Saturday, January 15, 2011

Andrea Martin is 64 today

Andrea as Pirini Scleroso

Andrea as Edith Prickley

As Edna Boil

A contestant on Half Wits

Sign of the day

Gun laws in Israel

The Arizona shooting naturally opens up that ongoing debate in the U.S. about gun control. Naturally it will lead to nothing or some cosmetic change that will be used by both sides of the debate to win some points - if you're actually keeping score.

I am the first to acknowledge that keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill is quite the challenge while still allowing responsible citizens to own and carry firearms. Interestingly enough there are examples around the world that actually work.

Take for instance Israel. You would think with the threat of attack in Israel that gun laws would be pretty lax. Wouldn't just about everyone be allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves? Surprisingly no.

This is my understanding of gun laws in Israel from talking to Israelis and the internet. The laws are extremely restrictive, but have some elements of common sense. All weapons are listed, registered and individually licensed. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the licensing of weapons and Gun Shops. Also keep in mind that all citizens serve in the army and then become reservists until the age of 45. Depending on their rank in the Reserve they may have a M16A1 military issue rifle which is “signed out” from the military, for civil defense.

To get a license for a gun in Israel you have to show that you need a gun. This means that you have to be:
a) A member of the armed forces - only career soldiers above a certain minimum rank (officer/warrant officer)
b) Have a job which might put your life at risk, or requires you to protect others. (diamond courier, security personnel)
c) Work in a job which requires travel in the West Bank.

For the above three rules, you also have to prove that you are sane and do not have a criminal record.

There is another possibility, that is you live in the West Bank, in which case you can get a weapon and do not have to prove that you are sane and do not have a criminal record (you would have to be insane to live in the West Bank).

For an Arab citizen of Israel to get a license is difficult but not impossible.
The civil courts in Israel are tough making virtually any use of a weapon more of a liability to you than a danger to anyone else. For example, you could be jailed for threatening an intruder to your home with your pistol.

You cannot legally use a weapon to prevent a bank robbery (even if the robbers are armed).
You can be held responsible if your weapon is stolen from your property.

Ammunition is limited, except ammunition purchased in a firing range to be used at the range. You can simply go to the range, buy 3 boxes of ammunition, practice with two, and no one is the wiser.

You do not need a license to practice with a weapon inside a legal firing range.
Weapons do not need to be concealed or otherwise. The normal way to carry a pistol is in a holster in the belt. In summer you can see it, in winter it is concealed by your coat. The preference is for unconcealed weapons, to serve as a deterrent.

Every 5 years a gun owner is to pass a physical and mental health check, criminal background check, qualify at the range, and pay a renewal fee for my carry permit.

Who carries weapons in Israel?

Servicemen and women, on duty and off, in uniform or not. Reservists, Cops, Ambulance Drivers, Firemen, Teachers, Security Guards, Businessmen, and anyone else that has a valid carry permit. Jews, Arabs, and Christians (and everyone else) all carry weapons.

Rifles are generally issued by the Israeli Defense Force and carried by Servicemen and Reservists, although if you live in an area deemed by the Government to be a high risk (that’s almost every small town in Israel today) you can be issued a rifle for civil defense.

Fox shoots hunter

A wounded fox pulled off a miraculous escape from a hunter - by shooting his would-be killer in the leg. The animal, which had already been shot, somehow managed to pull the trigger of the double-barrelled shotgun with its paw as the hunter battering it with the butt to finish the animal off .

The unnamed hunter, 40, who had been hunting in the Grodno region of Belarus, remains in hospital with a rather embarrassing leg injury while the animal made its escape. The condition of the fox is not known, but at least it can choose its final resting place after fighting back and setting off the gun.

An investigator said: 'The animal fiercely resisted and in the struggle accidentally pulled the trigger with its paw.' Fox hunting is popular in the farming region of northwestern Belarus, close to the border with Poland.

The country itself is a popular destination for hunters wanting to shoot several animals, including elk, wild boar and even wolves. Foxes like the shooter are not protected in Belarus because they transmit rabies.

I knew this day would come. With so many species facing extinction the animal kingdom is rebelling and fighting back. I can just see armed gangs of deer in the woods ready to ambush hunters. Whale herds attacking boats. Ducks dropping not just the usual stuff but napalm and other chemicals. Don't think PETA isn't behind this - traitors!

Watch out for the snow genitalia police

A Union County (South Carolina) deputy responded to a complaint about an obscene snowman, and despite disagreeing with the deputy, the snowman maker eventually agreed to remove the offending body parts.

