Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maple Leafs improve to 120th out of 122 pro teams in ESPN ranking

Yes ladies and gentlemen the Toronto Maple Leaf franchise is on the move. The Leafs have move up from 121st to 120th in ESPN's annual ranking of pro sports teams. This is their 9th year doing the ranking which does not just measure success but measures how much MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL franchises give back to the fans in exchange for all the time, money and emotion the fans invest in them. In other words they look at value for money which confirms what we all know - Leaf fans are continually being ripped off.

Only the Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals ranked below the Leafs. The top raked team was the Green Bay Packers and the top hockey team wha the Tampa Bay Lightning (ranked 2nd)

Here are the categories that make up the ranking and how the Maple Leafs rank in each one:

Bang For The Buck: Wins during the past three years (regular season plus postseason) per revenues directly from fans, adjusted for league schedules. No surprise Maple Leafs rank 122.

Fan Relations: Openness and consideration toward fans by players, coaches and management. With all the talking that Brian Burke does the Leafs rank just 103.

Ownership: Honesty and loyalty to core players and local community. Teachers rank just 94. You wonder what it would be if they weren't holding the free exhibition game.

Affordability: Price of tickets, parking and concessions. Maple Leafs rank 122 - worse than the Yankees, Red Sox and Cowboys.

Stadium Experience: Quality of arena and game-day promotions as well as friendliness of environment. Maple Leafs rank 100.

Players: Effort on the field and likability off it. Leaf players rank 105.

Coaching: Strength of on-field leadership. Looks like Ron Wilson isn't loved. He ranks 111.

Title Track: Championships already won or expected in the lifetime of current fans. 44 years and counting. We rank 110.

This is how the Maple Leafs have ranked in the 9 years.

2011 - 120
2010 - 121
2009 - 120
2008 - 121
2007 - 99
2006 - no ranking due to lockout
2005 - no ranking due to lockout
2004- 88
2003 - 65

The decline of the American Empire

This is an amazing news report filmed outside of the U.S. Open in Bethesda, Maryland. The county shut down these kids' lemonade stand and fined their parents $500 for operating without a license. The report notes that people who live nearby are charging up to $60 dollars to park on their front yard but that's okay because they paid for a license. The best part of this story - the kids were raising money for cancer research.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey how did that get here?

Clarence Clemons has suffered a stroke

This is very sad news but Bruce Springsteen has confirmed that long-time saxophonist Clarence Clemons of his E Street Band has suffered a stroke, saying “initial signs are encouraging”, but that he faces a long recovery.

Clemons who is 69 fell ill over the weekend however his representatives had declined to disclose any information about his condition.

Springsteen, in a statement issued through his publicist, said: “While all initial signs are encouraging, Clarence will need much care and support to achieve his potential once again.

Clemons underwent double knee-replacement surgery in 2008 and walked for the first time in three months when Springsteen and the E Street Band played the Super Bowl in 2009. I went to see Springsteen and the band last year and Clemons sat on a stool for most of the evening.

To the Big Man, get well soon!!

8 million gallon reservoir to be drained after man urinates in it

After a man urinated in Mount Tabor reservoir in Portland, Oregon, early on Wednesday morning that supplies city drinking water, the city took it offline and said it’ll cost about $35,000 to drain, clean and refill it.

The incident was caught on grainy surveillance video. After unknown objects were tossed in the reservoir, a man walks up and urinates right into the drinking water. It will cost more than $7,500 to empty the reservoir, and that drinking water would have sold for more than $28,000.

“It’s 8 million gallons and there are people who will say it’s an overreaction,” said David Shaff, administrator for the Portland Water Bureau. “I don’t think so. I think just dealing with the ‘yuck factor,’ I can imagine how many people would be saying ‘I made orange juice with that water this morning. That’s not what I want to hear.’” Shaff said they do find other things in reservoirs but don’t dump the water.

Does this swing make my ass look big?


Sign of the day

Saggy pants lead to arrest

A University of New Mexico football player's saggy pants led to his arrest and removal from an airplane at San Francisco International Airport, authorities.

