draws even larger crowds, said Danen. “And monkeys throw really well,” she noted. After frequent incidents of irate chimps tossing rocks at the public, the zoo installed a net across the chimpanzee exhibit 10 years ago. While it took care of the danger of injury, it made the chimps hard to see and even harder to photograph.

A new, reinforced glass barrier is part of a NIS 2 million general overhaul of the chimpanzee exhibit, which will include more room for the chimpanzees to frolic. The plan includes filling in the moat to allow the residents to come right up to the glass and interact with their fellow primates “nose to nose,” Doron said. The glass will be specially treated so as not to shatter on impact from stones or other projectiles.

Jose Bautista joins the ranks of the elite hitters

The consensus is that either Jose Bautista's season ranks as one of the most surprising in baseball history or one of the flukiest. It is well documented how ordinary Bautista was before 2010. As a result it will take some time to assess what has happened here.

He becomes only the 26th player to ever hit 50 or more home runs in one season. But if you take away the questionable seasons during the steroid era and you are left with only about 15 players. Some huge stars of the game never hit 50 home runs including Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Reggie Jackson, Frank Thomas and Ted Williams.

Everyone in Toronto knew it was going to happen this week. But there were only 12,590 in attendance to watch the event. Which tells you all you need to know about the state of baseball in Toronto.

Marijuana farmer reports stolen crop to police

Marijuana cultivator James Gordon Watson of Lake Country is upset that some swine has stolen his prized pot plant. That’s a crime, right? So. He calls the police. The police confiscate his remains four plants but don’t arrest him.

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

Mr. Toskala we will never forget the longest goal in league history.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update on the wacky neighbours

Well my neighbour to the west has been busy replacing her dead cedars. Her replacement cedars are just doing great and will soon be a lovely red colour to match the expansive cement patio and red wood chips.

Now the neighbour to the east has taken a totally different approach to his landscaping. They now have a lovely patio made of durable black rubber tiles. No need for weeding or fertilizer. So functional and esthetically pleasing to the eye.

OK, who hasn't done this?

Sign of the day

Paris Hilton not welcome in Japan

A day after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug possession after she was caught red-handed with cocaine, the socialite and celebrity was halted by Japanese immigration authorities when she arrived at Narita International Airport. After staying overnight at an airport hotel as officials debated whether to allow her into Japan, Hilton flew home on a private jet after being denied entry. Hilton who was questioned for six hours by immigration officials, according to local media, was to appear Wednesday at a news conference in Tokyo to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. In Japan, immigration authorities can deny entry to anyone convicted of drug-related offenses, and they have booted out some famous celebrities in the past.

Kudos to the Japanese!

A serious contender for Mother of the Year

Jose Bautista now has his own song

American millionaire leaves estate to Wombat Awareness Organisation

In a real-life fairytale, an American millionaire has bequeathed $8 million to the Mannum-based Wombat Awareness Organisation in Australia. "We are still in shock, we're still waiting for someone to say the money's not coming," director Brigitte Stevens said yesterday.

"It's unbelievable really, we're just blown away." The millionaire, whose family has requested anonymity, unexpectedly visited the team of volunteers about two years ago to see the southern hairy-nosed wombats in the wild.

"I took him out into the wild population and showed him wombats with mange, wombats that were starving to death and wombats with burrows from motorbike tyres," she said. The millionaire, who worked in the horse-racing industry, was captivated by the volunteers' tireless efforts to save what may be becoming an endangered icon.

Whatever happened to those stories about millionaires leaving all their money for cat orphanages/ Wombats? How come American endangered species aren't good enough? This is totally un-American!

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

Kerry Fraser's non-call on Wayne Gretsky in the 1993 playoffs was pivotal in the Maple Leafs failure to advance to the finals. Their best shot over the past 43 years.