This past week, a deputy spoke to the 45-year-old man who lives on Buffalo Westsprings Highway about the dyed-pink, male genitals on the snowman in his yard.

According to the police report, the man told the deputy that the snowman was on his private property, so he believed he could display the snowman with the pink parts left in place.

The deputy told the man he could either remove the genitals or be charged if he refused. The man said he disagreed, but he removed the offending parts from the snowman to avoid arrest.

Way to go Union County you're tax dollars are being put to good use. The snowman crackdown will eradicate pink snow penises from the entire County. Nothing like the threat of jail time as a tool to teach taxpayers about good taste and community standards.


What ever happened to my...Week

Even Donald Trump won't touch Lindsay Lohan

Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice is a pathetic program where Trump surrounds himself with pseudo-celebrities who are more obnoxious that he is. The participants compete for prize money that they donate to a favourite charity. Most of the celebrities on the show are either individuals you've either never heard of before or people where you scratch your head asking "is he still alive?"

The next episode in begins in March and will include La Toya Jackson (music), Gary Busey (acting), David Cassidy (music), Meatloaf (music), Lisa Rinna (TV actress), Dionne Warwick (music), Richard Hatch(TV celebrity), Marlee Matlin (actress), Nikki Taylor(model), Jose Canseco (baseball), Hope Dworaczk (model), Mark McGrath (music), Lil Jon (rapper), John Rich (country music), Star Jones (TV celebrity), NeNe Leakes (TV celebrity). I bet you had to Google some of these names.

So you can see Trump isn't that fussy. However, he did refused to allow Lindsay Lohan on his show. He defended his position by suggesting that Lindsay needs to straighten herself out first.

Talk about hitting rock bottom.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sign of the day

Happy 70th birthday to Faye Dunaway

As Bonnie Parker in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde

As Diana Christensen in the 1976 film Network

As Wanda Wilcox in the 1987 film Barfly

Dire Straits song now offensive in Canada

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has ruled that Dire Straits’ 1980s hit Money For Nothing is too offensive for Canadian radio. The ruling, released on Wednesday, was in response to a complaint against St. John’s radio station CHOZ-FM. The listener complained that the word faggot – which appears three times in the song is “extremely offensive” to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

The council is an independent body created by Canadian radio and television broadcasters to review the standards of their content. The award-winning song was the first single from Dire Straits’ album Brothers in Arms and has been an international music staple for 25 years.

The council ruled that the song contravenes its ethics code which states: “broadcasters shall ensure that their programming contains no abusive or unduly discriminatory material or comment which is based on matters of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or physical or mental disability.”

It ruled that “faggot,” when used to describe a homosexual, is “even if entirely or marginally acceptable in earlier days, is no longer so.”

The offending lyrics:
The little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah, buddy, that’s his own hair
That little faggot’s got his own jet airplane
That little faggot, he’s a millionaire

This is the worst kind of censorship. I'm going to play this song all weekend long in protest. Talk about over regulation!


Don't remember this in the 'I Love NY' campaign

What ever happened to my...Week

Wish this company sold insurance in Ontario

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bounty-Gate shows Toronto media is anti-Leafs

Many Leaf bloggers have commented over the years how the media is quick to dump all over the Maple Leafs. If anything bad happens they are more then ready to lead the charge. They'll explain that they are only reporting the news. But if Tomas Kaberle were to donate $1 million to Sick Kids and Tyler Bozak was caught boinking Clarke MacArthur's wife, which story would more likely get picked up by the Toronto media? Boinking for sure.

So this week it's the media that takes some of the fun out of Ron Wilson's 600th win as a coach in San Jose. Sure he offered $600 out of his pocket for the win. Yes he pulled out the cash in front of the media. Sure it may technically be in violation of the collective agreement. And of course the league had to act when it became aware of it. But did the media have to report it and make a big deal about it?

After all there are many things that go on and are said in the dressing room in front of the media that does not get reported. And even after it was reported the Toronto Star just couldn't let go of the story. This was the opening line of a story in the Star today:
There were whispers around the NHL that the Maple Leafs might have violated the league’s salary cap when the head coach posted an undisclosed amount of cash in the locker room prior to Toronto’s win over San Jose as an extra incentive for his team to beat the Sharks.
So who was whispering around the NHL. Other players and coaches? Not likely. How about Star reporters? And then in order to stick that knife a little deeper into the Leafs, the Star contacts Depute Commissioner Bill Daley to ask if the payment was a violation of the collective agreement. So what could the league do once it had been informed of the incident by the media. It had to fine the Leafs which is no big deal. Except the Toronto media blew the whistle on the Leafs. Now the Star defends itself by suggesting its the Leaf's fault because they made it so public.

