Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bulgarian exchange students find hidden cameras in apartment

Deputies were called to a Westchase apartment on Monday after two women living there reported finding cameras hidden in their bathroom, bedrooms and living room.

Deputies discovered the cameras inside smoke detectors and motion sensors for an alarm system.

The women are from Bulgaria and have lived at the apartment on Tuscany Bay Drive for three months. They are visiting the United States as students and planned to stay for a year.

Detectives are looking into whether the cameras were part of an active recording system and whether they were being recorded at a remote location or over the internet.

Since this story broke out I've been searching porn websites to locate videos of these two ladies. But no luck. My imaginations appears to be getting the better of me - girl on girl encounters, nude dish washing, candle lit bubble baths. Must find those videos.


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Anonymous said...

I expect that your search for those videos is strictly an effort to help the police in their investigation. We should all be so civic minded as to help.