Hump Day Hottie

Keri Russell

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sign of the day

Millionaire Parvati Shallow is 28 today

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

The Toronto Maple Leafs were just about to put the finishing touches on a win that tied the 2001 Eastern Conference semifinal with the New Jersey Devils at two, when Tie Domi struck. Domi's brain must have cramped up on him when he decided it was a good idea to elbow Devils star Scott Niedermayer in the dying seconds of game 4. An incensed Scott Stevens had to be escorted to the penalty box so that he didn't attack Domi following the play. The Leafs managed to win game 5, but many pundits felt that it was Domi's gaffe that changed the series and allowed the Devils to win in seven.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's episode of Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters T and A

Katy Perry appeared on Sesame Street today to sing a cleaned up version of her song “Hot ‘N Cold.” But PBS was fine with Katy flashing around her generous cleavage.

Next week on Sesame Street will be Lindsay Lohan playing drinking games - what fun!

Jupiter is only 368 million miles away

Jupiter was 368 million miles from Earth tonight, meaning it will appear brighter than usual. The planet is closer to Earth than it has been since 1963 -- and it won't be this close again until 2022. The picture above was taken with my Canon Powershot A630.

Sign of the day

Why people can't be trusted with democracy

A the very least Helena Guergis has shown to be a person that shows poor judgment. Forget about the blow up at the Charlottetown airport that got blown out of proportion. But the letters to the editor of media of Guergis' staff and supporters following the incident are just ridiculous. Guergis’ executive assistant Jessica Craven, Ms. Craven’s mother Dawn Richards, constituency office staff member Valerie Knight, former riding association president Paul Shaw, and Bonnie Ainsworth an assistant to Ms. Guergis’ colleague, MP Patrick Brown allegedly engaged in a coordinated letter writing campaign to the local media praising the abilities and achievements of Guergis. None of the individuals disclosed their close association with the Conservative Minister. But her performance as a Minister should be an embarrassment to the Government. In particular her handling of the Brenda Martin case.

But all this seems to not matter to the constituents of Simcoe-Grey. In a recent poll conducted by Holinshed Research Group of Ottawa seems to indicated that Guergis would be easily re-elected.

A sample of her constituents indicated that if Helena Guergis were to run as an Independent Conservative 19.6% would vote Conservative; 12.8% would vote Liberal; 3.3% would vote NDP; 3.1% would vote Green 30.1% were undecided and 30% would vote for Guergis.

Leonard Skinner, Lynyrd Skynyrd inspiration, dies at 77

Skinner, a Florida gym teacher who, in the 1960s, harshly cracked down on long hair and other hippieisms, died today. Skinner inspired a group of rebellious students to rename their band after him, calling it Lynyrd Skynyrd. Skinner was 77.

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

Bryan McCabe sure liked to shoot the puck. Sometimes he even hit the other team's net.

I'm officially one more year older

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Randy Quaid and his wife must have been booted from their RV

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi were arrested in Santa Barbara, California yesterday for allegedly squatting in their old house, which they had sold over three years ago. Talk about falling on hard times.

The couple's bail was set at $50,000 each. They were arrested on charges of felony residential burglary and unlawful entry into a non-commercial building. Evi was also charged with resisting arrest. The Quaids were also busted using bad credit cards last year at a ranch in Montecito and a resort in Santa Barbara.

Talk about real life imitating art. It looks like Cousin Eddie is has hit hard times. He's been evicted from his RV. No doubt neighbours kept getting annoyed because his shitter kept getting backed up. Then the welfare people found out the metal plate in his head was just plastic and he lost his disability payments.

Britain's first supermodel Twiggy is 61

Twiggy in 1966 still just 16

Twiggy singing one of her recording in 1977

Twiggy earlier this week in London

Why I support birth control

EMBED-Kid Accidentally Shoots Dad's AK-47 Indoors - Watch more free videos

Megan Fox's new Armani ad sizzles

Memories of Maple Leafs Week

The trade that set the fate of ex-GM John Ferguson Jr. was trading goalie prospect Tuukka Rask for "Redlight" Andrew Raycroft.