What a bunch of scumbags!

Sign of the day

Woman claims her break up in high school with Jared Loughner made him crazy

The high school sweetheart of the Arizona gunman has said his descent into madness began after she broke up with him.

Kelsey Hawkes described how Jared Loughner, whom she dated for a year in 2005 when she was 15, turned from a normal person into a ‘psycho’ when she ended their relationship.

The student claimed Loughner ‘fell apart’ when she said she wanted to move on and looked like he had ‘nothing to live for’.

Over the following months she watched in dismay as her former love began drinking and taking drugs before cutting himself off from their mutual friends.

Jared used to care about everything, his grades, school, his friends. That was when Jared was a normal person. It all stopped when we broke up.’

More likely it was a coincidence that Laughner's decent into madness followed their break up. But what is striking is how much his personality changed yet no one was able to get him to some type of help.


George Atis just doesn't get it

My previous post on George Atis is one of the most commented post on this blog. None are sympathetic to Atis. George Atis is the Thornhill lawyer who took it upon himself in November to lobby parents and the coaching staff on his son's hockey to limit ice time for a 12-year old girl on the hockey team. The girl, Kayla Watkins, found out and quit the team.

The Toronto Star picked up on the incident and ran a story. He has almost universally been condemned as a bully and typical interfering hockey parent. So do you think he has been contrite? Well not one bit.

That's because he just doesn't get it. On his blog he continues to defend his position and explains he just doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks. He knows he's right.

As the story goes he called a parents meeting behind the coaches back and on the agenda was what do do about Kayla. His justification for calling the meeting was:
- Kayla's mom was the manager and doing a lousy job
- there were other parents who agreed with him
- the coaches weren't doing anything about bad morale on the team
- the issue with Kayla was not a move to get his son more ice time
- previous meetings called by the manager accomplished nothing in his view

Of course these perspectives are provided by Atis and no other parent has ever publicly supported him. And even if all of this is true, it doesn't justify the fundamental problem with George Atis - he crossed the line by taking matters in his own hands.

The role of parents is to bring their child to games, support the team, volunteer to help if they are able and to be positive. If their child has issues that they are not comfortable raising with the coach, a parent should make the coach aware of the problem.


I coached hockey for 10 years and I never criticized a player in front of other players or parents. George Atis feels that there is nothing wrong with discussing player performance with others. Not only that, he felt it was appropriate to put it in writing which got back to Kayla. He is a bully that intimidated a 12 year old enough that she walked. But he just doesn't get it. He never will.

There are too many George Atis' in the world bullying other children.

Find their dog and you get to name their baby

Dan and Sara Cannon love their dog so much, they've offered to name their first-born child - due in three weeks - after whoever finds it. On Jan. 4, Sara let their beloved Bernese mountain dog, Molly Jane, out to relieve herself at their home located southwest of Ottawa, but the dog never came back. The couple suspect the dog was stolen, after reports that a male dog of the same breed was the target of a failed abduction in Munster, about 10 km west of Richmond, earlier the same day.

The suspect in that attempted dog abduction was driving a white van with a bad muffler, and Sara claims she saw a similar van in Richmond as well. They have filed a police report, offered a reward and mailed out 3,000 flyers. But on Tuesday they decided to ramp up the enticement to the extreme — help bring about the safe return of Molly, and they'll name their first born after you.

The couple doesn't think what they're offering is extreme at all. "It's been a week and we miss her dearly," said Sara. "We're nine months pregnant, and we're due in three weeks, so we have said that there's a possibility that the person who safely returns her will have their name in our child's birth certificate." They've given this a deal of thought — right of first refusal, for example — in case the finder was named by Hollywood stars or acid eaters.

"There are some strange names out there, but Molly's that important to us so we'll consider what we have to consider," Sara said. They don't even know if it's a girl or boy yet and had initially planned on traditional family names — but that's all up in the air now. Sara said her doctor has warned her the stress of all this could lead to her going into labour early.

What ever happened to my...Week

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin's blood libel remarks are a little over the top

I am not a Sarah Palin follower. But it was inappropriate and tasteless for liberal pundits to suggest that the map that Palin put on her Web site during the 2010 elections, which used cross-hair symbols to depict the districts of 20 congressional Democrats she had targeted for defeat somehow is connected to the shooting Gabrielle Giffords.

