Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Man throw wife on cliff to get at inheritance

Charles R. Black of Camden has been charged with aggravated assault for an incident April 7 where his wife, Lisa Black, told police he pushed her off Mt. Megunticook near Maiden Cliff, according to court documents.

According to an affidavit filed in Knox County Superior Court by Detective Dean Jackson of the Maine State Police, Lisa Black told first responders that she and her husband had driven to Mt. Megunticook, hiked to the top and were having lunch near the cross on Maiden Cliff.

At one point, Lisa Black told police, she stood up and started walking when she was struck on the back of the head three times. She was knocked to the ground and her husband Charles Black dragged her to the edge of the cliff and threw her over.

Lisa Black told police, the court documents state, she fell a short distance and got up and ran down the mountain to Route 52 for assistance. She told police as she was making her way down to the road, her husband fell down past her and appeared to be injured.

She told the detective that she had inherited $4 million when her father died and that Charles Black had been taking her money without her permission.

She also told police that there were several other incidents involving her husband that made her feel as if he has been trying to kill her. A couple of weeks prior to this incident, Charles Black climbed a ladder to the attic and, while Lisa Black was at the bottom of the ladder, he fell down on top of her. Charles Black told his wife he passed out.

Also around the same time frame, the two were up on Mt. Battie, also in Camden. Lisa Black walked close to the edge of the cliff and Charles Black was behind her and she was struck on the back of the head and she fell to the ground. Charles Black again said he passed out and the front of his head bumped the back of hers.

She also told the detective that her husband had contacted an old girlfriend in Arizona and the two had been having an online affair. She also told police that the two had been having marital problems and had been to counseling.

Charles Black told police that he and his wife hiked the mountain and were having a Subway sandwich. He said he picked up a couple of rocks to add to his rock collection and he put them in his backpack. The next thing he recalled was falling down a hill. He could not remember hitting Lisa Black or throwing her off the side of the mountain.

He did remember falling from the attic onto her and also falling into her on Mt. Battie.

Charles Black told police that he had been communicating with one of his old friends after she found him on Facebook and he said Lisa Black found out about it and was upset.

Black said that he felt everything was going well with their marriage at this time, but did say they had problems in the past and had been to counseling.

Really how many times does a guy try to kill you before you clue in? Seriously either this guy is the most incompetent killer in America or his wife has nine lives. Kind of reminds me of Wiley Coyote who also had a penchant for surviving falling off cliffs. Beep beep.


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