Friday, October 08, 2010

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The Kings - This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide

Commonwealth Games Update

Thousands of flushed condoms threaten to choke the Commonwealth Games village’s drainage system. Games organizers are now battling to clear clogged drains after thousands of non-biodegradeable contraceptives were flushed down toilets in the first week of the event.

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The Commonwealth Games reports that up to 15 swimmers on the England and Australian teams have a stomach virus potentially caused by the suspect quality of water at the aquatics centre in New Delhi.

Poor attendance is just another embarrassment for the Commonwealth Games.. Reports said that just 200,000 of the available 1.7 million tickets had been sold for the Games.

800 bus drivers had stopped turning up for Commonwealth Games duties due to complaints about long working hours and heavy security, but local organizers were bringing in more than 900 local drivers to replace them. The bad news is, there’s no time for training.

Trained langur monkeys are being used at the Commonwealth Games to scare off other wildlife including wild monkeys, dogs and even snakes.

Two or three tiles crashed right over the main field of play for the weightlifting competition. As well, a 90-metre pedestrian bridge collapsed at the main stadium, injuring 27 construction workers, five critically. there also are problems with plumbing, wiring, furnishings, Internet access and cellphone coverage.

The 25ft-high electronic screen, costing nearly a quarter of a million pounds, crashed to the ground at the rugby sevens stadium.

How would you pronounce Sheila Dikshit?

A New Zealand TV personality is in hot water after a clip resurfaced of him mocking the name of an Indian Commonwealth Games official - Sheila Dikshit.

Despite being told her name is pronounced "Dixit," TVNZ presenter Paul Henry called the Dehli chief minister "Dick-sh*t" and said that her name was "so appropriate" because she is Indian.

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Chimp Charlie dies at 52 despite smoking habit

Charlie the chimp started smoking when some visitors to Mangaung zoo, in Bloemfontein, threw him lit cigarettes.

Zoo spokesman Qondile Khedama said Charlie had become an institution, entertaining thousands of visitors every year with his antics.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death.

For years, zookeepers had been trying to get the chimp to kick the habit, and they discouraged visitors from giving him cigarettes.

But Mr Khedama said he did not believe the addiction had ended Charlie's life prematurely, as he had lived around 10 years longer than the average chimp.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sign of the day

You may now pee on the bride

Guess what this is?

The photo above has been extensively passed around recently, and for good reason: it's a peek into the rarely-seen world of mechanically separated meat. That's what they use to make Chicken McNuggets.

A machine scrapes the bones clean and forces the meat through a sieve which turns it into a paste. The stuff is crawling with bacteria so it's washed with ammonia which makes it taste gross. So they add artificial colour and flavouring to make it more appealing.

In defense of poor McDonalds they aren't the only ones to use this meat. The paste is also used for bologna, hot dogs and salami.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Good for you Doc!

Firefighters watch home burn down because $75 fee wasn't paid

A Tennessee man watched in horror last week as flames consumed his house. Also watching? The local subscription-based fire department. The man had not paid his $75 firefighting fee, so the firemen would not lift a finger or a hose.

Only after the fire spread to his neighbor's field would the firemen even respond to his 911 calls. Once there, they only put out the field fire as his house continued to burn to a crisp. His neighbor had paid his firefighting fee.

The man offered to pay them the fee right then and there, or however much it took to get them to put out the fire, but was refused. The man lives in a county that has no fire protection. The nearby town offers fire protection to non-residents on a per-contract basis.

It's like the snowplowing guys. They will only plow your driveway if you have a contract with them. They turn down all new business after it's snowed. Well at least the homeowner saved $75 in taxes. Hope he paid his insurance premium. Seriously this could only happen in America. Everywhere else you don't have an option on funding the fire department. They protect people too stupid to protect themselves.

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Hump Day Hottie

Christina Hendricks

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I'm recommending 'Raising Hope' on Fox

If you've been hoping for another funny family sitcom, Fox may have the show for you.

That said, you'd be wise to keep in mind that Raising Hope is a Fox take on a family comedy, which means it's edgier, cruder and a little more down-market than the more broadly appealing variety currently playing on the other networks.

This is low brow comedy to be sure but it is funny.

The show centers on young Jimmy Chance (Lucas Neff), a naive underachiever searching for his purpose. While looking, he stumbles upon a female serial killer, gets her pregnant and, a few months and an execution later, brings their baby home to raise.