However instead of taking the high road and distancing herself from violence she chooses to make equally inflammatory remarks. Palin's choice of two words to describe her critics in the media: "blood libel" are disturbing. They won't help her soften her image if she plans to take a run at the White House.

Blood libel is the centuries-old anti-Semitic myth that Jews use the blood of Christian children for rituals such as baking unleavened bread during Passover. It was used to justify persecution of Jews. The belief caused much pain and suffering to Jews over the years. Most importantly, "blood libel" and related anti-semitic slurs led directly to pogroms, and mass killings of Jewish people over generations. It certainly shows incredible insensitivity.

It's been 1 1/2 years since she was selected the Republican vice-presidential nominee and she has not matured one iota in that time. What a shame.

Sign of the day

And the first Republican presidential candidate is...

Herman Cain! Who?

I've never heard of him either. He's a former Godfather Pizza CEO and a current talk-radio host in Atlanta, and, it turns out, today he became the first person in this campaign season to form a presidential exploratory committee.

Cain is also a favorite among many Tea Party circles.

Think he's a long shot?

So why does Britney Spears have a record deal and this cute dog does not?

Man sues because penis enlarger didn't work despite 500 hours of trying

A Quebec man is demanding compensation for a penis enlarger he claims never worked, despite 500 hours of use.

The man has gone before a small-claims court, hoping for an award of $762 to recoup the cost of the device as well as moral and punitive damages.

He said that he was initially drawn to the X4 Extender Deluxe Edition by an advertisement that promised results within several months.

The $262 device is sold by Montreal company HotGVibe. A Quebec judge is expected to hand down a decision in the next six weeks. The man said he wanted to speak out about what he called a scam so that other men might be warned.

What those devices are a scam? You mean the dozens of emails I get each week are bogus? I had no idea. I never bothered responding because I'm big enough. No complaints there. But now I'm a little worried about that Nigerian banker I've been dealing with. That $18 million money transfer is a little late. I was thinking it had to do with the holidays.

Hump Day Hottie

Candace Swanepoel

What ever happened to my...Week

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sign of the day

Glock pistol sales surge in aftermath of Arizona shootings

After Jared Loughner killed six people at a Tucson shopping center on Jan. 8, Greg Wolff, the owner of two Arizona gun shops, told his manager to get ready for a stampede of new customers.

Wolff was right. Instead of hurting sales, the massacre had the $499 semi-automatic pistols -- popular with police, sport shooters and gangsters -- flying out the doors of his Glockmeister stores in Mesa and Phoenix.

A national debate over weaknesses in state and federal gun laws stirred by the shooting has stoked fears among gun buyers that stiffer restrictions may be coming from Congress, gun dealers say. The result is that a deadly demonstration of the weapon's effectiveness has also fired up sales of handguns in Arizona and other states, according to federal law enforcement data.

One-day sales of handguns in Arizona jumped 60 percent on Jan. 10 compared with the corresponding Monday a year ago, the second-biggest increase of any state in the country, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation data.


Ted Williams, the ex-homeless man with the golden voice has been busted

Remember Ted Williams and his golden voice? Last week he was panhandling on the side of a highway in Ohio, only to be pulled from the street by way of a viral video. Since then he's been whisked away by various press outlets and possible employers, and most recently he was in Los Angeles meeting Kobe Bryant and filming a Dr. Phil episode (with his ex-wife and estranged children). And then the levee broke!

According to the Daily News, Williams was briefly detained by the LAPD at his Hollywood hotel last night, where they were responding to a disturbance call. Williams was allegedly in an altercation with his daughter, and the two were brought to the station. Williams has been released, and no one has been charged with a crime, but the investigation is still ongoing.

That 15 minute clock is quickly counting down...

UPDATE: Ted is off to rehab. After all there was a reason he was living in the street. Hope he can turn it around.

Police ask Seattle superhero to retire

Last week, I posted about that Phoenix Jones had recently prevented a car theft but on Saturday night he suffered a broken nose when attempting to break up a fight.

Jones told local television that he called police and put one of the men in a headlock while waiting for them. Another man then pulled out a gun and when the superhero let go of the man he was holding, the man kicked him in the face and broke his nose.

Jones said: "I endanger my life with a reason and a purpose."

The incident has prompted police to ask that he and others stop dressing up in costumes and instead notify the authorities.