Deshon Marman, 20, was boarding a flight Wednesday to Albuquerque, N.M., when a U.S. Airways employee noticed his pants were below his buttocks, and his boxer shorts were showing, Sgt. Michael Rodriguez of the San Francisco Police Department told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Marman refused the employee's request to pull up his pants and failed to immediately comply when she asked him to get off the plane, Rodriguez said, adding Marman injured a police officer when he was being arrested.

The football player was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, battery of a police officer and obstruction of a police investigation, Rodriguez told The Associated Press.

Marman's mother, Donna Doyle, told the newspaper her son was emotionally fragile after the funeral of his close friend, who died 11 days after being shot.

Marman was being held in San Mateo County Jail while prosecutors determine whether to file charges, Rodriguez said.

US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline's dress code forbids indecent exposure or inappropriate attire.


Man tries to blow wart off with a shot gun

A security guard from South Yorkshire shot himself in the hand to try to remove a wart from his finger.

Sean Murphy, 38, lost most of his left middle finger after using the stolen 12-bore Beretta shotgun at a garden centre in Doncaster.

He also landed in court for using an illegal firearm, and was handed a 16-week suspended prison sentence.

Murphy was told at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court that the offence carried a maximum 15 year term.

But he said: “The best thing is that the wart has gone. It was giving me lot of trouble.”

Murphy, a security officer at Markham Grange Nurseries, Brodsworth, at the time of the incident in March, has since lost his job. He had suffered with the wart on the joint closest to the tip of his middle finger for more than five years.

I really think that a 12-bore Baretta is over kill. Like this type of surgery can easily be done with a smll hand gun. But I guess this guy want to make sure. Better yet go to a dermataloist


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver riots like it's 1994

A very sick and disturbing phenomena has taken over our urban settings. Celebrating sports championships and now losses as well have been taken over by ugly mobs of hooligans. They use large public gatherings to willfully destroy public and private property. Everyone is talking about it. Were they organized anarchists? Drunken hockey fans? No one really knows. And no one knows why these mobs decided to rampage but obviously they got some kind of perverse pleasure out it.

This isn't unique to Vancouver. It's happened in Montreal, Detroit and other U.S. cities after sports championships. It happened in Toronto last year during the G20 summit. Remember though millions of citizens do not participate in or condone this behaviour.

The real citizens of Vancouver are only now responding. More than 11,000 Vancouverites have also signed on to an event dubbed Post Riot Clean Up – Lets help Vancouver. A Facebook group, Vancouver Riot Pics: Post your photos, has already been created to share photos that could help police identify looters and vandals. As of Thursday morning, it already has some 20,000 members.

However, the strangest sight had to be this couple (below) embracing
on the street with riot police and mayhem all around.

Women using GPS drive SUV into lake

Three women from out of the country drove their car into a lake near Bellevue, Wahington while trying to follow directions from their GPS. The women, from Mexico, told police they had been following the device about midnight but obviously took a wrong turn. The women went into the water with the rental car but were able to get out safely.

What's to become of the NDP?

There is some irony in the May 2 election results for the NDP. The party tripled its seat count finishing with 103 seats and 30.3% of the popular vote. Their leader, Jack Layton, is now Opposition Leader and sits in the front row on the opposition benches in the Commons. Yet the party’s influence in Parliament has been greatly diminished. That is because after 7 years of minority governments, Canada is now governed by a Conservative majority.

Over the past several years, minority governments have been forced to make compromises with opposition parties in order to ensure passage of bills in Parliament including NDP sponsored amendments to the Accountability Act and the Clean Air Act. Now that Stephen Harper has won his majority, making concessions to opposition parties is officially over. If Harper was loath to do so under a minority government then you can guarantee it won’t happen as long as the Conservatives can hang on to their majority.

The strange thing is that beginning on election night, Layton has repeatedly talked about how the NDP will be working with the government of legislation. It’s like watching a scene out of the 1939 Frank Capra film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. For those who have never seen the movie, it’s a story about a na├»ve stooge who is appointed to fill a vacant Senate seat in the U.S. Congress who runs into powerful corrupt politicians and business tycoons. So Mr. Layton go ahead and propose your private member bills or amendments to government bills and let’s see how you make out. Oh, and how are you making out raising money for that national boys’ camp?