A new baby in the house, however, does not sit well with his mother (Martha Plimpton), who works for a cleaning service; his father (Garret Dillahunt), who has a barely functioning yardwork/pool-cleaning business; or his senile great-grandmother (Cloris Leachman), who owns the house they're all crowded into. Cloris Leachman is as funny as ever.

Raising Hope Trailer
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Christine O'Donnell tells America 'I'm not a witch'

...thank you for straightening that out for us.

Mug Shot of the Week

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Rheostatics - Claire (1995)

Happy 35th birthday to my favourite actress Kate Winslet

Kate in the 1996 film Jude

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Driver drowns in reservoir after being directed in by GPS

It is perhaps the secret fear of all users of GPS systems: what if the device gets it wrong and leads you into danger? The Spanish Red Cross said yesterday this was exactly what happened to a 37-year-old man who died on Saturday night after driving his car into a reservoir near the western town of Capilla.

"It seems the GPS system pointed them on to an old road that ends in the reservoir, and that in the dark they were unable to brake in time, with the car taking just a couple of minutes to sink," the Red Cross said in a statement. The victim and a single passenger were driving home towards the southern city of Seville after working at a street fair when the Peugeot 306 ploughed straight into the waters of La Serena reservoir.

Although both men managed to get out of the car, only one made it to the shore. Red Cross divers found the body of the unnamed driver at the bottom of the reservoir on Sunday morning. The passenger was treated for bruising and light injuries.

I guess the driver was too busy checking out his GPS to notice the "Dead End" sign. Well at least he wasn't texting.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Thanks Cito for another special year

The Blue Jays had to have been one of the best 4th place teams in recent MLB history. They had kinds of flaws but damn it they played exciting ball. Sure they were never meaningful games because there were 3 excellent teams ahead of them in the standings.

Cito seemed to have mellowed out this last season following the mini-uprising in the clubhouse they ended with the firing of JP Ricciardi. The communication appeared to have improved and players seem to come hungry to the ballpark ever day.

I couldn't have been more wrong about Jose Bautista. I hated him when the Jays picked him up from Pittsburgh. He appeared to be an easy out and seemed to lack any passion. Like everyone else I totally ignored his September of 2009 when he clubbed 10 home runs. He not only has talent but a great psychological makeup. As the season progress and pitcher threw at his head and writers accused him of being juiced, he ignored it all and just went about his business. What a class act.

Finally who would have thought that the Jays starting rotation could last the season without Roy Halladay. The only pitcher with much experience was coming off Tommy John surgery. But perhaps the highlight of the season was Brandon Morrow's 17-strikeout one-hitter. One of the best pitching performances I have ever seen.

Battle of the Blades - week 1

What a difference one year makes. Last year the hockey players were tripping over their figure skates - that is those brave enough to ditch their hockey skates. It was painful to watch Bob Probert, Tie Domi and Ken Daneko on the ice.

This season the hockey players came much better prepared. It's obvious they spent to summer preparing and getting into shape. Kelly Chase lost 50 lbs getting ready. Judge Sandra Bezic even noted that where the new crew is at skill-wise in Week 1 is where the former crew was at in Week 5 last year. That might be a bit of exaggeration as she tends to be too generous in her praise. But there is no question these guys are way ahead of last year's crew.

Here is a breakdown on the skating:

Shae-Lynn Bourne & Patrice Brisebois

A good program but Patrice can't keep up with its tempo — or his petite blonde partner, either. Sure, he looks too much like last year's players - too stiff. Shae-Lynn will not be going deep this year if Patrice can't step it up.

Kyoko Ina & Kelly Chase

Surprisingly Kelly looked really good. He showed a lot of emotion and strength as he flung Kyoko around like a rag doll. I thought he would be another Probert but obviously not.

Violetta Afanasieva & PJ Stock

Their lifts were great. PJ looked like a natural. This is a sport where personality helps you a lot out on the ice and PJ has plenty of that. They could go deep in the competition.

Christine Hough-Sweeney & Russ Courtnall

Russ who was once known for his speed and added some beef over the years. They were clearly the weakest pair and were eliminated. Tough luck for Christine because last year she was paired with a dog too - Tie Domi.

Anabelle Langlois & Georges Laraque

Former Canadiens enforcer Georges had to get 12 stitches on Saturday after his face had a run-in with his partner Anabelle's blade during practice. It just missed removing his eye proving figure skating is not for sissies. The move that caused the accident involves Georges spinning her around his neck. They full off the move flawlessly in competition and then Georges actually tries the competition's first waltz jump. Judge Jeremy Roenick points out that Georges has the biggest butt on figure skates.