I don't remember Batman ever breaking his nose. What a mediocre superhero. He should have his registration lifted and be sent back to Superhero Academy. What kind of a Superhero phones 911? I don't remember Green Lantern calling 911. Superheros are supposed to step up in situations that the police can't handle. This guy can't even break up a couple of brawling drunks. Turn in your cape!!

My wife must be cooking again

What ever happened to my...Week

Notice how Jodie Foster also had a Viewmaster.

Monday, January 10, 2011

One Hit Wonder

Men Without Hats- Safety Dance (1983)

Sign of the day

According to David Frum pot was the cause for the Arizona shootings

Well known Conservative commentator David Frum has tried to build an argument that rather than stricter regulation of guns, the Tucson shooting should remind us why we regulate marijuana.

Based on a Time magazine article he is comfortable concluding that:
  • Schizophrenics are twice as likely to smoke marijuana as non-schizophrenics.
  • People who smoke marijuana are twice as likely to develop schizophrenia as those who do not smoke.
So what's the connection with Jared Loughner? Well the media has made several conclusions - one that Loughner is a pot smoking loner and another that he likely is a schizophrenic. That's good enough for Frum.

So he has concluded that we can't loosen up on drug laws because they make dangerous people even more dangerous.

Yup, he's back to warning people about reefer madness.

Marshawn Lynch broken tackle TD was the highlight of the year

in case you haven't seen it 30 times already

Mug Shot of the Week

Mugshot of Jared Loughner. Talk about creepy!

Latest lame Internet hoax: Facebook is shutting down

There's a silly rumour exploding on the Internet on the weekend, alleging that Facebook is shutting down on March 15 because CEO Mark Zuckerberg "wants his old life back," and desires to "put an end to all the madness."

There is now an official confirmation from Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu that the rumor is false.

Can you imagine shutting down a $50 billion business because you need change. Hell just hop into one of your private jets and fly off to some secluded island for a holiday.

The spurious report was started by a dumb site, known for its reports of impending attacks of alien spaceships and false reports of a Michelle Obama pregnancy.

What ever happened to my...Week

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Have you fixed the thing yet?

TSA not concerned about dead dog on flight as long as its been screened for bombs

A dead dog in a cardboard box placed aboard a flight from Newark to Los Angeles set off a scare 30,000 feet below when local airport security officers discovered the animal hadn’t been screened, officials disclosed today.

Concerned that the carcass could contain a bomb or be a disease carrier, security leaders huddled in Newark to decide whether to divert the plane that was already in the sky.

It was determined that the risk was not sufficient enough to recall Continental Flight No. 41 after it departed from Newark on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

A man taking a 3:30 p.m. flight from Newark Liberty to Los Angeles International Airport brought a box to the TSA checkpoint in Newark. When a TSA employee asked the man what was inside, he replied that it was his dead dog.

TSA officials requested that the deceased animal in the box go to the Continental cargo facility for screening. While the plane was in the air, the TSA in Newark was notified that the dead dog was never screened.

So you are restricted from bringing toothpaste, shampoo and water on to a flight but dead dogs are no problem - unless you have hidden some shampoo or a bomb in the former pet. Makes sense to me!


Happy 67th birthday Jimmy Page

Sign of the day

There will be no second season of Sarah Palin's Alaska

Today's season finale of Sarah Palin's Alaska is said to be the show's last episode, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The former Alaska governor's TLC reality series -- which premiered Nov. 14 -- averaged 3.2 million viewers per week, with its first episode delivering the network's best-ever launch ratings. The ratings fell 40 percent for the second episode.

No one is saying if the announcement is due to poor ratings or an obvious needs to keep her schedule free for a political run that is expected to begin this year.

More posts from Arizona shooting suspect Jared Loughner

As blogged here yesterday, Loughner posted material to a number of social media sites— he also had an active YouTube channel under the user name "Classitup10." The bio for that channel is written in the past tense. It appears he maintained a previous Youtube channel under the user name "Starhitshnaz." The sole video in that channel is embedded above, and shows a burning flag in front of a desert scene, with Drowning Pool's song "Bodies" ("Let the bodies hit the floor") as soundtrack.

Themes and terms used in his posts include: terrorism and a fixation on Loughner himself being characterized as a terrorist; creating "a new currency" to be introduced by "lethal or non-lethal means"; English literacy, "mind control and brainwash," "political weapons," "conscience dreaming," and scattered references to the Constitution and the American government controlling people through brainwashing and mind control.

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