Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weird Al Yankovic is 51 today

Hey Ricky (1983)

I Lost On Jeopardy (1984)

Fat (1988)

Money for Nothing/Beverley Hillbillies (1989)

Smells Live Nervana (1992)

Gump (1996)

Amish Paradise (1999)

Sign of the day

Footbrawl at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton

Members of a Montreal junior football team ran into the stands and brawled with opposing fans during a road game last weekend. No charges were laid but the video below has subsequently gone viral.

The team said its players were reacting to verbal and physical harassment from the home-team fans. They say spectators started pelting them with beer bottles in the middle of the game, and the hostilities escalated from there.

Raw Footage of Football Brawl at Ivor Wynne Stadium - Watch more Funny Videos

During the same week Vancouver Canuck Rick Rypien attacks a Minnesota fan. What can I say, Canadians are brawlers.

Mug Shot of the Week

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Randy and Evi Quaid seeking asylum in Canada

America send us your nutty celebrities!

Randy Quaid and his wife, wanted in the United States on vandalism charges, are seeking refugee status in Canada, saying on Friday they feared for their lives. They got released on $9,750 bail for each of them. Bail in California is $1,000,000 for failing to show up for court. Yup a better deal in Canada. So welcome aboard Cousin Eddie.

How sweet is this?

I guess $206 million doesn't buy a championship every season.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

20-year-old student named police chief in Mexico town

A 20-year-old criminology student has been named the chief of police in one of the most dangerous municipalities in Mexico's violence-wracked northern state of Chihuahua.

Marisol Valles Garcia, the only person to accept the post, took charge of public security for Guadalupe Distrito Bravo on Monday. The district has a population of 9,148 residents and comes with at least one police car.

The state of Chihuahua has borne the brunt of spiraling drug-related violence that has left around 28,000 dead throughout Mexico in the last four years. Guadalupe's former mayor was assassinated in June, and local police have been kidnapped and murdered. At least eight people were slain in the last week alone in Guadalupe.

The tiny but energetic Valles Garcia says she wants her 13 officers to practice a special brand of community policing. She plans to hire more women — she currently has three — and assign each to a neighborhood to talk with families, promote civic values and detect potential crimes before they happen.

Valles Garcia said during her swearing in that her job will not be to fight drug trafficking because that responsibility falls on other organs of government. Instead, she will focus on preventative programs for schools and neighborhoods, rehabilitating public spaces and fostering better relationships between neighbors in order to improve general security.

If someone is having a death pool for Valles I'm in! I'm taking 60 days. That's about how much that town will be able to take of her community policing, school lunch programs and collecting litter. Then some drug dealer will get fed up and put a bullet in her head. Yup I'm taking 60 days.


Sign of the day

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Players fighting with fans

Rick Rypien was hit with an indefinite suspension on Wednesday but will likely get only a six game suspension from NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell. Rypien grabbed a 28-year-old fan named James Engquist in Minnesota a night earlier.

I have to agree with a suspension. You can't be fighting paying customers and there is a real liability issue here. Interestingly Tie Domi got away with just a fine but no suspension for battling a Flyers fan back in 2001. In the video below you can clearly see that the incident was pretty much started by Domi.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 is suggesting Lindsay Lohan will get a one year sentence

Lindsay Lohan has been hiding out in rehab since September 28th, likely as part of a feable attempt to trick the judge into thinking she’s changed. It's the same routine before each court date which is typically followed by a celebration at a club.

That all could end Friday, when she’s due back in front of Judge Elden Fox for violating probation. According to she will doing a year in the slammer. Afterall it's the same judge who ordered her to jail until her court date. Finally, we might be able to go online and not see her stupid freckly face on every website. I still don't believe it will happen. I expect another slap on the wrist.

One Hit Wonder

Five Man Electrical Band - Signs (1971)

I want this little piggy

Yankee runs on field to confront A-Rod over relationship with Cameron Diaz

The fruitcake who ran onto the field at Yankee Stadium Monday wanted to confront A-Rod out of crazed jealousy over the star infielder's romantic relationship with Cameron Diaz, police sources told The Post last night.

Grim LeRogue, who legally changed his name from Joe Rogan, was carrying five pictures when he made his mad dash -- including one of Rodriguez with an X scrawled across his face and a gun pointed at his head.

An apparent threat was scribbled across the picture: "You have to go bud, you've ruined too many of our white queens."

LeRogue, who was tackled by security just a few feet from the stands, apparently is in love with the "There's Something About Mary" star.

He also carried a picture of Diaz with the message: "We will be together soon," the police sources added.

The always classy New York crowds were screaming "Taser him! Taser him!"


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Hump Day Hottie

Anna Paquin

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jimmy McMillan and the Rent Is 2 Damn High Party

Where would elections be without a few kooky candidates. Wouldn't it be fun if some of them actually got elected?

Here is Jimmy McMillan who is running for NY Governor. He is a former postal worker also know as "Papa Smurf" because of the interesting facial hair.

