Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sign of the day

Man crashes into licence centre immediately after passing driving test

Moments after he completed his driver's test, a man crashed his car into the glass doors of the license exam center in Collier, his startled instructor still in the passenger seat.

The car skidded clear into the building, where about 10 customers were seated in a waiting area.

Police said the man, 34-year-old Robert Keller, had pulled into a parking space outside the Drivers License Center after doing well on the road test behind the sprawling Chartiers Valley Shopping Center.

"He thought he had it in park but he didn't," Collier police Sgt. Brian Halbleib said, and the car jumped the curb when he took his foot off the brake. "He panicked and hit the accelerator, and went through the front."

Four people suffered only minor injuries, and two were taken to hospitals for evaluation. Neither the driver nor his instructor, who works for PennDOT and administered the test, was hurt, said Sgt. Halbleib.

Both men were "shaken up quite a bit," he said. As for the driver, the sergeant added, "He just kept apologizing. He didn't mean to do it. Right now, we're ruling it an accident."

Mr. Keller did not pass the test.


Woman loses it in anger management class and stabs classmate

A 19-year-old Bellevue woman has been charged with second-degree assault after she allegedly stabbed a classmate during an anger-management class at Bellevue College. Bellevue police say Faribah Maradiaga "blew up out of control" and stabbed the classmate's arm and shoulder several times after the two women exchanged words.

Police said Maradiaga, who already had a pending assault charge, told them that the other woman had threatened her first, according to charging documents. Maradiaga walked into the North Campus classroom around 9 a.m. on Saturday while a video on anger management was being shown, according to the charges.

Maradiaga started complaining about the movie and disrupting the class when the victim told Maradiaga "the video was good and to give it a chance." Maradiaga, who was sitting two rows behind the victim, then stood up and started talking "trash" before pulling out a knife with a 3-inch blade and stabbing the other woman, police and prosecutors say.

The charges say Maradiaga then threatened to kill the victim's family. Maradiaga is being held on $50,000 bail in King County Jail and is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 25.