There are those that believe that the NDP will be able to remain in the centre of the Canadian political spectrum and permanently replace the Liberals as the rivals to the Conservative party. In fact some believe that should the Conservative falter, the NDP could be in a position to form the next government. While others see the recent election results as a one-time aberration and will be correct when the next election is called. The critics don’t believe that the NDP will be able to maintain its status as the dominant party in Quebec. Frankly it’s way too early to predict how this will all play out. One thing is for sure, if the NDP does not grow from being the 4th party in Parliament to the 2nd party, it is inevitable that it will return to historical numbers. It means developing some party discipline and solidarity on policy issues and avoiding controversies like Vegas Girl. Because both the Liberals and Conservatives will be gunning for them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bring back the Pakistani death stare to psych out the Bruins tonight

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Hump Day Hottie

Maria Menouno

How about porridge?

Iran now bans shorts and bracelets for men

Iranian leaders have banned men from wearing necklaces as the latest part of a “moral security plan” against “un-IslItalicamic” trends. Under the plan, the country is cracking down on short pants and loose headscarves on women and certain hairstyles on men. The movement is meant to fight “the western cultural invasion,” said state news. Thousands of “moral police” are enforcing the effort; they typically report to a body appointed by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Violators may be fined or arrested. “It's not only about clamping down on clothing, but they are spreading panic and fear,” said a Tehran resident. “It's unbelievable to see a regime that is not only concerned about its own survival but it goes into your personal life and interferes in that.” Not even dogs and Valentine's Day are safe.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The decline of the American Empire

Sign of the day

The family that drinks and drives together goes to jail together

It must have set a record, but it's one a South Canterbury family would surely much rather not have, after three of them were booked for drink-driving on the same night.

The saga began about 12.15am on Saturday when a 15-year-old boy was stopped and arrested for drink-driving on State Highway 1 near Pareora. He blew 529 micrograms per litre of breath, more than three and a half times the youth limit.

The teenager was taken to the Timaru police station for processing, where his mother was called to collect him. She was subsequently stopped and arrested for drink-driving on Craigie Ave at about 2.14am, after blowing 776 mcg, nearly twice the adult limit of 400.

But it wasn't over there.

The woman then rang her partner to come and pick them both up. He was stopped and arrested on North St at about 3am, when he blew 559mcg.


Monday, June 13, 2011

OK, we've determined that Roberto Luongo does not like playing in Boston

With a 8.04 goals against and .772 save percentage, must be eager to get back to Vancouver.

NYPD says she's too sexy for her bike

Cycling while sexy could be hazardous to city motorists - just ask Jasmijn Rijcken.

The leggy Dutch tourist said she was pulled over by an NYPD cop for flashing too much skin while on two wheels.

"He said it's very disturbing, and it's distracting the cars and it's dangerous," Rijcken told the Daily News. "I thought he was joking around but he got angry and asked me for ID."

Rijcken, 31, was not given a ticket during the May 3 incident, and did not get the officer's name, but was left feeling baffled.

"I didn't even think for one second that my outfit could be harmful or disturbing," she said.

Oh boy, time for another slut walk. But really this is one very odd story. After all we are talking New York City not Salt Lake City - where the strip club Scores is a major tourist attraction and where the official NYC outfit is a halter top, hot pants and knee high boot.. There is nothing provocative about her outfit, unless you're a nun.


Sign of the day

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Speaking of the Stanley Cup I hope Canadian Rachel McAdams is cheering for the Canucks

This is why the Canucks will win

Too depressing...

Isn't this like taking candy from a baby?

Walking on the Juneau Glacier

Just got back from Vancouver and Alaska and will be posting some photos and videos each day of the highlights. Starting today is a walk on the Juneau Glacier which is just outside of Skagway, Alaska. Some Glaciers look blue because of oxygen trapped in the ice. This one doesn't show much blue because it's covered in rocks and debris. You felt like you were walking on the Moon.

We got to the glacier by helicopter.

This particular glacier was covered with rocks and debris.

There were cracks formed in the glacier and melted ice formed streams the flowed into the crevices that could be 100 feet deep forming small waterfalls.