He's run for Mayor of New York City twice in 2005 and 2009), receiving a few thousand votes each time, and been involved in his own fair share of controversy—for anti-Semitism in 2005, and for his battle with the Board of Elections over the name of his party in 2009.

You know what's priceless? Watching A.J. Burnett crash and burn

Parents arrested after Fifth Grader turns them in for marijuana

Two parents are facing drug charges after their child took their drugs to school and told a school officer his parents were breaking the law.

WBTV is not releasing the names of the parents or the name of the school to protect the child's identity.

The 11-year-old student is in 5th grade at a an elementary school in Matthews. Police say he brought his parents' marijuana cigarettes to school when he reported them.

Matthews Police say he reported his parents after a lesson about marijuana was delivered by a police officer who is part of the D.A.R.E. program, which teaches kids about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Police say both the 11-year old and a sibling have been removed from the parents' house by social services. Police say they are staying with relatives.


Would you move from East Hartford to Cleveland just to cheer for the Browns?

Eric Barr packs up and moves to Berea for Browns

Jordan Eberle, who does he think he is?

Unicorn sighted in Don Valley ravine

Amateur video depicting what could be one of the most elusive legendary creatures, the unicorn, has been captured on film by a Toronto resident. The video in question, shot by a local birdwatcher, Peter Hickey-Jones, shows what appears to be a white horse with a single horn on its head emerging from the trees in the Don Valley ravine.

Hickey-Jones brought the footage to the Ontario Science Centre to be analyzed by experts. The Science Centre is reviewing the footage frame-by-frame to determine whether Hickey-Jones’ claim is legitimate. With closer examination, Science Centre staff is hoping to establish whether or not a genuine unicorn sighting has occurred.

In the meantime, the Science Centre is asking the public to use caution if they think they see a unicorn. Do not make any sudden movements or attempt to use flash photography. Although legends of unicorns state that they are peaceful creatures, scientists worry that they may harm themselves or others if they end up on a road or highway. The Ontario Science Centre has set up an emergency unicorn hotline for the public for further information on unicorns or to report any unusual or questionable sightings.

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The sick world of Russell Williams

If you haven’t heard, one of the creepiest serial killer/rapist/pervert trials is going on in Ontario right now. Former military colonel Russell Williams plead guilty to pretty well every sick act you could imagine. This is a senior air force officer that has flown Queen Elizabeth around.

Not a lot bothers me but this guy could creep just about anyone out. As part of his guilty plea, a statement of facts had to be submitted to the court. He had a huge collection of undies as trophies and photos. Lots of uncomfortable photos. Fortunately he will be locked away for a very long time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sign of the day

Happy 20th birthday Bristol Palin

You need to be coordinated for track and field

Cute Blonde Chick Fails at High Jump - Watch more Funny Videos

EMBED-Chick Gets Run Over Crossing Track - Watch more free videos

Girl's Epic Hammer Throw Fail - Watch more Funny Videos

Officer Bubbles is suing YouTube

The Toronto policeman dubbed "Officer Bubbles" over an incident during the G20 summit has launched a million-dollar lawsuit against website YouTube. Const. Adam Josephs filed a $1.2-million lawsuit over cartoons that have surfaced since the incident.

Josephs received the nickname after a video showed him telling a young female protester that she could be arrested for blowing bubbles. “If the bubble touches me, you're going to be arrested for assault," he told her. “It's a deliberate act on your behalf, I'm going to arrest you.”

The officer is suing the website over cartoons which he claims depict an officer resembling him abusing police power. Cartoons have surfaced showing a policeman arresting such people as Santa Claus and Barack Obama. Josephs said in a statement of claim the cartoons have subjected him to ridicule and resulted in threats against him and his family.

"This level of ridicule goes beyond what is reasonable," James Zibarras, the officer's lawyer, said. "The reason we brought the lawsuit is that people have the right to protect themselves against this kind of harassment." Josephs also wants YouTube to reveal the identity of the person behind the account where the cartoons originated. The cartoons no longer appear on the site.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barbara Billingsley Dead at 94

As June Cleaver, her most famous role

In the 1980 film, Airplane

One Hit Wonder

A Foot In Coldwater - (Make Me Do) Anything You Want (1972)

Sure why not a wedding at McDonalds

McDonald's Hong Kong is going to begin offering on-site wedding ceremonies beginning January 1, 2011 so book your trips now, Big Mac lovers!

Helen Cheung Yuen-ling, director of corporate communications and relations, said that they had been receiving calls from patrons who requested to have wedding parties in the popular restaurant chain.

"People said they'd dated here, or met here, and wanted to get married here ... We see this as a business chance," she said.

A McWedding would cost up to $368 (in US dollars) and include a set menu or the possibility for guests to order during the event, a cake and gifts. Plus, in keeping with tradition French fries will replace the customary cherries "for the newlyweds to eat together and kiss."

Wedding toasts will have to be alcohol-free and Ronald McDonald may attend as well as a host of other strangers since business will continue as usual.

Your 4th birthday was at McDonalds and maybe your first date. So why not get married there too? Just don't let your guests know how they make the McNuggets.