Isabelle Brasseur & Todd Warriner

Incredibly they try a salchow throw jump in the first week. Isabelle lands on her butt however it shows how heated the competition will become over the next few weeks. Todd looked much better than I expected.

Ekaterina Gordeeva & Valerie Bure

The Russians have to be the team to beat. They were flying around the ice twice as fast as any other pair. Kat and Val already have considerable chemistry on the ice and Val looked like a real skater out there. Surprisingly the Russians were one of the bottom two pairs and had to participate on Monday's skate off. I think there was some bias here for the only non-North Americans.

Jamie Sale & Theo Fleury

What Theo lacks in technical skills he makes up for in passion. You could see how much he got into character including eyeliner and black nail polish. Who does he think he is - Emanuel Sandhu? The lifts and moves weren't as good as the other pairs but Theo has an advantage in that he is matched up with Jamie who happened to have won this thing last season. They will be competitive.

Sign of the day

Pigs all over the Gardiner Expressway

Pigs bound for an abattoir enjoyed a brief reprieve this morning when their truck overturned at Highway 427 and the eastbound Gardiner Expressway. What a scene.

Actually, 81 pigs didn't survive the crash or had to be put down whihc means no bacon with breakfast this weekend. Wonder if the fatalities will make their way into the Ministry of Transportation Road Safety data.

The pigs that didn’t die were herded onto another truck and taken to a facility where they will be monitored by veterinarians from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), who were on scene to inspect the swine, Cross said

CFIA officials will help the meat-packing facility determine if the pigs are healthy enough to enter the food supply.

Happy 34th birthday to Alicia Silverstone

Alicia in the 1993 film The Crush

A nude Alica in a 2007 PETA ad

Alicia earlier this year

Fashion Disaster

Couple in jail after food fight

They weren't exactly using lethal weapons, but a food fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend landed them both in jail early on Wednesday, authorities say.

According to Largo police, Keane E. Langel and his girlfriend, Brenda M. Riley, were arguing at their home at 301 N Belcher Road, No. 901, just after midnight when Langel started spitting bananas on Riley and throwing doughnuts at her.

Riley, 49, then "armed herself with a banana," ripped the fruit into two pieces and jammed them into Langel's ears.

No injuries were reported, but both were charged with domestic battery.

Langel, 59, also was charged with tampering with a victim because, Largo police said, he took Riley's cell phone from her and broke it as she was trying to call authorities. Riley was ultimately able to call police.

Hey I don't blame the police. It starts off with bananas then works up to pots and pans, then knives until finally they are using assault rifles. No doubt the lovely couple will be ordered by some court to only have supervised meals with plastic cutlery.

Sign of the day

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Girl travels 200 miles to kill a guy who dissed on the net


Breana Greathouse (pictured) may be crazy, but she also may make dudes think twice about saying mean things about women on the web, if allegations are true that she drove 200 miles to kill a man for saying hurtful things online .

Greathouse journeyed from Kansas City, MO to Ottumwa, IA. Cops say they found her with a gun in her hand, intent on shooting a man because she thought he "made derogatory postings about her on the internet."

One Hit Wonder

Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun (1973)

Passengers on overbooked Russian flight forced to stand

One airline in Russia figured out what to do with an overbooked flight -- tell passengers to stand up during the flight.

On Sept. 24, passengers were about to board a Tatarstan Airlines flight in Turkey when they were told that this particular Boeing 737 had six less seats than the airline had planned on.

The solution? Have the remaining half-dozen passengers stand up for the flight to Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Sure these passengers did not have oxygen masks or life vests on the overcrowded jet, but it's not like the plane was going down.

Those who complained were told by the crew to put a child on their lap - but the children were far too big.



Druidry is recognized as a religion in Britain

The political correct crowd has won another battle. It seems Britain has recognized Druidry, an ancient belief that worships deities that take different forms in nature, as a religion for the first time and gave it charitable status on Saturday.

"There is a sufficient belief in a supreme being or entity to constitute a religion for the purposes of charity law," declared the Charity Commission for England and Wales in response to the Druid Network's application.

The decision will give the neo-pagan religion, known for its cloaked worshippers at Stonehenge (above, in 1999) and other sites, tax advantages and is expected to lead to broader acceptance.

"This has been a long hard struggle taking over five years to complete," said the Druid Network, which is based in England, in a statement on its website.


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