TV doesn't get any better than this: Sarah Palin's Alaska

This will be more evil than Russell on Survivor, more drama than Law and Order, funnier than Jersey Shore, more tears than The Bachelor. This is TV at its best. Thank you TLC!!!!

Judge grants woman a divorce because husband refused to bathe

An Egyptian court granted a woman a divorce because her husband refused to bathe claiming he was allergic to water, she said.

The woman, a petroleum engineer, approached the courts just weeks after her marriage to complain about her husband's odd behavior, the Egyptian daily Al-Masry-Al-Youm said.

The woman told the newspaper she was surprised over her husband's refusal to bathe and said he told her "this is my habit."

The newspaper said the woman sought the advice of a doctor who confirmed the man's allergy, but said the ailment should not stop him from maintaining self-hygiene.

When her husband refused to grant her a divorce, she turned to the court, and was granted a "khoulu," or divorce, the paper said.

I know there are women out there thinking they would have done the same thing. My wife included. So what if instead of an allergy to water he had Tourrettes and couldn't help from swearing or lost a leg to cancer. Would she also leave him? A medical condition is a medical condition. What ever happened to for better or worse, rich or poor?


Girls lays out 6 tasks for cheating boyfriend to win her back

Many people went to a place of worship on Sunday to atone for their sins and seek forgiveness.

Greg Tracy went to Georgetown.

The 22-year-old soldier, stationed at Hunter Army Airfield, spent an hour standing at the corner of Ga. 204 and King George Boulevard on Sunday afternoon as part of his quest to get his girlfriend to forgive him for being unfaithful.

He wore a Scooby Doo hat and carried a large sign, decorated with balloons, that outed him as a "dog" and a cheater. His handmade sign also pointed out he "lost an amazing girlfriend."

"I lied and cheated," said Tracy. "I have a list of things I have to do to win her back."

The path toward forgiveness comes with six steps. In addition to standing outside with his sign, he also:

-- Called a local radio station, explained what he did wrong and admitted he lied to her, and dedicated a song to his love.

-- Made a timeline of things he remembers about her that are special.

-- Gave her the passwords to his e-mail account, as well as his Facebook and MySpace pages.

-- Must make a YouTube video about why he's doing all this.

So far, she has yet to reveal the sixth and final task to him.

While Tracy stood on the street corner Sunday, some people yelled at him from their vehicles, some stopped to talk to him and take pictures, and one guy threw a drink at him. As far as he knows, his girlfriend was not among those who saw him.

He seems to be learning his lesson, and has advice for others.

"She's a smart girl," he said of his girlfriend. "Eventually it's going to come out.

"Don't lie. Don't cheat. This is not fun."

OMG, this guy is even in more trouble now. He would have been better off to let her walk. She now knows that not only will he will totally embarrass himself to keep her from walking but she can get him to stop watching NFL football every Sunday, take her to chick flicks, help her pick out sofa material, walk her Bichon, and buy her flowers for her birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Memorial Day, Lincoln's Birthday, you name it. His life is over. If he's lucky she will walk after he completes the 6 tasks and tells him she was just fucking with him.


Pastor to receive free car for not burning Korans

The controversial pastor who incited international outrage over a threat to burn copies of the Koran on the ninth anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks will receive a new car for calling off the demonstration. New Jersey car dealer, and former New York Giants centre, Brad Benson made a promotional radio offer at the height of the controversy to give Terry Jones a brand new Hyundai if he cancelled the burn.

Jones, who abandoned the public burning on the eve of the September 11 anniversary following pressure from President Obama and Defence Secretary Gates, came to collect on the car dealer's offer earlier this month. David Cantin, general manager at Brad Benson Hyundai, says Pastor Jones called the dealership about ten days ago to arrange delivery of the vehicle. "He lived up to his end of the bargain, and we're living up to our end," Mr Cantin said. He added Pastor Jones would receive a 2011 Hyundai Accent, expected for delivery by the end of next week. The listing price for a new Accent starts at $13,329.

Hear the offer here.

Tourettes Karaoke returns

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Waitress forced to play 'ring toss game with boss' penis'

A US waitress is suing a couple who own the hotel where she worked claiming they encouraged employees to participate in a ring toss game on the husband's penis. She claims the owners threw a party at the hotel, where the husband danced nude and masturbated publicly, and guests guessed the size and circumference of his penis, and his wife handed out sex toys as prizes for correct guesses.

Jessica Webber quit her job at the Markum Inn, Oregon where she had worked at for three years, after a private party there turned raunchy. At the 'ladies only' party, owner Ward Frederick, 46, stripped naked and encouraged guests and employees to use his penis in a ring toss game, the lawsuit alleged.

Ms Webber left the party soon after and never returned to work at the restaurant. Mr Frederick's wife Julie had also allegedly talked to Ms Webber about her sexual fantasies and asked her and other employees for advice. In the $900,000 lawsuit, Ms Webber described the working conditions as "intolerable" and "sexually hostile".

You're kidding. This is wrong? What other adult games are now politically incorrect? Soon strip pocker will be outlawed.